Ron Paul Redux: Warns Against Arming Land Management Officials In 1997

**CAF Note: While Paul was speaking, I was managing an onslaught of Sheriff of Nottingham enforcers trying to make money by engaging in falsification of evidence to protect mortgage corruption that harmed taxpayers and promote private prisons exploding from conviction of non violent offenders. As one of my attorneys said in 1998, “My family left Germany to get away from these people. Now they are here. Where do I go?” My position is that we stand, turn and address the real problems before us. It took eleven years to win, as the HUD IG’s office was not required to obey the law. As long as they could generate money from lawlessness, they could keep on going. So could the housing bubble. Crime that pays is crime that stays.**

By Tyler Durden

Paul, the chairman and founder of The Ron Paul Institute, proceeded to comment in his speech that, with the number of armed federal employees approaching 60,000, the Secretary of the Interior was pushing for even the Bureau of Land Management to be armed.

With the continuing rise of SWAT over the following 16 years, the number of armed US government employees continued to grow.

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