Solari Food Series: Vital Soils – The Foundation of Life, Part II

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The Solari Report 2016-09-20

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“…let us consider, to begin with, the soil of the Earth which is the foundation of all Agriculture” ~ Rudolf Steiner, The Agriculture Course, “Lecture 2”

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Harry Blazer returns this week with two great interviews from the Michael Fields Agriculture Institute and their biodynamic networks in East Troy Wisconsin. The first — The Future of Biodynamic and Organic Farming — is a fascinating discussion with Institute executive director David Andrews.

His second interview is with biodynamic soil expert Angela L Curtes, the past acting executive director of Yggdrasil Land Foundation, who currently owns and runs Grounded LLC , a compost and land preservation business. Angela serves as visiting farm staff at Michael Fields. The discussion with Angela is Part II of  “Vital Soils – The Foundation of Life”.

Rebuilding our local economies requires rebuilding our health which requires rebuilding our local foods systems which requires rebuilding the health of our soil – it’s all connected. Angela provides an outstanding overview of why the dirt under your feet offers you so much opportunity and life.

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