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The Solari Report 2014-11-06

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The Solari Report 2014-11-06

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Theme “It Is Time for Some Tough Talk”

Money & Markets This week in Money & Markets, Catherine discusses the elections and how Ebola/ISIS may have tied in with them. She also covers the latest in developments with the Russian economy, and other important stories of the week.

Hero Our hero this week is Jake Lehman from Lehman’s Hardware.

Ask Catherine Catherine answers questions submitted by subscribers.

Question #1:

Dear Catherine,
Have you read any of Chogyam Trunpas books?
He changed my life… ( my thinking…)

Question #2:

Dear Catherine,

Since you were talking about Africa recently and are talking about general trends in digital economy and mobile internet, here is some info regarding both. I am spending more and more time in Southern Africa, for both private and business reasons, so I thought i might share some info with you.
Attached you can find presentation from recent Vitafoods Africa conference I attended in Johannesburg. It is a series of fairs and conferences in the food and food supplement industry. Needless to say is SA, which i benchmark for the region also in legal terms, they are currently passing some funny food and complementary medicine regulation, which is even stranger then in EU. One would think this was difficult to achieve, but believe me there are those who have been able to do that.. while the vaccines and strange pharma products keep finding more and more room in Africa.
Anyway, the presentation attached is from one lady from Pfizer and I believe you will find interesting parts towards the end regarding digital marketing in the region.
Also, I have attached some articles from last edition of African business to which I am subscribed. It regards ICT industry in Africa, so goes hand in hand with the presentation before. If you look around yourself in Africa it is really amazing how much mobile services are gaining ground, especially in finance. There is also one service in Zimbabwe which is interesting: you can get 1 week of unlimited use of Whatsup via wifi for just 1 USD. You can’t use wifi for other stuff, but only for Whatsup and everybody is using that service.
Another article is cover story of this edition and it is African think tanks, so the idea is that they are being started by Africans, but I really don’t believe that. You have to bear in mind that people in Africa in many cases still re-gard organizations as UN, WHO, etc. as important and at least organizations with good intentions and what is funny this sort of idea is more prevalent with middle class educated people. It sure can be sensed in magazines as this one, but at the same time it gives you overview as to what are some things that are going on. It makes me think also of your comments regarding young people in Russia that have been indoctrinated, since I can see it for years also around me in Croatia and in the region.

Anyway, I hope you will find some interesting info in these. I managed to get articles only in pdf from website, so unfortunately you won’t be able to see images.

Question #3:

My request: Please do a show in which you contrast your understanding and general investment advice with that of James Rickards as given in his book, Death of Money. James Rickards surely is one of the most brilliant, learned and articulate spokesmen for the point of view that the dollar will eventually fail as the world reserve currency, leading to a collapse of the present monetary system (after the SDRs have also been over-issued).
What general investment advice would you give based on your differing view of probable outcomes? How do you justify those differences based on your different understanding of how the Deep State is managing the world economy and its monetary system?

I can hardly wait.

Question #4:

Do you consider US Bank a tapeworm bank?

Question #5:

Dear Catherine:

As shocking as this is for me to come to terms with, my research is indicating that the powers that be initiated the vaccination program here in the U.S. to be able to experiment on all of us, with the eradication of illness being their cover story. These people had been studying eugenics for quite a long time, and the first vac-cinations caused cancer in a great number of people.

What is your opinion on this?

Many theories – Tried to figure it out – LOWER MINDS – functional zombies. Lowers telaphathic abilities without lowering functionality. Resonate with ma-chines instead of other people.

Question #6:

Dear Catherine:

How much of the wild up and down swings in both our economy and in our real estate market here in the U.S. over the past 40 years has been due to us going off of the gold standard back in 1971?

Small part – folks who argue this are looking at a small portfion of the reality. The world is unfortunately much more bizarre than what they believe.

Question #7:

Dear Catherine:

While gun control failed on the national level, it succeeded mightily on the state level. After Bloomberg and other billionaires poured millions into the campaign, Washington voter’s overwhelmingly bought the propaganda. What was most disturbing was the inability or unwilling-ness of the NRA to act at a local level. Now, empowered, Bloomberg is taking his initiative movement to other states. It seems that all politics are indeed local.

It is interesting to watch the propaganda and entrainment messages seemingly focusing on the local level more and more. Thank you for your last interviews on spiritual warfare. Its the only thing that I can see as a way to combat the divide and conquer propaganda.

Finally, are there any Solari Circles in the Seattle area? I would really like to meet people, who share in this information and who share in the Solari point of view.

Let’s Go to the Movies! This week in Let’s Go to the Movies, Catherine reviews Herman’s House. The story of the dream house of an inmate who has lived in solitary confinement for 40 years.


November 13: Equity Overview – The Shift to Global 3.0

November 20: The Oil Card – What’s Next?

November 27: Vaccine Exemptions with Alan Phillips

“There is something permanent, and something extremely profound, in owning a home.” ~ Kenny Guinn

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As lending terms start to relax, more people are looking to buy homes or help their children and grandchildren buy their first one.

There are many benefits to owning your own home – if you do it right. However, finding the right home is a complex matter, let alone going through the process of buying and financing a home. If you have never done it before, the challenge can seem daunting. You are making a purchase of both a major consumption good and, ideally, a major investment.

Dr. Gary Eldred, author of Investing in Real Estate, once sent his students out to interview hundreds of real estate professionals to create a comprehensive list of all the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, publishing it in his classic The 106 Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make (and how to Avoid Them)

Dr. Eldred joins me on The Solari Report to go back to basics and step through the dos and don’ts of buying a home.

In Money & Markets I will address the latest developments in the financial markets, including a farewell to quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve. I will also discuss some of the immediate opportunity and risk issues in the housing markets for those of you who are looking to buy homes at this time, emphasizing some of the topics that Dr. Eldred and I address in our discussion.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review Herman’s House, a remarkable story that takes you inside the wonder of imagining and owning your dream home through the words and story of Herman Wallace who has lived in solitary confinement for 40 years.

Talk to you Thursday!