Swine Flu: What I Believe

I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season.

These days, I keep remembering my sense of urgency leaving the Bush Administration in 1991. We had to do something to turn around the economy and gather real assets behind retirement plans and the social safety net. If not, Americans could find themselves deeply out on a limb. I felt my family and friends were in danger. They did not share my concern. They had a deep faith in the system.

As my efforts to find ways of reengineering government investment in communities failed to win political support, Washington and Wall Street moved forward with a debt bubble and globalization that was horrifying in its implications for humanity.

Overwhelmed by what was happening, I estimated the end result. My simple calculations guessed that we were going to achieve economic sustainability on Earth by depopulating down to a population of approximately 500 million people from our then current global population of 6 billion.  I was a portfolio strategist used to looking at numbers from a very high level. Those around me could not fathom how all the different threads I was integrating could lead to such a conclusion.  To me, we had to have radical change in how we governed resources or depopulate. It was a mathematical result.

A year later, in 1999, a very capable investment and portfolio strategist asked me if he could come have a private lunch with me in Washington. We sat in a posh restaurant across from the Capitol. He said quietly that he had calculated out where the derivatives and debt bubble combined with globalization were going. The only logical conclusion he could reach was that significant depopulation was going to occur. He said his estimates led to an approximate population of 500 million. I said very quietly, “that’s my estimate too.” I will never forget the look of sadness that crossed his face.  I was amazed to find someone else who understood.

It turns out that we were not alone. Sir James Goldsmith had warned of the consequences of GATT in 1994. He described the process under way, involving the loss of land and livelihood for 3 billion people, “…This is the establishment against the rest of society.”  Voices were rising around the planet as hardships exploded from global economic warfare and industrialization of agriculture.

As trillions of dollars were shifted out of America by legal and illegal means to reinvest in Asia and emerging markets and to build a global military empire, we left a sovereign nation economic model behind. Finally, the expense and corruption of empire resulted in bailouts of $12-14 trillion, delivering a new financial war chest to the people leading the financial engineering. Now we have exploding unemployment, an exploding federal deficit, an Inspector General for the TARP bailout program predicting that the ultimate bailout cost could rise to $23.7 trillion and a Congressional Budget Director who is concluding that we can no longer afford the social safety net.

That is, unless you change the actuarial assumptions in the budget – like life expectancy. Lowering immune systems and increasing toxicity levels combined with poor food, water and terrorizing stress will help do the trick. Review the history of vaccines rushed into production without proper testing and peer review – it is clear about the potential side effects. In addition, a plague can so frighten and help control people that they will accept the end of their current benefits (and the resulting implications to life expectancy) without objection. And a plague with proper planning can be highly profitable. Whatever the truth of what swine flu and related vaccines are, it can be used as a way to keep control in a situation that is quickly shifting out of control.

In short, an epidemic can be used to offset the inflation of capital with increasing deflation of the value and income of labor and continual demand destruction. It is a great deal of time and money spent on something that will not help build a real economy. The disinformation and control opportunities are profound. They keep the slow burn going. It is the next, meaner face of “the establishment against the rest of society.”

That’s what I believe. I am not an expert. I have no case worth presenting in a court of law. There are hundreds of hours of research on the swine flu and related vaccines that I have not done and I am not going to do. It is just what I believe, listening to the people I respect, and in no small part because if you map out all the financial ecosystems around the issue and people and incentives involved, it seems to me to be the  logical conclusion.

Now, if this sounds ludicrous to you, it may be because you do not appreciate how dark the culture has become that is now in charge. Do you have any idea how impossibly frustrating it is to manage a highly centralized system in which the vast majority of people lack any responsibility to ensure that the whole thing works? Everyone wants their free lunch and there are no real markets or democracy to force accountability or a shared intelligence. Force works. Force has increasingly become the way to achieve most everything. Using force is a lot easier that living with rising risk and the costs of subsidizing an aging population.

So the question for you and me is “what do we do?” Are we going to take a vaccine? Are we going to allow our children to be vaccinated?  Will we have a choice? How can we organize to make sure that we do? Is self-quarantine a practical option? How would we prepare for it?

What you believe is your responsibility. The time has come to build time into Summer schedules to research options, discuss them with those you trust and make informed decisions about what you believe and what actions you intend to take under a variety of scenarios.

I don’t have the answers yet. Somehow, I believe we can find them together. And while we do, let’s remember to pray for the love of humanity to be rekindled and nourished in each and every heart.


  1. I spoke with my wife about the possibility of a mass depopulation campaign and what we would have to do to avoid it considering our options. Do we sell our house and move into the countryside and live like hermits stockpiling provisions to wait for the day of deliverance?

    These are such frightening things to contemplate for me.

    Firstly, I think a mass depopulation campaign is highly improbable because of internet communication, text messaging, being able to make people aware quickly of what is happening. However, if I were head of any depopulation campaign (I get sick at the thought), the bioweapon would have to be slow acting, meaning it didn’t show symptoms for at least ten days, giving it time to spread far and wide. The designer would create the virus and a vaccine to counteract it. The vaccine would be HIGHLY desirable if you wanted to survive, and the vaccine would only be available to special sectors of the population, i.e. in 1st world nations, namely in the US and client regimes. Some vaccines would not work effectively, by design, and given to sensitive populations. The only way to avoid would be to either get the vaccine somehow or to isolate yourself from society so as not to be in contact with anyone to get it in the first place.

    After my wife considered this, she said point-blank, “I think I’d just rather die.”

    So what now?

  2. I too have been thinking about the following: Why are governments forecasting swine flu deaths so early and more pronounced than they have prior to swine flu? Do they really care that much about us to “help” us out? Why would they be working so tirelessly on a vaccine on a flu that has killed far less than the “normal” flu that comes around every year?

    It all just seems odd to me and that’s what is disconcerting!

  3. On the regular news channel they were saying America could only get enough vaccinations for 20% of the population. Usually in flu season they recommend vaccines for the most susceptible, like the elderly. I expect it will be voluntary unless your under managed care. Still maybe voluntary in managed care but with the health care workers and patients “educated” in swine flu.

  4. I largely agree with you, Catherine. The only thing each person can do is think and act for his or her self. And offer an informed opinion to others, as you do, on what appears to be really happening. Those who choose to listen with an open and fearless heart will try to educate and protect themselves.

  5. My view is that we have more to worry about with the cure than the disease.

    Read this:

    Mass media propaganda and that’s about it. I live in Japan and when I read this and saw that picture I laughed out loud. Japanese wear those masks all the time–swine flu or not–it’s a social obligation even if you have a sniffle.

    No one I know here is talking about the swine flu–the economy yes, but not the US Army invention of swine flu.

    Do you want to protect yourself? Buy some organic, non-filtered apple cider vinegar and mix 2 big table spoons with 8oz water and drink it down 2 – 3 times a day. I’ve done this for years and never get sick. I love the stuff and drink it whenever I’m at home. Braggs is my choice. The Japanese know this trick too but they drink black vinegar–you can buy little tetra packs of the stuff at 7/11 here. The Japanese understand healthy food and drink.

    (Yes, the 7/11s in Japan actually sell healthy things–weird isn’t it? Why do the Japanese take our franchises and make them so much better? Do Americans just hate themselves and others? I’ll never understand it….)

  6. with all due respect, I generally agree with your point of view and i am a daily reader and think your blog is one of the best on the web but…where does the 500 million figure come from? air food and water are what we really need to survive. the earth can produce much more food than current levels. one of the greatest chalenges to our food supply, is not the earth’s ability to provide food, but rather human greed that manipulates commodity prices and fuels cold wars and economic warfare… the Japanese make food out of seaweed and although the prospect is not exciting at least we can survive on seaweed, if we have to. If we have to, we can boil enough water to survive on.

    my 2 cents on the swine flu- it’s another fast buck artist trying to sell their new vaccine that a’just happened’ to come out before the quote unquote epidemic.

    Here are just a couple of links that explain why i think this is so-
    1. http://www.beyondchron.org/articles/Swine_Flu_and_the_CIA_6865.html
    The story first appeared January 10, 1977 on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. It talks about how Castro had to kill all the pigs in Cuba because the of the CIA germ warfare.

    2. just google “Spanish flu caused by vaccine” and you will find volumes, but the point is the current flu has has elements of both spanish flu and swine flu, somehow jumbled up reconfigurated, attenuated, coagulated, monkeyed with!! NEW! IMPROVED! And isn’t it strange that health ministers in Indonesia and the Czech Republic, of all places, are both complaining about free samples from an American Pharma Conglom… the free samples have had deadly results and OOps they just can’t understand how it got in the free sample…

    well maybe they are trying to kill us all but i for one will not be vaccinated until they strap me in the chair… and until then i will just keep on bloggin, so there!

  7. Greg:

    You need to study livestock management — managing living beings based on probabilities and actuarial assumptions. Perhaps a combination of large insurance risk and livestock management. Depopulation can be slow and managed or fast. We are generally looking at slow and managed.

    The notion of lowering vibrational level and physical and mental power is very real and important to “field” management. Such field management is absolutely essential for a few to manage many in a model in which knowledge and technology must be hidden in a population that has natural psychic and telepathic gifts and the ability to communicate through resonance through the electromagnetic field — like birds or other swarming, herd animals.

    If you study instances of large, intentional genocides or depopulation through history, what you see is that those who think about such things and implement them are getting smarter, more effective and much more subtle in their herd management techniques.

    Managing centrally controlled systems is a very risky business and the people who do it are very risk adverse. For good reasons. Study the history of the Roman Empire and other great elites and the history of narcotics trafficking, including in the places you live or have lived, and you will find that politics is risky business and we live on a very primitive planet.

    Some thoughts,


  8. I have been watching all of this unfold for over 20 years of struggling with disabling chronic illness that took me from being very healthy and active to completely disabled and in chronic pain. I have spent many hours of research and frustrating attempts with the dubious assistance of the medical profession to get to the bottom of my health situation in order to correct it.

    My own personal opinion in the face of ridicule and dismissal from doctors and others and much digging? That I am living with the consequence of having been exposed to weaponized biological agents. I am not alone with this health situation and opinion. The irony is that I am too sick to do much about it – being housebound and in pain is very isolating and effectively removes me from the playing field.

    There is much evidence that, for example, Gulf War vets are in the same boat. The latest estimates that I am aware of is that 1 in 4 of Gulf War vets (from the first Gulf War) are desperately ill and many are dying now of cancers, etc. That is a staggeringly huge number and it doesn’t include the family members who have contracted serious illnesses since they returned home. They were exposed to many horrible things, not least of which were experimental vaccines with adjuvants designed to kick-start the immune system and make the vaccine more potent – this resulted in a huge number of them getting sick with serious auto immune diseases such as Lupus, etc. These adjuvants are not allowed for use with animals because they are considered inhumane. I am very concerned that these adjuvants are in most vaccines now.

    I am not a Gulf War vet but I live in an area where some of these agents were developed and “tested” on military personnel and my profession at the time required close contact with many people in a day. Once such an agent is loose in a population there is no taking it back. It’s a small step from using the military as guinea pigs to using the civilian population. I believe this is the case.

    There is more and more credible information surfacing about populations unkowingly being deliberately exposed to these sorts of agents to “see what will happen”, a la the Tuskegee syphilis study.

    I do not doubt the scenario that you have outlined here, Catherine, for I am living with the truth of this in my very body. My experience of this takes the discussion from the realm of theory and information to knowledge of the most personal kind.

  9. Kita:

    Thank you so much for your post.

    We have many members of our network who have come to the same realization struggling with lyme, chronic fatigue syndrome, or mysterious ailments or who are managing children with autism or parents or loved ones with alzheimers. Add them all up and these are at epidemic proportions now. The psychic, spiritual and financial expense to families is enormous. In combination, these diseases have sidelined enormous numbers of gifted, natural leaders.

    Simply understanding and facing the truth of what is happening and doing it together has real power. Another action that we can all take from where we are is prayer. I believe that prayer of people acting in alignment can create a “force field” that can shift the course of events. I have no idea how to organize such a process…I just believe that it can happen.

    So your spiritual and mental power is great, no matter what your body endures.

    My prayers are with you,


  10. (thank you for posting my comment:^) @ Kita- I know people that have faced similar circumstances and won, so don’t give up hope, never give up hope!

  11. I already had the swine flu 3 weeks ago. I hope it doesn’t mutate into something worse. I think it was bio-engineered and accidentally released into the population.I don’t want to think it was deliberate It started as a sore throat and then as the day went on I got very tired The next day I had to lie in bed all day for three days. I had mild muscle aches, chills, and fever like with the regular flu but the worse part (unlike the other flu) was a lack of appetite and nausea. I briefly thought I might die,but it was just how bad I felt. On the 5th day I went out just to get my bearings back And on the 6th I more or less was back to 80% normal It took another week or two to get the rest of my energy back and all that’a left now is a cough.

  12. I generally believe all of this but I have a problem. That is after watching the series Earth Without People, I think that was the name, I realized that if the population was radically reduced quickly the remaining people would have problems almost immediately trying to shutdown nuclear power plants around the world. Who would run this process? Robots? I don’t doubt that the advanced technology exists but it would have to be up and ready to go almost immediately. How would they keep the services that they need running for clean water, food production, and such. Nanobot technology? I recommend everyone read Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is near or watch the technology summit on Youtube titled ray kurzweil stanford summit 2006. I believe all this is possible in the very near future. But the shotgun approach to scattering chemtrails and releasing germs into the environment to infect people at random would get too many of the people that the chosen few would need to help them exist. That is the part I don’t get.
    At any rate I have autoimmune problems and have been bullied into getting a flu shot the last two years in a row followed by getting extremely ill for 3 weeks both times with “the flu”. Eventually, everyone else in my household became ill in succession including an elementary school aged child, a young adult and my husband who is never sick.
    None of us will willingly get another shot for anything, ever. However, having been a registered nurse I know that the government can make anything they want mandatory. Although not mandatory to be vacinated if one works in healthcare a great deal of pressure is put on personnel in hospitals to receive these annual shots.
    Just random thoughts. No real answers. I have tried to get as many people as I can to read about the technology that is coming soon but most have no interest in these things and at least where I live don’t believe that any of these things are possible, either this radical advance in technology or that a handful of cabals around the world are vying for control of a coming world wide government and if not held to account may not have everyone’s best interests at heart.

  13. Catherine,

    Along the same lines, the NWO is attacking our food supply through Codex, guidelines that are to be enacted by the end of 2009. Like the flu vaccine, it is very scary stuff that will change our food supply, centrally plan the way food is grown, and limit the individuals choice as to supplementing diet with vitamins and minerals. It is predicted that a minimum of 3 billion people will die as a result of the mandated guidelines. The U.S.A. is a signatory to the Codex guidelines, but there is opposition building. The article I read on the subject is by Barbara Minton of Natural News entitled “Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines.” It is available at AlexJones.com. Everyone should read it. It underscores the necessity of every community planning for a local food supply.

  14. I do think the plan is for a slow depopulation generally, and I completely agree that they are very careful. I think they’re main priority is always far and above, maintaining control. Not efficiency in terms of productivity which they often absurdly disguise shifts in organization as. I suspect that many nations are essentially working experimental models for herd management. Or in some cases, models that are not directly controlled but used nonetheless via probing etc.

    Whenever I see a persistent problem that society doesn’t solve, I ask, how does this serve billionaires? Invariably it does although sometimes indirectly. And so for example I think domestic violence and bullying in schools help prevent people (and especially the most sensitive who most threaten billionaires because of their heightened perceptive potentials) from reaching self-actualization. I think societies around the world are brimming with traumatized people who have great difficulty in thinking clearly, sleeping, and have compromised immune systems as a result. They also carry shame which plays a dual role of preventing their healing and promoting addictions. Traumatized people tend to be closed-minded because of a heightened sense of threat to their most base needs. Who wants to “talk politics” when they feel imminently threatened, even if the thoughts that produced the feeling are irrational?

    Also societies fail to effectively address noise, particularly bass. In my view our minds train to rhythms. Bass from music, traffic etc, is unnatural both in it’s strength and it’s patterns. It is what I term a pattern-interrupt but I don’t know what one would properly call it. I just know that, as the Buddha said it can be very difficult even for a monk to meditate when in pain, I cannot properly relax or think clearly when subjected to semi-random thumping noises that I can even feel. When meditating or relaxed, our mental activity is more dispersed, our mind works in a more whole way. I believe a response to trauma can be the blocking of memories but they are etched in via high levels of adrenaline. With memories as part of a network and a balanced biological system, their blockage denies us access to use of more than just the memories of trauma but alters perceptions and cognition generally. It denies us access to our whole minds. Meditation can unpack these “boxes” returning access to difficult memories of trauma and to a more whole mind. I expect that a broad spectrum of means are being used to suppress normal healthy thoughts, such as our increasing exposure to Radio Frequencies.

    You may not be aware of it since you’ve ditched your tv, but tv programs feature a lot of flashing today. Strobe-lighting would be more accurate. A popular Canadian show called The Hour on CBC is a good example, with as a very rough estimate perhaps 200 flashes per episode. I believe this is to fatigue the conscious mind so that messages can go to the subconscious mind without filtering (this is also done through imagery that bypasses, and data-intense messages that overload, our ability to process), disrupt normal thinking patterns generally, stimulate the release of adrenaline, and even increase levels of cortisol in the brain thus damaging hippocampal cells. Basically I think it induces a stress response that people become addicted to as a numbing agent. I think it also likely increases viewer-time generally and reduces the likelihood that viewers will change the channel because it reduces their self-awareness. Every year it seems the amount of flashing/strobing is notched up a little.

    I get ridiculed for these views. We are even being trained to view ourselves as objects rather than processes which is very unhealthy since it encourages people to live in an unbalanced way, ignore what their bodies tell them, try to push through problems by doing more of the same, and look for cures to life’s problems (such as winning the lottery) rather than ways to manage life in an ongoing way (such as cultivating positive relationships and learning).

    The main obstacle I see is in how unhealthy people’s thoughts are. It seems people are unwilling to spend time between certainties and be responsible. (I try to stay in a mindset of not knowing, just “this is the best I’ve got so far”). Thinking of these things is stressful for them so they avoid it. They suffer from all-or-nothing thinking, saying things like “It won’t matter, there won’t be anything I can do anyways.” To which I reply, there were poor Jews and rich Jews who survived the Holocaust, and both poor and rich Jews who did not. Surely one of the differences was in what they were willing to think about, when they were willing to think about it, and what they decided based on that thinking. Surely there are choices we too can make today.

  15. My thinking on this matter:

    Not one event, past or present, that comes from our Federal Government or Mass Media is trustworthy or accurate. I resigned from my career 18 months ago after becoming aware of several criminal historical events; for no longer would I make a living and fund or support such a sadistic and evil system we are living under. Many of you, will smile at me and shake your silly heads but the joke is actually on you, it always has been. Until people can open their eyes and look at BOTH sides of any issue prior to making a decision, they are simply human sheep being fed a constant diet of lies and deceptions by the mass media.

    The following, are events that I have studied in depth and know to be factually true; as such, I will never do what this government or media tells me to do.

    1. Federal Reserve is a private bank controlled by Zionist Criminal interests
    2. Sinking of Lusitania that started WWI was an inside job for Zionist & Central Banking interests
    3. Pearl Harbor was allowed/forced to happen in order to get us into WWII for Zionist and Central banking interests
    4. Holocaust is a giant Soviet Marxist FRAUD used for anti-German propaganda, Zionist interests and the future base of Marxist World Control
    5. King David Hotel was blown up by Zionists dressed as Arabs
    6. Levon Affair was a Zionist Operation against US/British interests in order to blame the Muslim Brotherhood
    7. JFK was murdered for opposing the Dimona Nuclear Plant and fighting against FED control of our money supply
    8. Gulf of Tonkin was a blatant and admitted LIE
    9. USS Liberty was attacked by Zionists in an attempt to blame Egypt, but she luckily survived the attack.
    10. Moon Landing was a LIE used to create pride in America during the mass Social upheaval of that time. Russia was paid off in Grain during 1972, the last year of the Moon Walk JOKE.
    11. 1st Gulf war was LIED about from the very beginning by the Kuwaiti ambassadors daughter to the US Congress for Zionist interests
    12. OKC Bombing was done to discredit the growing US Militia movement who had identified the NWO or actually JWO that was in the process of transformation.
    13. Man Made Global Warming is a FRAUD and is a tax base scheme to fund Global Marxist interests
    14. 9/11 was a DEMOLITION for Zionist interests and a Coup D Etat to kick start the New Global Marxist Order and destroy our US Constitution
    15. 2nd Iraq War was LIED about using false information and fear mongering for Zionist interests, water and oil resources.

    With these historical lies revealed, I will never support or listen to our Zionist Occupied US Federal Government and our Zionist Controlled Mass Media/Hollywood. While I cannot prove, with the same amount of ample evidence as for the above statements, the AIDS and Cancer industry both appear to utilize the same techniques of lies, deception and propaganda attributed to the above Psychological Operations. Once you identify how they lie and deceive, the whole ball of yarn starts unraveling before your very eyes.

    Who will die and who will live, whether it be from this current Swine Flu bullshit or another Operation waiting in the wings I do not know. However, we must look at the goals of these criminals. Below are just 3 basic goal assumptions:

    1. Population reduction
    2. Controllable population that will obey directives
    3. Functioning high tech society

    Now, if they want a population of around 500 million, then how many doses of medication do they need? If the medication kills, then one needs 5.5 Billion doses; if the medication protects you, then one needs 500 million doses. You do the math and feasibility of application.

    Furthermore, do you want to kill the people who follow your directions to take the medication or kill the ones who refuse to follow your directions? These criminals would have no need for the self aware individuals who refuse to obey their directions; so of course, you kill those who refuse to obey directions.

    Lastly, do you want to kill the technologically advanced 1st World populations or the masses of non-technological 3rd world populations that have high birth rates and little historical evidence of mass mind control? Of course the masses of 3rd world humanity must go.

    With that said, I will still refuse to take any directives from these criminals even if that means the end of my life. I would rather put my hope/faith in something outside of these criminals’ words and actions. For instance, Murphy’s Law has a way of showing up, as happened with WTC-7 and the Pennsylvania Plane on 9/11, thus alerting millions of people to the fraud of 9/11. One good honest individual can still make a difference in world events, as Donald Rumsfeld said “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania..”, which can severely impact these criminals perfectly planned operations.


  16. 500 million people left? But, that’s exactly what the Georgia Guide Stones say would should do. OMG!

    As for depopulation, it’s been happening for a long time (just not so much in our well-heeled industrialized countries so we don’t notice). Look at all what’s going on as mentioned in the other posts, and more. Connect the dots!

    Another dot:

    The UN Food Agency said that now over 1 BILLION people are starving. And sometimes in countries that are *exporting* food! Connect that with all the new laws about agriculture and food production that are being pushed, here in the US and in the world, with more famine and despair pushed on the helpless.

    And another dot, the billionaires’ club for depopulation:

    Last February, several billionaires (among them Bill Gates, D. Rockefeller, Turner, Buffet, Soros …) met and the first item on their agenda was “over-population” according to a Times article.

    “The Gates Foundation commitment to population control funding was likely considerably strengthened with the $31 billion donation to the foundation last year by multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, a personal friend of Bill Gates. Buffett is especially concerned about world population and has given multi-million dollar donations to causes such as the production of the abortion pill RU-486, Planned Parenthood, and the misleadingly-named Catholics for a Free Choice.”

    … And who is *also* behind vaccines? Bill Gates with his Gates Foundation. “The Gates Foundation will put up $750 million to establish the Global Fund for Children’s Vaccines.” Now, the man may be well intentioned. That is, if you believe he has suddenly changed from a ruthless, duplicitous, heartless businessman into a do-gooder. Yeah.

  17. ChristineG said:

    The UN Food Agency said that now over 1 BILLION people are starving. And sometimes in countries that are *exporting* food! Connect that with all the new laws about agriculture and food production that are being pushed, here in the US and in the world, with more famine and despair pushed on the helpless.

    I was truly shocked when I heard that some Irish farmers were exporting potatoes during the potato famines.

  18. Katherine did Codex actually pass into law? I have tried to inform the owners of health food stores in my area that this is coming but they all deny that it will ever happen. They all say that it didn’t get added to any of the trade bills. I thought that was how they got it put into action. Does anyone know how to look it up?

  19. I have noticed that if I watch tv or even listen to it without watching that it has a horrible effect on my ability to concentrate or think clearly for several hours. I think it is like a ADD effect. The light coming from it also has a negative effect. I think Catherine is right about not even having one in the house but I can’t get my family to listen.

  20. Catherine recommended that we ‘pray for the love of humanity to be rekindled in each and every heart’. Rekindling implies that such a flame once burned before….I don’t know if that’s true. Nonetheless, it is a worthy prayer request which I will take to heart.
    Where shall I start? Should I just make it a general prayer or perhaps I could do 1 continent each day? Or how about billionaires on Wednesday,politicians on Thursday and carnivores on Friday?
    Organized prayer, along with spiritual disciplines such as fasting, could turn many tides of spiritual darkness, no doubt.

  21. Catherine said:

    “In short, an epidemic can be used to offset the inflation of capital with increasing deflation of the value and income of labor and continual demand destruction. It is a great deal of time and money spent on something that will not help build a real economy. The disinformation and control opportunities are profound. They keep the slow burn going. It is the next, meaner face of “the establishment against the rest of society.”

    Yes. But that doesn’t mean all epidemics are engineered. Epidemics are also real and naturally occurring. To not attempt to recognize, identify and appropriately respond to public health threats would be totally irresponsible. And come to think of it it, that LACK of response would be another way to depopulate. Just ignore things or bungle them on purpose.

    This is the problem with your theory: virtually anything you observe can be used to support it, because it is not testable in the real world.

    If some powers that be wanted to de-populate the planet they could just let the natural course of diseases take place and secretly develop vaccines that work, only giving those to the elite.

    How do you know THAT isn’t happening?

    The best ways to depopulate the world are to just ignore or bungle the real eco-challenges, health challenges, etc that are going on by virtue of the fact that a huge population of 6 billion plus is going to create all kinds of survival issues without any dark conspiracy needing to raise a finger.

    A final hint: polio. It didn’t go away through conspiracy theories.


  22. 2 world wars and the baby boom generation that occurred has certainly created a time bomb. The worlds demographics has changed terribly and this reminds me of 2 professors from UBC who wrote a book on the implications of the economics of the year in which one was born. For someone like me who was born in 1961 the chances of economic success was extremely difficult. As for those guild stones I can’t help but wonder or ask rather what the creators of those stones must be thinking of the Catholic Church and the view that a good Catholic family must have lots and lots of children? It reminds me of my Mom who after having an argument with her priest back in Europe she fumed at him yeah their easy to make but who is going to look after them! YOU! What a frightening discussion this all is here and wow if this doesn’t remind me of something I heard back in my teens of the city of Mexico having a pop. of some 24 million people. It so staggered my imagination at the time I could hardly stop thinking about it or believe it. Just one city I thought. God help us all.
    Yep what the world needs is love sweet love and a little bit of common sense to! As for prayer Nike comes to mind JUST DO IT folks JUST DO IT!! Beyond that if one needs guidance on a corporate level I can direct you to the work of Dr. Mary Stewart Relfe and the League of Prayer in Montgomery, Alabama.


