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From the transcript:

Catherine: Catherine: So let’s turn to our topic tonight, “Equity Markets: The View from Silicon Valley”. Chuck joined us on the precious metals market report with Franklin and I several months ago. But to introduce him again, in 2010 I had some of my investment advisory clients in a fund that was managed out of Zurich which I liked very much. And as the Americans brought more and more pressure on the Swiss a decision was made to send the American investors’ money back.

And so I started in 2010 in anticipation of this happening doing a search for a fund that could replace the one that we had. I searched and searched and tore my hair out ’cause I just couldn’t find anything. One day I was sitting in Chuck’s office meeting with him as he manages some of my clients’ money. I said, “You know, I trust you and me to manage these funds more than any other fund I can find.” And I really just said it facetiously off the top of my head. And then one thing led to another and the result was we created Sea Lane Advisory, LLC. which is a partnership of Solari Advisors and Chuck’s investment advisory company, Financial Perspectives.

Chuck and I spend about two hours a day in investment committee every day, five days a week looking at investment trends in companies. Because Sea Lane is in the San Francisco Bay Area next to Silicon or in Silicon Valley and Chuck is an engineer who started on the IT side of Silicon Valley before moving to investment advisory, it’s not surprising that we spend quite a lot of time analyzing what is happening in the high-tech part of the domestic and global equity markets.

I finally realized one day sitting, working with Chuck on these various topics that I realized that it was very important for me to start to bring this information to our subscribers so that they can understand these developments. So I asked Chuck and Chuck has graciously agreed to join us regularly, which we’ll be doing quarterly on the Solari Report. So with that, let me invite Chuck to join us. Chuck, are you with us?

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