UFO’s for 21st Century Minds with Richard Dolan

“These are the times in which a genius would wish to live. It is not in the still calm of life, or the repose of a pacific station, that great characters are formed. The habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties. Great necessities call out great virtues. When a mind is raised, and animated by scenes that engage the heart, then those qualities which would otherwise lay dormant, wake into life and form the character of the hero and the statesman.”   ~ Abigail Adam

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When Richard Dolan joined us on the Solari Report in 2010, I said that his two book series, UFOs and the National Security State, was the best overview of the UFO phenomenon available. Well, now there is a better one. It’s Richard’s latest, hot off the presses: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind: A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery.

Be careful when you start it. I could not put it down.

Ever feel like our world is getting progressively weirder? For me, the weirdness accelerated greatly when I was invited to assist in a strategic planning process for the US military and was informed that our goal was to envision how the military might operate in a world in which the American people knew that aliens exist and live among us.  I insisted that I did not know such a thing.  My skepticism was high.

I tried reading my way through the available books on the subject.  After tearing through countless books and documentaries, I gave up in disgust. The disinformation was significant. So was the absence of serious science and investigative research and documentation. This was a subject that would take enormous intellectual power and skills and a great deal of time to organize.

Yet, I found that the corruption and centralization in our political and financial systems invariably comes back to the money flowing into the black budget and the powerful, secret technology it funds.  To understand how our economy and private investment works requires an understanding of the UFO phenomenon and the impact it is having on numerous sectors of government, business, finance, media and academia, not to mention global geopolitics and financial markets. There is too much money and market shifting technology involved to dismiss it. There is also trillions of dollars of hardware flying around in global airspace demonstrating technology well beyond what we are known to have developed. Exactly where is the manufacturing infrastructure that is building all of these ships?

Not surprisingly, I also noticed that those who promoted the idea that this was a fringe issue were often those who were generating the most power and profits from keeping things secret.

Richard has done us an enormous service by using his fearless intellect and skills to wrestle the topic into a manageable framework.  Yes, the unanswered questions are formidable, even mind-bending. However, the power of our intellect and faith can cut through the weirdness and think through the possibilities that we may face as a civilization. Yes, we can understand our world.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review the documentary The Day Before Disclosure. For those who want to delve further into the UFO topic, two other recommended documentaries for this week are UFOs Out of the Blue and I Know What I Saw.


My interview with Richard will post on Thursday. We will also post my Money & Markets, so post your questions on the blog.

This is a great one – don’t miss it!


  1. Three questions for Richard Dolan:

    From what I’ve read about UFO technology is that there is always a radiation signature associated with these inertia-less field vehicles. 1) Is there a consensus on what drives them? 2) How many years has our planet suffered from technological retardation? 3) Is there any change in sight, or are we going to have to depend on oil for another century?


    • JQ,

      Your questions were received too late to address in the interview, however Richard Dolan has sent his response which I’ve copied below.

      “Good morning. The most scientific study addressing the reader’s question is probably by Paul Hill, unconventional flying objects: a scientific study.

      He, too, noted the frequent presence of radiation in the aftermath of reported landings by saucers. As to what he said caused this, I am not sure that he had an exact answer. Presumably, however, it could mean some form of atomic/nuclear energy.

      Hill died quite a while ago. Neither he nor any of his contemporaries had scientific data on the possible source of energy behind these objects. Clearly, it would seem to be a tremendous amount that was needed. Today, the general consensus among people looking into this is that these vehicles use a form of electrogravitics, which creates the inertialess field. As for the source of power behind the effect, there are several candidates, from clean fusion, cold fusion, ZPE, and who knows what else.


  2. Much more hopeful view than some of what we have been getting from Joseph P. Farrell in some ways. No mention of the possibility of the Nazi presence, or, for what matters, of the metastructure’s active pursuit of additional wealth and power through the “collaterization” of space. But I really enjoyed the wealth of visual content and the explanation of much I had no idea about even after having read the first two books on UFOs and the Security State…

  3. With China buying idle manufacturing plants all through Michigan, Pittsburg and other areas, separate business parks in Idaho, California, the JP Morgan complex in Manhattan for a suspiciously tiny price tag, along with around 60% of other real estate there, I do not see the bright open skies for the individual entrepreneur building anything, nor do I see that person’s child or grand children heading for the stars. This action by China along with the Transnational Pacific Partnership that is being negotiated in secret, does not bode well for the optimism that both of you shared at the end of the interview. I’d like to think that you are right, but there are some facts here that no one is looking at.

  4. Catherine,

    What we see with these UFOs is ultimately spiritual. I have seen them off and on since I was 14 years old. Sort of like they have been observing. I believe these are both reverse technology and indeed inter-dimensional.

    I have seen the big black triangle ships that were absolutely gigantic (Black Op abduction ships) since 1982! I have had about 4 other since then. One was right over the top of me in Northern Arizona in 1995.

    In 2007 I began to investigate why this happened and why. Every time I began searching this it led to very dark places. In 2008 it dawned on me that time is up. This was a download of the Holy Spirit. I began to notice these, whether working on behalf of the evil one (Black Ops), or the evil one himself, is corrupting mankind through experiments or DNA manipulation. This is being done on several levels through outright implantation through abductions, GMO, and Chem spraying. All these are altering the Human being. As in the days of Noah so shall it be with the coming of the Son of Man. Read the Book of Enoch and Jasher…

    In 2008 I was attacked by one of these entities. I saw the entire fabric of reality open up and one of these entities walk right through it in the middle of the night. It paralyzed me and choked me to a point where I could not breathe. I cried out with the last breath and intuitively the only thing I could think of, “JESUS SAVE ME!” As I did an ethereal being came into the room which looked as if it had the wings of a dove and over came the dark image being. My body was immediately released and I could move. I encourage you to take a look at this for more cases: http://www.alienresistance.org/ce4.htm.

