Border Wars with Zack Taylor

America’s reputation as a nation of laws and as a nation of immigrants is at stake here. Making the law-abiders feel discounted would not have rested well with the Founding Fathers either.” ~ Dr. Manmeet Singh, “Lament of a Legal Alien,” WSJ, August 11, 2014

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It’s time to pay serious attention to what is happening on our borders. The variation between what the law requires the federal government to do, and what the federal government is actually doing or facilitating has profound implications for the future of US sovereignty and the US economy.

A country that cannot maintain its borders may not remain a country. If that sounds alarmist, please note we have Peggy Noonan, a respected WSJ editorialist, conveying a trial balloon for breaking up the United States. Doing so is one way for those who now control the assets that have been stolen to rid themselves of the US Constitution and governmental liabilities.

Zack Taylor, charter member of the National Association of Retired Border Officers (NARBO), joins me this week on the Solari Report for an in depth look at what is happening on our borders.  This includes a tour of the darker issues involved – topics you rarely hear explored. This is information that is important for you to have while there is still time to take the actions necessary in our own lives as well as support the leadership that can do something about it. Mid-term elections are a time when you can be heard loud and clear.

Zack and NARBO have posted several excellent video presentations online. In Let’s Got to the Movies, I encourage you to watch the first interview with Zack that we posted here on the Solari Report blog.

It’s the last week of the month so no Money & Markets. I will address your questions on our first Report after Labor Day, when Anne Williamson joins me to discuss what is happening in the Ukraine, including how it connects to the transnational organized crime operating South and North of the US Border.

See you Thursday!


  1. i would love this question to be read and addressed on the Ask Catherine feature this coming week, but im having problems accessing that link.

    Hi Catherine love what you do, please keep on doing it well.

    In the Aug 14th asks Catherine, you briefly mentioned and discussed genocide. What is your take on the historic and ongoing genocide of the African Americans in our country like Michael Brown, Eric Garner and several others at the hands of white police officers? Do you think there is an organized agenda to remove them or are these African Americans just random victims of the deep fear and hatred held for them by many?

    I would love to hear your valued opinion on this very important human issue.

    Thank you again.

  2. Dillon:

    Thanks for your question. Yes, I think there is an intentional ongoing plan to reduce the African-American and African populations. I think it is one of the reasons that great effort was made to engineer a part African-American president and an African American attorney general into place. Holder, in particular, has a very successful record of providing air cover to this kind of gentrification. See

    I am not doing Ask Catherine this week, so I will address in the first week of September.

    And we will fix that Ask Catherine link!


  3. well this was very informative. i think your right that this issue should receive more attention. Zack presents some compelling evidence. so much so that i went to the nafbpo youtube channel and viewed their video brief. there were a couple of images that were quite disturbing but most of it was not, thank god, im not sure how much i could handle. hard to believe some of the things criminals are capable of.

    i found the aspect of the current crisis being used as a misdirection of our attention very compelling. its a classic strategy. i intend to pass some links onto my representatives for sure. i bet they are so focused on other things that they really haven’t had a decent briefing on the subject.

    there were a couple of moments were zack was making some generalities about latinos that im glad you tried to lead him gently away from, lol. i think he has a-lot to say on the issue that people will find compelling without those couple of generalities. certainly his down to earth calm delivery and facts are compelling aspects of his delivery and where he is strongest.

    personally i have known many latinos myself. they are a very hard working people with very strong values in my experience. yes they dont always speak out when an injustice occurs but we who are lucky enough to have been born in america can encourage them to learn our ways :). im doing my part…..

    when i make my cases to try to enlighten people in my life i always try to stick to the salient facts and let people make their own conclusions. americans are actually very clever and intelligent. the powers that are not out for the best of humanity always tend to underestimate regular people. we are networked and we will continue to surprise them and their plans. theres hope….

    thanks again for the information. very interesting…..

