What’s the Action? with Sibel Edmonds


“Never mistake motion for action.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Sibel Edmonds is the founder of the Boiling Frogs Post, an online media site offering nonpartisan investigative journalism.

Sibel worked as a contractor for the FBI in the wake of 9-11 as an interpreter in the translation unit of the FBI in Washington. She become a whistleblower regarding covert conversations she overheard. In August, 2004, Edmonds founded the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), which exists to assist national security whistleblowers through advocacy and reform. In 2012, she published a memoir entitled Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story.

Sibel has a passion for asking the question, “what can we do?,” in the face of the corruption we face – which at times seems overwhelming. I asked her to join me on the Solari Report to discuss her coverage of the indictment and settlement of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation on the Solari Report this week:

Catherine: Let me bring up my concern about what’s going on because the question is “Why now?” Why all of a sudden are they doing this now? If you were to make a list of every Republican who has indict-able evidence against the Clintons, they’re dropping like flies right now. And my concern is that coming into a Clinton election, the Clintons are basically taking out anybody who could give them any trouble. Dennis Hastert included.

Sibel Edmonds: You are seeing the replay of 1999 and the Clinton impeachment. But even the Republicans have been really quiet about it…which is amazing. They are not mentioning the fact that the expose was there in Vanity Fair in 2005. They are not exposing the fact that he (Hastert) was listed in two books. They are not mentioning my under-oath testimony in 2010. In the Krekorian case, I was deposed and under oath — I had to tell them about Dennis Hastert including his sexual activities in one of his town houses. And all of those were arranged, organized and coordinated by his chief-of-staff, Scott Palmer. But nobody is even talking about Scott Palmer!

Catherine: What I’m seeing is that traditionally if you “played ball,” nobody went after you. And I think what we’re seeing in Washington, for a variety of reasons, is that people who’ve been playing ball are suddenly getting targeted. Hastert is a guy who’s played ball his whole life. But that isn’t good enough any more. Suddenly, he’s having done to him what Livingston had done to him — live by the sword, die by the sword.

Sibel Edmonds: If you don’t get in line, you are going to be “Hastert-ized.”

Catherine: Right. I think people are scared to death because playing ball isn’t good enough. I just think there’s real fear.


In Let’s Go to the Movies I review The Whistleblower, a movie based on a true story of documented sex-slave trafficking by a US defense contractor in Eastern Europe. This is one of the events Sibel and I discuss regarding persistent allegations of sex abuse by US agencies and leadership.

Ultimately, the question is how do we create a safe and healthy environment for our children? What’s the action?

I hope you’ll join Sibel Edmonds and me on the Solari Report this week! If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can learn more about becoming one here.



  1. Hi Catherine,

    We’re looking forward to your Solari Report, as always!

    For “Ask Cathering”, we are wondering if you can comment more on the Agenda 21 references made in this article on the blog this week:
    Food & Health – Week of 11.22.15
    TTIP Food Rules Secretly Enforced in EU; Agenda 21-Style Sustainability in New Draft

    Can you explain what Agenda 21 is, and if it has something to do with moving people out of rural areas in much of the US and the world?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Welcome Home!
    thought I might send you a present in the email.
    A Book
    OOOoOoOoo books, fires, homemade soup on the stove….
    I love winter, as long as I’m not in fairbanks outside 😀

    underground, … we can talk about those bunkers, Remind me.
    whose paying them Saudi’s are paying them, We are paying them, but the majority is coming from selling the oil through Turkey ( erogon’s son whose is also best friends with the two major ISIS/Sarci. I have pictures of them and just wrote a very short article on that this morning.
    I kinda specialize in the east-asia/russia/ukraine/iran/iraq/saudi’s etc.
    Well, as much as a recluse can, but I make good maps and visuals. 😀
    *Hugs* Love Love Loved your presentation at the SSP15.

    • Elaine,

      Love a woman or anyone that doesn’t under-estimate the salutation “hugs.” Similar to packin’. Broad-speak for…well being a broad; instead of a feminist or other “captured” women.

      Broads make their own rules (not Hillary Clinton rules or Smith College gals rules).

      Oh shoot I sound dangerous like Ron Paul says.

      You bet’cha,



      • Under estimate the value of *hugs* as a salutation or other – lol, hugs are what keeps this ‘ole broad’ ago’in 😀

        I was raised by a good man, and woman, both tar-heels, they couldn’t have children and adopted four (all under 18mos). I was the youngest child and always felt especially grateful they didn’t stop at three. funny though, for me when I was younger, in the academics world, while I didn’t hide my roots, I didn’t feel nearly as close to my roots as I do growing older, and feel emotions are what makes us all human, if we can’t show them to people, what’s the point? unless of course you’re playing poker.

  3. Hello Catherine and all my friends at Solari:

    Excellent interview with Sibel Edmonds; thank you both for all your efforts.

    I am always concerned about continuing infringement on the First Amendment.
    Do you have any opinion about the book ” Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” ? Do you think it is credible research or just more propaganda.

    I noticed Alex Jones had it on his web sight for free download but he took it down. Also the author says Amazon has banned the book and publishers have blacked balled it.

    • Catherine

      I saw that Amazon had pulled the book and that the authors were now making the manuscript available to the public for free. I have not looked at it yet. I do know there is a lot of evidence on Sandy Hook to indicate some very fishy stuff. My challenge is that trying to read and figure this one out would take a great deal of time and would not add value to subscribers. I believe it was a covert op – whether fake or real. What you and I need to understand that these things can happen – both fake and real – and we need to be prepared to avoid them and protect ourselves from losing time, money, health and life when we can’t avoid them and not support the resulting “fixes.”


  4. I just joined Solari Report and thought the interview was great. Looking forward to learning a lot more. The biggest question I have is how do I protect my boys (2 & 4), my wife from all of this?

    • Brian:

      Depends on your situations. You need to

      1. Be radical about nutrition and fresh food – you need strong immune systems and low toxicity. See our interviews on how to build strong immunes systems or to detox.
      2. Delete TV from your life – use smart phones and pads as little as possible and understand you are dealing with surveillance and entrainment devices; teach your children accordingly.
      3. Home school or find a private school for your kids; if you can’t move to a state which is more discerning in their school system – Idaho, Utah, Iowa may fit that category. I am not current
      4. Make sure you can account for all time in terms of where your children are and what they are doing
      5. Try to limit your associations and business to people who have strong values – they practice the golden rule. Recommend you read this year’s Xmas card, translating the devotionals into whatever spiritual practice or commons sense you follow.

      The list goes on…helping each other figure this out is what the Solari Report is all about. Lots of stuff in the archive.

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