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The Solari Report 2011-12-01


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1. Introduction – 0:00   – Amazing cultural with deep respect for democratic process and individual rights, including property rights. The Swiss are also deeply committed to stewardship of their ecology…so if they can not prevent spraying off heavy metals above them…what does it ultimately mean for their culture, health and banking system; see and feel the Swiss struggling with the corruption just as we are. Reminder what I have often said: THERE IS NO AWAY; the tyranny that we are feeling is global, the opportunity to thrive is global, the change however is profoundly intimate… comes from each one of us taking the steps individually to thrive and to align with those in our family, in our neighborhood and in our networks and across the planet to thrive; movie tonight – THRIVE, if you have not seen, please get it and watch it. You can stream from, order the DVD there or at Amazon. …

2.Theme – 37:16   — Conference last week, money managers this week and then pondering what I see and hear under the starlight; chemtrails behind the cloud cover on takeoff; chemtrails visible this time; beat down – 1998. …

3. Money & Markets – 4:32   — Global Central Bank Intervention in the face of EURO DUMPING; rising interest rates on European sovereign bonds – problem is that at some price, supply and demand become totally inelastic. Higher interest rates will not attract more investment – indeed it can scare it away as these rates are not maintainable; political Experiment that can never work well as an economic matter; United States is 50 states that speak the same language; Europe is many countries that speak different languages, have very different cultures and economies. Trying to bring them together in one system run by committee that does not align with their sovereign or representative systems or natural economic systems is another centralization that is not sound; video of Soviet Whistle Blower; John Laughland – very good writings on the subject; a force that can dictate that heavy metals can be sprayed across Europe, including Switzerland has the power to dictate that centralized financial arrangements be maintained. The cost will continue to be the squeeze of the slow burn; at some point when central bank inflating finishes harvesting what is left, presumably the pro-centralization team will use the situation to try to justify the creation of a global currency. But there is a lot more that can be harvested with the current system; European money managers expect a managed process – so I think this could drag out for some time. They also think that the US is trying to keep the spotlight on Europe to avoid having it shone on themselves; the real economy in Europe is in much better shape than the US — much better food, healthier people, much better infrastructure, lot stronger family network and support in many places and a lot more rainy day money; the best thing for Europe is that the Euro be permitted a managed death as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I think the centralizers would rather devastate the global economy to keep their game going. so the question is who and what can shift the course of events away from there control; one of the most positive things I have seen – growing anger and revulsion of a wide number of people who operate the system; attended a conference last week – hope to write more about it on the blog – deep disagreements about what is the problem and what is the solution….numerous people proposing models that were based in the theory that money and property rights were antiquated or bad. It was a bit terrifying for me as I tried to quietly explain that a model intended to promote eco-villages and intentional communities could easily turned into a model to justify stealing land and moving people into labor camps by the NWO. Throughout the first few days, everyone referred to collapse as if it was a fait accompli. Finally I asked one German woman at dinner why everyone assumed that there would be a collapse. She said, ” the media says so”; American Airline filed for bankruptcy- Pension plan issues are quite significant, including what it will mean to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Fund; all these questions come back to centralization vs decentralization and we have reached an interesting crossroads; Portugal at the conference — all the steps that are needed to rebuild the economy are decentralizing – European union currency and regulations are stopping them; the goal of the European Union is to shut down the economy. It is a plan. Where they want to go is a return to feudalism – this time in a high tech form – where people live at subsistence level with no property rights and no ability to build businesses and personal wealth. Intergenerational wealth and political power would be limited to the royals and aristocracy. Every effort will be made to package this vision as something that emerges from the grassroots and is positive for the environment and the culture. So it is “Green” and it is “Sustainable” and it is a reform reacting to the evilness of greed and the inability of humans to properly take care of property; the goal is a global vision, not limited to the European Union. The important thing for the people at the top is to go slow enough that the frog never jumps out of the pot as the water warms; this is why bringing transparency is so important. …

4. Solari Hero & Interview: Foster Gamble – 14:37   – Met Foster and his wife Kimberly in 2006 when they were filming, introduce by Adam Trombly who you have heard here on The Solari Report I have stayed in touch and has we communicated about the evolution of Thrive, I have become very committed to seeing their efforts succeed; COHERENCE; most coherent effort yet to create a breakout/breakthrough pathway; for many years — groups self censoring / Can’t find the power of real solutions unless you are willing to face reality; set out a goal of thriving – or everyone. I don’t want to just survive, I want to thrive and I know it is possible; the power of personal responsibility and action — stop yelling at others or proposing that we change presidents or political parties, instead each change our consciousness and move right to DOING; Love for humanity and the beautiful planet we live on. …

5. Up Next & Closing – 1:04:10   — Franklin Sanders with the Precious Metals Market Report; January 5 – Year End Wrap-up; January 15 – Peter Dale Scott on Deep Politics and The War Machine. …

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) I will be speaking with Foster Gamble, the creator, author and narrator of the new documentary Thrive.

I first met Foster and his wife Kimberly, who directed the film, in 2006 when they began filming. I have had the opportunity to visit with them and stay in touch as their journey progressed. As I described in my review of Thrive, Foster’s and Kimberly’s Foster Gambleleadership and courage in contributing to a global conversation in this real, positive manner are a source of inspiration to me.

I want you to meet Foster and have the opportunity to pose questions for me to ask him – so post them here on the private subscriber space before the call or in the webinar software if you listen live. Foster will inspire and energize you. He is a man who brings hope and makes positive things happen wherever he goes.

I will be speaking with you from Zurich. I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine with a focus on what I have learned about the European debt negotiations and economy while in Switzerland.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, of course, our video is Thrive. If you have not seen it, you are in for a real treat! You can order a DVD or stream it live here. We encourage you to gather a group to watch it – one of the best parts is the discussion that ensues!

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If you have comments, thoughts or questions that you would like me to address, please post by Thursday.

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