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The Solari Report 2016-12-08

“When you turn trillions of equity investment, the question is whether or not you get a positive return to investors and taxpayers. You need to get a positive return on BOTH.” ~Catherine Austin Fitts

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For those sending questions about the Trump Transition, I covered the key Cabinet picks – including Treasury, Commerce and State – and the major risks ahead on last week’s Money and Markets on the Solari Report.

Your response was so that I invited Dr. Joseph Farrell to join me for a discussion of the Trump Transition. We will publish this special interview on Thursday.

Items in our discussion include:

  • The Economic Team: Mnuchin at Treasury; Ross at Commerce.
  • Military and Enforcement: Mattis at Defense, Flynn as NSA, and Sessions at DOJ.
  • Winners and Losers, and why Goldman Sachs stock is leading the market. Is the team that engineered the financial coup d’etat¬†going now to engineer the second leg of a financial round trip? Why are the stocks of gun companies getting hammered?
  • Differentiating Between US Oligarchs: Pigs, Scardey Cats and Titanic Turners.
  • State Department Contenders: Looking for candidates in the Mormon and oil and gas intelligence and investment networks vs. Guliani’s loyalty and contributions to the team. Will a dark horse be the solution?
  • The Pence-Prebius-Ryan-McConnell juggernaut – can it make tax reform real?
  • Why the WSJ Idea for Gingrich is brilliant.
  • Carson at HUD – good idea or not? What are the chances that the Democrats block Dr. Carson’s nomination in the Senate confirmation?
  • Total Economic Returns – Positive return on investment to investors and taxpayers? More on the productivity backlash and the turn in the bond market.
  • Outlook for Obamacare and Common Core.
  • The Democrats – What’s Next?
  • The Globalists – spillover in Europe, the war on cash, and the upcoming gathering at Davos during the inauguration.
  • Call to Taiwan and South Sea Politics – is this why Xi Jinping is going to Davos?
  • The Fake News bru-ha-ha, recounts, toll boothers, and cultural bubbles – the noise and drama and what it means in terms of real power and money.
  • Free and Independent Media – Pulling together an open-source discussion to create a more detailed vision for Make America Great Again and to ensure real legal and financial performance and accountability.
  • What’s the action for you and me?


This discussion is highly recommended for subscribers interested in upcoming changes in economic policy and the impact on financial markets in 2017.

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