Coming Clean: Detox Power with Dr. Laura Thompson

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1. Interview Catherine and nutritionist Dr. Laura Thompson, founder of the Southern California Institute of Nutrition, discuss how to detoxify in this very important Solari Report.

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Methods Discussed:

1. Detoxification

2. Testing

3. Nutrition, Hydration, Juicing & Fasting

4. Prayer, Meditation, De-Stress

5. Breathing

6. Oral and Intravenous Chelation

7. Lymph Therapy, Skin Brushing

8. Colon Cleansing, Hydrotherapy & Coffee Enemas

9. Infrared Saunas

10. Ion Cleanse Footbaths

11. Detox Food Pads

12. Liver & Gall Bladder, Kidney Flushes

13. Castor Oil Pack

14. Clay Packs – Full Body, Thyroid Packs

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“The first wealth is health.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Detoxification has revolutionized my life. After sporadic (and very helpful) attempts, I started a detoxification program in 2006 with the help of my nutritionist Dr. Laura Thompson, founder of the Southern California Institute of Nutrition.

At that time, I had little understanding of toxicity — where it came from and what it could do to destroy personal power – our ability to imagine, create and think, our ability to set and achieve goals, our ability to communicate and relate with other people and our ability to manage and protect our financial assets. I do now.

Understanding how to remain free from rising levels of mental and physical toxicity is critical knowledge for life in the 21st century no matter where you live, how healthy you are now and no matter what your age, sex, race or religion.  The onslaught of environmental pollution means we need to be pro-active in ways that did not concern prior generations.

A wonderful Solari Report subscriber asked our team for this introduction to detoxification. What is it, why is it important and how do busy people manage to take advantage of the incredible knowledge we have to keep our bodies clean from harmful toxins? How can a family do it together? I asked Dr. Thompson to join me to review a very full list of detox options. We are going to focus on how, how, how!

No Let’s Go to the Movies this week – I want to spend the time on our interview. If you have recommendations on videos that have helped you detox, post them and we will make sure that the links are part of the subscriber resources.

My prayer is that you enjoy wonderful health. I hope this information will help you do so.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

This will be an important Solari Report – I hope you will join us!

Talk to you Thursday!

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The Solari Report 2013-02-07

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Audio Chapters

2. Introduction

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3. Theme A Good Offense is the Best Defense

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4. Money & Markets The events of the world can be very overwhelming and difficult to digest. In Money & Markets, Catherine sheds some light this week’s most important news stories including Internet regulation, gun ownership, the president’s authority to assassinate citizens without impunity, and Chris Kyle’s death.

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5. Hero Our hero this week is Cody Wilson, the founder and director of Defense Distributed which develops gun designs suitable for 3D printing.

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6. Ask Catherine Catherine answers subscribers’ questions.

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7. Closing

February 14 Precious Metals and Market Report with Franklin Sanders

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  1. Beyond getting clean water, organic food, exercise, fasting, meditation or a performing a martial art, what? Say it ‘aint herbal colonics please…

  2. Catherine,
    Any natural solutions from Dr Thompson to combat recurring sinusitis would be deeply appreciated. Also to outline the nature of the problem.
    Many Thanks…

  3. Enjoyed this talk last night,” though I missed the first hour (from here on the west coast).. I’ll go back and read and listen. “Drinking coffee upside down” (was that it?) Hilarious! I have had good luck with Triphala, which you can buy at health food stores in tablet form. Tri = 3 Phala= fruits… or three somethings. Anyway, It’s ayurvedic and you can take a couple each night for a month and well, I don’t want to spoil the suspense, but “things get better.” My skin, in particular, really improved.

  4. From Dr. Thompson:

    For chronic sinusitis:

    1) Do bio feedback testing to assess resonance with bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold, virus, food and environmental allergens

    2) Use nettie pot — your listener is probably already doing this — but can add sesame oil + sinus homeopathics.

    3) Assess food allergens — off gluten, dairy, soy, egg — + environmental allergens

    4) All problems are a combo of causes — work on all layers.

    5) Most people with chronic sinus problems have both fungal, bacterial infections + allergies — working at the same time. Sometimes they have mold in their house, basement, baseboard, car, or somewhere — that keep aggravating.

    6) I use several specific homeopathics for drainage and anti-inflam.

    7) Sometimes you need to work on another area of drainage in the body, so it lightens up on the area that’s chronically inflamed.

    8) The mucus membrane of the sinuses is a continual membrane throughout the body, so inflammation is elsewhere as well.

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