  23. Aloha! I’ve been moving my body through lupus for several decades. I’ve been through everything, you name it, I passed through it. I am now out of pain which was as the previous poster stated. At one point I was taking 100 aleve a day. I’ve had all the prescription stuff too. The way I have been able to move through it is to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more. A product called “Perfect 7” has been the sole surviving source I have used. Stop all chemicals you can from entering your system. Hair color, deodorant, lipstick, body lotions, etc. Get your toxins out. Daily. There are some extremely positive outcomes from moving yourself through this epidemic of depleted immune system dysfunction. You can move through it. That is my message. It just takes years, but, you can do it. Do not give up. All my aloha to those facing these immediate problems. It is a tough battle. Just keep moving through it and cleanse your inner sanctum. Sher on Maui

  24. Catherine,

    The news leaks coming out of the annual Bilderberg meetings confirm much of the same information. Daniel Estulin and Jim Tucker have been reporting on this for decades now. It makes sense since the Rockefeller family is so heavily invested in population control organizations, worldwide, and has been for several decades.

    What I find interesting is that the elites have deliberately stopped the US space program from further exploration. We could be sending populations to other planets, even the moon. To me, this means the population control and virus plague scare is nothing more than a ruse to accomplish a world socialist/communist government under the United Nations. Nothing more than to keep the international central banking and industrial interests families in control, despite the threat of chaos. We are their enemy.

    Kissinger himself has said it would take a fabricated “crisis” to achieve world government. Here is your crisis then – world depopulation for the purpose of saving the environment, and the use of manmade viruses to help the whole process along, to make it more believable.

    I don’t trust the elites any farther than I can throw their white, overweight carcasses.

  25. John:

    I have spent a lifetime working with business leaders, government leaders, dealing with private or secret societies and intelligence agencies and my personal, limited experience is that resources are governed first and foremost by plans that emerge from process. The highest level plans emerge from a process entirely outside of formal corporations or governments and often do not comply with existing laws. That is how the world is governed.

    So you would be well advised to stop sneering at the word conspiracy. It automatically marginalizes you in a serious way.


  26. John, you do have a point that *all* epidemics are not necessarily engineered, of course. The thing about avian flu, and now swine flu, is that it’s a bit fishy how they came to existence in the media. No sooner than a handful of cases happened in Mexico (some turning out they were not swine flu), and the WHO had their panties in a bunch talking about “pandemic” and “vaccinations”. Then if we look a bit into what’s Big Pharma has been doing about it, then it gets fishier.

    And talking about swine flu, I would suggest to look into the way pigs are raised in factory farms. That is, if you can stomach the images. There may be some poetic justice there. I do believe that inflicting a life time of extreme misery to billions of beings (food animals) is bound to have consequences and come back at us somehow.

  27. If you were in the Bush administration, doesn’t that make you more connected with power than 99.9% of the public? It doesn’t sound reasonable to speculate on what shadowy figures at the National Institute of Health or in societies desiring population reduction are planning. Shouldn’t you just know, via your connections? Also,… isn’t there a fairly famous clip of Bush Sr. using the phrase New World Order? He was the head of the CIA. All of this doesn’t add up. Of course there are conspiracies among powerful people, but you’re writing like someone at the bottom of the power structure.

  28. 90% of the human species lives in a fear-induced, hypnotic state of veritable unconciousness. The sheeple will gladly give their arm for a magic shot of what in reality will be a death innoculation if the Dark Masters of this human dimension say so. The same 90% think this is all real.

    Trust me, none of this is real. The human experiment is just that: a fabricated event with a time-line of illusionary existence. It has a begiining and an end…just as every individuated human has. Best to sit back, roll a good doobie, and enjoy the show…and pass the popcorn! When you get to this place, you belong to the 10% that claims to be ‘enlightened’…which is just another illusion waiting to be popped, ad infinitum.

  29. After serious thought on the matter,I came to the conclusion that if “they” just wanted us dead,why would they bother with a vaccine program that’s designed to kill us,why not just unleash THE REALLY NASTY VIRUS (that we all know they have)?.
    Here’s my theory,Israel released the mild strain swine flu as a threat for us to get in line with their demands to destroy Iran(we have been wisely reluctant to do so),if we do not accede to their demands,they will release the big one,our state department knows of this and they are attempting to prevent a catastrophe if/when the real one hits.
    When one considers that the swine flu is definitely lab created(many MD’s are convinced it is)
    and the incredible levels of perfidy that exist within the Israeli government and their sympathizers within our government,it appears to be logical.

  30. Jerry Lee Miller,

    You wrote:

    “Catherine recommended that we ‘pray for the love of humanity to be rekindled in each and every heart’. Rekindling implies that such a flame once burned before….I don’t know if that’s true.”

    By definition it’s true (at least with respect to the human amongst us). One is not human without love. If you can manage to forget yourself, you’ll remember!

    The problem is, an appreciable number of those elites that really run the world, aren’t exactly human. Not to say that they’re three-headed space aliens from Betelgeuse or anything, rather they lack a soul. They lack conscience. They are reptilian in nature. There is no room in what passes for their hearts for the love of humanity. Fight them with love. When the time comes, remember that it isn’t killing that’s wrong, per se, it’s hatred that’s wrong.

  31. Thank you for the insights Catherine. The opportunities presented to the diligent citizenry during this time of revealing will be many – we have a real chance to re-design our systems of interaction.

    First and foremost, it is important for all of us to keep in close contact with our family and friends, as much as possible. The keys to surviving the destructive aspects of the New Reality is community solidarity and personal health and responsibility.

    Be flexible, creative, resourceful and morally upright in your dealings with the world. The next few years are crucial.


  32. Christy:

    You said:

    If you were in the Bush administration, doesn’t that make you more connected with power than 99.9% of the public?


    I would say it would make me more connected that 95% of the people who operate on the overt side of the economy. I would be more connected that may who operate on the covert, however they would have had a lot of knowledge about what is really going on that those who operate on the overt would not — even towards the top.

    You said:

    It doesn’t sound reasonable to speculate on what shadowy figures at the National Institute of Health or in societies desiring population reduction are planning. Shouldn’t you just know, via your connections?

    Nope. See http://www.dunwalke.com. I spent 11 years in litigation with the federal government. That gives me lots of very good sources that I did not have before. However, that means that members of the CFR etc are going to be careful what they say to me, particularly now that I am in the media. Net net, I think my sources of information are far superior than they were. However limited when it comes to my old contacts. Most of the folks in groups like the CFR don’t know what is going on either.

    You said:

    Also,… isn’t there a fairly famous clip of Bush Sr. using the phrase New World Order? He was the head of the CIA. All of this doesn’t add up. Of course there are conspiracies among powerful people, but you’re writing like someone at the bottom of the power structure.

    Good heavens. If I was at the bottom I would never writing this blog. I would be dead. It takes a lot of resources and connections to stay alive as I have and do what I do. That said, people at the bottom have a lot of perspective that people in the middle do not have. I do not feel as I am of any particular group. Rather, I try to use my skills as a portfolio and investment strategist to look at the world whole and be an honest broker to all, albeit I am limited by working in English only.

    The question before is: How do we develop new economic models for planet Earth and an investment strategy to shift from where we are to something that places all life at the center?

  33. There’s probably some truth in this – overshoot is definitely a reality. But it’s sad to see people falling into the trap of Holocaust Denial and denial of the moon landing, those are well documented disinformation memes used to discredit critics of the empire. And it’s probably not a coincidence that most of the “reporting” on the Bilderberg conferences that is available on the web comes from white supremacists and others with hidden agendas — perhaps sponsored by the Bilderbergs themselves in order to discredit opposition to what they are doing.

    The idea that ecological destruction is not real and it is just propaganda for a global marxist elite is so ridiculous that it is hard to imagine that anyone sincerely believes that. That said, it is also interesting that Al Gore conveniently ignores the corporate and governmental policies making ecocide worse, and the environmental groups largely avoid looking at Gore’s record in the White House (where he pushed numerous policies that made these problems worse). It is a fake debate to either support Gore & the Democrats or on the other hand to pretend the environmental crises don’t exist.

    In my lifetime, world population of humans has more than doubled (I’m 45) and the biosphere’s carrying capacity for life (of humans and all other species) has diminished maybe a quarter, although that’s hard to calculate precisely. If there’s a peaceful way out of the mess, converting the military industrial complex to peaceful purposes would be a prerequisite.

  34. Sterilization by stealth
    From a reliable however, unconfirmed source.
    However it makes complete sense, “ an experiment has been going on for a while, ( and what is startling about this supposed experiment, is there is evidence out there).
    Over the past years, the fertility rate, has been dropping in many areas around the world, and the sperm count, on many healthy people that had a high count have now more than halved, and in some cases dropped to zero.
    Apparently there is an injection now available that will make you sterile !
    This is something you can give a population without their knowledge, under a false pretence, (which our Governments are very good at).
    By the time, the people become aware it’s over.

  35. This week I lost two friends to cancer. I am in my 50s. I have more friends who seem to be on their way out. Looking around, I would say we are deeply into a catastrophic situation. I think some people are deliberately choosing to die — that’s just my sense. They don’t want to be here at this time, to experience what is coming.

    That said, I feel I belong here and in many ways I feel optimistic. This past spring, I was on Crete visiting villages where many people live to be 100 years old and up. It’s a combination of high altitude, relatively organic agriculture, healthy diet, knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants — and basic attitude. These are descendants of the same villagers who heroically resisted the Nazis while so many other peoples caved in to terror.

    Intuition tells me we should turn to Nature for support to get us through this time. I learned about plants that really cure cancer, by cleaning toxins from the blood. My Greek natural doctor/friend swears by aloe vera and a herbal concoction called Swedish Bitters. There are also plants growing naturally in our environment that can protect against radiation sickness: the roots of one of the Yucca family are an example.

    We should be forming study and support groups to share information on how to have a healthy immune system, by eating healthy. Also, eliminate FEAR from your diet. The NWO is based on fear and separation. It’s a turning away from One-ness and Nature. Never forget that, and don’t allow them to gain power over you by surrendering to fear.

    Reading Cheri Huber’s THE FEAR BOOK. Highly recommended.

  36. In response to several comments, I should mention that my father was a surgeon and (See http://solari.com/blog/?p=2836 ) much of my thinking about the role of medicine in society — both positive and negative – has been heavily influenced by his experience and what he taught me in confidence(see http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0408/S00265.htm ) as well as the writings and research of Jon Rappoport who I find one of the finest thinkers in this area.

  37. To John Drake:

    John, in your attempt at a bit of a sneer you have actually inadvertently hit a very big nail right on the head. What you say the elite “would” do (if they were really intent on genocide), is EXACTLY what is happening. I could quote several examples but I think just one will do – so-called “Global Warming”.

    It doesn’t take much research to confirm our weather goes in 25-30 cycles of warming and cooling, which in turn are part of bigger cycles of warming and cooling. It also doesn’t take much to confirm we have just been through a 25 year warming period, which was probably at the end of a longer warming cycle, and we are now entering a 25-30 year cooling cycle which could well be the start of a longer cooling cycle.

    Finally, contrary to all the doom and gloom hysteria, it only takes a brief glance at history to confirm that in all past cycles, the “warm” times have been the times of plenty and prosperity, and the “cool” times have been times of poverty, famine and mass starvation.

    Even if we were entering this period fully prepared for it, we would STILL be looking at hundreds of millions, if not billions, starving and freezing to death in China, Asia, Eastern Europe and elsewhere over the next couple of decades. Instead, in those “western” countries where at least some aid might have come from (such as here in Oz), we are cutting back food production in favour of GM cotton and such (global marketing), ripping out thousands of acres of productive citrus and other trees (can’t compete with cheap imports), and wasting our time and energy arguing the merits of a “carbon tax” to offset “global warming” (reducing productive capacity).

    Chuck on top of that the fact that those countries that might have been able to help are all in financial meltdown from the totally engineered “financial crisis”, PLUS the fact that those same countries are all veering away from large-scale production of the one thing that might have helped – energy, in favour of “wind” and “solar” farms that take more energy to produce than they deliver, PLUS the fact that it is ALSO those very same countries that are now planning to mass-innoculate their populations against this totally fabricated “swine flu” epidemic, and what do you have?

    Mass starvation and exposure deaths in third world countries, and a complete and utter inability of the rest of the world to help, being mired in their own manufactured poverty, lack of means of production, and sickness and disease.

    Pretty much EXACTLY the scenario you say the “elites” would impose IF there was any “conspiracy”. Oh, and did I mention the half a dozen or so fabricated, resource-hungry, morale-destroying wars either already being waged or being planned by the “West”?

    By the way – if you care to do any research – the polio “epidemic” was NOT “cured” by the vaccine, which was not even introduced until nearly two years after numbers of victims had fallen back to almost normal levels. No matter where you research it, the “epidemic” itself exactly follows the introduction of sweetened “pop” drinks, and was almost certainly the human body’s initial reaction to large-scale exposure to toxic levels of sugar.

  38. Catherine, every once in a while you just scare the bejesus of me.

    So, you’re publicly ruminating over the odds concerning a world-wide plague…spooky. “Former US Marine” makes it worse by pointing out how much cheaper, easier and logical it is to only vaccinate people who follow directions.

    Several pundits I respect predict massive economic turmoil this fall, just in time for flu season. The combination of currency collapse and a killer virus would make any government effort to inoculate even ten percent of the population seem heroic.

    I think before can develop new economic models that place all life at the center of a humane investment strategy, we need to have a better understanding of where we are at now.

    If we agree that governments world-wide are now controlled by a criminal cabal bent on global domination through tyranny, then we need to identify and overcome whatever tools they use to maintain oppression.

    The most obvious tool they use is money. Nearly everything they do is prohibitively expensive. It takes an obscene amount of money to keep their place at the top. If we could take away their money, we would take away their primary source of power.

    Unfortunately, hardly anyone really understands how money works. We all know money flows uphill, but most don’t understand why. The mainstream media is doing an unprecedented amount of reporting on monetary reform and we know who runs the media. If there are changes being discussed, we the people should be part of the conversation.

    If I may start, I offer that the most vile aspect of money to me is usury. The three major religions all originally outlawed usury before the word was corrupted to its present meaning. Any unearned taking should be strictly outlawed in polite society. Investment returns should be tied to profits, not interest rates.

    The best place I know of to read more about ending usury is http://www.perfecteconomy.com (not my site.)

  39. To Ann

    Wow can I relate. I have been exposed much of my life to the Greek culture and have a dear friend Anna by the way who tells me the difference between food from here and Greece is night and day. Take an apple for example, here in Canada she says, it is usually tasteless and basically just filler. In Greece however an apple taken from a tree was so full of juice one had to be careful not to mess ones blouse. A big difference she says between both countries and as for cancer well I work in a care home for the elderly and I have never been around so much sickness and death but what gets me is just over the last 8 months 2 fellow workers have been diagnosed with cancer. Then if that wasn’t enough I read a recent report that Nova Scotia has an apparant epidemic of cancer cases that it has now become a serious issue. So much so in fact that her citizens are now being asked for samples of their toe nails for research purposes. Both the government and the medical community want to get to the bottom of what is happening. This however didn’t really strike home until I went to work the next day to hear from a fellow worker Lynda that she had to immediately travel to Nova Scotia because her aunt had just been diagnosed with cancer! I just stood there in disbelief at what I was hearing and then mumbled to myself God only knows what is growing inside each and everyone one of us. This also brought to my remembrance the work of a Dr. Myron Wientz and how he believed that our food no longer provides for us any real nutrients and accordingly we need to supplement our diets with proper nutritional supplements. His company by the way is called Usana and the science behind it is worth a look if anyone is interested. You know maybe what the elites need to do if they are so worried about population is just sit back for a while and watch as mans industrilization and pollution do the trick. I hear over in Hawaii the beaches are so full of garbage from being washed ashore that a pelican starved to death its belly full of the stuff. Plastic and what not.


    O by the way what was it that the poet said…

    “Build Jerusalem here among these satanic mills.”

  40. “However, that means that members of the CFR etc are going to be careful what they say to me, particularly now that I am in the media. Net net, I think my sources of information are far superior than they were. However limited when it comes to my old contacts. Most of the folks in groups like the CFR don’t know what is going on either.”
    —Okay, I read a little more of your blog and biography. If 1918 style flu comes along every 50 years or so, and there are plenty of fatal diseases such as drug resistant TB, wouldn’t it just be easier to stop public health efforts and let people die this way? Hard to tell. Anyhow, regarding the CFR, I have a coworker who I discovered, via google, is closely related to someone very high ranking in the Reagan/Ford administrations. He is in the CFR listings for a few years. I’ve never broached politics because I can’t guess whether she is liberal republican or moderate democrat. We work in an area of science that influences public policy. In any case, after paying close attention, she has impressed many times in being diplomatic and able to communicate with people across class and political lines. Reading about the relative, people have good things to say about him, and it emotionally makes me want to believe he is a nice guy who couldn’t have known about bad stuff going on under Nixon, Reagan, and the Vietnam war etc. Are there people who attend the CFR who just know their specialty, and believe they are just providing civic leadership?

  41. As a great grandmother who has been aware of the NWO and the Bilderbergers intent since 1955, I found this an excellent discussion. I agree with Catherine 100% that the powers that be are trying to destroy most of us. I don’t know how she arrived at 500 Million people, but all of you should find this interesting: go to http://www.radioliberty.comstones or en.wikipedia.org or search engraved stones, Georgia, and see the 4 American “stonehenge” stones in GA. There are 10 goals: reducing world population to 500 Million, environmental causes, a new world language, fitness, world court, to name a few. All of these were goals of Hitler. Another refers to the Age of Reason, a book written by Thomas Paine intended to destroy the belief that this country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles. Are we not witnessing all of these things? Hitler was a fanatic on health, nature, exercise, extermination of life. Another fact not mentioned in the blogs is that we are now somewhere around 47 MILLION abortions in this country. And no one blinks. This was the another form of population control . These aren’t just cells, they grow up to be PEOPLE. I have no answer except to resist the government at all costs. AND pray like your life depended on it. It does. One more comment: George Bush I did say “we have just gone one step further towards a NWO. Its on Youtube.

  42. The elite will leave us to ourselves when it comes to self destruction. A majority of people on this planet still trust government officials, medical officials, corporate CEOs and the like. And as we proclaim ourselves to be a democracy, the majority rule. That’s the first mistake obviously, since no one rules me/you, but yourself.

    The best teacher of how the world works is the stock market. I have studied the market for many years, and am quite familiar with history (the real history…not school history, or TV history) of events. In the markets, everything is either a headfake or not. You never know the truth in the market and it never makes sense. Some work diligently hours upon end trying to elucidate the likely future of the market. Of course, the successful ones are those that stand back and observe the world and long term trends. These are the winners.

    The reason I tell you this is that life is much the same IMO. many headfakes, lie, deceit in the world orchestrated by our leaders. They operate efficiently using psychological factors that are key to achieving their end result without difficulty. In most cases, they create the problem and we ask them for a solution. And typically the solution is something they had wanted all the while.

    Therefore, you must ask yourself whether the vaccine is good or bad for you. Because the smart and informed discuss the probability or likelihood of potential harm, even death, from such a vaccine. However, those less informed or carefree would gladly step forward for a free vaccine. Now I ask you…if you were the evil elitists…which group of people would you preserve…the informed or uninformed. LOL…the market this year has been exactly the same. Since March 6 of this year, the market has rallied tremendously even in the face of dire news about the economy. How could such a thing occur with high unemployment numbers, bankruptcies, credit contraction, foreclosures….?

    Now those that believe what they are told, i.e., that everything is OK…get back in the market are doing great. Or have done great thus far. But the smarter individuals, or those that think they are smart, say this cannot be. The market may rise for a few days, but it must collapse soon because of what I know. Well, those folks have been wrong now for 5 months and many have been financially destroyed.

    So its not always what you know when you make a decision. I mention this because your decision to either take or not take the vaccine will be important.

  43. There was an interview with someone from “www.cochrane.org” in German Spiegel yesterday.
    Cochrane is a scientific group studying health issues, independent from big pharma or other interests.

    They said that vaccines have never worked well in the elderly and children. That the one single most important prophylactic measure is “to wash hands”.
    They said that Tamiflu shortens a flu only by one day.

    They said that a flu like (i.e. sudden onset cold with high fever) is caused by as many as 200 different pathogens / viruses.

    In every normal year, there are 20-30 thousand flu related deaths in Germany. Why then make such fuss about five “possible” swine flu cases here, and another two dozen there?

    To me, the reporting on the swine flu has been infuriatingly unprecise. Many cases that are reported as “swine flu” by the government health agencies have never been tested (and it usually says so right in the article, or I would not know).

    To me, this is all about instilling fear, influencing (influenza) the people with fear.
    It also seems that something is afoot. A money making scheme, yes. Depopulation campaign, I don’t know.

  44. Listen, Im reading a lot of comments and people sound awfully unprepared and skeptical. THIS IS REAL. There are TONS of articles highlighting the malicious intent of this vaccine. Havent you people heard about chemtrails? They attempted a swine flu vaccination program in 1976 and failed miserably. This too, will fail miserably if people stop acting like whimps and actually act like they want to live. I mean,to that person who said their wife actually stated she’d ‘rather die’,maybe you should do her the favor if life is SO unimportant to her that she would rather give up and quit than stand up and die for what is righteous and just. I hope everyones perfect-life-bubbles burst soon enough. SAY NO to MANDATORY VACCINES.

  45. One fact the media never mentions is that during the 1918 flu pandemic 26,000 people were on record for taking the homeopathic remedy Gelsemium & of those who did only 1.5% got a fatal case of the flu, there were also several recorded cases of polio victims recovering fully after ultraviolet blood irradiation. As several folks here have mentioned –restoring your health through clean living & supporting your immunity with herbs & high quality supplements ( to offset the the substandard foods that are most prominently available) will allow you to resist the “diseasification” that the pharmacartels & their rich overlords would inflict on you…gelsemium & influenzinum ( another excellent homeopathic flu remedy) both together will cost you only about 20-25$ for enough for a family of 4 for a year–it’s affordability & effectiveness are why you won’t ever hear about it from the mainstream media!! be well, gisele

  46. It’s all about money and that’s really all it is about. GREED. Glaxco-Smith-Kline will make approximately $2 BILLION from the vaccine before the end of the year. That’s $2,000,000,000.00. And if you, or a loved one, die in the process? So? What are you worth to them? They don’t know you and they don’t care.

  47. There almost seems to some form of “debate” going on here as to whether the swine flu vaccine will be “good” or “bad” for you – EG – comments like “which group would the elite wish to kill off”?

    As I already outlined above, most of the large-scale “killing” will be by simple starvation and exposure in third world and developing countries. In the western world all that is required is to maintain control, and developing poverty and other imposed conditions will eventually “thin the herd”.

    If the elite are to maintain control the last thing they need is for the populace to start dropping like flies from vaccine-induced epidemic of some kind. Or to have productive people dying of an introduced agent because they “refuse” to have the vaccine. They just need to weaken people’s resistance and resolve.

    To that end it is not necessary for the agent or vaccine to “kill” any people at all – in fact, direct deaths would be counter-productive. If, however, the vaccine induces much the same response as the last swine-flu vaccine did – any one of a number of neurological auto-immune responses collectively known as Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) in, say 10% of the population, and permanently damages the immune system of everybody else, then we have a weak, sickly population, a fair percentage of whom need constant care and attention. Given that the elite have had over thirty years to slow down, and randomise the onset of GBS in those susceptible to it, then we have a medical “Perfect Storm”.

    Here in Oz, and from what I can gather, in the US and elsewhere, the plan is to vaccinate the health care workers and the children first, then the old and infirm, and finally the “productive workers”. So consider if, by the time we get to the “productive workers”, most families have a member (a child or an elderly person) who is constantly sick, and in need of full-time care and probably also an ongoing supply of drugs due to a permanently-impaired immune system – catching every cold and infection that comes along, for instance). How many of those people will want to get out on the streets and fight? If the onset of GBS is delayed enough, and randomised enough, it can simply be passed off as a “variant” of the “terrible swine flu”, and most of the population will buy it (google GBS symptoms).

    The elite are not going to waste their time attempting to target “sheeple” or “aware” people. Every “aware” person was once a sheeple, and many who realise what is going on nonetheless toe the line, either out of self-motivation or simply from exhaustion from fighting so long (that’s me).

    With the bulk of the third and developing worlds dead or fighting each other for food and warmth, and the “western world” impoverished, sick, reliant on drugs, and deprived of a steady, reliable source of energy (electricity), control becomes easy and further targeted thinning simple.

    Welcome to the future. I am glad that I am old, but I grieve for the children.

  48. Aussie Peter- Right ON… John Drake is behind the eight ball on this issue… according to Janine Roberts the disease Polio went away because it was relabelled- http://www.fearoftheinvisible.com/whohides

    also you said: the “epidemic” itself exactly follows the introduction of sweetened “pop” drinks, and was almost certainly the human body’s initial reaction to large-scale exposure to toxic levels of sugar.

    (back to me :^) i heard the same story in a book by Eustace Mullins “Murder by Injection”

  49. Catherine,

    The ratcheting up of the elitist agenda is currently so extreme that there are only two outcomes, virtual enslavement or regained freedom. I believe the outcome we desire, attained by the galvanization and consolidation of the will of the population at large, can be precipitated by our side or by theirs. When the World Bank attempted to force privatization of Bolivian water into Bechtel’s hands, it was their heavy handed action that caused the people to unite. Protesting Bolivians chanted, “The People United Cannot Be Defeated”. Bolivians are not that much different from you and I, or from our neighbors. Some issues are just “truths we hold self evident”, and public access to water is one of them.

    I don’t know how much time we have, but this “galvanic uniting” is the magic factor in determining whether the dark or light side retains or wins control. If we can build an Unassailable Agenda of self evident truths, and get it to go massively viral, we could create a unified demand. A unified population will win out over a handful of wealthy elites. The numbers don’t lie.

    In addition to the Unassailable Agenda (UA) I propose The Irrepressible Protest (TIP). On a preordained date, when the UA has been widely distributed and has momentum, people can show their support by simply wearing a hat (any kind of hat). This non-targetable form of protest does not interrupt normal daily activities, presents no target for policing actions or repression, and yet would have a huge effect. Imagine going out one day and noticing everyone showing their support for the same agenda! Would there not be tremendous pressure for follow through in the centers of power?

    If anyone has a better suggestion, they should offer it up soon!

  50. FYI – my comments were not intended to mean I anticipate a fast die-off. I don’t. I expect lower immune systems, higher levels of toxicity, an adaptation to a loss of financial benefits and political rights and the combination leading to a slower organic die-off.

    I would point out that higher death rates in the seniors means a lot more capital transfering to the next generations to keep their funding going for some period of time. It is a managed liquidation of family capital that maintains the slow burn.

  51. Funny….I did my own freelance, intuitive calculation and concluded that about 500,000,000 people would be about right to restore balance on the planet….but I sure don’t see any compassionate way to get there in a hurry. Don’t know that plagues will need to be “introduced,” as they tend to occur naturally in populations that overcrowd their environment. Breakdown of our financial/trade system means it will be harder to immunize people against these things….but I always have wondered,when we talk about saving the lives of sick/starving children, what kind of future are we saving them for? A meaningless life in an urban slum or rural refugee camp? It seems to me that unless we can create a future worth living for, it’s almost crueler to save lives than to let people die…and by the way, this is not abstract for me. Two of my children have died already, one as an infant and the other from early onset colorectal cancer (almost certainly due to childhood exposure to PCBs) at the age of 29.

