Border Wars with Zack Taylor

America’s reputation as a nation of laws and as a nation of immigrants is at stake here. Making the law-abiders feel discounted would not have rested well with the Founding Fathers either.” ~ Dr. Manmeet Singh, “Lament of a Legal Alien,” WSJ, August 11, 2014

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It’s time to pay serious attention to what is happening on our borders. The variation between what the law requires the federal government to do, and what the federal government is actually doing or facilitating has profound implications for the future of US sovereignty and the US economy.

A country that cannot maintain its borders may not remain a country. If that sounds alarmist, please note we have Peggy Noonan, a respected WSJ editorialist, conveying a trial balloon for breaking up the United States. Doing so is one way for those who now control the assets that have been stolen to rid themselves of the US Constitution and governmental liabilities.

Zack Taylor, charter member of the National Association of Retired Border Officers (NARBO), joins me this week on the Solari Report for an in depth look at what is happening on our borders.  This includes a tour of the darker issues involved – topics you rarely hear explored. This is information that is important for you to have while there is still time to take the actions necessary in our own lives as well as support the leadership that can do something about it. Mid-term elections are a time when you can be heard loud and clear.

Zack and NARBO have posted several excellent video presentations online. In Let’s Got to the Movies, I encourage you to watch the first interview with Zack that we posted here on the Solari Report blog.

It’s the last week of the month so no Money & Markets. I will address your questions on our first Report after Labor Day, when Anne Williamson joins me to discuss what is happening in the Ukraine, including how it connects to the transnational organized crime operating South and North of the US Border.

See you Thursday!