Transcript of Genetic Roulette with Jeffrey M. Smith

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From the transcript:

Catherine: I have been your admirer for many years and one thing we do on The Solari Report every Solari Report we have a hero and you will be the hero this week.

Jeffrey Smith: Okay.

Catherine: You are one of my great heroes from the time I first read Seeds of Deception, which was when it first came out. I have to compliment you on a couple things before we dive in. The first is one of the terrible time wasters that I see happen to people who are trying to bring transparency to a very important issue and bring change on
something that’s very, very important is they’re constantly trapped into the dead end of trying to persuade the corporate media or the right foundation to support them. They don’t understand the importance of going directly to the people. It seems to me that you figured out very quickly and very early that you had to build a business model that appealed directly to people; and I want to know how you figured that out so brilliantly.

Jeffrey Smith: TWell, thank you. It’s a very interesting question. I’ve never had that question framed like that in my life and it’s a delight to get a fresh new approach. What I figured out, actually, was that if you run the numbers on, “How do we get rid of GMOs?” which I’ve done countless times, and I’ve traveled around the world. I’ve been to 34 countries and I always ask campaigners what they did to fight GMOs, what worked, what didn’t. What became obvious several years ago was the concept of a tipping point of consumer rejection and how absolutely leveraged it is when the small percentage of consumers avoid genetically modified foods in a particular market, particularly given that there are no consumer benefits.