National Security: Looking Ahead with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson


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The Solari Report 2015-05-07

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The Solari Report 2015-05-07

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ThemeThe theme this week is “The Race to Call the Top”.

Money & MarketsThis week in Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the latest in US market movements as well as European and Emerging markets. She also covers likely changes in the markets heading into summer.

Hero Our hero this week is John Shear, who risked his life to save a young child.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

Question #1:

Dear Catherine,

First and foremost thank you for your great service.

As you have coin anything can happen, I believe that your forecast of a crash up scenario is highly probable.

Likely – could have some crash events along the way

Deflationary spiral also possible

Could you give us your best guess as to what happens to precious metals sector,

Plateau or primary trend reassert – either can happen

Dip down to 700 in a deflationary spiral

and the energy sector (LNG/OIL) in your crash up hypothesis?

Question #2:

Hi Catherine,

You’ve often mentioned the need for companies to jump the curve to get to a Global 3.0 state. I was wondering, if we have the opportunity to influence munic-ipal, county, state or federal governments or organizations, what should we do to get them to make the jump to 3.0? If you could suggest any books or articles on this topic, that would be very helpful. Thank you.

Question #3:

Whitley S. I never once heard him mention glabal spraying. What is up with that?

Question #4:

Hi Catherine. Many thanks to you and your staff for an extremely informa-tive, lively and delicious 21 Club luncheon!

Never know what to think of these reports – no experience, but value your opinion.

Do you know about these cutting-edge interviews with a MILAB named Corey? &

You may find this helpful background for your Whitley Strieber interview. Richard Dolan was not aware of all of Corey’s claims; however, he knows the interviewer, who is writing what Richard feels will be the definitive book on MILABs. Corey claims that there are many past and present breakaway earth civilizations, some of which have recently been part of “UN-type” meetings with different ETs to discuss, among other things, ET disclosure. The ETs in-clude the Blue Avians, which Richard knows about. Corey claims they are benevolent beings who have entered our solar system during this transition time.

In the past few months, a torrent of related information has been released through:

Dr. Michael Salla on the site – for example:

Corey’s blog:

We hope this information will be helpful. You always have our heart-felt support, Catherine!

Question #5:

Dear Catherine:

In this 30-minute video we’re shown some stunning weather maps and other in-formation building a very strong case that geoengineering is causing the drought in California, and the strange, bizarre weather in other parts of the country. Since I know you follow this subject I wanted to pass the information along to you.

Question #6:

Dear Catherine:

In your opinion, how much influence do the powers that be have in creating all of these boom and bust economic cycles that we’ve all experienced?

Question #7:

Dear Catherine,

My wife Bonnie and I look very much forward to lunching with you this Saturday. You have been a big influence on us since we started our subscription in 2008 or so…

Question #8:

Hi Catherine, you posted a video of Simon Parkes some time back in the Wild Card section. Here’s a new one from the 17th, recorded with Kerry Cassidy. On Russia in part; very wild….and likely a lot of truth in it. Would be one scenario as to events in the last few months. Am sure you have a different take on the financial aspects.

No comment needed, just curious if you had seen it.

Let’s Go to the Movies!This week in Let’s Go to the Movies!, Catherine reviews the film Tracks. A film adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s memoir.

DiscussionCatherine discusses her interview the Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.


May 14: Common Core with Anthony Cody

May 21: The Global Financial System with James Turk

May 28: Creative Destruction – Launching a Breakthrough Product with Mark Dansie

“If you like Iraq and Afghanistan, you’ll love Iran.”
~ General Anthony Zinni

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on the Solari Report I will be speaking with returning guest, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson who is currently a visiting professor at the College of William & Mary.

Col. Wilkerson served for 31 years in the US Army, a career highlighted by his service as Special Assistant to Gen. Colin Powell as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93) and as Chief of Staff to Powell when he was Secretary of State. After volunteering for the US Army, Col. Wilkerson served as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War.

We’ll be discussing the implications of the Iran deal and its implications for Europe (good), Israel (not so good), and the US (let’s see). As Col. Wilkerson points out, this agreement offers a far better alternative to war.

We’ll also be discussing the pivot to Asia, a move which has yet to be felt in the Far East. How might the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank affect this turn?

Colonel Wilkerson feels strongly that the US should not be seen as just a military power: “A huge challenge is that we will have (9) billion people by mid-century. We’re not going meet these challenges individually and we’re not going to meet them with bombs, bullets and bayonets.”

Colonel Wilkerson gives an excellent assessment of the challenges facing the United States – and addresses what I believe is our #1 financial problem: leadership. This is a great interview – you don’t want to miss it.

In our Money & Markets segment this week I’ll discuss the latest in financial and geopolitical news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Tracks, a film adaptation of Robyn Davidson’s memoir chronicling her nine-month journey with camels across the Australian desert. Davidson’s journey years ago inspired me to ride a bicycle across the United States. I will spending May and early June in Australia and New Zealand and will be visiting Uluru for the first time.

Please join me on the Solari Report this week! Not a subscriber? Learn more here…


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