Celebrating the Life of Dr Gwen Scott

“Appreciate the Grace” ~ Dr. Gwen Scott

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I was informed by a reader last week that Dr. Gwen Scott has passed from this world. I confirmed this with Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute. Clifford’s collaboration with Dr. Scott is what first introduced me to her important work. You can find our Solari Report interview with her here: Dr. Gwen Scott: Aerosol Spraying – Mitigating the Harm to Your Health.

One of the most important moments I ever had on the Solari Report was interviewing Dr. Scott. I had a pre-interview with her on what global aerosol spraying is doing to our health and what we can do about it. Frankly, I found the information so upsetting that after speaking with her, I went into my bedroom and prayed for 2 hours, doing multiple sessions on my QRS to revive my metabolism.

Then I got up and called her back. “Gwen,” I said, “I know how we do this. We don’t discuss the impact on your health, we simply discuss the ten action steps we can take to mitigate the harm.” I then proceeded to list the ten actions we could take based on our pre-interview. She listened and then said – clear as a bell:

“Well that is very good. But you forgot the most important one. Appreciate the Grace. If you look at everything that is happening, we should be dead. But we are not. So something else is happening.”

I will never forget her words – it was a life changing moment.

If you would like to express your appreciation for her important work, I would recommend you say a prayer for her and her family. If you have the means to do so, please make a donation in her honor to the Carnicom Institute: http://carnicominstitute.org/. Solari will do so.

If you do not have her classic DVD, “Natural Medicine: A Survivors Guide,” now is the time to get it: http://gwenscottnd.com/.

If you do not know of Dr. Scott’s work – I recommend it highly. Check out our Solari Report, her video interviews on line with Clifford Carnicom and her DVD.

Finally, take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary contribution of this powerful woman who reminded us of what one person can do.

Gwen’s soul left this world on a tsunami of magnificent karma. And Grace.

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