Catherine with Jon Rappoport – Best Books for the 21st Century, Part 1

Best Books for the 21st Century

In the 21st century, the challenge will be to decentralize reality.  If every human could rise to the level of harnessing his/her imagination at ten percent of peak power, at five percent of peak power, the lives of all of us would change radically.  We would begin to truly live.  A “spontaneity of time” would occur.  

~  Jon Rappoport from The Secret Behind Secret Societies

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For several years, one of the top questions from Solari Report subscribers is “what are the best books to help me understand what is really going on?” I am a speed reader –  picking favorites is quite a feat as my list of favorites is long and the topics varied.  Inspired by your questions, I am going to do a Part I this week and a Part II next month.

I’ve invited Jon Rappoport to join me for the challenge of naming the best books to help you navigate the 21st century.  Jon and I are on quite a roll. We just finished a great series “Lets Go to the Movies” on best movies and documentaries.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine, so post any questions or events you want me to cover this week. Also, please post the books you find the most useful for helping you navigate this crazy, wonderful world of ours. It would be great to have quite a rich collection gathered for many subscribers.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review a particular favorite, “In the Name of the Rose,” based on Umberto Eco’s masterful thriller by the same name. It tells the story of a brilliant monk who solves a murder mystery and bests the Inquisition.  It reminds us of the ageless importance of books and libraries and what can go amiss when groups organize and build power by hoarding knowledge.

(14 March 07)

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Hello! Catherine writes that she is a “speed reader.” Do you have a recommendation of coursework – I would like to learn to speed read. Thank you!

  2. Have you read Blindness by Jose Saramago? It’s an apocalyptic tale about people mysteriously going blind. He does an excellent job of conveying how close knit groups can survive when tyrannical forces try to maintain it through brute force, but ultimately fail.

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