A Jon Rappoport Report: Obamacare – What is Really Going On?

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This week on The Solari Report, Jon Rappoport takes us behind the many folds of Obamacare.

What is the real story of what is happening with Obamacare? Why are there seemingly so many problems with it’s implementation? Are we really supposed to believe that such a highly budgeted system is so structurally flawed?

Jon takes a look at the deeper story of what is happening and dissects the geopolitical and covert sides of these now mandatory control systems.

With an issue so complex and deeply impactful as healthcare, understanding what is at the root of the political and economic
concerns is the first step in addressing the underlying difficulties that face us going forward, and how to properly plan around them.

I will be doing Money & Markets and Ask Catherine this week. Do post your questions for us on the blog!

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  1. Since 1957, the American Veterinarian Association (AVMA) has provided health care for its 35,000 members beginning as soon as a student enters Veterinary School thru retirement. Now with Obamacare, the AVMA is forced to discontinue this service so they decided to set up a private exchange for their members. Their private exchange has been up and ready since Spring 2013 but since Obama and HHS keep changing the MANDATORY POLICY everyone must buy, they still cannot get any insurance company to lock in a firm price and sell a policy on their Exchange. (This is like a car dealer building a beautiful new store to sell new cars but with no product to put in the showroom because the government keeps outlawing all the new cars as they come off the assembly line.) Instead of reducing the people who are uninsured, it looks like ObamaCare just INCREASED the number of uninsured by 35,000…my thirty-year old son being one of them. When he goes to the Federal Exchange, he is put into Medicaid since he is in his last year of Vet School and does not have an income. He does not want to be in Medicaid because taking 25 hours in Vet School each term does not give him all day to wait in line for treatment. The CLIFF he is worried about arrives on December 31, 2013 when after that he will be in free fall without health care for the first in his life. What can he do to get treatment when he needs it without breaking the law?

  2. I have been enrolled in a Kaiser plan with a 5000.00 deductible for 3 years. After the deductible is met, I am covered 100%. The cost was 297.00 a month. I also have an HSA, so figured I was pretty much set. A couple of weeks a go, I got a notice from Kaiser indicating that my new plan, which would comply with ACA, would have 5000.00 deductible and after that is met, I would still be responsible for 40% of health care costs. The new plan would cost 595.00 a month. I can apply for government assistance based on 2012 income and pay 330 a month. That was a bad year for our business, and our income was lower than usual. But if our income increases greatly this year, and I believe it will, we will be liable for the difference, and have no idea what that will be at this point. It could be up to 800.00 a month, since the only alternative Covered California gave me was a silver plan, that without government assistance would cost 800.00 a month. So I am either going to have to do without insurance or find some alternative. Basically ACA priced me out of health insurance.

  3. I have been discussing/debating a post from a friend “America was not shut down properly. Would you like to restart America in Safe Mode with free healthcare and no guns? (Recommended)”. Not to go into the discussion of taxation as violence and the non-aggression principle, free-market vs centralized control, the fact that the ACA is not about “free” helthcare, rather it is about fascist transfer of wealth from individuals through the government to corporations….I think that one of the most interesting points of this meme is the non-sequitor of free healthcare and no-guns. If this snippet was really about public and personal well being it would more likely state “healthy food and no cars” since food is the root of much of the sickness crisis and cars (along with ladders, drownings, etc) kill and injure more people than firearms.

    This meme is revealing about the intention of the powers-that-shouldn’t-be in that the two seeming polarities, health and violence, are both actually designed to achieve the same purpose, control. Whoever controls the purse strings is going to determine what kind of “healthcare” you receive; people are giving up the right and ability to control what happens to their bodies. And wait to see what kind of control files all of us will have with electronic medical records! Those of us who would resist the mandatory vaccinations and chipping will be unable to do so effectively without the means for an individual to resist the force of the mob/strong, firearms.

    I think that there is a significant business opportunity (as Catherine says “look for the opportunity”) for a physician to establish a medical practice on a cash-only basis with a paper medical record as has been tradition. In my own state of Vermont, one legislator attempted to explicitly protect this option last year with legislation that would have specified that an individual and a physician are free to contract with each other outside of the “healthcare exchange”. This bill was defeated, allowing the state government to hold in reserve the ability to prohibit people from seeking health and medical care and advice of their own choosing. When I confronted my representative about this, her response had nothing to do with quality of care or health. She stated that “the Brown amendment would have removed any way of controlling costs.” Force and control disguised as empathy and care. I am one of many physicians who are moving to leave the practice of medicine, not on the basis of threats and actual reduced earnings, but because of the increasing immorality of the system.

    • As an addition, the legislation is, I believe, specifically ambiguous as to “physician”. I am an allopathically trained physician, and it is us “MD’s” that the public assumes that this legislation effects. But there is nothing to prohibit the state government to prohibit the private contracting between an individual and ANY physician, osteopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, chinese medicine, etc. (as physical therapists, nurse practitioners and nutritionist move more and more towards doctoral degrees, will they be defined as doctors/physicians too?) So this legislation (lack of legislation) puts into place the an ability for the government to prohibit the use/consultation of any class of practitioner of health/medical care, any “physician”, who does not meet the requirements of that government, backed by the threat of violence. So the potential to step outside of the conventional system is potentially not there.

  4. Jon. Great posting. What I cannot connect is this: Using Farrell and Fitt’s model of the world, the legacy civilization needs to finance somehow the costs related to the sunsetting of those the human populations who are mired in them. However, the labor and human resources needed for the Breakaway civilization (at least in the US) are being pulled from the Legacy’s children and grandchildren, who are bright, have required skills, and able to provide labor and brains to the new paradigm. Yet, it is also they who are being saddled and strapped with forever debt – tuition costs, now Obamacare escalating health care premiums on the young and healthy, etc. This does carry over and drains capital from the Breakaway’s chunk of change. Can’t see this yet, on the surface seems contradictory.

    Agreed with Edward’s post above: if I were a young person (or healthy middle-aged person), I’d look for every way I can to opt out of Obamacare and find those medical practitioners who provide paper-based medical records and fee for service offered. I want to understand the law well enough to advise my young family members accordingly.

  5. Catherine, Marilyn and Edward:

    Great comments. I covered them on the Solari Report last week. They echo all of my feedback so far.


    They do not need a high percentage. Those who are in debt, they have lots of ways of alleviating if they head in the desired direction.

    My guess is that they will grandfather in graduates of US universities for residency and citizenship in immigration reform this year or next – lots of entreprenuers will come from this group.


  6. I wrote earlier about AVMA being forced to discontinue their current policies offered to their members and that they decided to continue to service members by setting up a PRIVATE EXCHANGE for their members. Their private exchange now is open for business so my son (who is a third year student in Veterinary school) checked out his options. He currently pays $195 for a United Care PPO health and drug plan thru AVMA with a $500 deductible which will discontinue on 12/31/13. When going to the AVMA exchange website to purchase a plan starting in 2014; for $195 he can only buy a CATASTROPHIC PLAN with a deductible of $6,500 for a single healthy 30 year old person! If he buys the Platinum plan with $1,000 deductible, he will owe almost $400 a month which he cannot afford at this time. He is still deciding what to do. Hopefully, something will change before December 31, 2013.
    Thank you for all you do to keep us informed.

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