Transcript of Catherine’s 1.19.12 Interview of Lynne McTaggart Available to Subscribers

A transcript of Catherine’s January 19, 2012 interview of Lynne McTaggart is now available to Solari Report Subscribers!

From the transcript:

Catherine: Let me turn to our interview with Lynne McTaggart. As I said before, I interviewed Lynne earlier this week from London. She’s the author of a series of books: The Field, then The Intention Experiment, and finally her most recent, The Bond, subtitled “Connecting through the Space Between Us.” Lynne has done a remarkable job or translating very important and cutting edge scientific research and making it not only possible for the lay reader to understand it, but integrating research from many different fields to help us understand how this research applies to our everyday life, and it’s really a remarkable achievement.

And her work really picks up on some of the conversations we had last year with Adam Trombly, Dr. William Tiller, and Foster Gamble, the producer of Thrive. With no further ado, let us now begin the interview with Lynne McTaggart.