Best of the Solari Report 2016 – Editor Picks

“Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.” ~E. F. Schumacher

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Each year as we celebrate the holiday season, we pick three outstanding guests of the Solari Report, who offered intelligence that remains essential for the road ahead. This year, we did not want to chose from our Wrap Ups or regular guests inasmuch as many of our subscribers focus on them already.

After much discussion with the Solari team, here are the 2016 editor picks:

  • Don Coxe, What’s Next? Commodities & Negative Interest Rates: Investment advisor Don Coxe absolutely nailed it when he said that pension and retirement liabilities would be the loaded gun pointed at the next administration.  You need to understand these national and municipal budget issues, which will reoccur throughout the developed world in 2017.


  • David Talbot, The Devils Chessboard: founder David Talbot made a powerful contribution to our understanding of the real US governance system by authoring the best book of all on the Kennedy assassination.  The hubris of the current fake news hysteria makes more sense after we learn about the mind-blowing things the CIA  and the upper echelon of the US establishment have gotten away with for some time.


  • Jason Bawden-Smith, Protecting Against EMF Radiation: Bawden-Smith believes that EMF radiation poses more risks to our health and intelligence than tobacco and asbestos do. However, as a technology lover, he offers lots of sensible solutions for protecting ourselves from this kind of environmental pollution.


Don Coxe, David Talbot and Jason Bawden-Smith – like the scores of other talented guests who join us on the Solari Report – are wonderful reminders that the world is filled with extraordinary people who make it their mission to create a happier and healthier world for us.  Listen and be inspired!

No Money & Markets this week or next – I will be squirreled away in the Montana winter wonderland working on our Annual Wrap Up and celebrating Christmas. The last two Money & Markets have been jammed packed and we have done two specials on the changes underway: The Trump Transition and Can We Make America Great Again? These are filled with excellent insights on what is going on.

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If you want a amazing comedy that informs the economic challenges the developed world is struggling with, try one of my favorite movies that we reviewed in Let’s Go to the Movies in past years, Other People’s Money. It is about getting from “either-or” to “and-and-and.”

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On behalf of the entire Solari Team, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!