The Emerging Multipolar World – Seeking a US Foreign Policy with Saker

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The Solari Report 2017-06-15

The era of procrastination, of half-measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to its close. In its place we are entering a period of consequences.” ~Sir Winston S. Churchill

By Catherine Austin Fitts

The Saker joins me this Thursday for our quarterly Solari Report on the emerging multipolar world.

The intensity of multiple events impacting global security continues to rise. This report is a longer-than-usual, in-depth discussion of the unraveling of the unipolar world and of the drumbeats of war.

Topics include:

  • Events in Syria and Middle East, including the Trump’s meetings and the Saudi alliance actions against Qatar;
  • The French elections;
  • President Trump’s unusual behavior at the G-7 meeting and the Vatican;
  • Response to the cancellation of the Paris Accord;
  • Developments in North Korea;
  • Duterte and the Philippines;
  • The politics of recent terrorist attacks throughout the world;
  • The evolution of US foreign policy and related military deployment.


I asked the question in the 1st Quarter Wrap Up, “Can a new US administration maintain a prosperous economy without more debt, crime and war?” Events since that time indicate that the entire world is struggling with this question as so many nations seek security and private interests seek profit in a manner that diminishes global security.  For some, insecurity is great for power and profit as the global economy slows and productivity stalls.

It is always a pleasure to have a professional military and intelligence analyst like the Saker join me on the Solari Report. This report is especially insightful.

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In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will discuss The Circle which was just recommended by our cultural scout in our new “Food for Your Soul” column.
Talk to you Thursday!

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  1. Catherine,
    Last year, in an attempt to educate myself on the big issues of the election, I came across this article by Steven Groves on the Paris Accord – I believe you will find it answers the question you asked regarding how Obama was able to push forward the Paris ‘agreement’ in the first place. According to Groves the agreement met all the criteria of a ‘treaty’ and as such, demanded senate approval. Instead, the Paris Accord was pushed as an ‘International Agreement other than a treaty…”such as a sole executive agreement”.

  2. I guess it’s not news that there appears to be something of a civill war/coup d’etat going on between the established order Deep State, and the Trumpenators…

    Wonder what your take is on Jon Ossoff… man, what a “golden boy”. Haven’t paid any attention to the GA election, when I gave it a few minutes, I thought… this is what a groomed “Company” cut-out would look like.

    If he is… I expect him to win by good margins…

    Have you looked into this guy at all?


  3. Beautiful example of how to manage disagreement in the true spirit of brainstorming. Your respectful engagement of each other makes me lonely. There is very little of that going around in my neighborhood (California.)

  4. Looks like the Democrat, Ossoff, lost to Karen Handel by somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 points.

    So much for the “Trump killer” candidate, and most expensive congressional campaign in U.S. history. Kind of an “atheist” about politics myself… but I wonder how long the Democrats and Media are going to take before they realize they keep cutting their wrists deeper and bleeding even more.

    In some ways… there’s still a fairly “hush hush” factor around folks who want to see Trump succeed… and folks who are getting increasingly turned off by the histrionics of media and the DNC mainstreamers.

    It’s difficult getting a sense of things in external societal take on American politics… I don’t see dead people… but I do see propaganda everywhere I look. I have had NUMEROUS Democrats tell me privately that they think the rest of the left has lost their marbles over Trump… and over the “Russia did it” meme…

    • Did you see David Brooks from the NYTs talk about no there -there. When Chris Matthews and David Brooks throw in the towel….the continuation is suicidal.

      Trump has held firm on leaks and Russia and is being proven right and earning points for holding out.

      • Wow… certainly the writing is on the wall. I love the “construct” of his articulation… “…increasingly uncomfortable…”

        What is taking place sort of reminds me of when you have a magnet, under a plate… and some ball bearings rolling around on the plate. As they become attracted to the magnet they oscillate quickly and then “lock” onto the magnetic field with a “shudder”. That’s what has happened with the media spin on the left, and the polarization of emotion, narrative and perception issuing forth from the establishment left…

        …avoiding liberal reflection on the DNC’s behavior around Bernie Sanders, and establishment of a compelling and total narrative that catastrophizes a Trump Presidency has been the DNC and Co’s most important play… they couldn’t have gotten an election more wrong.

        For the constituency that very willingly have drunk that Kool-Aid… in the emergency of avoiding truth about what the DNC did in the election… they just didn’t think through what to do if their propaganda was extremely successful in conveying “Trump is with Russia”, without sufficient evidence to back up that premise.

        Now, they are onto “Collusion”. How unfortunate for Loretta Lynch!

        Still more than enough peril though… given Mueller running the investigation, and he and Comey’s historical shenanigans and pathetic use of the law in railroading “suspects” and blame. There is an opportunity to revive that Athrax debacle in an updated or fresh investigative journalism piece.

        Trump is going to have to have b*lls of steel… try to control himself… and stay on course. I hope an increasing number of elected officials are starting to appreciate that the whole dog gone nation is at risk, with the stakes and the players on the current chessboard.

        The “Universe” reeks of opportunity and potential as a sustaining principal. I have to adjust the tuning of my radio very frequently these days!

        • Sitting in Hong Kong, it feels like the corporate media and our choice of attention has converted the US into the United States of Trivial Pursuit.

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