Foster Gamble of Thrive


By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) I will be speaking with Foster Gamble, the creator, author and narrator of the new documentary Thrive.

I first met Foster and his wife Kimberly, who directed the film, in 2006 when they began filming. I have had the opportunity to visit with them and stay in touch as their journey progressed. As I described in my review of Thrive, Foster’s and Kimberly’s Foster Gambleleadership and courage in contributing to a global conversation in this real, positive manner are a source of inspiration to me.

I want you to meet Foster and have the opportunity to pose questions for me to ask him – so post them here on the private subscriber space before the call or in the webinar software if you listen live. Foster will inspire and energize you. He is a man who brings hope and makes positive things happen wherever he goes.

I will be speaking with you from Zurich. I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine with a focus on what I have learned about the European debt negotiations and economy while in Switzerland.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, of course, our video is Thrive. If you have not seen it, you are in for a real treat! You can order a DVD or stream it live here. We encourage you to gather a group to watch it – one of the best parts is the discussion that ensues!


Listen live on Thursday evening by phone, Skype or online, or listen at your convenience by downloading the MP3 after it is posted on Friday.