The Economist: Liberty’s Lost Decade

[CAF Note: This is an important signal. Now that the financial coup is complete, the trail is cold and the money across, we are proceeding to rebuild the overt side of the economy. Now that new economy has the benefit of reduced labor costs, complete digital control, is free of legacy retirement and pension fund obligations with the power of unions significantly diminished.  However, the “brand” of American democracy needs revival given what has happened to the reality of it.

In addition, the military-intelligence bureaucracies who were most instrumental in engineering the coup need to be put back in their place, same as the financial ones have experienced. Those parts of the intelligence and enforcement agencies and related defense contractors (particularly systems and telecommunications companies) need to be return to a quieter, more obedient role. They are having their hands slapped. As the boom is lowered, the cowboys are getting put back in their box, reminded as to whom is boss. If you drive through the old line WASP neighborhoods of America, you will see a lot of fresh paint and beautiful landscaping.

One question is: Who will be the fall guys? Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld are perfect. Too old to put in jail. Too nuts not to get more mileage out of them. They certainly deserve it.

These developments are symptoms that the political engineering for a long term bull market in equities may be underway. Fascism may help engineer the bull in the face of the turn happening in the bond market. However, faith in democracy is essential to the entrepreneurial kick-start and widespread faith needed to make it deep and powerful. Perhaps there is an opportunity for freedom lovers and supporters of sound money to align with those who would like to launder big money to seed a North American equity bull.]

By The Economist

The case of Private Bradley Manning, convicted this week by a military court of leaking secrets to the WikiLeaks website and now facing up to 136 years in jail, looks as if it might be the high-water mark of America’s zealous security culture. It certainly ought to be. After the attacks of September 11th 2001, George Bush tipped the balance too far from liberty towards security, and it has stayed there under Barack Obama.

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