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Your host for this seminar is Catherine Austin Fitts, president of Solari, Inc. and successful Wall Street and Washington DC investment banker. For an overview see the Seminar Description and course Outline below.. You are encouraged to do the Recommended Reading before or after listening to this audio seminar, and, as time allows, to enhance your understanding even further via the Additional Links listed below. To listen to the seminar, click on the Download Audio Recording link. Most seminars close with a brief invocation.



This audio seminar was recorded live on February 17, 2005.

What are the realities of economic warfare today? The best-selling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is John Perkins' first-hand confession about his role in international economic fraud the 1970s. But Perkins' account is certainly not the last word. Almost 30 years later, a higher-tech version of government-sponsored fraud has spread right into our own neighborhoods. No longer confined only to poor communities and third-world countries, the economic hit men are now at our doorstep, draining our time, our health, and our pocketbooks. How do we cope with today's far more dangerous economic warfare and government-sponsored market manipulation? The first step – understanding how we are being drained and who is doing it – is the purpose of this new audio seminar series on Tapeworm Economics.

We live in a time when a decades-old tale of fraud is considered a cutting-edge revelation about economic warfare. But knowledge of history alone is not going to protect us. We need to turn to those few honest voices who have the courage to push back the veil on today's hit men and women. In this inaugural audio seminar on the negative-return-on-investment economy, Catherine covers the following topics:

  • Current developments around the world
  • Principles of Tapeworm Economics
  • Today's real economic hit men and women
  • The special role of 9/11 and other dirty tricks

  1. Introductions
  2. In the News – Economic Warfare This Week
  3. Tapeworm Economics?
  4. What Does Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Teach Us?
  5. What Is an Economic Hit Man? How Can We Come Current?
  6. The Strong Dollar Policy – An Economic Hit of the US?
  7. Who Were the the Economic Hitmen and Women?
  8. Why Are the Missing Money and 9/11 Integral Parts of the Economic Hit-and-Run of the US?
  9. What Does An Economic Hit Look Like in Our Neighborhoods and Everyday Lives?
    What Are the Five Drains? What Is the Role of Dirty Tricks?
  10. How Are We Feeding the Tapeworm?
  11. The Use of Progressive Policies to Engineer Economic Hits
  12. The Opportunity for Change
  13. Question and Answer Period
  14. Closing or Invocation

This audio seminar is based on the recent article "Will the Real Economic Hit Men Please Stand Up?" written by Catherine Austin Fitts.

General Background

Economic Hit Men

  1. "Will the Real Economic Hit Men Please Stand Up?" by Catherine Austin Fitts
  2. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
  3. "The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" – Naomi Klein, April 14, 2005

In the News

  1. "Who Was That Ex-President I Saw You With Last Night?" by Prorev.com Editor Sam Smith, chosen by Alastair Thompson at Scoop Media
  2. "G7 Mulls IMF Gold Sales to Help Poor" by Katie Allen/REUTERS, From the Wilderness

Tapeworm Economics

  1. "The American Tapeworm" by Catherine Austin Fitts, Scoop Media
  2. "The Negative Return on Investment Economy"
    by Chris Sanders and Catherine Austin Fitts

The Strong Dollar Policy

  1. Navigate the Falling Dollar – audio presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts, February 2005
  2. Financial Sense NewsHour Interview (audio & transcripts) with Catherine Austin Fitts
  3. "The Real Deal on Enron" by Catherine Austin Fitts

Who Are the Real Economic Hit Men and Women?

  1. "Meditations at the Crossroads" by Catherine Austin Fitts
  2. The Internet Hotseat - a website for holding leaders accountable ("google prison"):
    The Stanley Sporkin Hotseat
    The Pug Winokur Hotseat
    The Mel Martinez Hotseat
    The Condi Rice Hotseat

Why are the Missing Money & 9/11 Integral Parts of the Economic Hit-and-Run of the U.S.?

  1. Missing Money Articles & Documents
  2. "9/11 Profiteering"
  3. "Cui Bono?" by Catherine Austin Fitts, Sep 17, 2001
  4. "Iraq Deposits $5B in the Federal Reserve" Hispanic Business, Link no longer available

What Does an Economic Hit Look Like in Our Neighborhoods?

  1. "The Myth of the Rule of Law" by Catherine Austin Fitts
  2. Narco Dollars For Beginners" " by Catherine Austin Fitts
  3. "Community Wizard of Sebastopol Part II: The Five Drains Draining Every Community" by Catherine Austin Fitts
  4. "Piracy on the Delaware" by Catherine Austin Fitts
  5. "The Story of Edgewood Technology Services" by Catherine Austin Fitts

How Are We Feeding The Tapeworm?

  1. Building a Wonderful World – slide presentation by Catherine Austin Fitts and Christina Engelbart
  2. "Narco Dollars 101" – song by singer/songwriter Tom Darelik

The Use of Progressive Policies to Feed The Tapeworm

  1. "Will the Real Economic Hit Men Please Stand Up?" by Catherine Austin Fitts

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