Trump's & Clinton's High Negative Approval Ratings Likely to Go Higher

“The Presidency of the United States is not an entry level position.” ~ Don Coxe

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Donald Trump is now enjoying on the job training under the white lights of the governance system in the United States. Governance is a very different place than campaigning.

Trump showed up at the Washington Post with part of his foreign advisory team to speak with the editorial board. His team included retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg. Kellogg joined Oracle after leaving the military, then served with Paul Bremmer in Iraq and then went to CACI. The first description I read said he was a Vice President of CACI.

For those of you who don’t remember Paul Bremmer or CACI, they are the folks who helped bring us Abu Ghraib. CBS 60 Minutes broke the story of the scandal in 2004. Kellogg joined CACI’s “top management team” in Feb 2005.  After the first reports of Trump’s meeting with the Post, later announcements report that Kellogg left CACI in 2009 to join Cubic and then left Cubic in 2014.

Not sure what the message is here, but it is unlikely to play well in the general election.

However, the competition for a rising negative approval rate is going great guns on the other side of the aisle – even with decades of government experience.

The FBI investigation into Clinton’s global racketeering with a private e-mail server is likely to come to a head between now and July. There are two possibilities. One is that the FBI indicts her and/or members of her staff. The other is Clinton skates – a clear message to the enforcement and intelligence bureaucracies that the Clinton’s have immunity from national security laws. Which means in a Clinton presidency, Clinton and her appointees will be free to use confidential information to refresh their personal pockets. A Clinton Administration will feel significantly emboldened to cash in on the benefits of “we’re here now.”

Which means that all enforcement and intelligence personnel responsible for covert operations will be operating in extreme danger all the time. Ambassador Chris Stevens death – and the death of his staff and the brave men who tried to protect him- will become an even more powerful symbol then they are now.

If the pushback is loud, it will impact the election. If the pushback is invisible, it could accelerate implosion of the US government and even accelerate the demise of the US dollar as the global reserve currency. If the people we are depending on to keep the game going turn more passive aggressive or bow out, what happens then? Does the remaining operational capacity fall to the defense contractors?

No matter how well Trump and Clinton are doing in the primaries, given the unending potential for higher negative approval ratings, their nominations are still far from a certainty.

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