Navigating the Housing Bubble

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When I was assistant secretary of HUD during Bush I and the lead financial advisor to the Federal Housing Administration under President Clinton, I watched from the position of an insider as the senior leadership of the U.S. financial system began to engineer today’s spectacular housing bubble – in much the same way that they manufactured the stock market bubble of the late 1990s. The result was twofold:

  1. When the and telecom bubbles burst and Enron hit the skids, people all over the world lost their jobs and life savings.
  2. Still, the economy stayed “afloat” as the housing bubble continued to finance a “first-world” lifestyle far beyond our means, based on debt.

So what’s up ahead for housing? Each of us urgently needs to develop a working model of what has happened and why. We especially need to understand where the housing market stands today in the larger context of Tapeworm Economics. In this seminar, I assist you in identifying the risks and the opportunities that result from this unprecedented situation.

From Navigating the Housing Bubble ~ A Solari Audio Seminar recorded in March 2005

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