Thank You, Court Skinner!

By Catherine Austin Fitts

One of our annual Christmas donations goes to a wonderful pre-school educational institution in East Palo Alto, California – the Creative Montessori Learning Center (You can make a donation here.)

We know about Creative Montessori because Court Skinner is President of the Board. Court got a big thank you last year too when Solari donated to Computers for Everyone in Menlo Park – the wonderful not for profit Court started in his garage years ago.

Court’s grandson calls Court, “the smartest man in America.” We agree. One of the few blessings of living in a corrupt world is that we get to keep guys like Court to ourselves. If the world made sense, he would probably be a Senator or running the not-so-secret space program and we would rarely get to hang out with him.

After a successful career in Silicon Valley, Court’s brilliance and innovation has been applied to building community. Court is the “go to” guy for those around him who want someone they can count on for leadership and smarts. He always makes a difference.

Named a Solari Hero on numerous occasions, during this Holiday Season, we want to say – again – Thanks, Court!

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