Transcript of Best Books for the 21st Century, Part 1 Available to Subscribers

A transcript of Best Books for the 21st Century is available to Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: Okay, best books for the 21st century. As I said we’ve gotten this question from many subscribers for many years. The challenge was always to distill so many books that I love down to a few. Finally I invited Jon Rappoport to do this with me. It’s always so much fun to conspire with Jon. He and I just finished a series, “Let’s Go to The Movies.”

Part I was movies and then Part II was on documentaries. If you haven’t heard those they’re wonderful, and they dovetail with great ways of learning the kind of knowledge and content that either we’re going to be talking about tonight or that dovetails with what we’re talking about tonight. Tonight is Part I. We’ll do Part II later this summer. That means Jon and I are gonna choose a total of ten books, five each, on each Part I and Part II. So I’ll choose ten, Jon will choose ten, and we’ll each present of our ten – five on each night.