The Breakaway Civilization with Dr. Joseph Farrell

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Ever feel like the world isn’t making sense? Perhaps this is because the “consensus” view of who runs the world is vastly different than the facts.

You probably believe that America won World War II and that the Nazi’s lost, right? Well, who were the Nazis and why were private American corporations funding them throughout WWII? What happened to Nazi leaders, their advanced technology and their leading scientists following the war?

History Project: UFO’s

What exactly is the “black budget? Who seized control of the black budget following WWII to create a governmental mechanism funding private corporations’ takover of advanced, secret technologies? Finally — sixty years and trillions of dollars later — how has this story evolved into what Richard Dolan refers to as “the Breakaway Civilization?”

The notion that we are governed by a civilization that sees themselves as distinctly separate, which has gathered vast wealth to finance their operations on an ongoing independent basis, which may be managing crafts operating in space and which is above the law as we believe it to be is not a comforting one. It is, however, a notion that needs to be examined.

Join me on The Solari Report this Thursday for a fascinating conversation with an accomplished author and researcher who can help you make sense of the real world we live in today. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell’s latest book addresses some of the most important mysteries of history, science and current events:

Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations.

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In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review The Forgotten, a 2004 American psychological thriller film that explores the experience of a New York mother who lives in a modern society in which invisible forces protected by American intelligence and enforcement are free to kidnap her child and have the technology and capacity to wipe the memories and evidence of her child from her husband and the people around her.

The Forgotten (2004)



  1. Hi Catherine:
    I am thankful for your bright wisdom and knowledge. I wish to ask: what ever happened to the software program your associate developed in the 90s that instructs a community in how to invest within itself and achieve 6x the wealth now common? Surely the creator of this possessed a master copy or at least can re-create it? Would you write it into a book that could be used without the program? I am saddened that this valuable work is suppressed. Let’s get it out somehow.
    as it was the US Justice dept. that raided your office and tried to frame you with the planted documents in your shredder, why didn’t anyone expose this action publicly or challenge the DOJ and the person(s) who so boldly committed this criminality? Would your life be in danger if this had been attempted? Surely someone known to you is of sufficient stature to stand up to this outrage and help you and all of us defeat such facism.
    Thank you and keep being strong and vocal. We need you.

  2. Dear Catherine,
    Enjoyed your interaction with Dr. Farrell.
    I couple of years ago, I came across a mysterious electrical signal near 60 kHz, which was everywhere in the ground and in air. I found it on the Cascade Crest Trail, in the Mojave desert and anyplace I turned my Fluke 199 B oscilloscope on, between Mexico and Canada. A German engineer had me persuaded that the signal was a transmission artifact of my meter, which made sense until last month when I found it with a different meter. There is nothing in this part of the EMF spectrum except the national clock which transmits at exactly 60 kHz. The signal is always stronger in the ground than the air, and logging the signal shows that its power jumps around and its frequency is fairly steady around 60 kHz but has numerous brief excursions to lower frequencies. I’ve attached tracings of the signal in air and on the ground. The red tracing in the third panel is the peak to peak voltage, and the fourth panel is the logged frequency. On a spectrum analyzer it looks like a frequency hopping spread spectrum cell phone signal, but there are no cell phones operating at these frequencies. If I were to guess, I think that it may be a secure communication system like GWEN. I’m going to post it on my web site in hope that someone can figure it out. Keep up the good work.

    Mystery Signal

    -Sam Milham

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