Trump & the African-American Elite Gravy Train: The Party’s Over

“The party’s over
It’s time to call it a day
They’ve burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away
It’s time to wind up
The masquerade
Just make your mind up
The piper must be paid”
~ The Party’s Over” by Jule Styne, Betty Comden & Adoph Green

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Van Jones had a meltdown on CNN following Super Tuesday, describing his fears of Donald Trump and Trump’s success at the polls.

JONES: Listen, hold on a second. We have a big problem at this point now. Because I agree with you about a lot. I think we have taken him not seriously, we have not respected his voters, but there is a dark underside here, and S.E. is right. He is whipping up and tapping into and pushing buttons that are very, very frightening to me and frightening to a lot of people.


Van Jones is a member in good standing of a class of African-American elites who have ridden the progressive gravy train for everything it is worth. They have gotten admissions and scholarships to Harvard and Yale. They have gotten plum jobs in Democratic Administrations. They have cashed in on real estate gentrification. Their not-for-profits have gotten support from the Clinton Foundation.  Life has been good.

Exactly what was the value they delivered for this money?

While the Clinton Administration was increasing mandatory sentences and rounding up young black kids to fill up private prisons, the black elites were rushing to take advantage of the explosion of government contracts and grants — they created an attractive, educated black face to what was happening.

American narcotics trafficking and slave labor grew under the rainbow colors of Eric Holder’s leadership at the Department of Justice and the African American attorneys who represented Hillary Clinton. The drug profits from Mena, Arkansas carried their invisible influence through the power corridors of Washington.

After a lull in which the Bush Administration and the Republicans took their turn at shifting America to a fascist state, the Democrats returned to power with the Obama Administration.

Our first African American President, supported by an African American First Lady (herself a lawyer), an African-American chief-of-staff and an African American attorney general, ensured:

  • The delivery of $27 trillion to the banks
  • A cover up of the $8.5 trillion missing from the federal government
  • Continued genocide in the Middle East and Africa – continents filled with brown and black people

US prisons continued to fill up with lots of black people. And the folks who engineered Obama into the White House were richly rewarded for playing the African-American card.

From the looks of the vote counts on Super Tuesday, the general African American population continues to support Hillary Clinton. This is astonishing when you think about it.  [In their defense, word on the street is that even the Obamas and their team loathe the Clintons.] It is the equivalent of voting for the person who hands you small checks funded by the targeting and liquidation of your brethren.

I was once told by one of the richest men in America that it was a very stupid idea to try to help people in America – the problem was not that they would sell you out — it was that they would sell you out for next to nothing.  He said they had no capacity to price what anything was worth.

With this in mind, let’s get back to Van Jones and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump does not need to put a pretty face to things. He is a businessman. He counts pennies, nickels and dimes. He likes math. He prides himself on not paying for things that don’t create value. He has no need for things to be politically correct. And (get ready) he knows that the debt growth game is over.

Trump has no intention of paying an African-American elite to put a pretty face on rounding up innocent kids and sending them to private prisons. For him, there is no need to hand out government contracts and grants to make slave labor look politically correct. There is no need for lots of fluffy meetings and pronouncements from the Clinton Foundation.

Indeed, it is very likely that the productive members of the African-American community will do better.  They, like all the other productive people in America, are the ones paying for the politically correct parasites on every front.  It’s time to welcome back the many excellent African American politicians who were loyal to the people they represented.

However, the African-American elites who 1) put a pretty face on the progressive underbelly and 2) profited richly from the targeting of an African-American underclass via drugs and prisons are in real trouble. In a world where the Fed no longer prints free money, who needs them?

It’s no wonder that they support Clinton and fear Trump. One way or another, the party’s over.

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