    Since this I have been convinced there is something to man, the DNA the shell or flesh housing of man that is paramount in this. Since then I have had more and more understanding of who Jesus Christ is and the ultimate plan of God and his plan for Man – the Bride of Jesus Christ. I have been given dreams and visions of this. And over time little by little how to prepare for this. The biggest preparation is the heart. Preparing this for the ground for which the seed/WORD which is planted.

    I have all my life been trying to fit a round peg in a square hole and only till now understand my calling and will not resist it any more. I have always been an INFJ personality working in a small family business I an now walking away to follow the calling laid before me. There is a great change happening and some have already been preparing and changing. Some will out of necessity. As Joseph stored up wheat for the famine so should we. This famine will not be of bread and water but of the hearing of the Word of the Lord (Amos 8:11-12 – see also Elijah and also the witnesses in Rev 11 who shut the rain (Holy Spirit) for 3.5 years).
    Among the dreams and vision I have had I will share this last one which came on my birthday Jan 9, 2014:

    I was awaken at 4:00 am with a voice telling me to find out when the woman in Revelation 12 who is clothed with the sun, the moon at her feet and the crown of 12 stars can be seen in the heavens. I normally do not get audible voices like this but only dreams and visions (Joel 2).

    Well I got up that morning and began to research and to my astonishment I find that others have discovered that indeed over the city of Jerusalem on Sept, 23, 2017 the day after the Hebrew Feast Day, the Feast of Trumpets, this sign appears in the constellation Virgo (Gen 1:14). The stars were always meant to be map for the Creator as did the Magi followed them in the first birth before the first half of Jesus’ Ministry.

    Having found that indeed this sign appears right in line with a Hebrew Feast day, I knew there were the blood moons coming in 2014 and 2015 and I calculated the days from there to this sign of the Woman in Revealtion 12. It was close but not exact coming 1258 days prior beginning in 2014 Passover. I did calculate the days after Sept 23, 2017 and exactly 1260 after is March 5/6, 2021 which falls on the special Sabbath of Parah in which is the Red Heifer sacrifice that the Priest Purify themselves. What are the priest purifying themselves for? It is cleansing of those who will be Priest who rule and reign with Jesus Christ. I find it ironic that the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 witness for 1260 days and are killed… These are the ones who had not defiled themselves.

    I am convinced through reading into the scriptures that the second half of Jesus Ministry, the last 3.5 years will be birthing within those who had seed? Word planted on their good ground, the remnant. It will be Jesus within us! This why there are trying to corrupt the seed as they did before. Why they will try to kill the “man child” again just as Herod tried to in the First birthing of Jesus.

    How will this come just as explained in Joel 2 when the spirit is poured out on all flesh and the seed is germinated in the womb of man and birth in man (Isaiah 66). It will be as great sorrow but the sorrow just as woman who after gives birth will be given great joy. Overlap Luke 10 on Rev. 12 and you will see after sending his Disciples forward why Jesus stops midway and says that he saw Satan fall. This will happen when the dragon tries to devour the “man child” born within those who birth Messiah’s return and second 3.5 years of ministry. Jesus read only the first half of Isaiah 61 prophecy because the second half is to be fulfilled through his Bride – the Trees of Righteousness. When Jesus healed the blind ban and he saw men as trees, it was not because it did not work the first time. The Blind man saw everything clearly but he was seeing the future and Prophesying. Jesus had to pull back his sight because it was not yet the time of the second half of his ministry. As Jesus said in his beautiful prayer in John 17:21 , “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me”.

    On further investigation of this word, I am realizing that 2017 may also be a Hebrew Jubilee year. 1917 was the Balfour declaration. 1967 Israel gained control of Jerusalem. This puts 2017/2018 to also be a Jubilee year. Apparently this will be the 120th Jubilee cycle. As the Word says that God will not always strive with man but he is appointed 120 years . I feel this is 120 Jubilee cycles of 50 years which calculates to 6000 years. And as day is as a thousand years in God’s timing man is made on image of God in last part of the 6th day or 6000 years (Genesis 6: 1, 2).

    In the matter of two or three witnessed a thing will be established. First God himself witnessed to Abraham and Moses. The Son of Man witnessed to all. Now the Holy Spirit will witness to all flesh before the day for the Lord – the rain will germinate the seed which is had been laid in the hearts of all to birth the second birthing of Messiah’s last 3.5 years of ministry through his bridge, becoming one flesh with the Bridegroom. However some of this seed was not planted on good ground and man who know the truth will walk away, the great falling away and return to their vomit (see John 6:66). That is why Jesus said blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven as she is the last witness (this word in Greek is feminine). Jesus said tear down this temple and I will rebuild it in three days, of which he spoke of his body (John 2). Yes his physical body was raised in there say but his spiritual body (his remnant/bride) will be raised in on the first day of the click of 3000 years (See Hosea 6:1-3, and Joel 2). This is why the enemy is trying to destroy man’s DNA so that he will have a still birth of the Man Child to be born Spiritually for the second half of Christ’s 7 year ministry on earth.

    Catherine, I know you are truly spiritual. I only ask that you investigate this for yourself. God has put this out there for all who seek to find. God has shown me dreams of the Witnesses, All things being made new and more. I am but a regular simple man and still trying to understand why God has shown me this.

    The foreseeable future will be not without travail but it will be turned to joy!

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