Rudolf Steiner on What We Do Now with T. H. Meyer

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last Monday I left Lake Constance and took the train to Basel to spend the day with the ever fascinating, ever inspiring Thomas H. Meyer, founder of Perseus Publishing and publisher of The Present Age.  I am a faithful subscriber.

Thomas and I sat in his sun filled office surrounded by books and art and discussed Rudolf Steiner’s advice for our present age. Steiner says that now is the time when we must understand and confront evil. But how? What can one person do? These are some of the most important questions that you and I are grappling with today as violence and hubris grow.

Special thanks to Thomas for a day of such rich insight: over lunch, in his office, overlooking Basel from the terrace of his beautiful home and then as he escorted me to the train station where I made a new discovery about Basel, BIS & Bitcoin.

In Let’s Go to the Movies I recommend Ric Burn’s The Pilgrims. This will be background for my discussion the following week about the Civil War.  The push to tear up statues in America is a prelude to tearing up the reputation of the signers of the Constitution as a prelude to tearing up the Constitution.  In the words of Irene Dune on America’s Town Meeting of the Air, “If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.” I prefer to retain individual liberties and property rights. How about you? Are you ready to stop evil from destroying the covenant of humanity and freedom that binds us? Time to send our presentation on enforcing the Constitution to your State legislators and Congressional representatives.

No Money & Markets this week. Post your questions for Ask Catherine and I will address in September.

Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Hi
    Now and then people who have been married for awhile decide to renew their marriage vows. The reason could be several, but the act is to recommit their devotion to one another. It is a private decision and usually in a public venue for the world to see.

    With that in mind let me share on what Christians can do to dilute the power and presence of evil. It is a given that fear and hate only provides more energy to what I call the dark side.

    Most of the time a person is baptised as a baby or a young child and it can be debated if they are too young to understand what is happening and the act of commitment.

    So here is my thought about taking a active step to refocus a person’s life to aspire to live a non corrupt life. Like renewing a marriage vow get baptise as an adult. No little water drops on the forehead but a real dunker, full immersion.

    If people are willing to go on youtube or facebook and post pictures of themselves getting a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads as a challenge for a cure of ALS, why not a challenge to evil to get the hell out of our lives and our society.

  2. When I first saw mention of Rudolf Steiner as an upcoming topic for The Solari Report… I wasn’t sure I was reading it right. It caused me a little dissonance.

    Gosh… is it possible I have been following your work close to 20 years now? 15 for sure. I know you probably get tired of hearing it Catherine… but I and many others so appreciate your openness and courage in examining truth. You and your work contain examples of some of the most lovely “contradictions”.

    Devout Christian… but completely open to the wonders of God’s creation… including what we don’t know we don’t know. You are willing to have a God big enough to encompass far more than the safe limitations of behavior many religious folks place on their image of God.

    Conservative (little c), from a “logic and mathematics matter” point and a political atheist who will collaborate with anyone who has workable solutions to today’s problems.

    Fearless in your openness to accept folks where they are at, and not fret about being “labeled” with disparaging smears by the “mainstream” of societal norms and memes, based on who you are willing to have a conversation with.

    I have immense respect for your willingness to tell truth, and adjust when the information changes.

    I know you have talked about your training in learning Spiritual Warfare while grinding your way through the persecution of a lawless DOJ. I would love it if you could do a Solari Report where YOU are the one being interviewed… about:

    – what made the most difference to you in shifting and deepening your Faith in God, and embracing being functionally “Red Pilled”.

    – What you do when there is a s***storm of fear and danger swirling around you.

    – how you get back to peaceful repose during difficult times

    It would be really cool to have someone who knows you really well, spend time to formulate some deep questions about how you “do life” in such difficult and uncertain times, as a stand alone Solari Report.

    For the sake of clarity, sister… I ain’t puttin you on a pedestal. I know you are one of God’s kids… one that has made a commitment to truth and taking the sharp edges of fear off of danger in the most practical ways, so people can move out of their self accepted prisons to a place of freedom they already possess, but can’t see it.

    LOVE, love, loved this interview, and your desire to bring every possible solution for living a prosperous life into the view of those willing to look.

    You are such a delightful flower in God’s garden, Catherine. Thanks again.

    Love and well wishes


    • David:

      Sitting in Iceland, getting ready to pack as I return to the US tomorrow am, that was not what I expected to find in the comment section. You are very kind.

      I did 2 Solari Reports on spiritual warfare and The Power of It and Hamilton Securities – they covered much of the material. The theme in the 3rd Quarter Wrap Up is on the methods of control – Control 101 – once that is complete, I will think about how to do this. Control 101 will make it easier to do.

      • Thank you… I know it’s maybe a difficult request… as my request is more concentratedly personal, than most of your other passes over these ideas of spiritual armor, and how to rise above skirmishes.

        You and John R. certainly significantly cover the ideas of staying free of The Matrix.

        Those of us that have followed your inspired work and struggles to remain true to the axiom ” to thine own Self be true” might get a deeper grasp of how you travel through life without succumbing to the flak of this Grand Illusion.

        We are certainly spiritual beings who have access to the source of ALL power… but we are trying to find our way out of a deep dream state to the place of being awake.

        Another teacher of mine, Prem Rawat, once said at an event I was attending in Australia… “…you are armed to the teeth… don’t be afraid.” His meaning was solely about the source of ALL power. Sometimes the ocean seems wide and deep… and yet, miraculously… some cross it and thrive while doing so. (“The Pilgrims” deeply impressed on me the good fortune I enjoy, for now, to seek God as I see fit, unmolested).

        You have an exuberant spirit, that glimmers even when discussing gravely perilous times… it’s like a built in antidote to “gloom and doom porn.”

        Anyway… just an idea. There seems to be a gathering storm at present, and a growing sunrise… and as Mr. Meyer said (kind of paraphrasing here), the “darkness is not eternal”.

        Would love to learn more about what you keep in your personal “armory” of goodness and decency.

        I hope you have a lovely trip back, home.


  3. I hope that your staff will be providing a pdf file of this interview as I would like to be able to easily reference parts of this interview, which is hard to do in an audio file.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. I’ve been very intrigued by your comments on spiritual warfare since listening to some of the interviews on it. I had NO IDEA who Rudolf Steiner was until I saw these interviews.

    I’m preparing a speech on “The Extraterrestial Hypothesis” for the Saskatchewan Centre for Science and Religion this August. It’s an academic conference. I was somewhat stunned when my submission was accepted as I don’t have a PhD. I didn’t think having an MBA would qualify but I took the chance and submitted a white paper idea. Anyway, my intent is to plant some seeds for hardened academics to adopt a post-materialist scientific model.

    Today I watched Dark Journalist on his X series and he read out part of Steiner’s “Armanic Deception” essay. I found the perfect Steiner quote to drive home the point of the need to expand the materialistic scientific model.

    Thank you for diving into these topics and sharing. Without this, I wouldn’t have been able to find the breadcrumbs for what is looking like a path to my divine mission here.

    In gratitude,


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