Precious Metals Market Report with James Turk and Franklin Sanders – July 11

“Things don’t turn up in this world unless somebody turns them up.” ~ James A. Garfield

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Are you being rocked and rolled by the gold and silver markets? Then you will want to hear my interview this coming week with James Turk of Gold Money and Franklin Sanders of The Moneychanger about events in the precious metals market and what they see going ahead.

Is the primary trend intact? Or is it possible that the primary trend upwards is over? What has been driving gold and silver prices down? How much is a slow down in global growth and how much is concerted actions by G-7 governments and central banks? What is happening in the physical markets in America, Europe and Asia? What do James and Franklin expect this summer? What does the dramatic fall in bullion prices and commodities mean for the global mining industry? We have a lot to cover, so make sure to post your question for James and Franklin by Monday night.

I will be joining you live on Thursday night to cover Money & Markets and answer your questions in Ask Catherine.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the second film in the Atlas Shrugged film trilogy that addresses what happens to America when centralized forces manage asset prices and markets and shut off economic and technological innovation. 

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Hi Catherine,

    During your last metals report, I was hoping that you would’ve given a political viewpoint of where they are willing to let gold and silver go. But, I think I already have my answer — we want 7 years to give Germany back their gold. It’s not likely Germany will be paid with $5K or $10K gold.

    I like charts and technical analysis, but this is a managed market. So, charts can be painted anyway it has to be. To my understanding rules for charts and technical analysis are used as parameters for these algorithmic programs – that seem to be harvesting traders and some investors.

    I think Mr. Turk has the right idea, just dollar cost average and don’t bet the farm. This is a long term endeavor. With the display of control over the precious metals market – I don’t believe they will go to any significant dollar amounts until the TPTB want them to.

    I do have a question for Mr. Turk and Mr. Sanders. ARE THEY AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING:

    According to the US Geological Survey – silver will be the first element on the periodic table to disappear / run out. If I interpreted the information correctly, it should be gone by approximately 2032. We will hit peak silver by approximately 2018. By 2018 silver is supposed to be just as costly and difficult to mine as gold (the next element to run out).

    To me this is SIGNIFICANT. But the only ones to have ever mentioned this are Ted Butler and his friend and mentor Israel Friedman. There are all kinds of talk about other rare earth elements – except and apparently – the rarest of all. WHY?

    Thank You.

  2. 1st question – What recommendations do Franklin and James have regarding owning physical silver. I bought a fairly large amount of physical 90% silver in 2008 and now the price is the same as when I bought it.

    2nd – What about numismatics and high quality coins? How has the market impacted these coins and what do you perceive may happen in this area going forward?



  3. Ask James Turk for his view of comments by Jim Norman which were referenced in the Gold Money website article today. Jim was explaining that after the 12 years of unbroken rise, gold is in for a long multi year correction before it can resume steady upward movement.

  4. Just a suggestion…

    Time is of the essence with these precious metals reports (remember the April report which occurred one day before the big take-down?).

    Perhaps when you have time is of the essence interviews with known reliable interviewees such as Franklin and Mr. Turk you could do the show live.

    Anyway, giving the time and date of the recording near the beginning of the interview would also be valuable.

    Thanks much for everything you do. Your podcast has had more recent influence on changing my world-view than any other source, subscription or non-subscription. Feel free to use me as a reference if you need one, someday.

    Douglas M Dillon, 240-383-6846

  5. I personally tend to fear that the commodities market will break, not just the gold/silver market, but also that of oil, food, base metals, etc. At some point gold may no longer redeemable for money. If this happens, then the gold commodities exchange may be cancelled. The only gold for purchase may only be jewelry. Money then leaves precious metals and goes to the remaining commodities, thus driving their prices and affecting cost of living and core inflation for the public. What then will the commodities exchanges do? Cancel call and put options and force delivery?

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