    Back to the subject of flue and vaccines….this crossed my desk today:

    “Despite the fact that the swine flue has reached global pandemic levels, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced that it has approved a vaccine for the 2009-2010 flu season that will not protect against H1N1 swine flu – the pandemic strain now most prevalent around the world. In the past week in Great Britain alone, there have been 55,000 new cases of swine flu.”


  52. I find it very interesting that these people that are coming down with this swine flu haven’t been around anyone that has it. I don’t see this spreading going on, people catching it from other people who have it. Everyone that I am seeing get it just get it. Noone knows how, they didn’t get it from someone else who has it. For this new virus going around, wouldn’t you think outbreaks would be happening around people who have it, and not all this popcorn individual outbreaks?

  53. Not that I don’t believe in the dark clouds controlling this planet, but the problem I have with this is it’s going to be voluntary. How can they possibly think they can depopulate the earth thru a voluntary system, especially with so many of us on our toes?

  54. Last night on Australian television, an episode of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ was shown; the storyline revolved around a woman who chose not to vaccinate her child against measles. The child caught it; he was healthy and his immune system was able to eradicate the disease naturally, however he passed it on to another child, who was not healthy, and the child died. The mother of the healthy child was then arrested for Murder. Coincidence that such a thing should be shown on TV at a time like this? I think not.

    PS. Residents of the town I live in are currently volunteering for a new vaccine being trialled.

  55. How about this folks!

    Now Legal Immunity for Swine flu Vaccine Makers

    By F. William Engdahl

    URL of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14453

    Global Research, July 20, 2009

    The US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, has just signed a decree granting vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuits that result from any new “Swine Flu” vaccine. Moreover, the $7 billion US Government fast-track program to rush vaccines onto the market in time for the Autumn flu season is being done without even normal safety testing. Is there another agenda at work in the official WHO hysteria campaign to declare so-called H1N1 virus—which has yet to be rigorously scientifically isolated, characterized and photographed with an electron microscope—the scientifically accepted procedure—a global “pandemic” threat?

  56. brave post, stay out of airplaines, please.
    what will the rulers and wealthy servivors do for slaves and troops with only 500 million left?
    Will they have to clean their oun toilets? I think not.
    The rich and the corporations that feed on mass production will be stopped, NO MORE MONEY.
    How will the rulers protect themselves from all the others taking their stuff?

    I find it interesting looking at the world wide flu maps online that there are few or no cases in RUSSIA! Maybe Putin refused to allow them to spray germs in russia?
    There are cases everywhere eles even the ausie outback and darkest africa but none in russia? WHAT?

  57. Project Camelot’s Whistleblower radio program has an interview with Jane Burgermeister (Catherine previously had a link to her work, an Austrian investigative journalist who has filed criminal charges against Baxter, Novartis and numerous others charging them with criminal conspiracy re: the vaccines. You can read/listen here: http://www.projectcamelot.org/

    (excerpt below):
    21 July 2009 – update 2

    • On today’s Whistleblower Radio (the Camelot radio show) we featured Jane Bürgermeister with four other guests: Dr Rebecca Carley, Rebecca Campbell, Elizabeth Book and JoAnne Cremer. A fifth contributor called in, Burk Elder Hale – who can be contacted through his website here.

    Elder reported that he had been personally told by a senior biochemist at a leading pharmaceutical company [name of company provided but withheld here to protect the source] that:

    “…an aerosoled precursor has been put into the air and almost everyone has breathed it into their lungs. The biochemist states that the vaccines to be administered in the Fall will be ACTIVATED when the constituents come in contact with the aerosoled precursor in the body and will cause a rapid spread of the H1N1 Influenza A virus.
    This biochemist is very upset about the matter, to say the least, and is a very reliable source that needs our utmost protection.”

    We had been told something very similar by our insider source Henry Deacon, who informed us just a few days ago that chemtrails were now frequently being sprayed at 3-5 am (in the very early morning) with the specific intention to compromise the immune system.

    We believe this information is credible and urgently requires further investigation.

    Back to the radio show. All the guests except Jane had to suffer appalling audio interference on their phone lines. Some details were very hard to hear. A recording of the show (in case it is any better) will be posted here. These are the details of the guests, all of whom are doing important work:

    Jane Bürgermeister : legal action against vaccine manufacturers.

    Dr Rebecca Carley : research about the harmful effects of vaccines and Tamiflu, strongly recommending colloidal silver as an antiviral.

    Rebecca Campbell : research on the financial connections between ‘Big Pharma’ and government and other institutions [“Follow the Money” – as in 9/11].

    Elizabeth Book : Florida-based grassroots political activist.

    JoAnne Cremer : originator of a large and rapidly growing Facebook Group entitled END FORCED VACCINATIONS.

  58. I started on the Internet in ’94, and I’ve come to the conclusion that what is chided as “conspiracy” by the pundits and media can generally (but not always) be called “business as usual”. Catherine is right when she says that policy is determined outside of regular channels. One other thing—-it takes relatively FEW decisions made at top levels to produce VERY tangible results as they ripple through administrative processes and related social metworks, taking on individual agendas as they go.

    I’m for the slow and managed herd depopulation theory—easier to manage perceptions as you go. I sure wonder if there are any written texts from high up that directly address the draconian management of nations, and earth…

  59. Hi Catherine,

    I was wondering if you have any familiarity with the follow up event to your 1998? Temporal produced an article based on his conversation with Source A, the verified active-duty naval officer who is the leading liason officer involved in the 2008 ET contact event which occured in the same year as the Navy’s assertion of control and release from duty of a number of AF officers connected to the Minot AF base nuke fiasco. The AF being the old-guard management over the contact control structure and the Navy assuming some degree of control, management, and involvment with the new type ETs.

    I mention this article here for two reasons. The first being that this new ET group has expressed to the SAP involved that humanity is in need of stablizing and reducing its population and the suggestion in the early exchange on the topic was in say 3 generations, and that this was part of a list of achievements for humanity to begin to ensure a more direct contact event(unambiguous) come 2017. The report is that these ETs will not tolerate unethical behavior such as population reduction or control via the use of nuclear, biological, or chemical weaponry.

    The other reason I mention it is because the topic and title of the article is “Technological Growth In Relation To Population Size” http://lucianarchy.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=unitednations&action=display&thread=4806&page=130#189320
    The basics involved in the article pertains to the difficulties the (assumed) SAPs have had in seeding technology and for that technology to be utilized by humanity. It offers the supposition that this difficulty is due to extreme population size and that a smaller size would be more productive with it. It then goes on to express a reiteration but under different presentation of what was originally put forth in the ET Contact Event disclosure above… “Do we give ourselves a timeline? Maybe yes. Hypothetically, let’s give ourselves 3 generations to stabilize. With enough time, economic dislocation can be mitigated.”

    While this may be only a thoughtful application of the population managment needs percieved by an outside party, I also am not oblivious to the existing PTB population control & reduction intention/plans and that they as overseers to the contact control structure would have ample opportunity to influence opinions prior to an overseeding of the same by an ET party. It is a muddying of the water so to speak….The article goes on to try to steer the notion of population managment, stablization, reduction into more ethical and voluntary waters.

    Like this thread the U.N. Meetings thread is also discussing this very topic in the more current pages and the drive toward a Global Government. I was hoping to get your thoughts on the pro-disclosure groups and the difference between two separate versions of a potential Global Government and if you think that at this late date the pro-disclosure group(s) will have enough command/control/influence to intervene in an unethical population reduction event via Contact Disclosure? Can the retraction of secrecy, one of the biggest problems involved and in my opinion a source of the mentality we face, through the culture of selfishness and despotism, can this initiate a global awareness on a level where real correction of the path being taken is possible?

  60. “… population growth rates have been declining globally, largely as a result of expanded basic education and health care. That trend is projected to lead to a stable world population in the middle of the twenty-first century… **The current decline in population growth rates must be further promoted** through national and international policies that promote economic development, social development, environmental protection, and poverty eradication, particularly the further expansion of basic education, with full and equal access for girls and women, and health care, including reproductive health care, including both family planning and sexual health, consistent with the report of the International Conference on Population and Development.

    — UN document S/19-2. Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21

    I personally think we’re dealing with the Hegelian Dialectic, which is being thrown at us repeatedly. The synthesis of the current crisis will be a comglomeration of the two current extremes — that there is no population issue, and that there is a population issue and people must be culled. We’ll end up with some “green” movement that aims to reduce family size and be happy with 30% of our current lifestyles. The end result will be bigger government and this time it will be global, under the UN, and your freedoms will have dwindled.

    This is how they (the elitist industrialist and financier wealth families of the world) plan to achieve their goals and seal their power for the long-term — they will implement a form of feudalism/socialism/communism that people will choose to live with. Do not be distracted by the extremes they intentional throw at you.

    Read up on Agenda 21 — this is the MASTER PLAN.

  61. “based on our experts pharmaceutical knowledge we have developed a special formulation based on nature’s own ingredients to “ Help relieve the symptoms of all flu to include Swine Flu and Bird Flu” The formulation uses the same plant extracts as the Tammie Flu capsules, Star anise, star aniseed, + another herbal extract known to help, “extract of elderberry”: A few clinical studies have shown effectiveness of a formulation based on an extract of elderberry, in the treatment of both adults and children with either type A or B influenza. extract of elderberry reduced both the severity and duration of flu symptoms in otherwise healthy subjects, but should not be considered a substitute for influenza vaccination in high risk individuals. An in vitro study showed possible effectivness against the H5N1 avian influenza virus

    Star anise, star aniseed, or Shikimic acid, a primary feedstock used to create the anti-flu drug Tamiflu, is produced by most autotrophic organisms, but star anise is the industrial source. Tamiflu is regarded as the most promising drug to mitigate the severity of bird flu (H5N1 ) and Swine Flu.

    Our unique product can be taken 1 every other day as a precaution or take 2 a day at the first sign of flu symptoms, this gives you a head start while you try and buy the Tammiflu capsules, Tammiflu is a drug, unlike our herbal formula, but our Immune Health product is made from the same plant as the Tammiflu drug is made from, plus we have added Extract of Elderberry which you will find plenty of information about how it helps too!

    You can buy as many as you need, we do not restrict you to one packet as they do with the drug form, so you can have a stock in your cupboard at the ready.

  62. A lot of people in important positions are working for the top financial elite (a.k.a. banksters): politicians, scientists, lawyers, judges, businessmen… I am not refering to the bottom of the piramid (policemen, bodyguards and people that simply work for them for a wage), I am refering to the middle and middle-upper positions. Disgusting jobs!
    Some of these important people work for them due to several type of blackmails, however the majority work for them because they “think” that they (and their families and relatives) will be privileged citizens of the New World Order… In that case, I would like to say to that people:

    Think twice what you are doing… Do you think that all descendants and relatives of the people that helped the banksters during the XVII, XIX and XX centuries, are tagged and will belong to this privileged class? Senseless! Most of them are today normal people ready to be crushed by these banksters. A single person normally has more than 256 descendants after 7 o 8 generations; this number could reach more than 2000 descendants of relatives, and most of them, sure, will be slaves and servants of a New World Order. Thousands of people are tracking what YOU are doing, through the Internet or others means, people is increasingly aware of your actions, people is more intelligent… Another world is possible. You only will be rewarded with some fun and your wage, you are not protecting your families and descendants through your actions.

  63. Dear Miss. Catherine Fitts,

    Please know that I join millions of informed Americans and
    foreigners in supporting your cause i.e. to awaken the ignorant
    sleeping masses to the widespread atrocities being committed
    against them by the totally evil and corrupt governments of the U.S,
    Britain and Israel. I truly enjoy reading your news-commentary and
    other articles of great interest and pertinence to the events
    happening today. People like you are truly godsent!

    The swine flu like the avian flu has been neutralized by higher
    (Divine)forces. The illuminati has failed again. Oh yes they have other
    diabolical things in the works for us the people. Again they will fail.
    The flu or other pandemic of the evil zionists/elite will never come to pass!
    They should know that God has a plan too!. God has sent His/Her heavenly
    hosts to rid the earth, fondly known as Gaia, of the nefarious activities of
    the dark side. This time the bad guys time is up and they know it.

    If I ever get to meet with these totally heartless and evil secret rulers like
    the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons etc, I would tell them to their
    face that their plan to terrorize and take over the world has not only doomed
    but is about to backfire. “What goes around comes around, in multiples or with
    greater intensity”. Know that the Light has won!

    Thank you for enlightening us all Lady Catherine!

    Samydass Krishnamoorthy

  64. Dr August Franklin
    Jul 25th, 2009 at 12:34 am
    Catherine…( I sent an earlier post but an incorrect email address – corrected in this submission)
    Allow me to introduce myself to you and your readership.

    I am a direct descendant of Dr Benjamin Franklin. I am very worried about this country as well and have started the Patriot Party which advocates the return to the Republic and the end of Democracy. I am one of a long line of scientists since the time of Grandpa Ben. And I can tell you this. Your fears are founded, and the current sitting corporate officer pretending to be a president [who, in fact, works for the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation] is invested in these bio tech vaccine companies and is introducing your worst fears this fall. There obviously is no “Change” but there is “hope”, and it is, and has always been in speaking the truth and always in the form of education.

    To survive what is coming you will need to stay healthy. DO NOT SUBMIT TO FORCED VACCINATION
    And follow these simple, inexpensive regimes. And for God sake, please share them with everyone you love

    Virus: the innoculation of any virus, regardless of its natural or biodesign has a lifetime of 72 hours. re innoculation by poor hygene produces overlapping 72 hour infection that overloads the immune system innitially, and it takes the spleen 8 days to analyze a new pathogenic genome code to produce the antibody. You can reduce the symptoms dramatically while you wait for your body to produce the natural antibody by doing the following:

    At the first sign of symptoms of a bacterial or viral infection you MUST become proactive and assist others that cannot.

    Immediately gather pillow cases, bedding, towels and clothing worn or slept in over the previous 3 days and wash them in hot water and bleach. This will kill the viral shedding that came out of your body in sweat, saliva or tears.

    Take 3-4 showers per day for a week to wash off more viral shedding.

    Keep surfaces clean and DO NOT SNEEZE INTO THE AIR.

    In addition to this, take the earlier suggested post about apple cider vinegar and study the work of Dr Jarvis; you can find his work online and it is he who developed it. RE:Introduction of an acidic solution will force the blood to become alkaline to buffer the acid and maintain a neutral pH of 7.0 – almost all bacterial pathogens and virus’s have a 6.5 pH to 7.4 pH growth environment requirement. Swing the blood out of that range even for a short period of time and they die off in the blood stream. Two tablespoons honey with two tablespoons apple cider vinegar solution mixed first then with water added is more palitable than just straight vinegar, but also provides many critical minerals expecially potassium – the aches and pains are potassium depletion due to the pathogen employing it for replication.

    After the first dosage, the virus or bacteria will re invade the blood from the interstitial tissue for nutrients and re bloom in 13 hours. A second dose of honey/vinegar in 10 hours and a third 10 hours after that and the body will return to health. In fact most people feel remarkably better in 30 minutes of the first dose. Then in 5 days or so, the natural production of antibodies will clean the rest up.

    Catherine I would be happy to discuss this with you for your blog, or feel free to just post it for your readership. It may be the only solution to a massive RICO and dispicable crime about to be suffered on our Republic. You have my website with this post, feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

    Dr. August Franklin
    “Remember elected officials are in positions of Responsiblity, not positions of Authority”

  65. I agree with your topic. Bilderbergs like Kissinger have always stated that they wanted a final population of 500 Million when they were not concerned with public opinion. The virus is still mutating- which makes a viable vaccine impossible. The one that is being peddled is a moneymaker for establishment players like Rumsberger and OBAMA.

    I’d like you to consider another topic. In the `70s my late husband was in charge of one of a teaching hospital’s departments. Black interns, residents, and nurses were responsible for negligent deaths. Any white person committing the same acts would have been crucified. But it was made crystal clear that if charges were brought, the person bringing the charges was through- forever; professionally and probably literally.

    OBAMA wants to give preferable RACIST treatment to Blacks. Can we expect more of the “70s? And then do we need to COMPENSATE WHITES FOR UNFAIR PRACTICES?

  66. hmmmm…why should someone depopulate humanity….we are everyone fullfilling our role….we take their vaccines, eat their food…..our health is bad and we need medicine…..all this is a cycle…we are serving our role perfectly….

    ..and seriously..if the situation is like this…we are considered sheeps….but in all “agriculture” they will not wipe out the strongest animals/plants/in this case humans….why should they….if “they” exists, they will let the one that refuses the vaccine in an intelligent way survive…..if the situation is depopulation….a situation i m not sure about…i think they are just normal idiots who like to earn money on a created dependent humanity…

  67. @alice
    Look up „The Report from Iron Mountain“-study on the internet
    to put the swineflu -depopulation topic in the bigger picture outlined in that Report.
    It serves as a unifying treat, a modern substitute for the „good ol`“ nuclear treat, with enormous money-making possibilities for insiders. Other modern substitutes are : global warming, international terrorism.
    Present history has been unfolding almost right in line with the 3 links below( claimed to be all-right-wringer- nut-hoaxes, or „satire“, once a little attention was drawn to them ) Basically the links confirm, what can be seen today : Asset-stripping, killing off those of „lesser breed“ with their own money, eugenic management, establishing a high-tech control-agenda over happy slaves, to order to achieve true and final „ world-peace“. Yes, the evil-doers want Peace ! They think they do a good job for mankind ! Simply take some time to study and administer common sense only. „ Once the whole show is over, ( and world peace is accomplished ) you will have less rights than a tree “ Attributed to Maurice Strong

    The Report from Iron Mountain / A Blueprint to Tyranny
    A rare old Video 2:21 minutes

    The $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax

    The Protocols – Never a Hoax so true

  68. Either “excess eaters” have to go, in order to save the inequitable, centralized financial system that’s been intentionally designed to fatten the aristocrats at the expense of the commoners; or the fraudulent financial system – a sadistic game of musical chairs – has to go, and be replaced by an equitable, decentralized approach that frees humanity.

    Which will it be? (Hint: one is based on scarcity consciousness and lies, the other on abundance consciousness and truth.) I believe you’re right, Catherine, that vibrational level is key.

    It would be foolish to go along with whatever backup financial system the self-serving gnomes of Basel have up their sorceror’s sleeves: such as carbon currency, which is based on the false premise of anthropogenic CO2 as a significant driver of climate change (as opposed to the realities of natural solar cycles and weaponized weather modification). It’s the *toxicity* of many fuels (oil, coal, nuclear…) that’s problematic: carbon dioxide itself is beneficial. The Club of Rome/carbon cult’s deception is being used to guilt-trip, tax, and degrade people who have the nerve to exhale. For millennia, other priesthoods have acted similarly oppressively, in order to maintain their bully pulpits and enrich themselves at the people’s expense. (See “The Green Agenda” website for further info. The “Love for Life” and “Freedom Files” websites are excellent resources – as is Catherine’s site!)

    Who will have sovereignty over currency and laws: healthy generous people who respect natural law, or a sickly parasitic Masonic elite? This is fundamental to resolve.

    The banksters are black magicians: many people have been swept up in their spell. I suggest we ought to step out of the financial illusion and focus on enjoying real wealth: clean air, clean water, healing sunshine, well-mineralized soils, nutritious food, clear awareness, unconditional love! Healthy people tend to form healthy networks, spontaneously.

    “Hypnotism has been exercised over the whole world by the financial system, so that almost without exception people have come to believe that bits of paper are more important than fields of grain, and figures in a book are a measure of the solid worth of a human individual and the only passport to a tolerable existence.”

    Major C.H. Douglas on “Causes of War”:

  69. the personal information i gave was fake. see, i’m a paranoid. i’ve been labeled a paranoid for more than two decades now by people that thought what i feared was impossible. not that i think the post i read is completely accurate, but i have long held that a mass depopulation is required to sustain the ability of society and the planet to support a population affectingly. When the bailouts occurred I told people that something bigger was in the works, but in my limited knowledge I thought that by artificially supporting the value of foreclosed properties despite an obvious lack of demand merely a stop gap to further separate the wealthy from the masses. I’ve been trying to convince people for more than 30 years that it made no difference what candidate was elected, the course of government was already set and it was heading to it’s destination like a train on the tracks. no course change was possible, only the speed at which we arrived was variable. I’ve pleaded with everyone I knew to arm themselves and organize in hopes of mounting an adequate revolt, but again, I was a paranoid and shunned by most. Not that I care about being shunned, but I am concerned with the chances a fictionalized resistance can present. And with the world as I look upon it today, I wonder if we were to not only mount such a revolution, but win it, who is standing in the wings waiting to take over and organize the new world in the order they wish regardless of the masses. so I would just ask one thing. If they really are out to harm you, are you still just a paranoid? the fact is, even if a paranoid is watching for a million wrong conspiracies, you don’t slip anything in on him because he’s afraid of everything and watching for any attack. Now will you arm up and organize? And stop thinking you are safe doing so on electronic media. In this post of mine alone I know that I have used at least 20 words that trigger analysis by big brother. Good luck to us all. I hope we make it.

  70. Catherine, I would be interested to know the calculations you used to arrive at your 500 million number. It seems several people have arrived at this same number. The number, as stated in a previous comment, is from the Georgia Guidestones. Yet you and a friend independently both calculated the same number. Very strange indeed.

    It is not known how the designers of the Georgia Guidestone arrived at their 500 million number because they are anonymous. I’m curious to know where this number came from.

  71. If you read the writings of the Huxleys, Bertrand Russell, Bernard Shaw, Jacques Attali, Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Club of Rome, and a whole array of others, you will come to the conclusion, that, yes, depopulation is in the works. It’s been in the works for some time. However, it isn’t working fast enough, so it’s time to step it up a bit. I think we are headed for some very interesting times . . . nightmarishly interesting. As the elite move forward in their plans, it’ll be all we can do to hold onto our sanity and to stand our ground in the face of the hoards of people who will simply go along with the agenda thinking that “they wouldn’t never do anything to harm us.” There’ll be many who feel that all will be well if we just cooperate. I have been watching this country go steadily down hill for quite some time, but so many people don’t even notice. They have no idea . . . no clue of anything that is taking place. But then it would interfere with t.v. time if one had to stop, notice, and investigate.

  72. So, instead of owning up to the fact that they have stolen the wealth of the American people and shifted it to nefarious sources, they are choosing to kill everyone off? I suppose once they kill everyone off, they will loot whatever is left from those they have murdered.

    This is the work of negative life forces. There will be consequences.

  73. @Mark You posted Major C.H. Douglas on “Causes of War”….quite a good video….. and the wars drag on…
    There might be an additional point, hardly anybody was, or is aware of. The central banksters or maybe their core advisors are deeply religious !
    Their religion is in total denial of Jesus Christ, but it is a religion nonetheless and it is not atheism ! Greed and obsession with power, are only tools for them to serve their religion ! They are in the opinion, that they are doing God`s will, because God is by their definition : good AND evil altogether. So for them being real bad, will only promote god`s plan for the world and without evil the good would not know anything about its inherent goodness.In the end, the guys at the top of the pyramid will have to sacrifice themselves and they know about that. Their errand-boys like the Kissingers, Rockefellers etc. do not have a clue about that. They will get sacrificed, much to their suprises, soon after their job is done. Simply look at what Stalin did to his most fanatic and loyal henchmen.
    Too exotic ? Over the top ? Maybe…. but there is a certain delusional logic to it. Everybody might make up his own mind , as long as their is still a privilege to do so.
    @tony I have used less than 20 words that might trigger analysis by big brother…….I personally simply do not care, because I only invite myself and others to THINK, and once you think, you can be wrong, but not necessarily so.

  74. Those left will also have the problem of 6 billion corpses or huge desease that will get to them too. But if you look at the intelligence of these idiots I can believe they would still try it. Look at Hitler, Stalin etc etc., the people manipulating Obama actually think they can do this, and get a way with it. Hah, the last word will be had by GOD.

  75. The Swine Flu would be such a random, shooting in the dark, wreckless, and diabolically insane method for depopulation and population control. It would be insane for anyone to consider such a method because entire families including the masterminds own children or including themselves would be affected or obliterated. This article is nothing but whimsical science fiction, conjured up, fear mongering – equestrian fecal matter. It’s terrorism – yeah, that’s what it is. Pure terrorism. Everyone posting messages is being spied on by the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. at this very moment … until lunchtime when they go on break for a few hours or having a 30 minute lavatory or a cigarette break. Get a life Fitts.

  76. I would venture to say that C.A. “Fitts” has a life beyond what most even dare to dream (so ha ha on you, dubya…)

    anyhow, my 2 eurocents worth- you have to remember that a conspiracy such as this depopulation with mathematical precision cannot succeed because of/for the same reason all the elitists have not succeeded in their mission to govern an ungovernable human race.

    at the core of modern day society we find only fractionalization- the opposite of unity- at every level of society.

    just to cite one example… when we hear the word Bilderberger, the conversation often turns to all sorts of negativity, but is it really so that ‘they’ are such monsters, out to get us? Well I wouldn’t know, but i do know that the daughter of the founder of the Bilderbergs is one of the nicest people in public life. She, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, is respected by her people, and wouldn’t surprise me if she goes down in history as one of the best leaders of our time. She has accomplshed this by setting the tone for the good, simply by setting a good example of respect toward all people.

    Anyway it no doubt is true that there are monsters in this world of the reptilian sort, not even fit to make wallets out of, but they have families, they know other humans… they can’t agree about most if not all things, except maybe that they all want more money and power, but that only leads them into cross purposes so there is very little real cohesion.

    In short, ‘they’ do not scare me.

  77. “MMS” will kill the swine flu and ALL other pathogens (it has been used in 75,000 cases of malaria, snake bits, spider bites i.e.toxins, all sickness etc). Jim Humble found that if you take sodium chlorite and “activate” it with lemon juice (the acidity is what is needed) – (let it sit for 3 minutes after you mix) – add water- it will kill ALL PATHOGENS- it has cured cancer and AIDS.
    Though i have not had any of the above (thank God!) I did wake up one morning with Strep Throat…and if any of you know what the feels like- it’s excruciating pain…I thought “well this is my big chance to test this stuff works” as I had bought some prior “just in case”- well I took it regularly for two days and it was GONE. Actually as soon as I started to drink it my throat immediatly started to feel better. There are MANY MANY more testimonials on his website.
    He freely offers how to make the MMS (it’s basically a higher percentage of the sodium chlorite) and a book you can download for free. IT’s CHEAP and it WORKS. I highly recommend it to everyone- also get the word OUT about it- we dont have to die- we can take their stupid shot and then kill it with the MMS and LIVE! go to http://www.miraclemineral.org or just google “MMS” – Jim Humble was down in Mexico when the swine flu hit…he tried to arrange to get with the doctors to show them how to mix up the MMS- a day later he was told that there was a contingent that did NOT want him teaching anyone about this and the Mexican senate’s hands were tied…they also told him to get out of the country for his own safety…there is absolutely something sinister about all of this. Get the MMS- it only takes mere DROPS of this stuff to kill whatever is making you sick. Basically it boosts your immune system to fight off anything that is trying to hurt your body. Trust me I’m a believer after it killed the strep- normally it would take 5 days of anitboidics from the doctor to kill it- but this did it in TWO and for mere PENNIES! Good Luck Everyone!

  78. I’m curious, how does humanity (people of the world) care for the dead when it totals 5.5 million, that is 5.5 to 1 right? Since all the Powers to Be types are not doing the grunt work, who is left to deal with all the dead carcasses? It seems the logistic of that alone are overwhelming and could be the genesis of viruses and the likes never seen before…imagine if you will the dead having the last say!

