Special Solari Report: Beat Down at US Universities with Jon Rappoport

Beat Down

“We all live in the South Bronx because that neighborhood is the unavoidable proof that American civilization can stop. It can stop literally right around the corner, and if it does nobody can do a thing about it…”
~ Michael Ventura

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Covert operations are moving through US university campuses and reaching epidemic proportions. What’s happening?

University campuses have felt the growing tentacles of centralization for quite some time. The financial sources of increased control have been growing for decades. The list includes:

  • Military-industrial research
  • Federal government grants
  • Federal funding and enforcement in hospitals and in medical and nursing schools
  • Big media involvement in college sports
  • Federal credit support to student loans

Many years ago, I wrote about the relationship between narcotics trafficking and mortgage fraud organized around urban universities and how the academics failed to notice. This was, perhaps, due to the fact that universities were benefiting from laundered funds.

As universities have emerged as big business, we hear reports that students are (at best) inputs to make the engine go. Or (at worst) targets to be prayed upon – guinea pigs for research, mind control, subject to rape and abuse and loaded up with predatory debt. The result is debasement: more expensive schooling with much less education taking place.

Not only has central control been growing, so has central surveillance and access to students’ personal communication and information.  The infrastructure is now in place via cell phones, social media and satellites to gear up significant covert operations targeted at administrators, professors and students at US colleges and universities.

What’s the target? First you move your people in. Then you gain control of the money, the jobs, the intellectual capital, and the credibility.

There are endowments worth billions to manage, large bank accounts, bonds to be issued, scholarships for the children of people who play ball, research grants, media contracts for athletic events, facilities construction and maintenance contracts. There is junk science to be engineered and published and respectability given to new government policies. In a deflationary environment, such an enormous flow of funds and assets grows ever more attractive.

Now we see waves of students protesting over divide-and-conquer social issues that are wholly divorced from the real issues plaguing them – issues such as student debt and the debasement of education. As a result, we see administrators and professors frozen in fear, ready to play ball or be fired, and a serious attack on freedom of speech. While presidential political candidates are floating trial balloons for totalitarianism, the university campuses are on a politically correct lock down.

A coincidence? Hardly.

I have asked Jon Rappoport to join me for a special Solari Report on what’s really happening at US colleges and universities.

Jon and I discuss the financial models of many large US universities: how the university is a critical hub within an investment syndicate that has a very different mission than educating excellent people.  To help you grapple with this very old phenomenon, we strongly recommend G. Edward Griffin’s 1982 interview of banker and Congressional staffer, Norman Dodd:

Jon and I discuss what this means to you and what you can do about it. One of the things we can all do is make sure that university professors, students and academic administrators have access to this invaluable information.

If subscribers feel that Solari Report materials may be of help to anyone you know who is directly impacted, you have my permission to share this report with them.

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  1. Wow Catherine, as far as key points about how the matrix control structure works,
    this could well be a master:

    “Catherine: after WW2 the university was not designed to produce educated people,
    it was designed to basically run investment syndicates. So if you look at the
    Harvard Corporation you have an endowment which is essentially an investment
    syndicate and instead of paying taxes it throws off a certain amount of money
    to the college, and then the college provides the intellectual air cover that
    the investment syndicate needs and it produces people that serve the investment
    syndicate in a variety of ways …

    Jon: Wow, would you just say that again? Just go through that little thing
    because …

    Catherine: right, so I have an inter-generational pool of capital and I want
    to protect it from taxes. I put in a corporation called the Harvard corporation,
    but I could do the same for Yale or other universities. I put it in a corporate
    structure which is controlled and operated by a self-perpetuating board, so the
    board … if somebody resigns, the board picks a new somebody who comes on – so
    they’re self-perpetuating – the money is in the corporation, and the money is held
    tax-exempt so I have a university and instead of paying an enormous amount of
    taxes on my money I’m tax-free because I’m supporting a university but I only
    give the university about 4-5% a year which is significantly less than I would
    pay in taxes right?

    Jon: (deep hearty chuckle)

    Catherine: What a good deal. So what I do with that university? I get that university
    write studies that say that what my companies want to do is good, I get the
    university to put people in government who do what’s good for my investment
    syndicate and then I have lots of people who I get first dibs on in term of getting
    the good employees and good people to work in my companies. Right?”

    If I had only 5 minutes to convince someone that the world does not work the way
    they think it does, I could probably make significant progress by quoting the above,
    and I would also add something you said in the “Breakaway Economy Part 1″ Solari Report
    (Feb 27, 2014, from page 11 of the transcript):

    ” Sometimes you’ll hear activists talk about corporations as though they rule the world.
    They don’t. Behind the corporations you have institutional investors.”

    Only after a careful reading of “Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits” with a good financial
    dictionary handy could I begin to understand the significance of that statement,
    but it was a major revelation when I did. An understanding of financial flows/influences is crucial to
    understanding supressed technologies, why such massive lies are told about
    crucial health and geopolitical issues etc.

    The Solari Report has taught me that the only way to face this kind of daunting information is to always
    ask the question “how can I use this information to empower myself and those around me?” That’s far
    easier said than done. To this end I highly recommend Jon Rappoport’s program “Analysing Information
    in the Age Disinformation”, which contains some sage advice on how to handle contentious information.
    It certainly helped me understand that carefully examining evidence, asking the right questions and learning to
    build a convincing case puts a person in a position of real power. Having listened to this program a couple
    of times, I can well understand why Jon was so impressed by that first paragraph quoted above.

    I look forward to hearing more conversations like this. You and Jon never fail to inspire, even when
    dealing with the most disturbing subjects.

  2. This is an interesting report. What advice is there for young professionals and students who are tied to this system? How can we avoid (or get out of debt)? I’d be interested in hearing action steps we can take to avoid these messes.

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