Why I Love Yuan Gong

“Life is to be greatly valued and cherished. Health is the most precious asset in life.” ~ Yuan Tze

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Continuing in the thread of things I love, I wanted to say a few words about Yuan Gong, a form of Qigong.

In 1997, I woke up very early in the morning in my hotel in Shanghai. I walked to the french doors and looked out over the park. The morning sun glimmered through hundreds of Chinese doing Tai Chi together. It was breathtakingly beautiful, this sight of hundreds of people flow in a form of dance together. I thought to myself, “someday I will learn how to do that.”

In the Spring, one of my subscribers returned from a retreat with Yuan Tze, the founder of Yuan Gong. She was glowing. After many discussions, I asked her how I could learn the practice. She sent me to her teacher, Dale Mirmow. I took a private class from Dale, bought the Yaun Gong practice video and have loved this ever since.


  1. Thirty years ago, I was in charge of getting tenants for my parents’ rental unit attached to their garage. It was a cute little place and had its own yard fenced off from the main property. The first guy I got for them, after they’d given up on finding a good tenant, was a very introverted t-shirt artist who definitely fit the bill for a quiet and steady person to live there on their property, very near the main house. They were skeptical, but I knew it was going to work out well.

    One day my mom called to exclaim about him. “He’s perfect… except… except… well… he’s weird. Some days he’s out in his yard doing this very strange slow dance thing. That kind of worries your dad and me.”

    I had to explain.


  2. I practiced a long form of Tai Chi in the latter 1990’s. My instructor recommended learning both left handed and right handed to keep the brain balanced. Great excersize and very helpful for mental focus. When I do more body work, I think I’m more aware of my soul.

    I keep putting off practicing again, the heat, mosquitoes, the cold, etc. Thanks for the reminder!

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