Lynne McTaggart on Rethinking Intelligence

Lynne McTaggart on Rethinking Intelligence

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The Solari Report 2012-01-19

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1. Introduction – 0:00   – Look for the transcript of the 2011 Year End Wrap-up …

2. Money & Markets – 2:33   – Markets have started the year looking like an election year, with the S&P 500 moving up through 1300 and the US dollar index holding over 80. The beneficiary no doubt of Fukushima, GM reported this week that they have returned to their spot as #1 global automakers, beating out Toyota who took over the lead in 2007. Old NJ Street saying – make a law make a business. Washington’s efforts to assert fascist control of the global economy are frightening creating framework to destroy markets. SOPA AND PIPA – Hundreds, if not thousands, of websites are expected to go dark or alter themselves Wednesday to protest proposed U.S. anti-piracy legislation that many believe goes too far fighting online copyright and trademark infringement. Josh Levy, campaign manager for Free Press, said in a Tuesday conference call supporting the protest that “This is the biggest revolt we’ve seen online” against U.S. legislation. The websites are expected to participate in the protest against the Senate’s Protect IP Act and the House’s Stop Online Piracy Act. They include brand names like Wikipedia, Wired, BoingBoing and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to little-known sites likes political action committee DemocracyForAmerica.

Story about a large bank today that shocked even me. For a mortgage owned by Fannie Mae, they committed fraud by filing a mortgage assignment purporting to transfer the mortgage from Countrywide to THE BANK. They back-dated documents. They served papers on the borrower giving her notice to leave, which she believed was legal. She is a professional and widow with a young son who had defaulted because, due to illness, she needed a loan mod – the bank told her she had to default to get a loan modification. They have never foreclosed. They made changes to documents long after she had signed them. They force-placed property insurance to an affiliate, raising the annual premium (charged to the borrower) from $1,500 to $7,500. After she moved to to live with her mother because she had nowhere else to go, they told her she didn’t qualify for a HAMP loan because she did not live in the property. They broke into the house and plastered it from the inside with “no trespassing, big bank” signs. This is while it was on the market. This was a pristine, $450,000 house she put an additional $40,000 into that is now a mess. The borrower had put down a $120,000 downpayment, for an interest-only loan. …

3. Solari Hero – 9:21   – Bill Moyers – Back with his new show this January. …

4. Ask Catherine – 09:59   – MF Global; is Gold Money is safe in the long run? …

5. Interview – 12:25   – Lynne McTaggart – Author of The Field, The Intention Experiment, The Bond. Life’s assumptions: we are all individuals in a well-behaved universe; life is a race to the finish line. These have formed our underlying belief system from which we have constructed our world. Have to re-think from the bottom up; start over. We are different from what we’ve been told. Intention experiments: lowering violence in Sri Lanka; science tells us who we are; science has told us we are individuals; we get built and constructed from the inside out; the sun has a profound effect on geomagnetic field, all living things and their electrical systems; we have to wipe our old hard drive clean of the competitive mindset; SHARE, CARE, BE FAIR; community is the best drug; how can we connect across divides, take personal responsibility for being the change. …

6. Why I Am Optimistic – 1:03:51   – Catherine’s story of an event she experienced in 2005. …

7. Let’s Go to the Movies – 1:05:36  I Am – A 2011 documentary film written, narrated, and directed by Tom Shadyac. The documentary explores Shadyac’s personal journey after a 2007 bicycle accident, “the nature of humanity”[1] and “world’s ever-growing addiction to materialism.” The film, shot with Shadyac and a team of four, contrasts sharply with Shadyac’s previous comedic work. …

8. Up Next & Closing – 1:06:56   – February 2: Jon Rappoport: Nuts and Bolts of The Matrix; February 9: Precious Metals Market Report; check out for Catherine’s upcoming schedule. She will be in The Rogue Valley, Oregon On January 26-27; at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells, California on February 11, and at the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo on March 3, 2012. …

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday evening on The Solari Report (6pm PT/9pm ET) we are in for a real treat. I will be speaking with someone who has long been a favorite thinker and author – Lynne McTaggart.

I first become intensely interested in shared intelligence and group learning in the 1990’s when my company was building databases and software tools that would allow us to understand and simulate the U.S. economy and financial markets by place on a very intimate level.

Grossly oversimplified, we observed that the economy was optimizing around clusters of knowledge rather than financial returns. I felt compelled to learn more about how communities learn,  share knowledge and change. If human and intellectual capital was increasingly creating financial wealth for companies, how could it create civic and financial wealth for families and communities? These questions were at the heart of my quest to help decentralize our economy in wealth building ways.

In my search for scientific evidence that would explain the phenomenon, I came upon the work of Ruppert Sheldrake and his theory of morphic fields and resonance. Following Sheldrake’s work and research in this area was slow going given my other responsibilities.

Then, in 2003, Lynne published The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe which reviewed a wide range of research in physics, biology and other scientific areas that support the notion of the zero point field, or the so-called “field.” The implications for our understanding of our relation to each other, to all living things and our reality were both exciting and profound.

Lynne is a clear thinker and excellent writer. Her ability to stay current on the latest science in multiple, complex fields and make this information accessible and relevant to laypeople like me is invaluable.

Lynne followed up on the enormous success of The Field with The Intention Experiment: Using Your Intention to Change Your Life and the World and launched a website which gathered people around the world to participate in experiments organized with leading scientists to use group intention to create positive change.

Then last year, Lynne published her latest book, The Bond: Connecting Through the Space Between Us which describes cross-cutting scientific developments to help us understand the intimacy of our connection with each other and all of life.

I called our discussion “rethinking intelligence.” Perhaps a more appropriate title would be “rethinking everything.”  You will not only find Lynne’s books and work fascinating and inspiring, you will find lots of practical implications for ways of transforming your life and the lives of those around you.

I expect our discussion to develop some of the themes started last year in our discussions with Adam Trombly on the zero point field, with Dr. William Tiller on intention research and with Foster Gamble, producer and writer of Thrive.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, a review of Tom Shadyac’s documentary I Am which asks the question, “What is wrong with the world and what can we do about it?” It includes an excellent interview with Lynne McTaggart.

(14 Dec 10)

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