US Equities vs. Gold and Silver

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Last Five Years

Reviewing this comparison of the US equity markets to the performance of the largest gold and silver ETFs shows you why precious metals investors have been feeling so confident in recent years.

The Last Twelve Months

Over the last year, however, commodities started to diverge with equities. Rather than liberal monetary policies sending both up in nominal terms, commodities began to fall relative to equities.

2013 – Year to Date

That divergence has accelerated this year. As a result, gold and silver investors feel like they have had their head handed to them and equity investors are feeling their oats. It is, however, a good time to review the long term charts for context. Life is long and we never know what tomorrow can bring.

Index key:

GSPC = S&P 500

DJI = Dow Jones Industrial Average

IXIC = Nasdaq Composite

GLD = SPDR Gold Shares

SLV = iShares Silver Trust