An Update on Global Spraying with Clifford Carnicom

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The Solari Report 2015-12-10

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The Solari Report 2015-12-10

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“We really shouldn’t be [alive] with the lack of oxygen, all the toxic metals coming in, and the poisonous food, and yet here we are. So there is a miracle, and there’s something beyond what we can see or touch that is supporting us, for which we have to be deeply grateful”
~ Dr Gwen Scott

By Catherine Austin Fitts

After my introductory presentation, Clifford Carnicom has joined us on the Solari Report for two previous discussions regarding global spraying — his insights are thought through carefully and absolutely fascinating:

Here is an excerpt from my discussion with Clifford on this week’s Solari Report:

Clifford Carnicom: I found a paper by the Federation of American Scientists and it was like this group was trying to make amends for having been involved in nuclear testing. They were postulating what they felt they might be involved with in the future and they brought up the topic of LIDAR. It was fascinating to me because this is obviously a think-tank at the highest level in terms of what we think is the most important thing to be working on. And this group was putting forth the proposition that they should be working on LIDAR. So I looked up LIDAR to conceptually understand what it was and it fascinated me to no end in terms of the implications.

Many of us know RADAR. Radar is a system where you bounce a radio wave off of something and you can detect its existence or not. LIDAR is the same idea except that they use light waves instead of radio waves. The main difference for LIDAR would be the size of the particles you’re detecting. Instead of detecting a boat or a ship or a plane, LIDAR is directed towards microscopic, sub-micron sized particles.

So when you start thinking about the development of a system that essentially could monitor and track the location and distribution and movement of material on a micro / nano scale, the possibilities are completely endless in terms of what that means. One of them was certainly that this has real prospects for development of surveillance systems at essentially a microscopic level. You breathe particulates. Particulates are in our body. How could I eliminate the prospect of developing a system that would allow me to track information down to the microscopic level at any location that I chose to?

Catherine Austin Fitts: In 2000-2001, someone I knew who used to be very senior in covert operations at the CIA showed up in my life very suspiciously and tried to persuade me of many strange ideas. One was that our breathing the sprayed materials caused me and everyone else to display a global ID system. The particles would find each other in our bodies and they would create the equivalent of an organic bar code or chip.

Clifford Carnicom: How can I eliminate that from consideration? Because what is being said there is exactly the picture that I have. It’s quite sensible to me that unique signatures could be presented at essentially the cellular level or lower. It’s quite conceivable to me.

Catherine Austin Fitts: I think what these guys literally want is the ultimate database of everything that be managed as a dynamic system in a simulation.

And there’s more:

Clifford Carnicom: If you read Bernard Eastland’s patent (what’s called the HAARP patent) you’ll find a very interesting reference to the development of a weapons system that involves magnetic fields of the earth. And the weapons system — what it actually does — is accumulate enough energy on a geophysical level that lifts up the magnetic field of the earth and then slams it down back on the earth. It’s called a “heave weapon” within that document and it’s characterized as having all of the advantages of a nuclear bomb without actually having a bomb. This is an example of a geophysical influence at an earth-scale — a global scale — that is far beyond just a notion of the weather.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Captain America: The Winter Soldier, an action film depicting the importance of the sub-orbital platform (a topic I will cover in detail in my year-end Wrap Up):

I hope you’ll join Clifford Carnicom and me on the Solari Report this week. If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.

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