The Dynamic Relationship Between Bytes and Atoms

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As the “Internet of Things” develops we are seeing a very dynamic relationship occur in retail shopping. Online stores want a bigger share of the consumer market. Consequently, we see an explosion of creative solutions for their ability to communicate and deliver to the consumer. Amazon is building out warehouses that facilitate one-day delivery. They are even filing for patents that will allow them to deliver things before they are ordered (Can you see the movie now, “Minority Report Does Retail”).

Now we see a new report from Moscow about Internet fashion retailer Lamoda’s delivery service. Lamoda’s personnel will bring what you want to try on to your door, giving you 15 minutes to try it on, advise you on fashion and taking your payment. Your deliveryman and personal shopper have become one at Lamoda. Give robotics a few years, and we could have fashion consultant robots flying in on drops or in self-driving delivery trucks.