  79. Frankly, when I hear the term ‘New World Order’, I have to chuckle.

    Not that I don’t believe there are some self styled dictator wanna be’s with delusions of grandur, but there does’nt seem to be any ‘order’ to this at all.

    It’s one fiasco after another and somehow it always comes back to bite them in the rear (that pesky Nazarene I suspect..)

    I think it is more incompetence than any ‘plan’.

    But that does’nt negate the danger.

    Incompetence can be far more dangerous than a ‘plan’.

    Bioweapons, in this case, an influenza scenario, are the worse way to ‘control’ anything.

    Even ‘if’ they could innocolate the ‘elite’, these bugs have a way of mutating and they may find themselves a victim of their own design.

    Your also looking at the infrastructure that they so proudly display, coming crashing down and they may be the ones with a shovel and hoe trying to grow enough food to sustain themselves.

    And you would have to take into account that the ‘survivors’ are not going to be in a good mood when these ‘elite’ come out of their holes to inspect their handywork.
    There’s only so many places on this planet they can hide.

    Let’s face it, by looking back the last 100 years, these guys are not the brightest bulbs on the tree..rich, yes, powerful, only because we let them be..bright?..don’t think so.

  80. Here’s another article that backs Catherine up on the swine flu issue:

    Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: The Worldwide H1N1 Flu Vaccination Program


    “It is in the interest of the political powerbrokers and the dominant financial actors to divert public attention from an understanding of the global crisis.

    How best to achieve this goal?

    By artificially creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation which serves to weaken and disarm organized dissent directed against the established economic and political order.”

  81. Sorry if I am repeating anything; I haven’t the time to read all the replies:

    Beyond doubt [in my soul], this “mandatory” vaccination, must be for the sake of depopulating the United States for sure, and here is one initial reason: We who have, in comparison, the very best of lives when compared to the lives of over 90% of the people of the entire planet, have made a number of mistakes, one of which is we’ve become used to living in the RED! How much do you owe on your credit cards? Could you pay all off in a matter of minutes, or would your doing that, simply add economic heartache on some other end of your world?

    Will you cut your cards, all of them, and begin learning to live in the black for all items now, saving the big ticket items?

    If the answer is “No!” then the rest of this world is beginning to recognize “the wants and not the needs,” of those of this Country, are causing worldwide pain, and getting rid of most of us, seems to be the only answer to that problem! We’re spoiled as none other nation has ever been!

    I’ve been studying the journey of the H5N1 virus since its resurrection in October 2005, firstly, not believing my eyes, at mankind’s stupidity! Now, I recognize there is a plan that while the iron is hot [there is great confusion, with many half asleep from reality] in one felt swoop there can be one or two a billion done away with worldwide, and who among those who are left, shall be sorry for the Americans, given the black eye we’ve recently had painted upon us for the last 8 years? Let’s face it, since we are now most often seen as a selfish people, creators of the Georgia Guide Stones [Illuminists/Bilderbergers], think we are needfully to be among that number.

    Yes, we must do one of three things, and they are not mutually exclusive:
    1/ Indeed we must leave the bigger cities, for staying, where do we hide?
    2/ We must recognize this to be a coupling of the desires of both a secular AND a religious persuasion! One is as I noted above, and the other is that the Papacy may become more able to stand at the head of the entire world, as her religious leader, and given the amount of gold she possesses alone, Vatican City is a very rich piece of property indeed – and so, what will she do for the rest of the world, that she may have her temporal power over all, given her for the whole world that’s left after America, and 1.7 billion more are gone from our number?
    3/ As one who has followed H5N1 as noted above, there is only one “good” reason for the resurrection of this plague, and that is to use it as a bio-weapon, and the destroyers of the Earth who do such things, are spoken of in this manner in Scripture:

    “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth” (Revelation 11: 18, KJV)!

    Mandatory vaccination or else jail time [do you want to trust anyone behind the scenes at the top of the political tree in the U S?], sounds like we are all going down, whether we agree to the vaccine or not: a live H5N1 virus for us all, for who among us is really seeing any local grievous flu killing people about you? I think this pandemic has been made up to scare, by the media, AGAIN, leading us to the Illuminati, and their schemes that have been planned for decades, and now is the very best time, because we are all shaken up about what’s happening in our world! Is your desire to live in the cities going to sway you from dying a most horrible death? GET UP NOW AND GET AWAY!

  82. Go to youtube, there are tons of videos from around the USA where they have FEMA prison camps which have newly installed very large incinerators. That goes along with the theory described in this article. They would need to cremate all of the dead people killed from this biological warfare called the swine flu. If true, there are truly some evil basterds in high places.

  83. As a Wiseman once said….Life is “BCD”….Between “Birth” and “Death”…..it’s “CHOICE”…one might believe on the ‘sky is falling’ vs having Faith……not just intellectual Faith…but a true FAITH….the few that Chose to be 100% Faithful in ones mind, heart, and body.

    The few with enough knowledge, financial freedom, peace of mind/body, filtering out bad info, stress free….the TRUE Believers might choose to down play this FEAR based hoopla, chaos on Swine Flu, Vaccination, economic meltdown news…..then choose to live with confidence that all this chaos will not affect them.

    I thank you for your post….it is refreshing.
    Since I am not the mighty that can help everyone…I choose to open the eyes of some around me to see the TRUE LIGHT. This creation of disinformation via flood of unproven FEAR does need to affect one’s spirit.

    If it was meant to be depopulated….to achieve truly peaceful, happy, utopic, loving, confident, energetic society…..then let it be. I am OK with that……since those 500 million remaining probably chose Life over Death…chose Hope over Fear….chose natural over synthetic….chose to filter out the negative information…..and focus on POSITIVES

    Between Birth and Death…..we all have free will to choose…..if only 500 Million chose to live….that’s OK with me….much more then the biblical time.

  84. If you are so sure of all this then why wouldn’t you do the research and make a case?

    your quote ” I am not an expert. I have no case worth presenting in a court of law. There are hundreds of hours of research on the swine flu and related vaccines that I have not done and I am not going to do”

  85. OMG,all the bs. Only thee elites will get the real vaccine,how the hell could they ever prOduce enough to even do nyc ? 8 million right here.
    and as for deliberate depopulation ? c’mon,huh—who’s gonna pay for their wet dream of global enslavement ?

    you’ve got it @ssbackwards.we get nothin’,nada,niente,zilch,zerO from “”them””…not even an aspirin.
    “”They”” TAKE everything leaving us with the bare minimum to survive.
    there are may fates worse than death.
    grow up.

  86. Well, finally someone outside the illuminatti and the NWO group have come with the same number. Go to my website and you’ll see the Georgia Guidestones..Americas Stonehenge with that number carved in stone in 6 languages. Its a done deal folks and the powers that be unless revolution occurs will implement just that thru war,famine,pestilence(bio-warfare). This swine flu hoax is a false flag attempt to get those who are fearful take the vaccine..then become carriers for what the vaccine was engineered for(A BIO-Weapon)!!

  87. What you’re talking about is mass murder. It’s murder 1000 times larger than the Holocaust or Pol Pot’s killing spree or whatever else.

    Why do you think you would be safe? The criminals who are in charge of the system are watching to see who dares to speak. They know most people are deluded sheep.

    They are fascists after all. The Bilderbergers, CFR and Trilaterial Commission people who plan these Holocausts are killers who think they are the supermen.

  88. You left out the word Jew.
    Thats the only factor that makes sense of the whole thing, and makes it believeable.
    Normal people are not capable of such evil.
    Are you bainwashed, or simply scared?
    Study the Talmud. Its all in there.
    The Georgia Guidstones (pop 500 mill goal) is no hoax then!

  89. Let me recommend to all of you a mental game. Sit down and invent a story in which you and your best friends sit around a table. You are presented with a series of facts. As a result, you believe that intentional depopulation is the humane thing to do. Now describe the series of facts.

  90. sitting around the table? Yeah and ultimately saying to each other well I guess what we have hear is a Catch 22-that is damned if we do and damned if we don’t?

    Anyway heres an interesting article…

    “Vaccines are supposed to be making us healthier; however, in twenty-five years of nursing I have never seen so many damaged, sick kids. Something very, very wrong is happening to our children.”( Patti White, School nurse, statement to the House Government Reform Committee, 1999, quoted in Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, June 2005)

  91. @michael: “Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, is respected by her people, and wouldn’t surprise me if she goes down in history as one of the best leaders of our time.”

    I doubt the isslamists now taking over the Netherlands and Europe will include any mention of Queen Beatrix in their history books; unless, of course, Queen Beatrix and her illuminati friends can pull off the very de-population you claim she is not involved in.

  92. I think that depopulation has always happened throughout the history of mankind. I think that it is neccesary, especially when people around the world are starving, sick with all kinds of illness.
    We as people don’t realize how many people are actually put in institutions for mental illness, deformations from birth or accidents that their parents don’t want to deal with. There are so many of the elderly that lay in homes, hospitals, hospices, not to mention the homeless, that are just waiting to die. The cost of health care for americans 2 years ago came to 800 billion dollars, and half of that was for the elderly in their last days. The amount of starving ,malnourished, diseased people that millions and millions die at a constant rate is astonishing. No one seems to recognize that processed food is here because we can’t afford to feed everyone healthy food. Our food resources are dwindling very rapidly because of over farming the fertile soils around the world. We have so many people to feed that the current operation of producing food is getting behind farther and farther everyday. The earth cannot provide the amount of food and space to live for 10 billion people and all the wild animals we are trying to protect. We live on every habitable piece of land there is.
    I believe that this may have happened to the Mayan people as well as all of the great societies that have vanished over the course of mankind. It will always happen at the breaking point of any society. It has always been this way.

  93. (note: corrected with the words “YOU SAID” at the beginning of the 4th paragraph)

    @ Pieta- let’s get real for a minute… here is some recent history -Vladimir Dedijer – The Yugoslav Auschwitz and the Vatican

    or you could look up Avro Manhattan… your house of sand is about washed out.

    @ Dissidentfromdayone… if Islamists succeed in taking over the Netherlands and Europe, it will be short-lived. Time is marching forward, not backward. Big money is no longer in bed with religion. The world has grown too small to continue business as usual, that is: divide and conquer. The euro has run ahead of the world’s reserve currency because they see the wisdom of putting the pain of World War 2 behind us and moving on, which involves making friends and not enemies.

    YOU SAID- “unless, of course, Queen Beatrix and her illuminati friends can pull off the very de-population you claim she is not involved in.”

    I said “Well I wouldn’t know” … but even if she was involved in such a scheme, there are too many variables and unknowns for it to happen as planned… there is no accord within the powers that be… the “illuminati”, to use your words just got their’s and the world’s money supply looted by a handful of nerds on wall street, so no human really knows the way forward. the one thing the powers that be can agree on is religion has to go.

  94. Brad are you really saying that the JEWS have caused all the issues in the world?
    I can’t believe any sane person could believe such nonsense. IF Israel controlled the finances of the world, wouldn’t the state of the country be much better? Heck Palestine would have been wiped off the face of the earth. I think you have been misled.

  95. Switzerland, Switzerland? You know given what occurred with that windstorm and the accompanying ice storm http://www.pbase.com/scherrer/january_2005_ice_storm that buried the city of Geneva I can’t help but ponder these words…

    “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle?”{Job 38:22}

    “See, the Lord has one who is powerful and strong. Like a hailstorm and a destructive wind, like a driving rain and a flooding downpour, He will throw it forcefully to the ground.” {Isaiah 28:2}

    I think the world is in for a serious wake up call…

    “See the storm of the Lord will burst out in wrath, a whirlwind swirling down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not turn back until He fully accomplishes the purposes of his heart. In days to come you will fully understand this.” {Jeremiah 23:19-20}

    Climate change is not the work of man and industrial pollution! What a joke and look crop circles? I hate to say it but this world is on a collision course with its Creator.!!!!!



    “He brings the clouds to punish men or to water his earth and show his love.” {Job 37:5-13}

  96. Don’t be a victim! I am not 100% certain that my own government would like to kill me! But I am not taking any chances! Get a Beck Device and Colloidal Silver and combine their use! Several years ago a man in the know told me this had cured him of HIV/AIDS! I saw no proof he had ever had the disease, but he seemed to know what he was talking about! Also take LOTS of Vitamin C and vitamin D3 and if forced to take the vaccination, take lots of MSN and make yourself hyperventilate!

  97. Note to the New World Order Administration:

    The second, major depopulation occurs it WILL FAIL! The world economy will plummet forever and never recover. However I truly belive that before the major depopulation occurs the biblical rapture will take place. I don’t care what insane conclusions your scientists’ can come up with, when lots of people vanish from all parts of the world the rapture is taking place. You may tell the world that it was caused by a magnetic shift or sub atomic particles. This could be true however that event was caused by the one true God and was planned since the beginning of time. Read Revelations in the bible and you will read about your fate PERIOD.

  98. An investment portfolio for a time when material wealth and political moment for the masses becomes a pipe dream, a mirage?

    The most humane depopulation is 5 years @750 million deaths per year. That’s 7.5 times the number who died in all of the 20th Century and conducted over a breathtakingly short span of time. If they allow forced depopulation to go on for more than 5 years, they will be shocked and surprised by the chaos that will be visited upon their wretched souls. Look at how much we’ve learned in only a few short years using global communication strategies.

    This places us at 2 billion after five years, give or take. And it places the masses in traumatic shock with its own attendant shorter life expectancy.

    The best investment anyone could make in such a Thunderdome of misery and suffering would be in one’s relationships with other people. Learn to get along with more and more types and kinds of individuals. Form clans and learn how to live together peacefully and joyfully while defending yourselves against the marauding hordes.

    Next best investment is in property. Arable land and drinkable water…and the technology to keep both sustainable.

    Final investment is in self defense. People are going to want what you have in your oasis. What you can’t share, they will try to steal. Under such circumstances, the best defense is a good offense…back on the pain train, once again. Seek and destroy the selfish and the greedy before they even know what has hit them.

    Hell, we can start doing that now.

  99. Michael – are you a Jew , your hero Vladimir Dedijer is. the massacre was carried out by the communists (jews) who then wrote the history.
    During World War II he was an editor of the Yugoslav Communist Party newspaper Borba, and member of the agitprop section to the General Staff.

    After the war he was a member of Yugoslav delegation on 1946 Paris peace conference and on several sessions of United Nations General Assembly (1945-1952).[1] In 1952 he became a member of the Party’s Central Committee.

    Read Gulag Archipelago and you’ll see the similarities.. also read my reference above, to help you wake up out of your jew controlled nightmare where falsity has been carefully constructed and become your reality.

  100. Catherine,

    Thank you for your erudite whistleblowing on the financial-government scene. It is extremely helpful for the changes needing to take place to know this sort of background. Basically, it establishes that the current order of things is hopelessly corrupt, and needs to collapse, for a healthier polity to emerge.

    And that polity will not be based on interest-bearing money. Nor will it be based on the profit motive. It will be based on the motivating factor of people giving of their best, because the universe has purpose, and that purpose is Good. And now that we have the technology to harness abundance, we don’t have to play with man-made schemes to deal with scarcity. It is, in a word, time.

    The answer to the future is neither left nor right but up. And that includes the sense of ascension – that we have a higher level of civilization to attain to, now, before we have a right to use our level of technology to reach for the stars, on this plane of existence. First we need to put our house in order.

    As for the flu virus & vaccine scenario: I presume the plan by those benighted souls currently thinking to rule the world in their image is to seed one virus into the populace that will mix with the regular, ‘circulating’ flu virus of the season to create a Perfect Storm – the bioweapon mentioned by various of your correspondents; this general Crisis to give them their big Opportunity. But it is all giving humanity another Opportunity as well. And that is, as I say, to ascend, and leave this childish stage of our evolution behind. And that includes treating money as an end in itself, rather than simply a means of exchange.

    We can do better than this. We will do better than this. Thanks for helping so well to shine a light on the reasons why we need to.

    “The question before [us]is: How do we develop new economic models for planet Earth and an investment strategy to shift from where we are to something that places all life at the center?” Good question. But my answer, as indicated above, is: we don’t. The answer, rather, is that we reformulate the question.

  101. Thank you Catherine for having the courage to speak to truth.

    I didn’t read every post, but most and I didn’t see anyone mention that around February this year Baxter International sent 18,000 units of a vaccine mixed with live bird flu. Here is an article about it http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aTo3LbhcA75I

    It was discovered luckily, but had it not the consequences of 18,000 people injected – well just think about it. I understand viruses can mix, so a vaccine which isn’t very dangerous but highly contagious injected into a host with a bird flu that is highly dangerous but not very contagious can trade characteristics to become highly contagious and highly dangerous – a super bug.

    There was no disciplinary action for Baxter International that I know of, and they are set to be providing vaccines for H1N1.

    Considering that was 5 months ago, just before the big media here started hyping the H1N1 situation like crazy – perhaps it was intended to cause an actual pandemic, as apposed to what the corrupt media is trying to call a pandemic now. People I speak to aren’t very worried at all about H1N1 and suspicion that something is fishy with the whole situation is common.

    Perhaps it’s understood that since the internet it’s is no longer possible to have the strangle hold on ideas that there once was. Perhaps the establishment is getting scared, that’s why we are seeing things moving fast now – they’re worried. I’m optomistic – I think what someone said before ‘uniting people around self evident truths’ is critical to sustainable fair society.

    All we have to do is all get smarter, if only we could just be smart enough 😛 Bless you all. I’d say god, but I’m not sure there is one, and I think the whole concept of god defers responsibility for our fates. I say we can take care of things ourselves and that god can continue to do nothing as it has been all along. 😛

  102. PLEASE DON”T SCOFF AT THIS! Go onto youtube and check out the channel for 91177info. Why doesn’t the news media report on all this information, lawsuit filed by Austrian Journalist (Jane Burgermeister) alleging bioterrorism through flu vaccine against the US, WHO, Obama, and many of the “elite” who have openly spoke about population control. Then check out the Georgia Guidestones. Not sure if it is true but read somewhere that AP and Reuters are owned or controlled (backdoor) by the Rothschild family. That’s why you don’t hear any of the real news, you only hear their polls. 3 major news outlets owned by same people, allegedly. If you want real news, go to youtube, put in Jane Burgermeister, or Rockafeller population control, Breszynski(check spelling). 91177info states that if the vaccine won’t kill it will cause infertility and illness- thus a slower type of population control. Also WHO declared this flu a level 6 already. Why? Could it be that this allows the government to make vaccine mandatory? Check out in the news, Cnn reports that the military will be ready for flu- what to enforce? Tons of info here. Also check out DrLenHorowitz channel on youtube. Baxter has immunity if this causes harm, allegedly, also they are the only ones allow to test it, allegedly. There is so much more to this, but this is the door we must go through first, this is the door at which (hopefully) the American people are no longer willing to suspend their disbelief.

  103. Catherine is right on the money – i know it’s scary but not seeing the truth will only leave you sputtering in fear when tshtf – and don’t let race become an issue; that is just a distraction tptb use to give the sheeple something to do while they complete their nasty business……………they already have what they need to counter the coming pandemic for themselves………shhhhhh it’s a secret ! remember: if you aren’t a ptb, we are all in the same boat – don’t allow divide and conquer

  104. Dear Catherine,

    I am portuguese: sorry for my not-so-good english

    I didn´t read all te comments but… do you already know about the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES? I don´t know who put it there, but on that stones there are already the objectives of this new world order… and the first of all is to maintain the population on a stable number of 500.000.000
    But… who put that stones over there?

  105. I have been following the evolution of the H1N1 flu contagion through the alternative media from the very day the outbreak in Mexico began to be reported. I do believe that this virus is a biological weapon designed for control and depopulation. I have wrestled with my emotional reaction to this planned event for some time, experiencing terror, revulsion, panic, acceptance, anger, desperation, etc. If my decision about how to react to what I know is coming, and very soon, was a personal one alone, I think I would choose to die. The thought of continung life within the context of a society/humanity etc. that is so dominated by wickednous and evil is too repugnant to bear. Unfortunately, I have a young child and a wife and a family, so my instinct toward survival will surely kick in at some point. Having said this, and let this be a warning to anyone who might read this blog who is connected to the nefarity behind the release of this weapon, if my child dies as a result of this flu I will seek revenge upon it’s progenitors ten fold. I will use whatever weapon is at my disposal to carry out justice, everything from firearms to rocks to teeth. If I have to dispatch those responsible by tearing their flesh from their bodies with my mouth, I will. If I have to start at the bottom of the chain command I will. No one with any level of knowledge or invovlement will be spared, not the delivery person, secretary, clerk, errand person, no one, not even family memebers of those responsible. Someone, womewhere, has made a decision about who should live and who should die, and I know that I am not on the who should live list. I have no choise but to act in vengeful self defence and, god willing and with the almighty’s help, that is exactly what I will do.

    I pray for the return and exercised wrath of God’s angelic warriors.

  106. Northern Target:

    A discussion of violence is not welcome here. There are a lot of innocent people in the system who truly do not understand what is happening…

    Prayers for you and your family,


  107. A quote from writer Robert Fisk “only this year, I interviewed Hartan, a 101-year-old blind Armenian in an old people’s home in East Beruit. who remembered how, in the Syrian desert in 1915, his mother pleaded with Turks not to rape her 18 year old daughter – Hartan’s sister ‘as she begged them not to take my sister they beat her to death’ Hartun recalled. ‘I remember her dying, shouting Hartun, Hartun, Hartun over and over. When she was dead they took my sister away on a horse. I never saw her again’ Hartun after years of bitterness and longing for revenge has overcome with what he called ‘my christian belief’ and decided to abandaon the notion of vengeance. ‘when the Turkish earthquake killed so many people last year’ he told me ‘I prayed for the poor Turkish people'”

    The victory over this evil onslaught will come through the power of prayer. That’s the one thing they have no weapon against and they will stand vexed and confounded to God’s power just as we are vexed and confounded trying to sort it all out.

  108. Catherine I have to agree with Northern Target…I do understand violence isn’t the solution, but how does a person deal with the current situation when peaceful protest just aren’t working? Regardless of the many phone calls, letters and emails that are being sent to politicians to oppose and express concern for the bills being pushed through Congress, they just don’t seem to care how we – the people – feel. I have a 2 yr. old daughter that I have constantly been thinking about because she hasn’t really lived and for her life to be cut short because (as Northern Target said very well) someone, somewhere decided she is expendable…it is unbearable! Now imagine all the innocent children around the world!!! How can a caring human-being sit around peacefully when mass murder, on a global scale, will be committed? Is that so peaceful?

  109. This is a very good article, fairly thought out but still very speculative in nature. Now, I’m just a housewife with a high school education. I never went to college and I’m not an expert on anything…except changing a diaper.

    It seems to me that this swine flue is a snake oil salesman sales pitch. Ya know what I mean. Like in the old west when a town got hit with cholera and some salesman came riding into town with a cure all. Our cure all is government run health care. If the public thinks there is a “pandemic” they are more likely to buy the government snake oil called “Obamacare.”

    As to depopulation. I agree that there is a depopulation ideal running through the minds of the elite. But to me a flue pandemic wouldn’t be the best way to take out half or more of the world’s population. Where is the most numbers concentrated? India and China each with over and billion.

    The USA is the 3rd most populated with 350 million. So, if I was a made, evil global elitist I would want to reduce the population in the countries with the most people: India and China. China has a one child policy and that has been a horrific failure. India is Hindu.

    Now, we look at the USA. The USA consumes 25% of the world’s resources and only has 350 million people. We are currently occupying 2 countries and are about to go into a 3rd. If I wanted to destroy the lives of half the people in India and China I would first wipe out the USA’s technology. The USA is a huge crop and seed producer. Without technology we wouldn’t be able to feed the people in the USA alone much less the rest of the world.

    Taking out our technology could only be accomplished by 2 things. A solar flare or a nuclear detonation at 300 miles above the country. This would wipe out all internet, banking and electric. It would force the USA into 1900 living in the blink of an eye.

    Without modern technology we cannot feed everyone. We will stop working, cars will stall in the middle of highway. Gas will be rationed, planes will not fly and electric lines would fry. Imagine no TV, no phone, no internet, no food in the stores, you car not working, life as well know it will cease to exist.

    This threat is very real. The military has been “Hardening” their equipment against such an attack. The civilian infrastructure is totally exposed and will fail. In 2005 congress held a report on an EMP attack. By their own estimates one nuclear weapon could kill half the people in the USA alone by wiping out our civilian technology.

    In my sick and twisted mind, if I wanted to take out half the world’s population I would simply take away the technology. Without it…we’re done.

  110. I have seen on at least two sources that there may be some kind of “ID bracelet” used to identify those who have taken the shot(s). Without which, one may be hauled off to a quarrantine camp. I do not know if either of those items are accurate, but it does occur to me to be a wonderful exercise to prep the people for a later forced implantation of a microchip, like in your right hand or forehead.

    Could be there is a hidden agenda here with the idea of accomplishing several goals, forced control of the people, vaccination for possible depopulation and a trial-balloon on later implantation? Just a thought.

  111. On any large scale event of this kind — whether engineered or just response — there are typically many goals and many constituents creating ways that things can be designed to serve or benefit them. So yes, expect multiple goals, including those that develop organically over time. It is like a train that lots of people jump on…

  112. Ms. Fitts,

    This was a great angle on a very controversial issue. It’s one thing to say “the elite want to kill us all.” It’s another to show factually “the system as currently operated can only accomodate 500 million people.”

    There are two questions that must be answered:

    1) Are the “limits to growth” – population, food, water, social security, employment, etc. – the natural limits of energy, biology, imagination, etc.? Or are they an artifact of the system of control?

    2) If the former, what is the most ethical means of population reduction? If the latter, what is the appropriate system for running the planet?

    I think it’s important to, as you’ve done here, acknowledge that our current system can not be maintained. The people who write our laws and sign the paychecks for our courts, police and military have set up a system where, to take an example, a farmer can only survive by accepting public welfare and unpayable debt (or by growing specialty food for the dwindling rich). Why? Because by using law and order to depress and/or destabilize the price of anything of real value, the elite create opportunities for debt and speculation. Like fattening a spring lamb, they needed the precondition of a prosperous society built on earned income. The system was not built on a fantasy, but it’s been destroyed by one, and now that these financial predators have sucked the world dry, there’s nowhere to turn for their next meal. Their only option is to limit their liabilities via a surprise depopulation, and start over with a more manageable host.

    I would submit that we are nowhere near the “carrying capacity” of the earth. We do things stupidly. People say, for example, that meat is inefficient. This is not true, as a traditional small farmer will know. A pig can put on 300 pounds of meat eating otherwise-useless scraps. A cow can produce a gallon of milk a day eating grass. A catfish can subsist on chicken crap and bugs. Why don’t we do this? Because Cargill owns the seeds, storage, shipping and processing, corners the futures markets, and buys the scientist, the regulator, and the politician, who appoints the dirty judge, who signs the warrant that sends the SWAT team to confiscate the real milk of the real farmer. You can find any number of examples in any sector of society.

    Now – the last question: is this a result of “big government,” as some would say, or as I would argue, a hostile takeover of government made possible by an uninvolved population? What do we need to create a system governed by natural law and creativity? Do we need a Ron Paul or an Abraham Lincoln? Do we need a decentralized “free market” or the real constitutional principle of a strong central government that protects the general welfare against private interests? I think anyone who studies history honestly will dump the libertarian dogma and realize that the traditional American system of Hamilton, Lincoln & FDR is their only hope to change course.

