Soft Weapons with Charles Hugh Smith

“We have to solve our own problems.” ~Charles Hugh Smith

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Blogger and author Charles Hugh Smith of Of Two Minds will be joining me on the Solari Report this week. His work has long had a special appeal for me. No matter what the topic, Charles makes a serious effort to look into the heart of things while integrating a wide range of material – from global geopolitics and finance down to the intimate relationships between people and our money in a world gone mad.

Charles and I will start with a discussion of “soft weapons” – the tactics used to exercise targeted force through legal and financial means or through media and digital systems. Increasingly, invasive digital systems and complex economies create countless ways of waging war without dropping bombs, as described in his recent post on the Ukraine, How the Empire Might Strike Back.   We will be talking about the Ukraine and other points of global tension as symptoms of the wider challenges of “peak everything” – more people, more competition for limited natural resources – and what you and I can do to navigate uncertain times.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the current developments in the economy, geopolitics and financial markets.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, we will be discussing Robert De Niro’s 2006 spy movie, The Good Shepherd.  A fictionalized description of the birth of counter-intelligence in the Central Intelligence Agency, it takes us into the historical roots of today’s soft warfare machinery.

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  1. (CAFR) equivalent regards the wealth of the earth?

    Catherine could you please comment regards the BLM standoff in Nevada.

    This cuts through so many of your themes.

    It is time for a Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) equivalent regards the wealth of the earth?.

    What do the extraction industries know and where do we find it ??

    For example I remember a story of the shuttle images mapping forests and the US Forest Service assessing from the
    data that companies had to be harvesting more lumber then was being accounted for in permits and fees.

    There must be more then a dispute about unpaid rent for grazing rights…but it ALSO has a huge the distraction factor.
    It dragged in a lot of people and Stuart R. at Oathkeeper’s commented on the presence of active serving officeholders.

    As with the Social Security claw back of benefits from a child decades later in one sense
    it is the dying sector of the economy just desperately trying to hang on. There must be
    suitors for that land who want to pay more and the BLM is trying to obtain that.

    Is this not an example along the lines of not paying your taxes (or filing properly)
    Your just breaking the law.

    What the post below does not say of course is that the rents can be manipulated to drive
    out one suitor for the land use and bring in another.

    Richard Stein

    From a blogpost at

    Understand three things:
    1. The government owns the land.
    2. The courts repeatedly have ruled the governments owns the land.
    3. Bundy admits the government owns the land and that he owes rent.

    His only argument is that he says he owes less rent ($300,000) than the government claims.

    So this has nothing to do with the constitution being shredded, or Vietnam, or the surveillance state, or police state or individual right or the price of butter in China.

    It’s just a deadbeat, claiming the rent is too high, and refusing to pay it. period.

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