This Saturday – Here Comes Permafacture!

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Ready to start building the blueprints for the open source tools that can create a more diversified, healthier civilization? Are you ready to build your very own tractor? Hey, why not!

You are invited to join me this Saturday on the next weekly virtual Design Sprint lead by Marcin Jakubowski creating the Global Village Construction Set.

The Saturday schedule from Open Ecology is:

9 AM to 5 PM CST.

  • 9 AM – Documentation – We will begin filling in graphics and information on each machine at the OSE Documentation Site. We will fill in Machine Icons, Machine Infographics, break the machine into Modules, and define the interfaces between the modules.
  • 10 AM – CNC Torch Table Session – See CNC Torch Table documentation page. continuing developments of Height Controller. See Paul Log and CoolRAMPS.
  • 11 AM – CEB Press. We are working on the CEB 6 Controller that includes a pressure switch, and preparing the brick presses for construction.
  • 12 Noon – Tractor – See LifeTrac 5 – we are refining this design to build LifeTrac 6. Posting on GrabCAD. Working on 50 hp Power Cube. Seeking session leader for Sunglass review session of Tractor. Please log in to, download Sketchup plug-in as instructed, to be able to collaborate in 3D remotely.
  • 1 PM – True Fans – We will begin implementing the True Fans Platform. The first step is to get feedback from as many True Fans as possible. General concept is a platform that can be used to send YouTube videos to invite friends to join True Fans, to send videos to one another, to subscribe as a True Fan, and other features. Once we design this platform, we will also use it to link to Design Sprints, Talks and Presentations, and other events.
  • 2 PM – Permafacture Design Course – Based on Rapid Prototyping Crash Training, we are creating a 3 day immersion training course in Extreme Design and Extreme Manufacturing.
  • 3 PM – HydraFabber – see John Log regarding the combination Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, and Circuit Mill, working from the Lulzbot platform and gaining inspiration from FoldaRep. Specific Tasks – group the Sketchup File to reduce file size.
  • 4 PM – Open Source Welder – We are moving forward with the Initial Welder-Plasma Cutter Block Diagram and inviting people to collaborate on this in Upverter.


My focus will be in the Permafacture Design Course in the afternoon.

If you are busy this weekend, have no fear. Marcin will be leading these Design Sprints weekly – and there are lots of ways to connect and learn.

Learn more and be inspired here:

Open Source Ecology
Open Source Ecology Design Sprint
Open Source Ecology Development Status

Stay tuned for Marcin’s interview on the Solari Report on August 8th.

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