2015: Looking Forward with Dr. Joseph Farrell

2015: Looking Forward with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“The financial and investment community will be forced during 2015 to grapple with evolving investment models for Planet Earth, as the central banking-warfare model runs its course and the Bretton Woods system unravels.” ~ Solari Report 2014 Annual Wrap Up

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report,  Dr. Joseph Farrell will join me to discuss the Solari Report 2014 Annual Wrap Up – and to review the forces that are driving events in 2015. This conversation will be free range and – as Dr. Farrell says – engage in lots of “high octane speculation.” Enjoy the web presentation for the Wrap Up first – you will get essential perspective on what is happening and what’s ahead.  As one subscriber said, “The view is breathtaking.”

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss the latest news.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review A Touch of Greatness, a documentary about education pioneer Albert Cullum.

Talk to you Thursday!



  1. Hi Catherine,
    I recently enjoyed reviewing Dr. Farrell’s lasts Solari Report interview regarding future technologies. Within the conversation, Dr. Farrell made an interesting comment referencing John Tillotson, a former Archbishop of Canterbury, regarding the mortality of man. He noted that God, by limiting man’s lifespan (twice in Genesis), limited the destructiveness of evil deeds that people can propagate. Doing so allowed for a period of repentance before starting anew. Now with our current level of technology one may argue from this perspective that mankind’s life expectancy has effectively been increased. Our weapon’s technology, information technology, financial transaction ability now allows for the possibility of unlimited destructive potential, including genocide; stealing money from entire countries; stealing and exploiting private information on an unimaginable scale.

    From a previously referenced work, “Political Ponerology,” it was noted that the older and more powerful an institution, the more likely the leadership will be infilitrated with people with psychopathic personalities. It would follow that should the people of Earth rid themselves of whatever government or shadow government that is keeping the planet captive, the new vacuum will likely be seized by another similar institution with similar types of leaders, thus continuing the cycle. From a Polish sample it was noted that perhaps 5% of the population were considered essential psychopaths, those who do not have the ability to empathize with others ever since birth or at an early age due to infection or trauma. Another 15% were found to be adaptive psychopaths, meaning they adopted psychopathic behaviors for the sake of surviving in a certain environment but can easily revert back to a normal state when placed in another environment.

    Now since “Star Trek” has already been invoked, I would like to state that one of my favorite movies is “First Contact,” in which the Borg travel back in time to 21st century Earth in order to change human history. There is an exchange with Capt. Picard and a 21st century engineer named Lily, who happens to find herself aboard the 24th century Sovereign Class starship. She quips, “it must have been expensive.” Picard replies to the effect that economics in the 24th century are different. People no longer work to accumulate wealth. Rather they work to “better themselves.” Although Star Trek is a fictional work, an interesting concept emerges. Can a political system be created and defended in order to identify and limit psychopathic people? Can an economic system be created that would discourage psychopathic behaviors by emphasizing ability, product, and service rather than emphasizing money which is merely a means of exchange? Are there any microsystems that have been experimented with successfully?

    Although these new technologies can bring great benefits, they can create limitless destruction when wielded by the wrong people. Genocide on a planetary scale becomes much easier requiring little in resources. Potentially the device may even fit inside of a shoe box from components purchased from Wal-mart. Certainly citizens within a galactic community have already surmounted this problem. Likely the are also wary of developing planets who have learned to tap into zero-point energy. At some point when an empire moves towards decay and destruction, it would be nice for a different type of system to emerge that can help chart a different course.


  2. Catherine…has anyone ever told you that you have the best laugh? I love to hear you laugh with your friends, it reveals such deep understanding of the material, its authentic and hearty. Especial Dr. Farrell. I hope you never stop laughing. That being said, I want to say that tonight’s interview with Dr. Farrell is most meaningful to me personally and has convinced me that its time for me to approach the Solari Team seeking consultation. I’m not sure how to do this, but will be studying your website for how this is done. If your Team could contact me off this post…that might speed me along a bit. In any case, I desire to bump up my connection to Solari to a new level. Thanks for such a wonderful program.


    • Jan:

      I have asked my assistant to contact you. Glad you enjoyed our interview. It is so much fun to talk with someone who invites reality in at every turn!


  3. As always, I enjoyed listening to the two guru’s that I believe have the (only) “fingers on the pulse” of Mr. Global. This is the year that I get on board with having a more active roll in my community while I (also) look to figuring out how to have the most fun. (I am taking your suggestion, Catherine). I turn the dreaded 65 (please help me get back on my chair from laughing so hard) as “the most fun” for me will be hanging on to a horse moving cows, and making sure that we have a more active role in assuring people can have non-GMO food (beef, lamb and venison) and providing my “family” with the best life possible. I have to thank both of you for keeping me on track with these goals.

    Hope to hear that the two of you are planning another super event (like the Secret Space Program) for 2015. I will be there.


    • Oh, yes, and while I have an E on the end of my Jan, I totally concur with the above. Your laugh is contagious. It always brings a smile to my face if not a chuckle in response.

  4. Another, Oh, BTW, I started re-wataching Dr Who. Talk about pertinent to your interview with Dr. Farrell : Transhumanism on screen. Oh yeah. He regenerates… robots everywhere, advanced life forms… GRIN? And I am only up to 2006.

    Are we there yet?


  5. The hidden system of finance for the Breakaway civilization, though originally dependent on Dollar hegemony, may be no longer dependent but self sufficient. How would we tell? We shouldn’t assume the Breakaway civilization suffers the same incompetence besetting present elites, sociopaths and yahoos running the legacy Government. Former Black-budget types may be perfectly happy picking up the bargain pieces after everything collapses.

    • John:

      In my personal experience the breakaways and the people above what we see are very competent. Incompetence more often than not is a cover story. I agree that volatility often works in their economic favor. However, I would not assume “everything” collapses. We are watching selective, managed collapses while the overall systems continues on, the beneficiary of the ongoing harvestings.


      • The slow burn describes things very well. I realize I was semi-consciously thinking of yahoos playing nuclear chicken with Russia when writing “everything collapses”.

        • As a practical matter, that’s the risk – note the Economist 2015 special has a mushroom cloud on it. I think cooler heads will prevail – however the spread of nuclear weaponry is a serious risk.

  6. LOOKING FORWARD to more of this on-going, spewing forth of wisdom and cleverness both. BEST PART FOR ME WAS: JPF’s emphasis on the need to “take back our language” meaning to reinvest words with true meaning… what the Toltecs, supposedly, referred to as the first “agreement” – “to use words with impeccability”… LOVED to hear Farrell comment on the vast difference between “values” and “virtues”… Indeed, between the transient and not necessarily truthful and what is permanent and firm, solidly truth-bound for all… The possibilitiy of any common consensus lies, I think, with an impeccable use of our foremost instrument of communication, of a language that serves as a means for reaching valid agreements, instead of language that is designed to disguise the truth and to separate us from our most precious goals. HAPPY EVERYTHING for you all during these coming months of ongoing trials for all.

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