Neurofeedback & Autism with Lynette Louise – Nov. 1

“I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good teacher.” ~ Temple Grandin

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday I will be speaking with autism expert and author Lynette Louise about her experiences working with neurofeedback to help autistic children. I learned of Lynette’s efforts because of the significant impact she has had in the lives of one wonderful family. My personal networks have found that this is a woman who produces remarkable results. With recent estimates that one in every 80 children is impacted, autism is a condition that touches every one of us, our families and our institutions.

To learn more about Lynette and her work and writings, view her website and her Indie GoGo Campaign.

I will start by reviewing the week’s most important events in Money and Markets and answer your burning questions in Ask Catherine. Please remember to post your questions on the blog.

This week in Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review one movie and one documentary, both highly recommended, which explore the experience and mysteries of autism.

Temple Grandin

The Horse Boy

Talk to you Thursday!

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