  4. Cynthia:

    Yes, Zack has very good information, which he is using with fearlessness that protects all Americans whatever their sexual preferences.

    I don’t know what his opinions are on personal sexuality, nor do I want to know. It is just more attention to divide and conquer conversation that is wasting an ever greater amount of the planet’s time.

    My goal is to dig out the facts we need to understand what is going on in our world. So I stick to important conversations and avoid the unimportant ones designed to tear people apart so they can not finish the important ones.

    So, my 2 cents is whatever your sexual preferences or your philosophy or politics on personal sexual preferences, you owe Zack a word of appreciation and your support.

    There is no greater power than all the people who believe in and support the law, supporting each other in that effort, irregardless of the thousands of issues that can cause disagreement between them.

    These disagreements are fostered for one reason only – to allow the lawless to continue to control.


  5. Catherine,
    I am on your team as far as the divide and conquer tactics are concerned. I understand what you are saying about that.

    I listened through the entire podcast and it was clear to me that Zack is sure America is going down hill and has a lot of explanations for it which don’t jibe with what you and your other presenters have to say. Unlike me, Zack has not listened to all of your previous podcasts.

    His comments about the Boy Scouts and whether preaching about social diseases is allowed were not consistent with your usual presentations. It might have been helpful for you to edit the divide and conquer comments out of the podcast.

    Once he got going down that road, he never got back around to relating the information you intended for him to relate.


  6. Cynthia:

    We are trying to figure out what is happening and what we can do about it. That is why we have these conversations.

    I asked Zack to comment. Here is what he said:

    Cynthia Mathieu can now claim a first. The first time I have ever been labeled a homophobe, ever.
    Possibly something in the videos triggered a negative response which she chooses to deal with indirectly through deflection as in if you cannot argue with the message, attack the messenger. Now for that reaction she is not the first.

  7. Could you have Zack respond more directly to the specifics I mentioned? To what was he referring with regard to 1. preaching about social diseases and 2. the Boy Scouts? These are the specifics which triggered a negative response and were heard by me as homophobic. It wasn’t the videos nor his information about the border and lack of enforcement of the laws.

  8. Cynthia:

    Absolutely not.

    My time, Zack’s time, your time should be focused on what is important, not distractions.

    Are you at all concerned about what is happening on the borders? Would love to know what you can do to support Zack’s efforts!


  9. Simple Cynthia, as for social diseases it is a known fact in the health care community in Arizona that there is a high incidence of sexually transmitted diseases in the illegal alien population. I presume you know how those are transmitted and contracted. A more insidious and less known problem is h-pylori which is also seen in high percentages in the illegal population. Problem with h-pylori is that it causes bleeding ulcers in the stomach as well as cancer and cancer of the colon and it is unknown how it is transmitted or contracted. Both require specific medical testing to determine which the patient has as the symptoms may be similar, especially in women. An alien applying for lawful admission from abroad should be screened for both prior to the issuance of an Immigrant visa. Illegal aliens are not medically screened at all. That is the problem.

    Boy Scouts of America is a private organization that accepts children as young as five years of age into the Tiger Cub program. The Cub Scout Program transitions Cubs into Weblos at about twelve and into Boy Scouts. I am an Eagle Scout, Order of Arrow, former Cub Master, Weblos Den Leader, Scout Master and Unit Commissioner with an inside perspective on the situation. Gay Scouts were known and presented little if any problems that I was aware of. If there were any openly Gay Adult Leaders involved in scouting I was unaware of it. The Boy Scouts of America was taken to the Supreme Court on the issue of forbidding openly Gay Adult Leaders from participating and the Supreme Court upheld the Boy Scouts of America. The current administration chose to badger, bully and extort Boy Scouts of America into changing this policy when the Supreme Court ruled against them and forced Boy Scouts of America to acquiesce. If you like bullies you like what happened. I agree with the Supreme Court as did the vast majority of parents with children age five through eighteen in the Scouting Program. It is not about gay or straight, it is about the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

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