    Sorry this is a bit of a ramble. I feel very strongly that some very healthy and necessary awareness of the true nature of our “elites” is now building, and agree with your points above. But, I strongly disagree with the prevailing political solution of those in the alternative media. This is not our government. Our government has been shot, gutted, skinned, and is being worn by the pitchmen for transnational gamblers and dope dealers. Are we going to run for the hills, or are we going to destroy this insane reality with real information, real government, and a real commitment to the principles upon which this country was founded?

  113. This is a very interesting view point of why the manufacture of the pandemics. I had attributed it merely to greed and control on behalf of the drug companies, but your financial background and argument makes it very plausible.

    As Green Day said in their hit song “American Idiot” (which was written about George W Bush), the media is creating a “Subliminal Mindf***”. That people would line up for this vaccine, not questioning their doctors at all, is amazing to me. They have had their minds messed with in a most incidious way. But all over the news, no one questions the lack of testing, no one brings up the Swine Flu debacle of 1976 (which I vaguely remember) and no one wonders why it is considered safe to vaccinate a pregnant woman with a substance which contains ethyl mercury, one of the most toxic forms of mercury on earth. (They wouldn’t recommend something that would harm me, would they????) Unfortunately, docs have had their minds messed with as well.

    Please frequently check out http://www.pandemicfluonline.com for updates on legal rights to avoid vaccines. Contributors are some of the leading health freedom activists in the US. I was just alerted to this fairly new website today by one of its contributing attorneys.

  114. Catherine,

    You’re saying that the system is the solution and the people are the problem. Hmm.

    If they people are the problem, as you say, if depopulation will help the “system” get back to it beautiful smooth functioning, perhaps you should be the first one to take the swine flu vaccine, to show all of us that you love the system more than your own life.

    It’s for the good of the planet, Catherine.

    Jock Doubleday
    Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc.
    A California 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation

  115. Dear Catherine:

    How dare you try to censor an honest expression of emotional angst over the prospect of losing my child, a gift from the creator, as a result of what could be the largest war crime in human history to date. What war you ask, simply put, a class war between the super wealthy and everyone else.

    While my normal demeanour can be best described as passivity, I am a human beig who accepts that the moral obligation of raisng and protecting my children is the highest order of calling, aside from, perhaps, a righteous, worthy and divinely inspired pursuit of ordination.

    My previous comments in no way advocated or incited the use of violence for anyone but myself, circumstances warranting. Even if they had, conceptually speaking, within the context of the condition precedent which I laid out which might trigger a vengeful response on my part, please explain the error of my ways.

    Do you really expect or forsee that any parent, including myself, who loses a child because of a deliberately created and released pathogen, to turn the other cheek, extend a hand of foregiveness, invite the wrong doers to a sentencing circle or some other equally even tempered arbitration forum, etc.?

    Consider the gravity of what is being discussed here, at least before chastising or advocating a non violent response to what could be the greatest threat to humanity in modern times. If this is, as many suspect, a deliberately released bioweapon, then the reaction of the innocent victim surely has to be commensurate to the crime. Do you think reasoned discussion will miraculously transform the mens rea of the perpetrating scientists or their masters?

    It is bad enough that a small, arrogant and evil segment of the world’s population might think it has the right to eliminate the rest of the human race, and then act on that belief, without members of that targeted class also taking every opportunity to stifle the god given self defense instinct of the those whose lives have been judged worthless, not significant enough to continue.

    I too pray for divine intervention in the dark days ahead. Until the time of the creator’s arrival, however, “I will not go silently into that dark night.”

  116. Northern Target:

    Your child’s life is sacred, therefore it is ok to kill innocent men and women whose crime is that they are ignorant or naive?

    Seems to me all life is sacred.


  117. Jock:

    Since all my work is about getting financial and governmental systems to serve people and life, not sure how you computed this:

    “You’re saying that the system is the solution and the people are the problem.”


  118. Rachell you’re right that taking out technology would significantly debilitate where ever it was done, but the benefit of this potential H1N1 scheme is that dishonest media and other groups can say a ‘naturally occurring virus is to blame’ and lots of people are uniformed enough to believe it and thus won’t be looking to seek justice against the perpetrators. A nuclear bomb 300 miles above the U.S can’t be said to be naturally occurring – the perpetrators would be sought by all.

  119. It is good that you guys are posting comments online about these issues. But you should call into Congress toll-free at 1-877-851-6437 and tell them you are against forced vaccinations. If many people would call in it would scare them and stall there plans, giving us more time to react.

  120. Tarrant Guy:

    Look at Gandhi’s Salt March to the Sea. If a critical mass of people pulled their money out of Wall Street, shifted to the smaller banks, stopped buying from big corporations, turned off corporate news and TV, and otherwised shunned and boycotted while aggressively educating their state and local officals, tremendous things could happen.

    So let’s do EVERYTHING that is effective…including shifting the money.


  121. ‘the system is the solution and the people are the problem?’
    Hmmmm lets see if according to some character is something that one is born with and not something that is learned then what do you think those who believe this kind of nonsense {the elites} thinks of people like the Jerry Springer crowd? or the child molesters, those who make kiddie porn or the cannibals, {Armin Miewes for example} etc. etc. etc. And think here for a moment why the hatred of the Moslem towards the west. We export all of this garbage to their homelands. Is it any wonder then that they think that what the west needs is Shariah Law.

  122. if the goverment is going to do what i think there going to do then it will get real ugly for thoase in any goverment position the people will snap we all know the deal the thing is the goverment has no idea how menny people are just waiting for the shoe to drop we already know there is no economy young men need something to do and i mean anything we see the whites of there eyes ..

  123. catherine,

    anyone who forces or attempts to force anyone else to take a vaccination,or anything else he or she does not want is not ‘ignorant or naive’ as you put it but deserve whatever they get.

  124. It is only in Europe and America that the nightmare idea of the world population being reduced is discussed or aired. You should ask the opinion of other nations before you actually assume responsibility to discuss world depopulation according to the financial debt model and environmental CO2 quackery that is currently blasting away your nations. God is great.

  125. cathrene said:
    I expect lower immune systems, higher levels of toxicity, an adaptation to a loss of financial benefits and political rights and the combination leading to a slower organic die-off.

    What one expects, and what happens, are usually two very different things.

    For example, I expect things to quickly spiral out of control almost immediately after the vaccinations are made mandatory. There are simply too many people out there who will not be subjected to such attempt, and who will firmly stand their ground. Very dangerous people at that. If anyone out there tries to impose such a vaccination on them or anyone they protect, all hell will break loose.

    After all, this situation is a preparation for open warfare. It’s a war that has been going on for quite a long time, but the crucial players have never been as exposed as they are now. CFR is a good example, but they too receive their orders from someone else behind the scenes. That someone-behind-the-scene has recently been put under extreme scrutiny and blinding spotlight, and that is partially the reason for this sudden and panicked rushing toward vaccinations. This is not as much attempt at depopulation (though some will certainly die from these vaccines), as it is an attempt to “dumb down” existing populace.

    Try looking under “genetic vaccines”. I believe that’s the right term in use. In short – a vaccine that targets certain DNA markers, and either alters them, or cuts them out entirely. Chemicals are not as effective as they used to be, and genetic vaccines are the next tool in the control box.

    I really don’t expect either sudden or prolonged die-off. One doesn’t kill a herd that produces a valuable product. One simply tries to prevent it from escaping.

    My point is this – be prepared for a quick and sudden escalation of conflict. There will be hunters and hunted on both sides. It will be a really, really ugly business, but unavoidable one it seems.

    Take care, and expect the unexpected.

  126. Your ability to simplify a complex argument to suit your own purpose is amazing, irrespective of the fact that you want to comletely ignore the underlying premise of my argument, that being that self defence, individual or collective, in these circumstances, is a rational, legitimate and justifiable response to attempted or achieved mass murder.

    Let me try to respond in kind, with a simplification of your response to my comments. “I was only following orders.” Wasn’t this the Nuremburg defence? Isn’t this just another way to avoid assuming responsibility for the actions we take as members of the human collective?

  127. Catherine said “…we live on a very primitive planet.”

    Primitive is an understatement. In one generation, “technology” has removed from our collective conscience what makes us human and tricked us into thinking we are advanced. Media and product consumption numbs minds. Only other humans make us human. Period.

    I’ll never forget my first international relations course. On the first day, the professor drew fish on the board to make his point: the world is unkind, and big fish eat little fish — so-called “realism.” He may not have understood that he was describing the human condition, but I can still see the board in my mind. I can also still remember how depressing it was to see and hear. Greed rules.

    In this technoworld, we have less need for other humans, and therefore can marginalize them in our own minds. It’s about me, mine and those for which I care. That’s it. The irony is that the rural — or areas considered “primitive” compared to big cities — are in the best position to endure if the “techno-blinders” are removed and society returns to a primitive state. Cities, on the other hand, will be in big trouble. One can’t eat a PC or TV or iPod. Many people can’t keep their houseplants alive. In 18 years of schooling, I was never introduced to simple farming, but I learned calculus. Hmmmm.

    At 40, and after years of city living and debt accumulation, I moved to rural Oregon, bought a 1980 doublewide trailer, and started teaching. In less than two years, I know almost everyone on my street, I drive less than 50 miles a month, I grow much of my own food and barter for the rest. I own my trailer and the property on which it sits. And I have never been happier. I do not mean to boast. It’s more of a confession. An awakening available to everyone.

    My Los Angeles-based friends think I’ve lost it. What they don’t know is that they don’t HAVE it. They are unaware of the world outside their own — even though they are bombarded with media. They value homes and cars and things (and ultimately, themselves) relative to what other humans have. Real “value” can only be discerned from within. When we let the collective determine “value” we all lose.

    As other posters have pointed out, only human connections — those made without technology — give us real hope. While I am grateful for the opportunity to post here, this post will also go into the inevitable black hole of technology (and thus, apathy). It reinforces all that I detest. But it’s better than being ambivalent, or at least I hope so.

    A new political party? A new nation? How can we break free from the primitive without major upheaval?

  128. Pieta:

    Who are you and Northern Target? I don’t know. Probably sincere, decent people.

    What I do believe is that the government and related interests spend a great deal of resources to track what people say on the web — read the history of Cointelpro — and there is a risk that talk of any action that is technically illegal will be used to identify or entrap people.

    I do not want my blog to be used that way or to attract folks who would harm my readers in any manner.

    So I hope to encourage all of us to manage risk for a successful result for us and not encourage risk that brings a successful result for those who would do us harm,


  129. “Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

    “Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said.

    “YOU will not need to fight in this instance. Take YOUR position, stand still and see the salvation of Jehovah in YOUR behalf.”

  130. Catherine said “What I do believe is that the government and related interests spend a great deal of resources to track what people say on the web….”

    Internet czar? Isn’t that in the works? More control…billed as “security.”

  131. If the swine flu does not get us, peak oil will. It will be impossible to feed almost 7 billion people without oil. I would highly recommend checking out Chris Martenson’s free online “Crash Course” for one of the best explanations of the 3 E’s, Energy, Economy, and Environment.

    For those of you that know someone that has cancer I would recommend “World Without Cancer” by G. E. Griffin,
    “Mr. Griffin marshals the evidence that cancer is a deficiency disease—like scurvy or pellagra—aggravated by the lack of an essential food compound in modern man’s diet. That substance is vitamin B17. In its purified form developed for cancer therapy, it is known as Laetrile.”
    I found out about this after my brother died of cancer and I tell everyone I know just in case there is some truth to this.
    Mr. Griffin also has a website called “Freedomforce International” that from reading the comments here some of you would enjoy looking at.
    I have no connection with either Mr. Martenson or Mr. Griffin but just thought some of you might enjoy their websites.

  132. Even though I truly believe in the whole Socialist takeover via/composed the Foreign Relations Committee in this country, I found this “conspiracy theory” a little over the top. I find it more likely a case that flus/viruses/germs etc.. genetically mutate over time naturally without government intervention (even though they like to create little biohazards of there own from time to time). If you look over time throughout record history every 35-50 years on average there is a mass plague that hits humanity. Factor in plaques that hit certain animals/plant species/insects etc… and you looking at a mass plague every 8-15 years on avg. Currently the HoneyBee population. So in my opinion I think we are right on course set ready to go in the next coming year for a massive plague. Government intended or not its coming. This whole Swine Flu thing has been blown out of proportion by the media of course intentionally or unintenionally to take the focus off Afganhistan as well as the coming Inflationary Crisis. But I do agree via Swine Flu or whatever else 2010 will see some sort of mass epidemic.

    I dont think our government is that cruel just yet. Accidentally getting out definitely maybe… intentionally on our own population no not yet. Why would they want to kill off everyone just yet. There getting everything they ever wanted (governmental control of all aspects of our lives) without that much blowback. Honestly I think we should worry more about a North American Union and losing our individual rights more then a supposed governmental kill off. Maybe not now but a few years down the road after they get total control

  133. Dear Catherine:

    Maybe the question is who are you, not who am I?

    I’m incredibly disturbed by your previous comment with regard to suggesting that we engage in a mental exercise of contempating circumstances wherein depopulation is the humane thing to do.

    Irrespective of my concern, I will tell you this. If I was faced with this mental exercise in reality, and I had to make a decision that would affect the global populace, I would make this deciion with full public transparency, and I would not eliminate my nmae, or the names of my family or friends from the global list of lottery potentials that will be asked ot make the greates sacrifice for the sake of human survival.

    I’m afraid that your engrained and elitist paternalism is showing.

    Finally, for the last time, I have not and am not advocating that anyone who reads this participate in violence. Everyone will make thier own choice in this regard. I simply commnicated the thought process and emotional reactive process that I will engage in if the worst happens.

    In closing, I won’t “threaten” the manitenance of your Blog any longer with my illegal activity. My residual concern, however, is what is it that you know about what is happening that we don’t, and why aren’t you sharing it.

  134. If they declare Mandatory Mass Vaccination, they have declared war on my body and violated my Constitution. I will wage war and defend my family to the death in defiance of this or any other program designed to destroy America and its Constitution.

    Molon Lobe!
    Dont Tread on Me!
    Liberty or Death!

  135. This theory may be far fetched to many, however consider the trends: unrestricted population movement, abortion, propaganda about the huge medical costs of seniors, reproduction limits, starvation commonality, piracy, global wasrming, doomsday predictions, expansion of weapons of mass destruction etc. So this theory becomes part of our natural survival solution, a necessary fix to earth’s major problem. The new elite posed as over government, dictates their survival, their separation to the hindrance of a perfect world. Who is willing to fight this?

  136. Northern Target:

    Actually you know who I am because the amount of information about me, my family, my history and my background available on my website is exhaustive.

    Where did I ever say depopulation was humane? I believe it is demonic, whether it is vaccinations, suppression of health care knowledge or energy technology, political manipulation and draining of resources in the vast numbers of ways that they happen, or narcotics trafficking. If you read http://www.dunwalke.com or my articles you will see that I have been trying to warn people of genocide in many forms for years.

    I published this article to try to contribute to an effort to bring transparency to something evil in the hopes that it would help protect those who wanted to know or, if enough people did, to stop it.

    As to you, your name, address, contact information, resume, history, family description are not on line as mine are. I have no way of knowing if you are a sincere person or someone being paid to promote violence in a manner that could harm my readers. That is why I have an approach that
    simply requests that the dialogue not “go there.”

    My obligation is to everyone who participates on this blog — and to open, honest dialogue without giving offense.

    I have been blessed with the opportunity to work at high levels of government and business. Does that make me an elitist? Given the record, http://www.dunwalke.com, no, it does not.

    Do I believe in excellence and protecting my readers? Yes. Does that make me a snob? If your answer is yes, I welcome the label.

    Hope you can learn to hear one person’s point of view without taking offense. My goal in writing the article is to help you and your family be safe in a manner that was useful.


  137. Another mass depopulation is abortion. It is an effort to mimic the loss of children present in third world countries. I think dehydration from diarrhea is one of the top 5 killers of children in the world. So much for Bill Gates foundation where he claimed he would help the third world. So, abortion is a US government-funded program to systematically depopulate the middle class. Notice how it is NOT used on the welfare class? Also notice the average woman in many “advanced” countries has had 6 or 7 abortions. Do the math on that population truncation.

    Anyways, remember 2004 or 2005 when they had problems with the vaccines and not many were given out? Almost nobody got sick anywhere. This is engineered sickness. Surely for profit. Surely for something else since these pharma’s are have Ph.D.’s on this stuff just like Alan Greenspan did his 1977 Ph.D. on housing bubbles. These sickos are playing Americans for idiots. I think they are dancing in front of the tip of the spear.

    The bonuses Goldman, Merrill, and others paid out from tax money from a problem they created should be clawed back. The billions of lost productivity and suffering caused by the pharma’s should be clawed back. Its time we elect a leader and Americans and oust the elites.

  138. Great article and lots of informative comments.

    Unity, love, and mass noncompliance is the answer. Simply, do not participate in their game and inform as many people as possible about what you believe to be going on.

    And to anybody promoting violence I hope you realize the military has exotic weapons that will microwave your little brain along with your pistol (The New Phoenix Program- http://bit.ly/gWpAn )..

    Not to mention, any violent behavior would give them the excuse to remove even more freedoms from society according to their already existing plan.


  139. Hey Max

    You know what PhD. stands for? Piled High and Dry and a BA is not far behind with Bugger All and as someone told me a long time ago add a BS. to it you know what you have BS P high and D. and sorry if I have offended people but in our universities many do not deserve the label of doctor! Truly it’s all a money game for the best jobs isn’t it and little else. Yep got to have that yacht and million dollar homes and porsches in the garage and a private jet no less!

  140. What is up with you guys? Do you study history? History is full of such ridiculous conspiracy theories that never materialized, or crazy religious leaders that brainwashed followers into beliving the “rapture” would occur at a certain time. People actually believed this stuff, just like most of you are beliving this idea. Government cannot force you to be vaccinated, so stop worrying about it.

  141. If this is a repost, my apologies, but I don’t see my origional.

    Sorry, but this conspiracy theory holds no water.

    Assuming that these global powers want to reduce the population to 500 million, what makes more sense.

    A population of 500 million uneducated poor people who don’t have sense enough to get a vaccine. 500 million people who are self sufficient living in the countryside and unlikely to receive the vaccine. 500 million people in third world countries with guns and religious ideology that says they should kill non believers and vaccines are bad? 500 million people consisting of gun toting Tim McVeigh’s who have studied how to kill the government elite and won’t take the vaccine?

    Or a population of 500 million intelligent educated people who can keep the water, power, Radio, Music, Computers, medical cures, future technological innovations, and so on available to you. A population that tends to live in big easy to control cities.

    Yea I’m sure the first group are the people I as a Global boogie man would want to see survive. This plan would kill off the majority of scientists, doctors, programmers, and all those who produce what would allow the Global boogie man to enjoy a longer life, healthier life, and happier life.

    Yea the global boogie man will be so happy when new entertainment be it games, movies, music, books and so forth cease to be made because all those people who are intelligent and thus took the vaccine are dead.

    This global boogie man will be so happy when he or his family or friends developed cancer or any of a thousand other currently fatal syndromes, but are unable to have it treated because the research to take care of it died along with the 10 million scientists who got the vaccine.

    This global boogieman is going to enjoy watching, 20 years from now as the asteroid that is going to destroy mankind has nobody with a degree in astronautics, ion engines, solar sail technology, etc to deflect it because they were all killed off.

    If I was a master genius out to depopulate the world by 92% the vaccine sure as heck WOULD work. I would not disburse it until the last minute and then in limited quantities. As has happened in the past when that occurs it would be given to those who are critical to are infrastructure. Medical personnel, police, military, and then trickle down to those who have money (many scientists, and intelligent people) about that time you have the vaccine supply run out now you release Swine Flu V2.0 with a 99.9% mortality rate.

    This scenario gives and intelligent evil overlord the people to create an earthly paradise vs. a 2 dimensional comic book Evil villain who would have a devastated burned out world as his reward.

    Best of all this would require almost no one needing to be aware of the plan. Just those who developed the vaccine and the Swine Flu 2, and a few people who make the decision that the vaccine is given to high priority infrastructure personal, heck even they don’t need to know since that’s just straight logic.

  142. Catherine, I’m not sure if this was mentioned:

    Baxter International, one of the manufacturers of the H1N1 vaccine “accidentally” shipped 72 kilos of human influenza vaccine contaminated with LIVE avian H5N1 bird flu to 18 countries back in Feb of this year. There was virtually no coverage of this in the US.

    Also, “coincidentally”, Baxter also applied for a patent on an vaccine that included the H1N1 virus over a year before the first reported outbreak.

    Patent URL:

    Baxter stands to make billions on this vaccine:




  144. Im a 54 year old old retired fire man from Scotland,and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about four years ago.Before the onset of this illness i was a fit strong healthy guy and i wondered how i came down with this life changing curse.Well i have had two flu jabs due to”my new immune problems”and now i take upto a dozen tablets a day,for various medical problems and let me say that its not pleasant.I feel like an old man most of the day with pain and stiffness, and getting out of bed in the morning is a nightmare. I have had conversations with my GP about trying other forms of natural medicine,and he has basically told me to “go for it” as his hands are tied due to the pharma companies that supply his practise.I believe there are natural cures out there as Ann diamond stated, i wish i could find them before its too late.I have followed the swine flu fearmongering with more than a little bit of knowledge on the subject and i strongly recommend that you and your family! and friends! refrain from taking their flu vaccines, as it will certainly do more harm than good.There are people in this world that will do things to you,that you would never ever think of doing to them.Take care and be safe.

  145. To Gulf War vets and others afflicted with vaccine-induced health problems:

    Depending on your size and weight, take about 20 Wobenzym tablets 2 -3 times a day. Use about 2 entire bottles to eliminate vaccine-related ill-effects.

    I did not have my son vaccinated at all (I gave birth to him at home). However, when he turned 18, he chose to enlist in the military (2006) where he was injected with everything under the sun. The military dentists also installed two amalgam fillings in his rear molars. Needless to say, he came down with some pretty scary reactions which ended up with him getting released from boot camp for medical reasons after six weeks.

    Anyway, when we went to pick him up in person, I bought one bottle of Wobenzym with me and as soon as he got in our car, he had to take 8 tablets along with some bottled water (he is 5’8″/135 lbs). Next day we took him to our dentist who removed both amalgam fillings and replaced them with ceramic-based composites.
    We gave him some Claravale Raw Milk. And he continued to take large amounts of Wobenzym. Within 2 months all symptoms disappeared and he returned to health.

    I learned about Wobenzym from Tom Valentine who runs Carotec – Tom, a former reporter for the Chicago Tribune, once spoke on his radio show about getting vaccine shots in the military (Korean War) and shortly thereafter getting these shots, developed a golf-ball sized lump on his arm at the injection site that lasted about thirty (30) years. After all that time, he learned about Wobenzym and decided to test it out to see if it would resolve this lump, and it did. IIRC, for him it took about 2 weeks for the lump to slowly disappear. I tucked away that info in the back of my mind, so that when my own son put himself in a situation where he was injected with foreign proteins, well, we were able to respond and nurse him back to full health.

    Wobenzym is a systemic enzyme formula as stated on the label. You can do an internet search on Wobenzym to learn of its development/science, etc.
    From the bottle, it contains: pancreatin (300mg), papain (180 mg), bromelain (135 mg), pancreatic trypsin chymotrypsin 72 mg) (3 mg), and rutosid (150 mg).

    The enzymes seek out and digest foreign proteins and molecules.

    Best to all 🙂

  146. Let us look to Jesus, who will come at the appointed hour and rapture the believers. I know He is real, and that he will do as He has promised. There is no other solution but to follow Jesus and accept Him as your savior. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man or woman or child comes to the Father in Heaven except by way of accepting Jesus as savior. Please accept Jesus as your savior now at this late hour. It is your last chance before all Hell breaks loose.

  147. Catherine,
    In your responses, I deeply appreciate your spirit of love and peace–despite what negative emotions and unfair accusations are thrown in your direction. Bless you! The way of the powers that be is filled with all kinds of violence (poisonings, greed, manipulations, etc.). When we fall into the same thing, we play right into their hands! The power of good is always more powerful than evil–not necessarily in the short run, but always in the long run. I pray that as things (likely) worsen, those predisposed to violence don’t become the excuse of the powers that be to impose martial law on the rest of us.

    Like Jason, I must thank Patrick’s List for steering me to your blog. [I’d heard you many times on Coast to Coast, but for some reason, never checked you out on line! I’m so glad someone submitted this particular blog entry to Patrick’s List!]

    Your comments about the swine flu are timely and important, as are the many excellent reader comments. I intend to put together a post assimilated from the material above, and send it to everyone I can think of–crediting your blog, of course.

    I hope to help people wake up a little more. FYI, I live in the Midwest, where a great number of folks take what they call “reality” at face value. Hence, “getting a flu shot” is the norm here, and folks often adhere to this norm as “the responsible thing to do.” Despite our economic chaos, such folks aren’t inclined to doubt their doctors nor commercials for the vaccinations. Such a pity!

    In this regard, I know quite a number of couples here where the wife has gotten up to speed on what’s happening behind the scenes, but the husband (in each case) has dismissed her information and refused to consider it. What’s up with that, I wonder?

    I figure some of my email recipients will dismiss what I send. However, it’s still worth sending. Repeated exposure to new ideas helps to pave the way to receiving them.

    Thanks for all you do, Catherine!

  148. Mike said:
    Even though I truly believe in the whole Socialist takeover via/composed the Foreign Relations Committee in this country, I found this “conspiracy theory” a little over the top.

    Unfortunately, there is much more happening in the background than people see. They don’t see it even when it’s thrown right into their faces.

    Here’s a good example – the president of CFR on a certain show, hosted by a certain host who is not what he appears to be. And, no, I’m not talking about reptilians and that stuff. I am talking about hierarchies of power, and who is really in the more powerful position, regardless of appearances. Appearances can be deceiving, but one can always tell how hierarchy is organized simply by observing how participants relate to each other.

    I must warn you in advance, though, Stephen Colbert is the master in deception and manipulation. He uses every trick available, from subliminal messaging, to NLP, to, I’m certain, couple of others we haven’t even heard about. He has almost hypnotic effect on the viewer, so make sure you observe your mental and emotional states if you decide to watch him in a prolonged period of time. Effects will wear off after you stop watching him, though, so no permanent harm will be done. But I still advise caution. Most people are unable to resist “charisma” when they are exposed to one.


    You can find the same clip on Colbert’s site, but I’m concerned it may be removed at some point in the future, so I’m giving you a backup one.

    Can you resist Colbert’s “charisma” long enough to see what’s really behind his appearance? Can you see who the president of CFR is receiving orders from (and by consequence, who Hillary Clinton is receiving order from as well, by her own words)?

    Or, maybe Hillary actually knows who is really behind CFR? Observe some very strange words and phrases she uses in her speech before CFR. Those could be just coincidental, but they could also be quite intentional.


    Also, why did both president Obama and vice-president Biden appear on the same (completely unimportant) show, hosted by the same (“completely unimportant”?) host?

    It’s possible that only the highest “players” in the US governing structures know who and what Stephen Colbert really is (and some others like him). The rest of them are just “doing their jobs”, unaware of what exactly they are trying to bring about.

    However, even when one peels one layer of this deception (which could be related to “deception in the final days”, but I really wouldn’t know that), there is always another one beneath it.

