The Power of IT

Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time.
~ Colossians 4:5

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Our economy is run by force. In essence, authority and enforcement come from the barrel of a gun. That force hides behind complex legal, technology and financial systems. However, ongoing bailouts and violence are inspiring a wider understanding of more secretive forms of governance that extend from the centralized bureaucracies into local communities.

Often I talk about our core problem – that we are governed by people who are invisible to us and have the ability to kill and operate outside the law with impunity.  Indeed, we have multiple groups in that category who are competing with each other. They often solve their differences by agreeing to steal from those who don’t command the necessary force to protect their interests.

This situation makes identifying and solving problems difficult. We have various, differing maps of reality and are heading in different directions as violence and coercion hover. If anything, the fear of investing our hopes, time and money in such an environment is what is most harming our economy. Tinkering with our legal, technology and financial systems does not address this – indeed it often makes matters worse. How do we make sure that our efforts are authentic and produce results? Where do we start?

As we gather to create a world in which order and authority come from within rather than from external force, what would that look like? How would it feel? To begin, we need power. Where does authentic power come from? What is the nature of human power – how do we create it, build it, manage it? If we are to take responsibility and find the power of our imagination individually and collectively, how would we do that?

In this special Solari Report, Jon Rappoport and I will share a free ranging conversation about the nature of authentic power. Our goal is for you to increase your personal power in a manner that will make a concrete difference for you in the coming months.

At the end of each Solari Report, I always say, “Don’t worry if there is a conspiracy. If you are not in one, you need to start one.” If you are going to start a conspiracy, just where does IT begin?

Join Jon and me this Thursday night for an exploration at the heart of the matter.

We will talk for as long as it takes to cover the material – up to two hours. No Money & Markets or Let’s Go to the Movies this week. Post questions for Jon and Catherine in the live webinar software or here at the blog.

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  1. Jon, on your blog this fall you said something like this with my paraphrasing: ‘Call it like it is. Call them criminals and the acts “they” perform against us “crimes”. Otherwise their acts are not recognized for what they are.’

    I’m anticipating your discussion will address tying in my “stating the crime facts” along with bringing forth my creative power….

    Said another way: Does increasing our shining light cause ilumination of the shadows a bit or just redirect the perception away from the shadows toward the light?

    Yahoo, you two will discuss again!

  2. Just got here and am thrilled to be listening live for the first time. So I’m going to have to log in to hear the archive… So enjoying the discussion about creating a morphogenic field with art! Let’s all create something wonderful together! Thank you for being so positive about all this…. Thank you.

  3. I’m listening to your talk about being in a coherent circle… I used to be in such a group (for 11 years!) and every Monday night we’d get together. Sometimes we’d be aware of a storm coming toward Florida (our ‘teacher’ had a sister in Florida and we were worried about her) and we’d pray/meditate and visualize the storm turning around and heading out to sea. It worked! I think we could all do such things with our prayer and start sending these storms –and all kinds of other stuff- out to a place where people aren’t harmed.

  4. Hi folks! I missed the live version of this, The Power of IT, and am only just now able to listen to the recording. I”m loving it! Thanks so much for doing this subject.

    I also have a question. Is this available in some form of written transcript? I would love to have that for two reasons:

    1. I do better with reading than I do with listening for some reason.

    2. I am a student and in the midst of writing an Essay of Authority and Power (the thesis has to do with “seen authority and unseen authority” and will will inevitably weave neoliberalism into it. If there is a written transcript of this, AND I could get permission to quote from it (scholarly MLA Format) I would make sure to cite it correctly (and send a copy of the thesis to Solari if you want it). It would be incredibly helpful to me.

    Even if I can’t use it to cite from, I would still love to have a written version of this so that I can hold it in my hands and read it. Is it available somewhere other than an audio recording?

    Thanks very much!
    T. Rose

  5. “There are only two Great Policies in the world to-day — Domination and Freedom. Any policy which aims at the establishment of a complete sovereignty, whether it be of a Kaiser, a League, a State, a Trust, or a Trade Union, is a policy of Domination, irrespective of the fine words with which it may be accompanied; and any policy which makes it easier for the individual to benefit by association, without being constrained beyond the inherent necessities of the function involved in the association, is a policy of Freedom.” — C.H. Douglas (1922)

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