Richard Dolan on Underground and Underocean Operations

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By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of the points made to me at last month’s conference in San Mateo by some of the most respected researchers who have studied black budget operations for many years is that they think a significant portion of the monies that have gone missing from the US government could be explained by the cost of building and maintaining underground facilities and transportation systems. So I went back and reviewed the topic and made an attempt to estimate what it would cost to build out the facilities that are alleged to exist.

I wonder if the dramatic increase of mortgage fraud in the 1990’s did not coincide with a sizeable increase in underground construction. Yes, we did invest in infrastructure over the last twenty years, just “upside down” or “topside down.” Not surprisingly, the best introduction that I found was a lecture given by Richard Dolan several years ago on Richard Sauders research in this area.

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