    Stephen Colbert is just a “foot soldier” for someone else out there, but that piece of information is just too far out for this moment in history. Right now, people lack the right knowledge to make that kind of realizations, and there is not point in rushing the learning process. Everyone will have plenty of opportunities to learn the truth, and some of those opportunities will be very “unpleasant”. That’s the “unavoidable” (and necessary) part I mentioned.

  149. I must now withdraw from this discussion. I don’t want to cause too many problems for catherine and owners of this site. I have already seen two sites under heavy attacks because I presented this information. Both of these sites were operated by US intelligence agencies. If they could (almost) be brought down to their knees, this one really stands no chance.

    Take care, and expect the unexpected.

  150. Long before the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, the U.S. government had already been preparing means to handle the situation. Internment camps are prepared, special presidential powers to implement martial law and to use regular army units on American soil in case of unspecified “natural disasters” are in place, the seeds are stored,etc. I wonder how they knew a few years ago that the swine flu was coming? The whole war on terrorism may just be a clever invention to cover up the real policy in proggress. I hope I am wrong, but it sure looks very suspicious to me.
    See other articles on this topic at: http://marchtowar.wordpress.com/swine-flu-pandemic/

  151. you said:

    “Overwhelmed by what was happening, I estimated the end result. My simple calculations guessed that we were going to achieve economic sustainability on Earth by depopulating down to a population of approximately 500 million people from our then current global population of 6 billion. I was a portfolio strategist used to looking at numbers from a very high level. Those around me could not fathom how all the different threads I was integrating could lead to such a conclusion. To me, we had to have radical change in how we governed resources or depopulate. It was a mathematical result.

    A year later, in 1999, a very capable investment and portfolio strategist asked me if he could come have a private lunch with me in Washington. We sat in a posh restaurant across from the Capitol. He said quietly that he had calculated out where the derivatives and debt bubble combined with globalization were going. The only logical conclusion he could reach was that significant depopulation was going to occur. He said his estimates led to an approximate population of 500 million. I said very quietly, “that’s….”

    What sort of analysis are you talking about? How do you arrive at such a conclusion? What one earth does “calculated out the derivatives” mean?

  152. The Shadow government, who has Really been running this world for some time now, has thought all this out beforehand. They think they know what they are doing and that they will ‘get away with’ all of this evil. They fail the realize that there IS a God who will punish them for their evil deeds for all of eternity. I say, it still is God’s world and what He says, goes. If He allows this filth to run its course, then it’s time for the end; look up! Stay informed and try to save others from an eternity in hell. They choice is all of ours. Satan runs the shadow gov. Isn’t it obvious? Thank God for the good people who are trying to educate others; we will be scorned for it, but we still have to try! Again, look up!

  153. depopulation is long term, its not like 1 day there’s 6 billion and 2 months later its 2 billion. its more like 20 years later.

    im not taking any vaccine. in the worst case scenario the choice will be this, 1.) vaccine and cooperate at reduced (compromized) capacity, or 2.) take no vaccine and get semi-permamnet quarantine, with some terribly sick peoples.

    but i think swine flu is NOTHING. the biggest danger is fear.

  154. Very interesting article. I am familar with the dangers of vaccines and with the concepts of depopulation. One argument I have is that if the elite get a wide variety of people to take the vaccine and it subsequently kills them, aren’t they taking out a good part of the population who are working to support the system? As sick as this reasoning sounds, why don’t they force people who are receiving government assistance and/or people who are a drain on the system and leave those alone who work hard and blindly pay their unapportioned unconstitutional taxes?

  155. Maxi:

    Thank you so much for posting and, as you are a fireman, a lifetime dedicated to serving others in such an important way.

    If of interest, check out the links under the Food & Health section on my blog. There are several people who have been able to show me how to recover from serious toxicity challenges….including betterhealthguy.com and Dr. Laura Thompson. One of my best sources for health information, Franklin Sanders, swears by Dr. Wright and the Tahoma Clinic. I don’t know who their counter parties are in Scotland. I am sure they are there.

    The new Pandemic Online website that I just posted on the blog has several sponsors. One is a website that promotes a serious detox program that looks quite good. You might check that out.

    All the best to you. If you can put out fires on the outside, I know you can put them out on the inside,


  156. You people here aren’t listening:

    “Do you have any idea how impossibly frustrating it is to manage a highly centralized system in which the vast majority of people lack any responsibility to ensure that the whole thing works?”

    How many of you who voted, bothered to look at either Obama’s or McCain’s voting record while they were in the senate before you cast a vote?

    He’s talking about you.

    * It’s a Republic, if you can keep it.
    * An informed electorate is necessary for maintaining a democracy.
    * Fascism requires obedience to the government, a democracy requires constant distrust and suspicion of a government.

    If the people that run this nation plan to kill you all, they’ll do it. They gave away trillions of dollars to a bunch of white collar criminals in a bailout and you did nothing. They went to war over utter and obvious lies, and are still at war, and you’ve done nothing about it. They passed unconstitutional law after unconstitutional law, and you did nothing about it.

    You won’t do anything about it. Just admit it. Accept your fate, it’s the one you deserve.

  157. Quite an interesting article :
    The Fight between Good and Evil in History and the Dialectics between them under the Assumption that
    the human Soul is kind of a Resonance-Place, Sort of a Mirror of that Fighting going on in higher Realms. Good and Bad are present in all Worlds. We as Humans only know 4 visible Realms : The Mineral, The Plants, The Animals, The Humans………….Why should God limit himself to 4 Realms only ? Easy to google : Plato’s Parable of the Cave

  158. Fascinating, Catherine- but consistent with what i’ve come to understand vis-a-vis the NWO complex. One thought on a vaccination program vs. ‘just letting them die’ naturally from onset of the released virus: What I would say is that it’s a matter of both control and efficiency to use vaccines as the mode of death rather than to rely on the uncertaintly of the spread of the virus itself, as one or your readers commented. The spreading of virual agents is a random process, an inefficient one, and ultimately not subject to a predictable outcome consequent with Planner’s expectations. There are too many uncertainty factors and variables that are present–the ‘burn out’ of the virus over time; natural remedies, perhaps an unfortuitious cure, not expected or desired by the Planners. They only get one shot at this, and it has to be done ‘correctly.’ You can believe these things are thought through and directed very carefully. A direct injection, through a campaign of mass deception–an exploitation of fear–would leave little wiggle room, and most likely achieve the best results–a massive genocide.

  159. Richard:

    If you look at my record, I have done a lot. So have thousands and thousands of other people. People who have taken great risk, lost lives, lost fortunes, lost jobs, and on and on.

    Perhaps if we honor the people who have done much and appreciate where things would be if they had not, we would have a great chance of encouraging more…


  160. This seems a little on the fringe to me. Is it possible that there could be a catastrophic event that will wipe out 11/12ths of humanity? Sure it is. Just look at the comet that hit Saturn. Is it possible that the swine flu vaccine is biowarfare against all of humanity? Possible, but highly improbable.

    It seems to me that you’re breeding the same fear that the power elite are. We are all going to die from something. Whether it is en masse or not, who knows? What is the point of living in fear especially since you offer little hope and no way out? What’s the option under the scenarios you’re painting? Go live on an island? Retreat to Costa Rica? Wyoming? Canada?

    Humanity is as doomed as any other species. Our story won’t end well. We all should know that. Why not offer alternatives or hope?

  161. We are all of us crippled by fear, and fear is the most powerful weapon used against us by the elite. Chief amongst these fears is the fear of death. It is the same fear that drives fish to swim in vast shoals, the predators picking off the unlucky or the slow or the brilliantly coloured, with the rest saying quietly to themselves “Thank god, not me, not me , not me.”
    The false reality in which we survive has its first cornerstone in the fear of death. Once the fear of death is in place, the true loving soul of humanity is pushed aside by the instinctive animal mind, motivated by survival. This instinctive animal mind is callous, mean, violent, cowardly, unfeeling and selfish. As our lives progress from the joyous soul of infancy its hold over us grows. Thus are the willing pawns in the great game enslaved, so do we produce the murdering soldier, the unfeeling plutocrat, the cowardly and apathetic citizen, the moronic zombie.
    The fear of death is then built upon by the enormous edifice of control we witness as government, media, debt, police, armed forces,money, lies, deceit, sickness and so on ad nauseam. The entirity of this false reality is reinforced by false history, controlled education, tarnished and evil science.
    We exist in a lie, wrapped in a deceit, cloaked in a falsehood and battened down by the fear, the fear, the fear.
    The world is as we write and read and breathe undergoing the apocalypse, the “lifting of the veil”, wherein more and more humans uncover the truth each day, wherein light enters their souls and they understand the great confidence trick of life, can see the branch and root of it, and determine to rip it up and start again. This unveiling occurs to more and more people each day. In every place there are enlightened people, quietly understanding that the world is about to alter. One day soon there will be 6.5 billion of us and with one mighty shrug we will cast of the insignificant flea that has sat on our shoulders for Millennia and with Love as OUR cornerstone, build a new world.
    Be happy that we are fortunate to live in this time and to be a small part of the start of something amazing.
    The festering sickness of evil that is currently driving us understands our strength and is set to unleash the dogs of war, pestilence famine and death in order to cow us again, to prevent this emergence of spirit that is upon us. We can slow them down, but there will be pain before good triumphs. The key is to uncover your inner soul of good, to drive away the selfish “animal-mind” that allows you to be afraid, lose the fear of death, and set your soul free.

  162. It seems we are closing in on a very real danger, one that is incomprehensible to the public at large. The ‘System’ or mainstream politics and banking is finished. We’re in the middle of the end as we speak. Capitalisation as an experiment is over. Globalization has killed it stone dead.

    On the one hand we’re facing an amazing opportunity. There hasn’t been a chance for change like this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. We are very soon going to be experiencing a fantastic shift in people’s conciousness that will change living on this planet forever.

    Dangerously though on the other hand, like any wounded, dying animal, they aren’t going to go quietly. Whether their plan is global depopulation through vaccines OR the bio warfare, or simply attacking our conciousness with poisons rendering thought, intuition and our ability to tune in to reality incapable, much like in the way fluoride has been used for generations to keep our conciousness in check.

    The great thing is, is that the truth is out. What we have to do is manage the fall out because when everyone eventually finds out the truth, there’s going to be a global revolution the like of which has never been experienced before and I genuinely fear for mankind in that vacuum.

    We have to act before that situation arises. We have to focus peoples minds on a new hope built on the truth, reality, culture and compassion and we have to start now because if wait, it will be too late.

    So do what you can to make people aware. We will have the support of every living person on the planet once they find out the truth. We need to give these people somewhere to turn, away from the anger they will feel that will manifest itself in the breakdown of our society.

    There are people out there, good people who are starting to mobilise right now because we still have time to correct this BUT it’s up to all of us. We cannot afford any longer to be complacent. We all have to act now collectively as one and if we ask for help, we will receive it.

    The Universe is on our side. Use the vibrations to gain the strength we all need before we confront the biggest danger mankind has ever faced.

    For truth and humanity.

  163. Catherine, I recall a line from the Jefferson Airplane that said to “feed your head” A mantra for newer generations should read ” feed your immune system” Go humanity

  164. Plato’s parable of the cave? Hmmm how about this…

    “O ye gods, grant us what is good whether we pray for it or not, but keep evil from us even though we pray for it.” {Plato}

    and this apparantly is in full swing throughout the world. Better to remember the words of the divine “deliver us from all evil for thine is the kingdom.” Christ Jesus
    and O concerning man knows only four realms the Mineral, The Plants, The Animals, The Humans… I would suggest this; there exists 4 dimensions to life- the dimension of air, the dimension of water, the dimension of space and the dimension of the spiritual and yes the spiritual can be discovered now with a simple study of crop circles.


    O I just picked this up from the global research website…

    H1N1 Pandemic: Pentagon Planning Deployment of Troops in Support of Nationwide Vaccination
    Militarization of public health in the case of emergency is now official

    By Michel Chossudovsky

    URL of this article: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14580

    Global Research, July 31, 2009

    According to CNN, the Pentagon is “to establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities in the event of a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus this fall, according to Defense Department officials.”

    “The proposal is awaiting final approval from Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

    The officials would not be identified because the proposal from U.S. Northern Command’s Gen. Victor Renuart has not been approved by the secretary.

    The plan calls for military task forces to work in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There is no final decision on how the military effort would be manned, but one source said it would likely include personnel from all branches of the military.

    It has yet to be determined how many troops would be needed and whether they would come from the active duty or the National Guard and Reserve forces.

    Civilian authorities would lead any relief efforts in the event of a major outbreak, the official said. The military, as they would for a natural disaster or other significant emergency situation, could provide support and fulfill any tasks that civilian authorities could not, such as air transport or testing of large numbers of viral samples from infected patients.

    As a first step, Gates is being asked to sign a so-called “execution order” that would authorize the military to begin to conduct the detailed planning to execute the proposed plan.

    Orders to deploy actual forces would be reviewed later, depending on how much of a health threat the flu poses this fall, the officials said.” (CNN, Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak, July 2009, emphasis added)

  165. I think it’s important for people to realize that a bioweapon is a very inefficient means of killing mass numbers of people. I’ll concede, before I begin, that I am not an expert in molecular biology. I would also like to point out that many such experts have been dying for the last 10 years under mysterious circumstances.

    I believe that it is highly unlikely that a virus will be used to kill off a large percentage of the population. It is possible to create deadly flu viruses in labs, but once released, these viruses begin mixing with native viruses immediately. Through reassortment, the virus will rapidly lose it’s most deadly factors, eventually becoming a nuisance virus that kills only the weak, just as the flu does every year.

    The powers that be depend on people not knowing that basic fact. They will insist that the virus is getting more deadly, which in nature, is very rare. The way to kill people will be the vaccine, rather than the virus. Already, we have heard that the new vaccine will contain squalene, an adjuvant that is implicated in the Gulf War Illness. Squalene is native to the human body. However, when it is injected into the body, an inherently unnatural route, the body reacts to it as an invader, causing the body to create antibodies to squalene. Those antibodies have been found in the soldiers and sailors who received the anthrax shots that are believed to have caused Gulf War Illness.

    That, along with thimerosol, a mercury compound, which has in recent years been implicated in the autism epidemic, are going to be present in the vaccine. For those reasons alone, you should say no to the vaccine. It is likely, however, that they will attempt to make it mandatory. Their success in that endeavour will depend on how much of the population doubts the safety of the vaccine and the dangers of the swine flu.

    The elites are taking a great risk right now. If they make the vaccine mandatory, a probably significant percentage of the population will resist actively. The media will, of course, attempt to excoriate and demonize those who refuse to take the vaccine just as they demonize the “birthers” who doubt the president’s citizenship and the “9/11 conspiracy nuts” who don’t buy into the official conspiracy of 9/11.

    But forcing people to take an injection is a very personal thing. I believe they risk alienating even the most braindead of the television-watching sheeple.

    We’re in for some “interesting times.”

  166. Tim:

    I agree that this is an inefficient one…there are many considerations that it is almost impossible to speculate on them. It seems to me that lowering immune systems has been an efficient way to build centralized control and helping to offset the increases in age expectancy resulting from a variety of other positive developments. Vaccines is part of doing so.

    A plague will be a great cover story for what is happening in the economy and will continue to happen over the next year. Blame for unemployment can be shifted from the banks and the leadership to the plague.

    A plague can be used as a great cover story to assert much greater domestic control — important to elites who are concerned about people turning on them.

    The medical-drug cartel is an important cartel. Winning support for an event requires all the cartels to agree. So there needs to be ways over times for the events to increase their power and money.

    The possibilities go on and on.

    What is absolutely clear is no effort is being made to rebuild the real economy — quite the opposite. The Fed and Treasury are doing everything they can to tear it down or make it more dependent on government. That leaves open the question — what do you do with the people?

    And on and on…


  167. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601124&sid=aShZig0Cig4g

    “May 13 (Bloomberg) — The World Health Organization is investigating a claim by an Australian researcher that the swine flu virus circling the globe may have been created as a result of human error.

    Adrian Gibbs, 75, who collaborated on research that led to the development of Roche Holding AG’s Tamiflu drug, said in an interview that he intends to publish a report suggesting the new strain may have accidentally evolved in eggs scientists use to grow viruses and drugmakers use to make vaccines. Gibbs said he came to his conclusion as part of an effort to trace the virus’s origins by analyzing its genetic blueprint.

    “One of the simplest explanations is that it’s a laboratory escape,” Gibbs said in an interview with Bloomberg Television today. “But there are lots of others.” ”

    Did anyone hear about this or know what the follow-up on this is?

    I am an RN (risk), work in an emergency room (more risk), and I’m pregnant (which makes me more worried about the vaccine than the flu). I will be saying NO to any ‘rushed to the market’ vaccine, mandatory or voluntary. I still remember the push-back from health care professionals shortly after 9/11 when the govt recommended that we get the small pox vaccine. I don’t know anyone I work with who participated, and the nursing organizations were very much against the campaign.

    I can’t imagine why national govts, the CDC, WHO and many other acronyms would be in such fits (and enough to even suggest mandatories) about the H1N1 when deaths worldwide are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than human influenza. The only conclusions I’ve come up with are: a.) a CYA reaction to accidental human error/escape as suggested in the above referenced article. b.) “cry wolf” or crisis propoganda to push legislation (controls, loss of liberties) they want. or c.) something more sinister as Catherine has suggested.

    If none of this materializes, someone’s still making alot of money off of hysteria.

  168. Nice article, Catherine.

    I am also surprised by the readiness and engagement of the authorities this time, something quite different from the bird flu. There is a hightened level of urgency in the air, and there is more fear around in general.

    I am personally sensing that there is a change going on at the global collective subconscious level, and to me it seems to be for the worse for the majority of people. There is kind of a polarization going on, producing a split in the vertical axis of consciousness, leaving people at the bottom and at the top. And putting pressure on those that try to stay dynamically centered within the vertical spectrum of consciousness.

    There is no doubt in my mind that earth and its population is now entering – and already have entered – a period where we will see some quite dramatic changes. There is no doubt a deep level intutive understanding of this fact, already within the global subconsciousness, and gradually we are witness its realization coming through. But the collective consciousness is not ready for this yet, there is so much uncertainty within man.

    I believe this process will go on, and it will accelerate the coming couple of years. The former illusionary ideas of safety, especially as part of a global community, will wither away quite easily. The polarization will increase, leaving people either in apathy and denial, or towards mental overactivity with thousands of loose ends making up a big mess: irrationality. Either way the end is total irrationality both in the domain of nature/lower man and of grace/higher man, as that is the logical result of the philosophical development the last 500 years.

    We reap as we have sown. This is all about universal law and how it operates, and because we do not generally know universal law, most of us will be at loss this time. The world will indeed be taken by surprise, because we did not do our homework. Truth has been here all the time, but we never took off our glasses so we could see clearly. The consequences will be unheard of.

    My advise is to stay calm but spend your time wisely and efficiently. Because time is now getting precious. The spiritual preparation is far more important than any other preparation. Time alone will be more important than ever. We have to prepare to meet our Maker.

  169. Dr. Mercola is going to address the question of the H1N1 vaccine and all vaccines….with many other professionals..
    Vaccine Seminar October 2nd-4th, 2009
    Is swine flu something you should worry about or is it just a lot of hype? Will you be required to get an experimental swine flu vaccine or be quarantined? Discover the answer to this and many other vaccine-related questions Oct. 2-4

    Thanks for your blog, Gisele, I’m going to check out the product that save some lives in the 1900’s
    gelsemium & influenzinum ( another excellent homeopathic flu remedy)

    I might check into to Swedish Bitters too……thanks Greece lady….

    My favorite is Beta Glucans…..a immune enhancer…I have been taking them since 1996 and haven’t been sick with a cold or the flu since!

    Well, I take that back I did get acquired Mycroplasma Pneumonia while living in Phoenix, a year ago. ( I saw lots of chemtrails out there too, maybe I got sprayed with it, never know do we Catherine!). I checked out online the pollution levels and oxygen levels in USA and I think Phoenix had about 1% good air! Lots of dust and desert fever spores floating around too..a bad type of pneumonia to get…glad I’m not living there.

    I have a Zapper too..so I should be all set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!

  170. Catherine, My apologies. I looked after it was written and it wasn’t there. Looked again and it reappeared.I have much respect for what you’re doing and hpoefully you can reach a large percentage of the uninformed.

  171. Catherine, what do you think about the idea circulating that the federal government’s desire to control us (e.g. mandatory vaccinations) is tempered only by the fact the the population is armed? The idea is that if they could take control, they would. Since they can’t take control with conventional weapons, they’re using bio-warfare instead….

    I am not advocating that we arm ourselves; just interested in your (and others’) thoughts.

    Thanks and bless you.

  172. Aug 2nd, 2009 at 6:52 pm
    EMERGENCY UPDATE : Bird Flu Distributed by Dept of Homeland Security
    April 12, 2009
    “Mary”, caller to the Power Hour on March 30, 2009, gives many details that the Dept of Homeland Security is transporting and distributing bird flu in mass quantities. Thanks to http://www.youtub
    Pakistan Daily: The Pakistan News Agency
    August 1, 2009
    New Evidence: That The ‘Swine Flu’ Pandemic Is Man-Made
    Filed under: World — Tags: flu, Pandemic, swine flu — Satinder SINGH @ 7:36 am
    This same letter is all over the internet, not just in the above newspaper..
    It’s funny isn’t it…..they let the children and the woman go first! I’d like to the see the Senators and Congressman and President take the first doses of it! And then wait and see if they get the flu or die from the vaccine? Let’s be praying for these Maine kids and moms…….

    Maine preparing ‘mass vaccination’ of students
    Staff Writer Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel 08/01/2009
    AUGUSTA — Maine is preparing for a “mass vaccination” of students to guard against the spread of the H1N1 virus and its more common cousin, seasonal influenza, the state’s top doctor said Friday.
    The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has secured more than 200,000 doses of seasonal influenza vaccine, enough for all of Maine’s school children, said Dr. Dora Anne Mills, CDC director. more………………http://morningsentinel.mainetoday.com/news/local/6679462.html
    I”m already taking this: Vitamin D-2 2000 units for my osteoporosis…so according to this doctors article if may help to stand off the Flu!

    Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D
    Main Category: Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine
    Also Included In: Flu / Cold / SARS; Infectious Diseases / Bacteria / Viruses; Swine Flu
    Article Date: 15 Sep 2006 – 0:00 PDT
    H1N1 Swine Flu and Vitamin D

    Learn about the profound effects vitamin D has on the immune system and why it could potentially be a potent ally this coming swine flu season!

    Read the H1N1 Flu and Vitamin D edition of our Vitamin D Newsletter (subscription form at top of page).

    Watch this video of an interview with Vitamin D Council Executive Director Dr. John Cannell, where he explains vitamin D’s effect on innate and adaptive immunity and what that means in relation to preventing viral infections, such as the flu or the common cold.

    by the way..I am not in hysteria, but I have a medical background and alot of experience in the medical field. And I used to listen to my Dad when he helped to get the union started for Goodyear Tire and Rubber….he was also like a Ralph Nader then too, not only to get better wages but a better environment for the workers who were being exposed to “Benzene”. The employees and the surrounding neighborhoods of the factory were dying of cancers and the workers were getting Leukemia…, (my dad got CLL later in life, but he didn’t sue nor die of it)…..from nearly swimming in the stuff as they would rinse the tires off with it…..so yes, I have compassion for people and I do believe in workers rights and I believe that our corporations ( even hospital/or nursing home/or assisted living corporations), its all about the money! They really don’t care about us, nor now does our government.
    I also believe in speaking up and telling the truth and I also believe in the what Jesus Christ taught his followers to be aware of in the “end times”. So I am watching and praying and waiting…but I am not the silent type…..I have always cared so deeply for people and so deeply about the injustices, that I have seen go on in our world. I believe in, what our Lord came to to do ……to tip over the tables of the moneychangers…to heal the sick and to destroy the works of the Evil one.
    I am only following Him ! And not the false Christ either! My God is a Awesome God, He Reigns in Heaven on High! We may be singing this song when the Christians have their coming out party..so start singing it now…..cuz if Marital Law happens honey over a flu shot…we are going to need a good song…….to sing.

  173. Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the women I most admire in the ‘world’. I am with Mike/ please since when is there all this supposed interest in ‘saving’ lives. Not when we’re so cavalier about millions in war/abortions – no decent health care etc. There has to be a GREAT DIE off/ look at the economic (world wide) situation -The financial debacle is only just in its first stages. I have heard elitists cavalierly talking about the NEED for pop reduction/ not them of course. They talk in numbers of billions!! I understand that in the Czech republic who bothered to TEST their Free Samples found them contaminated with Avian Flu. I suggest that people CHECK what is in this flu vaccine (Google it) you’ll be shocked. TRUE – thousands of Gulf War I have died / due to untested vaccines (Anthrax – Squalene) —-What’s the matter with people? They’ll WARN their kids about strangers and DUH let them be injected with a product they know NOTHING about. Children’s immune systems are NOT developed. Ask yourself, WHY don’t Amish children have autism when it’s pandemic across the land?

    They don’t inject their kids with upwards of 25 vaccines BEFORE school/ vaccines that contain MERCURY which crosses the blood barrier in the brain. It’s time folks put a stop to this nonsense of buying every pig in a poke because someone in a white coat says, “Believe me it’s fine”. Tell that to our veterans / My brother in laws came back from Vietnam sterile due to Agent Orange. Where was the government for these guys / they told them they were suffering STRESS/ same with Desert Storm Troops and today’s soldiers.

    Check out Senate Hearings on experiments done on different areas of the country without their knowledge. Look at our state of affairs – my God has the government done anything right, except feather their own nests, for years? We’re # ONE, huh, with people living in tents, dying on ER floors – a country that could reach the moon but not New Orleans in FIVE days. I give up.

  174. Predicting the future is very risky. Not only are there many variables, but humans have selective perception, so you will unconsciously prioritize the information that reinforces your conscious or unconscious beliefs. Maybe all these plans are actually being rolled out, that does not mean they will succeed. Fear and negativity will definitely reduce your immune system’s efficacy. I endeavor staying in the present moment as much as I can.

