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The Solari Report 2012-08-09

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1. Introduction & Theme – 0:00 Here it comes, ready or not! Alex Haley, author of Roots, once said, “Deal with Reality or Reality will Deal With You.’ Digital technology and other new technologies and innovations are literally exploding out of the labs, the R&D departments and inventors garages. Some of it sounds inspiring and useful. Some of it sounds terrifying and gruesome. The risks are that we use it to dehumanize, to entrain, to manipulate and to create invasive and controlling militaries, economies and cultures, including ones that do great harm to the integrity of our living ecosystems. The opportunity is that we use it to heal and promote innovation, communication, decentralized wealth and peace.

2. Money & Markets – 4:24 US equity markets have continued to be strong, with a variety of commodities moving up, including gold and silver moving up sharply this week.

3. Food & Health – 8:15 This years election no matter what country you live in, the most important issue is California referendum to require the labeling of GMO food. Markets can not function without transparency and low cost information. As an essential matter, consumers can not price GMO and non GMO food without adequate labeling. And without that pricing capacity, we could find ourselves with an all GMO food system that will have horrific consequences.

4. Heroes – 10:08 My favorite movie director Tony Scott, director of the movie “Enemy of the State”… Scott’s movies told a lot of truth, not to mention being great art and entertainment. I will miss him very much. Steve Ritz, a Teacher in the South Bronx, check out his TED speech.

5. Ask Catherine – 10:53 Will new technology be used to play the same pump and dump games we saw in the stock market with the Internet stocks?

6. Interview – 11:39

    A. Technology and Innovation as a Primary Trend
    B. North America – A Leader
    – Silicon Valley/Bay Area
    – Austin/Texas
    – Boston Area
    – Back into the Heartland?
    C. Key Areas of Interest to the Equity Investor

  1. Going Mobile
  2. Integration Into Infrastructure
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Service Industries
  5. Food & Water
  6. Energy
  7. Health Sciences
  8. Crosscutting Applications
    D. Key Questions
    – Acceleration in growth of knowledge
    – Privacy – We all live in the Truman Show now
    – Integrity/quality
    – Implications for employment model
    – Equity Markets

7. Coming Up & Closing – 1:18:50 Let’s Go to the Movies! ‘Other People’s Money.’ Other People’s Money is a 1991 drama/romantic comedy film starring Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck and Penelope Ann Miller. Check out ‘Just a Taste’ on the Blog. Transformations & Renewals in Tennessee October 12 through 14. Next Subscriber luncheon in Murfeesboro, Tennessee outside of Nashville on December 1 at Five Senses restaurant.

Coming Up:

August 30th, Jon Rappoport, Inside the Propaganda Matrix

September 6, Dr. Joseph Farrell on The Breakaway Civilization, “Who are these guys, anyway.”

Sept 13, Precious Metals Market Reports with Franklin Sanders

Sept 20, Jeffrey Smith and Genetic Roulette, Report from California on the GMO referendum.


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By Catherine Austin Fitts

This Thursday on the Solari Report, I will joined by Chuck Gibson, my partner in Sea Lane Advisory, LLC in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Have you been surprised by the strength of the US equity markets this year? One of the primary trends fueling that strength is new technology and innovation. Whether inspiring or terrifying, it’s here and the impact is accelerating.  Technology and innovation is a primary trend that will be impacting our lives and our investments for a long time.

This Thursday, Chuck and I will brief you on the technologies being integrated into our infrastructure and manufacturing base that are impacting equity markets and equity investors. Key areas we will be discussing include:

  • Going MobileSmart phones and pads are shifting computing power from the desktop to handheld devices, inspiring the evolution of digital payment and currency systems, and the reinvention of creation and delivery of advertising, entertaining and data.

  • Integration into Infrastructure  – Smart materials and smart inventories and networks are shifting computing power from the desktop into houses, cars and highways that someday could communicate with each other.


Talk to you Thursday!

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