Equity Markets: The View from Silicon Valley

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday on the Solari Report, I will joined by Chuck Gibson, my partner in Sea Lane Advisory, LLC in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Have you been surprised by the strength of the US equity markets this year? One of the primary trends fueling that strength is new technology and innovation. Whether inspiring or terrifying, it’s here and the impact is accelerating.  Technology and innovation is a primary trend that will be impacting our lives and our investments for a long time.

This Thursday, Chuck and I will brief you on the technologies being integrated into our infrastructure and manufacturing base that are impacting equity markets and equity investors. Key areas we will be discussing include:

  • Going MobileSmart phones and pads are shifting computing power from the desktop to handheld devices, inspiring the evolution of digital payment and currency systems, and the reinvention of creation and delivery of advertising, entertaining and data.

  • Integration into Infrastructure  – Smart materials and smart inventories and networks are shifting computing power from the desktop into houses, cars and highways that someday could communicate with each other.


  • Manufacturing – The economics of manufacturing close to retail markets are becoming more attractive. Will 3D Printers, lasers, and robotics fuel a third industrial revolution in North America?



  • Service Industries – Robotics making a practical difference in diverse industries -everything from surgical systems to floor cleaning. But what will the impact of robotics be on employment over  the next decade? What happens if fast food franchises replace employees with robots?

  • Food & Water – With more and more people, it is easy to understand why the race is on to do more with less.

  • Energy: Improvements in drilling technology have lead to a significant growth in domestic oil and gas reserves and could do the same globally. Resulting drops in gas prices are leading to the integration of LNG motors in trucks and LNG export facilities. Meantime, the economics of solar and other renewable technologies continue to improve. Then of course the wildcard beckons – are free energy technologies possible?

  •  Health Sciences – Since 2003, gold has increased in value by approximately 500%, silver has increased by 800%, and the stock of the leading maker of surgical systems has increased by over 4,000%. Whether the software and robotics that make surgical systems possible, or new composite materials and nanotechnology that build tiny medical devices or 3-D printers that can grow a new human organ for transplant, health sciences is pushing into numerous new frontiers.
My theme for our discussion is “Here it comes – ready or not!” My goal is that Solari Report subscribers will indeed be ready to understand these powerful developments.

I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine.
In Let’s Go to the Movies, let’s revisit my old favorite, Other People’s Money, that explores the creative destruction that occurs in the equity markets and communities and as a result of new technology.

Talk to you Thursday!

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