  175. Hey, keep your eye out for chemtrails. I saw one get laid from one side of the horizon to the other today over Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps a website can be formed where people can submit evidence of Chemtrails, as well as submissions of details regarding, them, perhaps if such a website can be created in a way that it is credible then over time, more and more people can be brought to take an interest. I mean it’s a pretty easy thing for people to observe for themselves, so even those that aren’t inclined to normally do any research or take an interest in the important issues of the day may be motivated to pull their finger out 🙂

  176. http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=newsHighlights&newsId=46 On Swine Flu.
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14568 America’s Expansive Bioweapons Industrial Complex
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14443 Millions of Britons face being put in quarantine this summer
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14411 Vaccination Kills: Deaths resulting from medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus

    Implanting Microchips into Insects. US Military Develops “Cybug Spies” http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14380
    Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination Alert: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14370

    Bill Gives Attorney General Power To Designate Gun Owners, Tax Protesters As Terrorists
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14249:Big Brother is Watching You: Pervasive Surveillance Under Obama
    Obama: The Emperor’s Seven Signing Statements http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14208
    Obama’s Czars “R” US! http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14181

    Canada to Vaccinate Entire Population
    The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and What They May Be Planning Now

    Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13736

    BILL GATES, MONSANTO & THE ROCKEFELLER s financed Doomsday vault in Norway http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message511392/pg1

    These are just a few stories that are out there for everyone to read…all are disconcerning and for me I discovered most of America are clueless…over 35 Million Americans are on anti-depressants and 43% of Americans donot pay federal taxes and could careless about “What” is going on in our country or the world. I quit watching any TV media news and reading news papers before the last election..for me the America I knew was gone. Every time Obama spoke it scared the c**p out of me..this country was about One Man..according to the media. In 6 months he is setting things up so that he and his puppeteers can destroy America, real simple. Huge deals are being made to set things up..soon he will start setting in place his Army, which has begun in New York. I don’t know about the rest of you, but prayers are not going to stop this man and all he is putting in place. We must unite and get together, tea parties are a start…we need to support those who oppose him in politics, its the only way. Get all those that are now in office in Washington..voted Out, in the next election. I don’t care if its Bugs Bunny running against Harry Reid , we must get these insane people out of office, now.
    Give a few bucks to the person running against the democrates…whatever you can afford, 1.00 helps, just do it.
    We must get our country back…we need to tell a neighbor..a friend ..anyone who will listen, get them to send in a dollar to their local and state runners in the election. We must stand together and do something…Everyday Obama’s people are out there working to collect votes, we Must do the same.
    There are 38 Million senior votes out there alone…find a way for them to get their voice heard and get their votes in. We Must Stop this healthcare bill..Cap and Trade and whatever else they manage to sneek in these bills. We can no longer afford to sit around and do nothing..We Must act now..Pray morning noon and night if you like…but Do something that will change the elections. We have our country to protect and our children and their children, we are the Greatest country on earth in less than 300 years…get busy..we have work to do. Obama has No clue who America is…lets show him what America is made of..God Bless America

  177. People…you need to know that your body produces antibodies everyday.
    Each one customised to your own needs. The unused antibodies are ex-
    creted out in your urine in the morning. Pharmacies extract compounds
    from urine to make their medicines! (take Murine for example).
    There is reference in the bible to drinking your urine during illnes.
    The astronauts drink their own urine while in space.
    Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

  178. There is current information on Codex and the Swine Flu Vaccination issues at Natural Solutions Foundation. This site give very current information on many such issues from all around the world. There are several bills currently being considered by Congress that you can review and write your Congress person about.

  179. In the 1990s the LA Times Published info from CFR and they openly stated and I believe are still stating ‘ 1 billion sheelpe on planet earth ‘

  180. Another thing to think about is how chemtrails play into all of this. I live in San Diego and they are constantly spraying them. I am constantly feeling like I have allergies or am coming down with a cold, while my lifestyle and healthy habits are the same as when I lived up in Los Angeles, where believe it or not I felt healthy most of the time. I feel like they are “experimenting” or “seeding” the population here with some kind of suttle immune disruptors, but how could I ever find out for sure. Your first poster mentioned the swine flu could be specially designed as part of a mass depopulation campaign which I believe is a real possibility with what we know about the PNAC and NWO among others. Yes, what can we do to protect ourselves and our children, it is about much more than money now. Its about what we breath and what goes into our bodies. This really scares me to think we have so little control even over having a clean environment.

  181. Just points to ponder. Did it seem odd to anyone that the Secretary of Homeland Security not so quietly stepped out front a few days back to make statements about the severity of the “upcoming” swine flu. So, for those of you who discredit the “conspiracy nuts,” a few questions. Why the bold announcement by the Secretary of Homeland Security vice the Director of CDC or NIH? Does this not seem very odd for a virus that has killed relatively few people? Would not the CDC Director or NIH Director be a much more logical choice for announcements/communications on flu issues? How is it that the government can be so precise in their timings of the start of the “flu season?” Why so much hype about mass vaccination when the totality of the flu situation is not even a good guess at this point. Why is this occurring at this time and not in other years when the mortality rate for the flu was much much higher. Of course, those of us “in the know,” can easily answer these questions. This is one agenda that IS NOT hidden.

  182. You all should read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope.N.y.: Macmillan, 1965 and his Anglo- American Establishment. Mr. Quigley was Mr. Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown and recommended him for the Rhodes scholarship to Oxford (also a Fulbright scholarship, too, I think). Then read Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist (a review of Tragedy and Hope). Then read Taylor Caldwell’s Captains and the Kings, C.S. Lewis, sci/fi trilogy, esp. That Hideous Strength. And then his Great Divorce and Letters to An American Lady. Also read R. Buckminster Fuller’s Writings, et al and etc. There are many writings about the conspiracy. About 9 yrs. ago I read a work which cited a fictional work written about 1906 which discussed the nafta type treaties which would remove jobs from the American economy in the 1990s. Imagine that. The fictional work was written by a son of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The work citing his work was written by a Ph.D. in political science who had grad. from UNC-Chapel Hill. Amazing stuff. About 20 yrs ago I heard that there were people in the Intelligence community who knew about the conspiracy and were working to oppose it(while others in the same community were working to support it). Interestingly enough the answer seems to have been spelled out by C.S. Lewis in his, That Hideous Strength where the conspirators succeed and get to do what they please. Ransom, a central character in the work (whose symbolism is obvious from his name), says, “They pull down upon their own heads Deep Heaven.” Whereupon Deep Heaven literally comes down to earth (and of course you can’t be evil in the presence of such goodness. The really bad people commit suicide, and the rest get converted even incluing the bears (read the book)). The obvious parallel is to be found in the First and Second Great Awakenings and in the origins of the Great Century of Missions (Kenneth Scott Latourette’s title of his volume in church history). In my researches in the great awakenings I found examples of where Heavenly power came down to earth (cf. Wesley’s Journal where he, Whitefield and others were unable to rise from the floor of the room in which they had met for prayer, because there was such a presence in the room that they were utterly overwhelmed). Jonathan Edwards Humble Attempt (a plea for united prayer for the propagation of the Gospel among the Heathen by Christians)(Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1973, Vol II, p.283) led to prayer for missions and likely to the Second Great Awakening in America as result of the prayers of those moved by the tract and the scriptural promises contained therein. Look at this work, plead the promises of it for that the Third Great Awakening, the one that wins the whole earth and every soul in it in one generation and then for a 1000 more genrations. That way the promise to Christ for a number which no human can number will be fulfilled. I have been praying for such awakening for 36 yrs. The time is drawing nigh for an answer….not as though my prayers count for much, but there are many others praying now (and who knows who shall be moved by this comment to so pray). The darker the hour, the nearer the dawn. It is a great time to be alive and to pray for victory in a time like this. Think of what such a victory will mean to our children and grandchildren and beyond. The bible says “at evening time it shll be light.” It also says the whole earth shall be full of his knowledge and glory as the waters cover the sea (Isa.11:9; Hab.2:14). The Psalmist prays, Ps.72:19, “Let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen and Amen.” Such a prayer by the inspired writer is a prophecy and a promise and a pledge for us to plead in our prayers for the cause of good and justice and righteousness and peace. Adoniram Judson, the noted missionary to Burma, was asked about the future of his mission when the cause seem to be the darkest and most bleak. He said it was as bright as the promises of God. Let us pray, pleading such reliable promises, remembering that this nation was born in two great Awakenings and the biblical truth of man’s depravity was written into the founding documents in the form of checks and balances (as man is depraved you dare not trust anyone with too much power, so you set the representatives to watching one another, which results in the greatest freedom possible for individuals and institutions. Our hope for the future is as bright as God’s promises which we plead and for which we must be willing to labor. Who knows what God will do? He does, and He has given us some substantial reasons to hope and to press on even as our ancestors and predecessors did before us. Like the Pilgrims in their Mayflower Compact, Let us be willing to be stepping stones for others after us to advance the cause of Christ and freedom and humanity. If any one thinks I am thinking of an imposed faith, they could not be more wrong. As Roger Williams held, so I hold. And from him and his example of belief and behavior (the actual putting of faith into law), we can encourage every person who wants to be free to be a part of that kind of view which was always the appeal of the Amrican experiment to so many of the earth. Which is just what one would expect from the living God in Christ, the freedom to respond or not respond as one’s desire inclines him or her to respond or not.

  183. I’m afraid you are right. Many Native Americans have known about this for years (having been among the first to experience attempts at de-population.) The bad news is that calamitous events will occur in the next few years. The good news is that some people will survive and will be able to communicate with each other and heal the world (the Creator has given us a sacred ceremony, and there are those who are keeping it safe.) We each need be a light worker and, according to our belief system, prepare in case we will be returning to the spirit world sooner than we might otherwise have anticipated. You are all in my prayers.

  184. To further this argument, this is excellent fuel for the fire,after reading,please scroll down and DO listen to the audio,absolutely draconian: http://www.thecrowhouse.com/janeburg.html#Avoid

    Do you realize that the WHO now has the power to mandate mandatory vaccinations of every person in 194 countries?? DO NOT TAKE THIS VACCINE!

    Note the link made between the swine flu pandemic and the current global finacial meltdown, including the role of the dollar.

  185. These parts is Red Neck country. We’re not taking the flu shot. No way. Yeah, we’re war trained and we mean what we say. No flu shot. They can kiss our big fat asses.

  186. Northern Target:

    Catherine, why don’t you just admit to yur loyal readers that the H1 N1 pandemic is just the first phase of a global government plan to euthanize a large segment of the population in order to spare them the horror of the coming astronomical E.L.E.

    Perhaps you just don’t want to give up your space in the D.U.M.B arks.

    Not sure how you and your survivor friends are going to continue to exist with the silent role each of you played in covering up the greatest catastrophe in recorded history. I sincerely feel sorry for all of you, especially when you transcend this life to the next one.

  187. Northern Target:

    I see your emotional self is back.

    Here is how bad things are — I have NO IDEA what an astronomical E.L.E. is. (Something like the new Nicholas Cage movie, no doubt. You know when you and Hollywood are pushing something, well….)

    That is not at the top of the discussion list, here in Hickory Valley. Today, top of our agenda was getting a fence up around the garden because of the deer and fixing up a local location for yard sales.

    Meantime, if the end of the world is coming, how come Carlye and KKR and Goldman are so busy buying up everything on the monopoly board?

    Maybe you should warn them.



  188. On another front, Kiplinger reports today in their new newsletter that only 40 million vaccine doses will be ready this fall, another 40 million in spring and most of us will have to do without…

  189. Hello All,

    I have a degree in Biology (Concentration in Pre-Med), which I received on full scholarship for Biology and am one class away from my Masters in Marine Biology. I’m no doctor but have done some research in several of the areas in question and think that you might find this quite interesting. Additionally, FYI, I was vaccinated as a child, as was my husband, however, after a lot of research I have chosen to not vaccinate my 19 month old daughter and none of us will be taking the Swine Flu Vaccine or any other vaccinations ever again, for reasons I will list later.

    Having done 3 years of research at Protocol 3 during my graduate study, which governs things like HIV, EBOLA, SWINE FLU, SMALLPOX, ANTHRAX, etc. Basically all of the little nasty bugs that can easily be released on a population to do massive amounts of damage or manipulated in the lab to be more “effective” killers, I can tell you under no uncertain terms that the Baxter Pharmaceutical “accident”, of just a few months ago, was no accident at all. I can vividly remember that, under compliance of Protocol 3, it took at least five, yes you read right… FIVE, signatures to get anything containing, used in or used with these viruses simply moved from room to room. It would have taken some 30 signatures or more to have live strains released into the vaccinations to be distributed. More than one person had to be knowingly turning their heads the wrong way, a lot more, for that to happen. It is in my humble opinion that every medical professional who has ever worked under Protocol 3, or even knows the level of security involved in working at it, should be standing up and pointing their finger at the 800 pound elephant in the room. They aren’t, are they? Why? Well, very few are doing so due to the hold that the Big Pharma has on the AMA and other major medical institutions. So, with that said, let us look at how this “Swine Flu” has come about.

    First, we know that just about every modern day viral problem associated with livestock, (Swine Flu, Avian Flu, etc.) has come from mass production of livestock and all were in unclean living conditions by human standards, but acceptable by Federal and State standards and guidelines in most cases, which is amazingly frightening and I personally only eat organic meat or wild caught fish from NZ where the toxic contents are the world’s lowest.

    Second, we know that these viruses have been around for ages. A really, really long time and mutation takes a long time. The thing that we have found in the lab to cause mutation very quickly was exposure to antibiotics, and you can take your pick because they all cause mutations at one level or another. The exposure of the virus to these sets off it’s defense system. What do they PUMP into our cows, pigs, chickens? ANTIBIOTICS. Nonstop. You will find antibiotics in eggs as well, unless you are getting your supply from a free range or organic meat supplier. People don’t realize they are eating the very things which will cause a mutation, but the USDA knows. The FDA knows. The US GOV knows. I know they know because it was the research that I was a part of that told them about it through hard data.

    Third, it would be basically impossible for the Swine and Avian Flu viruses to merge in nature, which is where the gov’t says it happened. Why? Well, in nature, for the animals to be able to support these viruses you would have to have these two animals living in extremely close proximity in horrid conditions, preferably having a layer of chickens on top of the pigs without any air circulation or clean stalls, just for starters. I don’t know of anywhere on the planet where there is a mass production Chicken Farm within, say, 100 feet of a mass production Pig Farm, do you? If so, I’d like to know. So, with that laid down, then how in the world do these viruses combine, maintaining their ability to infect, much less mutate to something more deadly?

  190. Dear Catherine:

    Pretty good. Obfuscation and misdirection juxtaposed against contextually misplaced and flawed logic. I guess I forgot with whom I was engaging.

    For this brief moment I am willing to entertain the idea that I have lost my mind, stepped on a biochemcial landmine of sorts, as well as embrace the notion that the intent of this forum is to educate the public about the fact that you “believe one of the goals of this swine flu vaccine is depopulation.” What do you think the populace should do with this education? What do you think the populace should do about those that gave impetus to this plan, and those that helped carry it out?
    I mean, this is your tea party. I, at least, expected food and beverage, nourishment of some kind, which I suggest necessitates active involvement, nout voyeurism. Is this just a BYOI event taking place in a hall which you have rented, simply for the occassion of observation?

  191. Northern Target:

    My name is Catherine Austin Fitts. I live in Hickory Valley, TN. I make my living from the revenues that come from our on line store and individuals and families who are my investment advisory clients. My detailed resume is available under “About Us” at http://www.solari.com. My values and opinions are available in the commentary on my blog and the archives at my website.

    And you are? And you live where? And your income comes from what company or organization or government contractor or agency?

    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me!



  192. Dear Catherine,

    Would you tell us how this number (500 Million) is achieved.

    If you would rather not go through the full explanation, could you please recommend resources that can help (the curious) us calculate it on our own?

    Thank you for your time.

  193. From Join Slaves Anonymous v. 2009.06.06 by Servant.

    If you are tired of merely complaining about being enslaved and seeing others threatened with more enslavement, join us in Slaves Anonymous to make local changes to improve your security. You and your neighbors have the autonomy, creativity, diversity, potency and transcendence to become self-owners and create the conditions necessary for emancipation of your local community from the tyranny of colonization, corporatism, debt-based money, empire, eugenics, fascism, psychopathy, serfdom, slavery, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it. You can create ways that lead to less bondage and more humane treatment for your neighbors and yourselves. Solutions for the common man, woman, or child have been and forever will be grassroots ones that emerge organically from within each of us. Let’s work together: You create solutions in your community; I’ll create them in mine.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

  194. I used to think that the all the talk of the globalists desire to depopulate the earth, on their terms, was the poster child for paranoia.

    I teach college level statistics and research methods and I know how to quantitatively and qualitatively analyze data and I am one of the paranoid as I believe there is a group who very much wants to do us harm.

    The trend curve is clear regarding intent and opportunity of the global elite to perpetrate a plot to slowly reduce the population over time. One needs to look no further than Baxter who has been caught in the act attempting to spread the bird virus this past February and now they and Novartis have been given the contracts to rush to market a swine flu vaccine complete with squalene and MF-59. These are adjuvants which which are linked to autoimmune disease in the Gulf War Vets who were given the anthrax vaccine. Now the globalists want to force you to take their vaccine as they get rich off of this slow motion genocide.

    I have posted Datherine’s blog to http://www.freedomsphoenix.com. Please visit the web site today and digg her blog on the swine flu. It is critical that we spread the word to as many people as possible about the coming holocaust.

    Please also look at the links to my two part series that I wrote for http://www.freedomsphoenix.com on this topic.



    My show airs on Sunday nights from 9-11pm central- http://www.republicbroadcasting.org click listen live

    May God keep us safe.

    Dave Hodges

  195. Captain Moroni:

    I have declined to approve your comment as you refer to organizing violent actions. This blog is not an appropriate venue for such discussions. See my prior comments at this blog post.

    Prayers for us all,


  196. Catherine,

    Your fearlessness is inspiring. I didn’t say courage, because that implies the presence of fear. Ethically, a person who believes that there is such a plan, has a responsibility in love to advise others. Being aware that one will be called a looney for believing this is part of the territory, but those who share the awareness are grateful for those who are willing to speak up.

    Here is a message I transcribed for a friend and it reinforces statements above about a common consciousness. My friend approved the posting of this message without needing credit.

    “The world of wars and hatred and fighting and separateness caused by ignorance is soon to be a thing of the past. Force power is nothing compared to the expodential power of love and the oneness of all creatures, plants, animals and seemingly static objects and through this connection to others expressing love, one by one. All of us and all of you on Earth will have a strong network. It is quickly building rapidly day by day, week by week and it will become a point where the scales will tip to where love is more powerful than the energies of war and hatred to the point where good people will no longer tolerate the actions of these misquided people. Don’t misunderstand me because the love now is already more powerful and stronger than the power of hatred that causes wars.. fears. But see the collective unity of all humans with the spirit world is not strong enough because of the separateness of ego to overcome and eradicate the fear and hatred-driven world that causes war.

    But as this coalesces and strengthens into one (it is happening rapidly) then you will see. So have no fear [that] this ignorance of man, the greed, will soon be a thing of the past and those who profess it and who spew it, this venomous hatred, will serve their time and will need to repent and will come forward into the light of God so that they can resolve their karmic debts or they will forever be jailed in their consciousness of ego or beyond. And that is why most religions encourage followers, if you want to call them that, to practice right speech and right actions and love one another and not cause harm, think properly and act properly as the way to happiness and to finding God. For all these actions of war, of which we have probably left out some, every individual can transform their consciousness to oneness with God, as well as, on the more physical level to become better people and become examples for others on Earth on how to live. So by radiating positivity that comes from the heart and not from a self-help book or a business zealot, it comes from the heart, you will find that others will be drawn to that and will want to be the same. Even your enemies cannot be able to infiltrate your powerful energy, your positiveness and love.”

  197. C’mon…the hype, unfounded non-factual theories, the paranoid ideas flowing from people’s minds.

    Its unbelievable. I use to drink the kool-aid that you folks are tasting now.

    Its a waste of time, and you’ll find out soon enough. But in the interim, please indulge yourself.

    All this talk and hype is all about making millions using fear and intimidation.

    If authors such as Fitts were legendary, she would not be leading the charge from a blog.

    Leadership is action, not position. ~Donald H. McGannon

    So we know your position, are you gonna get those pretty dresses dirty and do something constructive?? Like a demonstration, protest, march…hello (echo, echo,echo).

    This is all talk. If you meant what you said, and were truly concerned, you would not be sitting

    on your butt telling others about doom and gloom

  198. dogismythe said:

    “So we know your position, are you gonna get those pretty dresses dirty and do something constructive?? Like a demonstration, protest, march…hello (echo, echo,echo).

    This is all talk. If you meant what you said, and were truly concerned, you would not be sitting”

    I know Catherine can defend herself, but these remarks are absurd. Mass resistance begins with mass awareness, and TPTB’s corporate media has only given the masses the mushroom treatment WRT their flu/vax scam. This blog by Catherine, and this comment dialog it’s facilitating, have been immensely constructive in reaching & informing thousands of unaware folks, and those grass root ripples are still in play, brewing into a tsunami. This blog has been widely reposted and emailed. Catherine’s bringing her credibility to the calling out of the bioterror/depopulation elephant in the room, an observation otherwise easily dismissible as the rantings of those elusive “paranoid conspiracy nut-jobs”, has been a coup towards raising mass awareness.

    Readers emailing and re-posting this blog to messageboards, networking sites etc, are also being constructive in waking up others, getting us closer to that critical mass which tips the feasibility of successfully forcing mass vaccinations towards infeasibility…

    Many who read this blog and http://birdflu666.wordpress.com will still get the vax- but as Catherine states in the essay, what others believe (and consequently what they do/don’t DO) is their individual responsibility. Many will not get the vax, because at best its safety & efficacy are a mystery– and at worst it’s a diabolical, genocidal act of war waged by TPTB against the common people who TPTB can otherwise be found parasiting off of. Many/most individuals refusing a “mandatory vaccine” is a constructive act of civil disobedience. But this necessarily begins with awareness. Are you saying that raising awareness of whatever audience you can influence, is somehow “unconstructive”?

    dogismythe: IF you were still, you know, “sipping the kool-aid” WRT this flu/vax thing, WHAT CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION WOULD YOU BE TAKING? Would you be giving TPTB a piece of your mind, via TPTB’s magical diebold “voting” blackboxes? Would you be endeavoring to wake up those within your personal sphere of influence? What are the specific “constructive actions” which you’re criticizing Catherine (& others) for “failing” to take, oh man-of-action?

  199. When Catherine writes “I believe one of the goals of the swine flu vaccine is depopulation. Perhaps it is the goal of a swine flu epidemic as well, whether bio-warfare or hype around a flu season”

    … and then her opinion is repeatedly attacked (in such a way as to try to destroy her credibility), despite the historical facts supporting her hypothesis….

    … then you can identify the paid-for provocateurs at work here.

    Since when is it a problem to have an opinion and then not act on it? Or even change your mind?

  200. This is cause for concern, but not to worry. The world is a very big place and it takes a long while to destroy it (and depopulate it). We’ve been furiously at it with everything we’ve got in America for 40 years and it’s only now just starting to crumble apart with the planned systematic destruction of the American system of sovereign credit.

    Global central bank coordinated lowering of select economies interest rates discourages saving and encourages cheap-money high-spread risk. Deregulation dismantles the safety valve and the systemically important Ponzi scheme is created to boom-bust-bail-out the elite and essentially kill off the poor, through the primacy of fraudulent claims of wealth without basis, or the supremacy of paper over human lives.

    It’s all been attempted before, but the last time we were on the “noble” side of the equation, defeating Hitler and his money laundering operation known as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) set up by Hjalmar Schacht. Few people realize the economic motivation of Hitler’s creation and financing due to the focus on the holocaust.

    Even Hitler feared Schacht, and rightly so, for the only thing more fearful than an insane lunatic with a genocidal ethnic cleansing program is a central banker empowered by government.

    Today the BIS is the topmost hierarchy of the central banks set up under the Rothschild dictat of a centralized economic global new order, otherwise known as global Fascism.

    You should read my blog, letthemfail.us, and there are links to Alex Jones “The Obama Deception” and other relevant material. The dark side of human nature will always be our worst enemy, but when the people pointing the guns realize that the guns they are pointing are pointed at themselves, they will turn around and face the true enemy.

    6 billion angry mob participants, including armies of national gurads, militias and standing forces against a couple hundred xanax-popping paper pushers seems like fair odds to me.

  201. I feel this is only a part of an ongoing de-population agenda that’s been underway for a while. Vaccines form a part of that; this is a chilling presentation http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=6890106663412840646&ei=dF2ASs6ZD9TM-Aa4uKnyBA&q=murcury+autism&hl=en the most chilling part compares the NGOs that Kissinger’s genocidal NSSM 200 said they would use and compares the NGOs the Gates Foundation use… all the peices fall into place.

    MAFAA 21 is another great movie that looks at the eugenics movement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLnNi_qb7nY

    GMO’s will also do the trick. That GMO food causes cancer is generally recogised. Most food is now controlled by only a few multi-nationals; its no coincidence that they are talking about coming food shortages. If you ever get the chance watch The Soviet Story to see what could be in the post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3uFUxMwA1w this is only a clip; the full documentary is shocking.

  202. “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:35-40

    “Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Matthew 5:39-44

    “If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.” Luke 6:27-30

    “A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34

    “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:36-40

    Jesus’ message is counter-intuitive, impractical and delightfully straightforward.

    While unequivocal, it is certainly absurd. And while absurd, it is at least consistent. The message is always in direct opposition to rational understanding. For example, the message says that what is done to another is done to God; it says to love one’s enemies; it says to pray for those that persecute you; it says one must not return violence for violence. These are irrational concepts.

    Such ideas are not useful for consolidating power. Not surprising, then, that only a little more than 300 years after Jesus entrusted them to us, St. Ambrose had eviscerated them.


    Few, at least since the days of the early Christians, have the courage, much less the faith and intention, to live such a message anyhow. Like the Musgrave Ritual, the hollow words are faithfully recited, but impart no meaning. While most calling themselves Christian have heard the words, few have heard the meaning, much less its imperative. The words await a Holmes to read them anew.

    If true that the crises currently enveloping us are orchestrated, what might be the response of a follower of Jesus? Were He here, what would He do?

    If true that the crises are engineered, those responsible walk in a state of darkness, knowing not what they do. For that reason alone they, at the very least, deserve our pity. Jesus requires more than pity, however. Jesus also requires Christians pray for them.

  203. “Few, at least since the days of the early Christians, have the courage, much less the faith and intention, to live such a message anyhow. Like the Musgrave Ritual, the hollow words are faithfully recited, but impart no meaning. While most calling themselves Christian have heard the words, few have heard the meaning, much less its imperative. The words await a Holmes to read them anew.”

    To John H.

    My how the mighty have fallen!

    Your word takes me back to my teens and to a story I heard from my parents homeland the Balkans during WW2 I believe. Apparantly there was a firefight in some small town and after the killing was over it was discovered that two of the instigators were blood brothers. Nothing strange about that until that is I learned that they had both died at each others hands without their knowing it. Unbeknownest to them there political views had pitted them against each other with the final act being their own murder at their own hands and this without them even realizing it! Those who buried them could only look on in sadness and disbelief. The Balkans have always been a melting pot of political ideas and struggles but what has this got to do with the christian message? Well for me what a perfect analogy to what has happened to the Christian church. Its not just Christians going off to war in the gulf or anywhere else for that matter but history is replete with the baptized killing the baptized with perhaps the most astounding thing for me anyway is how many of them have belonged to the same denomination but different nationalities. This is nothing short of demonic and look we are still fighting Darwin and losing? Incredible, shameful and pitiful. Hopefully my book however will change that! http://www.cropcirclesandclimatechange.com


    PS. O how haunting are the words of the prophet Hosea… “My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge.”

    and O the importance of unity. Can you imagine Christendom united and functioning as a true body? The money masters of the world would be in for the biggest wake up call in the world! In fact what was it that was said they will be crying {screaming actually} for the mountains to fall in over them to hide them from the King!

  204. For those of you who would like to see one facet/tentacle of the depopulation program, look to Minnesota, and specifically to the U of M, Mayo Clinic and a group of very select “private investors”.

