Arming the USDA

By Michael Olson

The United States Department of Agriculture has issued a public Request for Proposal for the purchase of .40 caliber submachine guns with high-capacity magazines and gender-specific ballistic body armor.

(This public disclosure follows similar disclosures for the purchase of firearms and ammunition for the United States Post Office, Social Security Administration, National Weather Service, and Department of Education.)

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  1. The Farm bill was signed into effect Feb. 2014 giving the USDA management of 6.6 million dollars for WIC, 60 million breast feeding peer counseling, 67 million for child nutrition, 55 million for EBT machine setup in regards to SNAP and 7.6 million for digital services for the management and download of funds towards the EBT cards.

    I was curious earlier this year to know how that transition effected people on benefits and started following the problem solving website for people and their depends who regularly get downloads on their cards for groceries. (
    I noticed consistent problems with the new program beginning right when the Farm bill was signed and continual problems to this day of people not getting expected benefits .
    Estimated 147 million people on benefits that are not getting expected benefits I could see that as something to be concerned about .

    I put in a request to see if I could get current information on how much of that budget has been used up to 2016 . Good Luck right?


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