    Elk Run is a biotechnology business park that is getting millions of taxpayer dollars poured in by government officials. There is no real information regarding why this is coming when the biotech incubator in St. Paul and at the U is a flop, and when the 80,000 sq. foot facility recently built is sitting empty, but it’s coming nonetheless. Since residents exposed and stopped an international money laundering front previously established down here, and this has the same cabal involved, we looked deeper than what we are told and found the following:

    Elk Run’s front man is G. Steven Burrill of Burrill & Co. (A California Venture Capital Group) Elk Run’s partner in this venture is Tower Investments, which has ties to the Saudi Royal Family, as well as Strategic Partnerships with the Rose Law Firm (Clinton’s) and Dunlap & Seeger (DNC and RNC via a retired state supreme court justice who was a Dem but switched sides for $$ and power here.) Look at the Advisory and Investment Groups listed. The AgBio Group is MOST IMPORTANT. This is Perseus-Soros. (More on them in a moment.)

    The initial Elk Run Advisory Board within MN was made up of a small group of people headed by Leonard Ruiz, Jr. Mr. Ruiz had been with World Bank Malaysia and USAID Pakistan. Both tie aide to birth control. USAID= birth control! Three of the five advisors had been with USAID and all had previously worked with Mr. Ruiz on various biotech investments.

    Franklyn Prendergast, MD is on the Mayo Board of Governors. Frank spends weekends at Kennebunkport, works with IMF (ties aide to birth control) and Frank is the person who brought G. Steven Burrill to Rochester for Tower Investments. Looking at the various Boards upon which Frank sits takes us to Infergen and Invitrogen, Eli Lilly, and the company that just so happened to have developed the ability to detect anthrax so they could secure DC when anthrax was mailed out following 9/11. Frank and Mr. Ruiz moved stock from a previous company into something called Rotashield, which is set to retry a vaccine for rotavirus – in Rwanda. The same vaccine was pulled off the market by the FDA (infant mortality higher than desired) and no formulary changes have been made, but it is licensed for more trials. Funding to manufacture and distribute this being sought from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates just met with George Soros, Ted Turner and a few others to discuss “depopulation” and the necessity for a reduction in the number of people. When I met with Frank he had another doc join us, a Pulmonologist who sits on the Board of Bio Sante with Louis Sullivan, GHWB’s Director of HHS. Bio Sante is about birth control, except for BioAir. Look it up. Seems we can deliver birth control in aerosolized form. Almost more interesting was the I was told to read, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” to understand what is happening to the world’s banks (I’d read it) and I was also told to look at Hank Asher. Look at Hank Asher and understand that the references to his years as a dope smuggler refer to his work during the Reagan years and with the Iran Contra crowd. Mr. Asher was given private information US citizens and downloaded it onto stolen software (PROMIS). He was then assisted with creating algorithms that allowed this information to be cross referenced for a variety of purposes. The initial program contained government records. The second program contained social networking information. The third program is what is now called Seisint, the world’s most powerful asset location technology. Mr. Asher is now creating a company he named “TLFO” The Last F……g One. He is partnered with the University of MN and Mayo and with one effort or another will take the worlds most comprehensive medical database (DNA etc.) and join it with the rest. If you do a search for Dr. Earl Brian and George Meese (Edwin’s brother) and the PROMIS software, you will see how research hospitals have been downloading our health information and sharing it with one another for decades. Elk Run is going to revolutionize healthcare by identifying those with DNA markers for certain illnesses: eugenics.

    Perseus Group is loaded with Trilateral Commission members, Friends of Bilderberger if not outright members, Council on Foreign Relations members and a pretty impressive cast of banking and corporate criminals. Notable on the list is James A. Johnson. Do a Muckety social network search to see who Mr. Johnson hangs out with. You will notice that he is a POI in the current scandal involving Angelo Mozilo because he received 5 VIP loans. Johnson and his wife were named a DC power couple. The man was selected to vet President Obama’s Vice Presidential nominee’s! Trilateral, Bilderbergers, CFR….depopulation proponents.

    Soros is none other than George Soros, the Hungarian Jew whose parents left him with a German wh claimed him for his own. George sent Jews to their death while he was taught how to locate their assets. Mr. Soros is a major supporter of depopulation efforts. His biotech investment person is Clintonite Richard Holbrooke, who also happens to sit on a board that is assessing the terrorist threat from Africa. Mr. Holbrooke is also a VIP for Angelo Mozilo.

    At every turn we have depopulation proponents receiving millions of taxpayer dollars for a biotech research/development facility that is going to do “biotech”.

    If you take a walk down that road and still do not see the links, you must go back to the front that originally led me to see this plan. You can find startling information linking this to depopulation programs via exotic animal sanctuaries established as fronts for research, but also to gain us ground in places where the animals come from, like Africa. See allthingspass.com and read the King Kong series to see how endangered species play into covert op funding. The Institute of Great and Rare Endangered Species run by “Doc” Antel in Myrtle Beach, SC is fascinating if you read between the lines. “Doc” is funded by Exxon. “Doc” is a proponent of chimera research and chimera creation and posted on the Nazi humanzee research. “Doc” also shares links to the Ishmael Society, which is a movement toward tribal living that came about because it is time we do something about the “population crisis”. “Doc” cites Ted Turner and Oprah – both of whom met with the Bilderberger’s, and then as a small group (Gates, Soros, Turner….) to discuss depopulation measures. They think we need to reduce the population by 2 billion rather soon.

    As a side note: the book Plague Wars discusses the 1998 war games initiated by the Clinton Administration because of concerns regarding our preparedness for a biological attack on the US Mexico border. The war game scenario was for a chimera – lab made combo like H1N1. They used smallpox/ebola. We were found woefully unprepared. GW Bush removed the ban on testing of biological agents on US citizens (on US soil) and this past year we had the H1N1 appear on the US Mexico border. In terms of death’s, the toll was light and I would imagine “acceptable” to the people running the tests. They created the virus, released the virus, watched the virus, and made sure they were sitting on the Boards for the company that manufactured the vaccine. They make money on both ends. Minnesota is the state to watch: Elk Run, the “core of the onion”, according to Mr. Burrill. No wonder working on it makes me cry.

  205. So 20% of 300mil is 60mil doses. Yet that number seems high if globally the pop is supposed to be around 500mil, give or take. Unless countries like China and India are taking a bigger ‘hit’. This is just sick that we’re even discussing this – and that it’s so possible.

  206. Scott:

    I did not mean to imply that swine flu and vaccine is expected to alone achieve a significant global reduction in population.

    I believe a swine flu vaccine and event is one of numerous actions designed to lower immune systems, increase toxicity levels and implement controls that may contribute to changes that will do more of the same (cutting benefits, control of seed supply, economic shock doctrine to destroy small businesses, small farms and economic independence, etc.)


  207. I have contemplated this ‘global reduction in excess biomass’ for decades and have one comment and one question.

    Comment: Yes, the powers that be have always had the desire to depopulate earth for several major reasons and probably now have the means of accomplishing just that.

    My question is this: With the death of say 6 billion people, there will be decaying bodies piled in the streets of every major city in the world. This means that diseases will multiply beyond the effect of that which caused the deaths of so many to begin with, so, how will the powers that be clean up this mess without themselves contracting death-causing diseases?

  208. Thanks, Jerry, for your story of blindness.

    One of the arias in Handel’s oratorio, “Messiah,” taken from Isaiah 60:2 is:

    “For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.”

    (The bit after the colon is encouraging, is it not?)

    Like your story of the brothers in the Balkans, we almost all live in a state of “gross darkness.” I grew up during the cold war, amazed at how people were so fearful of a very ill-defined threat. In retrospect, it is obvious that the purpose of the cold war was to maintain the momentum of military-industrial complex after World War II. Then the Soviet Union had to abandon its role as protagonist in this long running drama, and there seemed to be no understudy. How wonderfully providential that a decade later arose the all encompassing “war on terror,” and we can continue to live with an ill-defined threat. Now we even have a “fear thermometer” suggesting the appropriate level of fear, in colour, should any be illiterate.

    In addition to the war on terror, there is now the banking crisis and the swine flu crisis. It reminds me of when I used to have satellite TV and could receive 384 “different” channels, all having about the same negligible program content.

  209. @ Joe 7000- if you are God then you could use birds to clean up the mess… therefore it is more important to study God’s thinking than puny men- “I saw also an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice and said to all the birds that fly in midheaven: “Come here, be gathered together to the great evening meal of God, 18 that YOU may eat the fleshy parts of kings and the fleshy parts of military commanders and the fleshy parts of strong men and the fleshy parts of horses and of those seated upon them, and the fleshy parts of all, of freemen as well as of slaves and of small ones and great.” Revelation 19:17

  210. H. Michael compiled a list of microbiologists who mysteriously died after having worked for various governments. I believe he covers this in Fatal Rebirth. Another excellent book on biological warfare programs, which discusses how we will dispose of millions of bodies, is Tom Mangold’s “Plague Wars”. Interestingly, many of the microbiologists and biological weapons researchers highlighted and discussed/interviewed in this book have been found dead, including the brilliant David Kelly. An investigation into Dr. Kelly’s death is being sought by physicians in the UK who say that it is impossible for him to have bled to death via the type of injuries he received. (Kelly was found under a tree in the woods near his home.) Dr. Kelly was writing a book that would have exposed the farcical reasons for the UK and US initiating the second Iraq War and had been warned to shut up. Another great book on CBW is “A Higher Form of Killing” but I have not yet had time to research the microbiologists named and so I do not know if they have also died mysterious deaths. Keep in mind that many of the microbiologists are actually working on legitimate projects that would protect us from one disease or another, but once you identify the structure for a virus/bacteria and come up with an antidote, as long as you have a delivery system this is easily converted to a weapon. I believe that most physicians take their oath to “do no harm” very seriously so they would not be inclined to “shut up” when their research is warped and twisted for murderous purposes. They either shut up or are put down.

  211. There was some mention in the news a short time ago of missing and found dead a couple of scientists in London, England. Sorry I do not have or remember the link but what I find to be of perhaps greater interest is in the list that you give above there was a scientist who apparantly worked for the M.o.D. at Porton Down, Wiltshire. PORTON DOWN, WILTSHIRE? Now lets see given the crop circles that are popping up in Wiltshire I do not think this is just a mere coincidence. Something has surely grabbed the attention of the Almighty!


  212. The person referred to in the previous post is Dr. David Kelly, a leading UK microbiologist who worked at Porton Down. He was also one of the lead inspectors for UNSCOM: South Africa, Russia and Iraq were all sites he was involved in inspecting. Considered brilliant and hard to fool. He was allegedly in charge of the UK’s biological warfare program, offensive and defensive capabilities. Interestingly, Dr. Wouter Basson aka Dr. Death of Project Coast fame has a cottage in the UK, shared with some UK microbiologists if I’m not mistaken. I have the address somewhere.

  213. In answer to Catherine’s “The question before[us] is: How do we develop new economic models for planet Earth and an investment strategy to shift from where we are to something that places all life at the center?” … I believe, dear Catherine, that beside daily prayer (of whatever sort… contemplation as much as dancing, if you happen to be originally a Cuban, as I am…) the most important thing will be to observe the “four Toltec agreements” of
    l. using words with impeccability
    2. not taking things personally
    3. not making assumptions
    4. doing the best one can…

    Much of what we are suffering from is the result of a bad use of language, basically, a deceitful use of words. For example, the way we have fallen for the silly concept of “addiction”… As you so well pointed out once, it is our financial system’s addiction to the $$$’s generated by the drug trade’s black market that we must overcome. Addiction is basically an orwellian key word designed to make us see phantoms where there need not be any. Without prohibition drug addiction is not such a big deal… except of course where it comes to things such as cigarrettes and alcohol that mess you up more than anything else… not to speak of the internet, chocolate, your mate… Thomas Jefferson is still for me a shining light… he warned against much of what is afflicting us today and I think we should take him more seriously than we generally have, in spite of much lip service to the contrary.

    In essence we need to observe the principle of subsidiarity (thus named at the end of the Nineteenth C. by the Popes who saw what modernization was doing to families…). This prnciple states that no lower instance of government should allow a higher one to do for it what it can do for itself… the corollary of this being that no higher instance of government should do for a lower one what the lower can do for itself… We should think more and more in terms of local autonomy, of sovereignty of the house, of decentralization… of a peaceful dismantling of the nation-state. A New World Order that turns the pyramid around, that ensures that global decisions are the result of truly democratic institutions, of legitimate hierarchies created from the bottom up –all these things would be a move in the right direction… “World Government” has acquired a bad ring to it… and yet, if the principle of subsidiarity were religiously observed then World Government would limit itself to those things that must remain the responsibility and jurisdiction of humanity as a whole… Different cultures –meaning different systems of communication– could have their day since local autonomy could also make sure that all cultures living within a single municipal or county jurisdiction be respectfully considered and given their own, inextricable SPACE. We can all live together under the same sun… provided we observe basic principles of good government… local, vernacular production of food to start with. The latter of course means we must all make sure that those assenine (sp?) laws they are trying to pass in the US Congress in order to dispense with vernacular –home– food production, forcing us all to become beholden to Monsanto and Co. for our survival, be allowed no chance to prosper. I have signed several petitions to that effect that I have so far received from the States. Haven’t you? And if necessary we will simply have to go on a general strike… that is, those of us still holding on to jobs… and everyone else as well… We can go on strike in so many ways… as you have recommended time and time again, we can vote with our pockets as well. I’m still down here in central Mexico, with very little work that pays but going at least through the motions of starting a seed bank locally… See how it goes. Not easy. In fact, this is probably the hardest thing I have ever attempted to do. Will try to see how Detroit has managed to create some 700 community veggie gardens over the last decade or so. Urban agriculture is one way to say no to TV sponsored genocide. AND DO PLEASE SAY NO TO VACCINES!

  214. Catherine; thanks for your great insight, research and the altruism to pass it along to the rest of us. I too, thought that this was tied into the mysterious deaths of microbiologists of late I think Rense had an article relating to it. If I find it I’ll forward. All the best.

  215. We have to know where we are and how far we’ve come. Catherine, you are an angel for providing this forum. Whether the virus was natural or man-made, the power to prevail comes from within each of us.

    I recognize the folks who frequent and contribute to solari as sages and healers. There is a lot of information here which when I first read… back in October.. was like a kick in the gut. When I was advised by a friend that the naked shorting in the stock market was the tip of the iceberg, Catherine confirmed it for me with her experiences at HUD and the unbacked bonds.

    There has been a major shift. After years of denial about the counterfeiting of stocks, both from the DTCC and from MSM, there are actually some cases that are being brought for the first time. Are these just token? I think not. When GS got their former employee arrested for stealing their trading program, it opened up a can of worms and now there is an effort to get high speed trading banned. This happened almost overnight. Pequot, implicated in insider trading which resulted in the SEC investigator being fired because his target had “too much juice”, just received a Wells Notice.

    I just read “The Secret” by Byrne and much of it resonates with me from personal experiences. I have taken actions within my community to inform, help and heal. I can tell that it is making a difference to me personally and I’m making friends faster than I ever imagined. The hard part is keeping names straight.. And this is only because there are so many good people out there. I became a precinct committee person. This is the lowest level of elected position in a party. We don’t always agree, but I know they are dealing from the heart. I recently found a faith based recovery center and volunteer teaching cooking. We are going to bake a pie today. We made bread last week. We each have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share. If I teach someone to do something that gives that person confidence and joy, does it matter what it is? This is my way of winning the “Drug War”. We can focus on the crime, the cartels, or violence, or we can be part of the healing. If every healthy person could help a recovering person stay clean via the spirit, could we wipe out the crime, the cartels and violence?

    When I first introduced myself at a political meeting, I told them about the corruption on Wall Street and got a lot of eye-rolling as this was new information to some. During the campaign last fall, I was rewarded with long walks and exercise as I delivered brochures.

    I’ve learned to accept people for who they are and to be more careful about labels as those only divide us. We are all connected and we can help others in spirit by sharing and caring.

    The one thing that I got from “The Secret” was being grateful. Praise the things you want more of, direct your attention to those things. Does MSM give us what we want? Are we as a community responsible for for what is being delivered? Will turning off the conflict that is being piped into our lives correct the situation? Instead of opposing a candidate, support lovingly a person who shares your values. Often, criticism of a candidate only empowers him and gives him more publicity. People may be drawn to conflict, but they are also turned off.

    I highly recommend becoming involved politically on the local level. It doesn’t matter which party because that is where you make the most impact and the people you meet will energize you. We must transform the status quo and develop candidates who are driven by a love of humanity and integrity, not ego and power. Know your legislators and give them input and encouragement. “Thy Kingdom come..on Earth as it is in Heaven.” works for me.

    This is a powerful and informative..and long… video from William Black. We won’t get back on track as a country until the consciousness of the majority is raised. At the end of the tape Black describes various things that individuals can do. Maybe one of us knows somebody or has a skill that can help move us toward recovery. http://www.goldmansachs666.com/2009/08/goldman-sachs-massive-scandal.html

  216. Influenza viruses mutate rapidly and are transgenic. Virulence is an ordinary feature, and, given enough mutations, and a suitable host population, voila, an epidemic. One need not invoke conspiring cabals to explain epidemics. Occam’s razor might be of assistance in the reasoning process, here. One thing is sure: not being immunized threatens not only ones self, but the community as well. Catherine, aside from being paranoid, your advice is irresponsible. ‘Bonkers’ would aptly desribe your reasoning.

  217. Perchecreek:

    What I did was:

    1. Say what I believe and why
    2. Urge others to take the time to educate themselves to determine what they believe so they are prepared in a timely way to make decisions
    3. Ask everyone to pray for a love of humanity to be rekindled

    If you believe that this is irresponsible than you do not believe in personal responsibility and free speech.

    Best to you,


  218. @ perchecreek … excuse me but where is the logic? let’s say that you choose to be vaccinated and I, however do not choose to be vaccinated. You are vaccinated thus you cannot get sick from me, so where is the threat to you or your ‘community’?

    also it seems that society has a short memory span, because in the 70’s they were beating the same drum. President Ford insisted that everyone had to be vaccinated against swine flu… Well a short time later that plan had to be scrapped when many people who received the vaccine developed ‘Guilles-Barre syndrome’, a disease with horrendous consequences… yes the cure was far worse than the flu… I am not a doctor and i can only choose for myself, but the choice seems obvious to me.

  219. On the depopulation theme, it’s also worth noting the apparent shenanigans going on with food supply this year. Check this 10 minute video clip:
    History Channel Documentary Validates Chemtrails and Weather Warfare Aired July25

    Is the CA drought engineered? CA residents have been watching chemtrail spraying in their skies for years. Combine that with this story (7 mins):
    CA Farmers Fight For Survival After Government Turns Off Water To Protect 2 Inch Fish

    So combine the chemtrail/weather-warfare suspected drought in CA’s Central Valley breadbasket, with fed judge turning off a bunch more water delivered from other regions, and viola, CA’s becoming a dustbowl– with all those food supply implications. Now combine those [synthetic] food production decline stories with this simultaneous [synthetic] flu/vax racket, and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that we’re looking down the barrel of a diabolical depopulation agenda.

  220. The presence of the shills prostituting themselves hereabouts seeking to marginalize/ridicule/poison/derail productive dialog, 3 weeks after Catherine’s essay was published, is an encouraging sign. It validates that we’re onto a real high-crime, such that the shills’ bosses have directed them here to disrupt, obfuscate etc.

    “Paranoid!”, “bonkers!”, “tin foil!”, “all talk no action!”, “Occam’s Razor!” – that latter one is rich: if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit; LOL. The shills used to play that “Occam’s Razor” card years ago in seeking to bedunk the 911 Truth movement. The ploy was always the butt of jokes, never got any traction, and as far as I can tell they’ve abandoned it. But here it is again, being deployed to “baffle them with bullshit” WRT the TPTB’s current flu/vax depopulation racket.

  221. Pray for the love in the human heart to be nourished and sustained in the human heart. Oh bless you brave lady. One of the “little people” I live on my pension and Social Security and rely on the medical coverage that is part of my pension-not so much ability to move but so much heart and here in the urban SF Bay Area have fallen into a community busy developing gardens,communal relationships while sharing our history with the young ones so that they are not completely vulnerable to the brain washing of the establishment.
    First heard you on KPFA.

  222. Here is the author of the “Medical Mafia” explaining her theory of eugenics via vaccination and her expulsion from the medical community after writing the book. http://www.dailymotion.com/related/xa4i3f/video/xa0jty_vaccination-101-with-ghis1_news

    The mastermind in the S&L fiasco was Michael Milken. Read Mark Mitchell’s 15 part essay about the manipulation of the market in cancer research at http://www.deepcapture.com. Milken has resurrected himself and runs a non-profit that sends money to various institutions for “select” research. Milken is now an invited guest on MSM to discuss the health plans.

    Listen to Wm Black explain how Milken got Keating into Lincoln Savings and Loan as he was reknown for greasing the palms of legislators. Then follow up by researching McCain’s role in all this and his ability to have documents in Viet Nam sealed, denying families of MIA’s resolution. This is covered at http://www.polidics.com. There are personal interviews of people who had to interact with McCain and their conclusions. NOte: Many of the videos at polidics.com have been removed for reason, but there are many that are quite interesting and utterly burlesque. Here is one that will make you laugh, if it doesn’t make you cry. http://polidics.com/presidential-candidates/john-mccain/the-real-mccain.html.

    Is this true? Gov’t is 65% of the ownership according to Burien. http://polidics.com/governmental-crimes/walter-burien-its-mandatory-to-keep-the-public-oblivious.html

  223. Overpopulation is really happening in the slums of developing countries, and if one would want to spread an illness, in order to reduce population, these would be the logical target. Not Europe or the US. These areas need birth control, I have seen people procreate under bridges in India decades ago. Considering that these unfortunate of the unfortunate also do not have clean water, food, health care or vaccines, housing and education including birth control, let alone toilets or means to wash themselves or their clothes – what is their life expectancy again? – why would anyone want to decimate the earth population by targeting the few 300 million in the US ?

    However, I think that science has been made into the slave of big capital, and one does not know anymore whether its discoveries are helping or hurting.

    I know a few people who have been disabled after a vaccination, it so happens they were from former Eastern Europe, and I also remember growing up in a time when the threat of Polio was real. Like every kid in our school system (this was Germany), I took the sugar cube with no ill side effects. Had a few vaccinations since, e.g. against Cholera in Istanbul with an old fashioned “cook and re-use” needle, and against some other tropical illnesses, but never got a flu shot. And will not. The body is sometimes sick, and should be given time to recover.

    I only had antibiotics four times in fifty years, and I blame the doctors and public of the US specifically, for their addiction to pill swallowing, and for the thinking that every sneeze warrants a pill, and for their contribution in making severe strains like TB drug resistant.

    The prevalent culture in the US is a fear of death, and this leads to a complete distortion of every aspect of life. Including not facing the power games that are staring in one’s face.

  224. The virulence of any pathogen is partly dependent on the existence, size, and density of a vulnerable host population. Individuals must be somehow vulnerable, and they must (typically) be in proximity to one another. If a portion of the population chooses to forgo vaccination, they both expose other individuals to infection, and provide a vulnerable host population, and thereby threaten the entire society. This is immoral and irresponsible behavior.

    The decision to refuse immunization is not merely a matter of, as Catherine asserted in her post, “What you believe is your responsibility.” Not vaccinating one’s self or children very directly affects everyone else. We know this by observing the behavior of infectious disease and epidemics, and by the result of the refusal by sub-populations to be immunized in the past.

    Virulent pathogens typically have a mortality (and injury) rate that exceeds by orders of magnitude harm caused by vaccinations. Given that a one percent mortality and injury rate is better than 20 or 60 percent, we choose the former.

    I can’t speak to the Swine flu vaccine specifically, but influenza is hard to deal with because the virii involved both mutate fast and are transgenic. It’s hard to hit a moving target, but, again, given the consequences of a particularly bad bug, to do nothing would be immoral.

    Catherine: I did not dispute your right to say what you did; rather, I disputed your reasoning. Had I done what you’ve suggested I did, I would have contacted either your ISP or local authorities, and stated to them that I believed that you had committed some sort of crime, and that you should be silenced. In fact, I have done nothing of the sort, and so you have no basis for implying that I do not believe in “free speech.”

    Moreover, in response to my reply, you did not answer substantively. I averred: 1. Virulence of disease is a more likely explanation for epidemics than conspiracies, and, 2. Advising people to forgo vaccination is irresponsible. Instead of countering my claims, you stated that I did not believe in “personal responsibility” and “free speech.”

    Your failure to reply substantively means that, for me, at least, there is no further point in attempting to persuade you.

  225. German,

    When one overcomes the fear, one can function. Here is an example of the games under our noses. Who or is it WHO is orchestrating this sort of concerted type of perverseness? Were the prime ministers of Australia and Canada simply handmaidens delivering messages for the Great Oz? http://polidics.com/911/identical-lies.html

    If one switches channels and there is a hot topic of the day, even competing news sources sound as if they are reading from the same script. Media is gearing up for the “season”. If you note how many ads are for drugs, you must realize that these are a substantial portion of the revenue for media. If you listen to the potential side effects of the drugs, you wonder why a sane person would take the risk. The side effect of “bowel leakage” caused my niece to ask this important question, “Can a gal take Xenecal and still wear white pants?”

    First these buggers deliver really rotten stressful news or have a catfight with guest and then there is an ad for an anti-depressant. Easier to skip the “news”.. no medication needed.

  226. First of all, theses are the steps we’ve decided to take: 1) Disconnected our cable subscription; no news, no tv, period. 2) Modified our diet to “almost” vegetarian; no processed foods, NO SODAS, no bottled and almost zero meats. 3) Divested from large commercial banks (the bulk of my money is off-shore). 4) Cancelled credit cards and we buy strictly what we need. 5) Growing vegetables is a great hobby and much healthier than supermarket produce; much cheaper, too.

  227. Dr. Leonard Horowitz: 57 Trillion Reasons To Murder 100 Million Americans With Poisonous Vaccinations


    Found comment: ‘This is not some conspiracy theory . . . the law has been in place for over 70 years and the warrants referenced will be premised on the implementation of the “Trading with the Enemy Act” established as a “presumption” in 1933, making the American people a “presumptive” enemy of the state of the forum. Failure to rebut this presumption, allows the government to “presume the American people as the enemy and enforce the warrants for cause under Title 50” . . . the “Patriot Act” is simply an extension of the Trading with the Enemy Act. The latest and most disturbing claims from the administration that the more conservative resisters of Obama’s agenda are already implied as enemies of the administration . . . do the math.’

  228. I’m a physician. The Swine Flu is so impotent when compared to annual influenza as to make your fears laughable. It simply cannot be “used” to depopulate with any semblance of efficiency. Using the Swine Flu to depopulate the earth from 6+ billion people to 500 million people would be like using a eyedropper to fill an Olympic swimming pool. The virus simply doesn’t have any potency. Although I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to consider depopulation as a viable option, they certainly wouldn’t use the Swine Flu to do it. The immunizations which are being developed to fight this virus won’t be population-killers…the safety measures in place to prevent such a ludicrous conspiracy theory wouldn’t allow it. You’d have to have thousands of physicians and scientists to keep their mouths shut. Not going to happen.

    No, immunizations and impotent viruses aren’t how they’ll depopulate us…they’ll use what has worked time and time again: war.

  229. Georgia Doctor:

    If swine flu is impotent, what is all the hoopla about? And what could result from that hoopla?

    And if swine flu is impotent, why are billions of taxpayers dollars as well as state and local agency dollars plus time and effort of doctors being spent on a vaccine?

    While we are at it:

    Are you familiar with nanotechnology and what such science will now allow to be added to a vaccine?

    What is in chemtrails and how might that combine with what is in this and other vaccinations?

    For more on chemtrails, see the video Aerosol Crimes which is available on line,


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