Catherine with Jon Rappoport, “Let’s Go to The Movies – Part II”

“We think of film as a bullet that ignites consciousness We must serve as the stone that breaks silence, or the bullet that starts the battle.  ~ Raymundo Gleyzer

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In March, Jon and I did a Special called “Let’s Go to the Movies.” We each chose five movies that are powerful in explaining the world around us. It was hit!

So we are going to do it again but this time we will review our five (each) favorite documentaries.

If you enjoy documentaries, make sure to check out the special list I did on food documentaries – “Catherine’s List of Top Food Documentaries & Movies.” We have also covered lots of excellent documentaries in the Let’s Go to the Movies segment.  You can find a complete list of all the films reviewed through the end of 2011 in the appendix of the January 2012 Annual Wrap Up. Both lists are linked from your Subscriber Resource Page. Finally, we used to maintain a list of favorites on the blog which you can find here.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. I watched the “Transformation” movie posted on your blog and it really scared me. I’ve heard your Clifford Carnicom and Gwen Scott interviews and I want to know if you are doing any of the techniques she suggested for neautralizing (sp?) the effects of the chemtrails such as the diatamachius earth in the morning or the organic grape juice at night. Is there anything a person can do to rid their body and blood of this artificial fungus coming through the air?

  2. The interview below (one of our earliest) took place in 1987, after several prior conversations about elites and the powers-that-be.

    Jon interviewed Jack True. As I interpret the discussion. Freud was used to psychologically manipulate the masses. I learned from a Philosophy major that Freud had sold out and bought into the Science direction for analysis. Georg Groddick did not sell out and took the spiritual path. Freud was touched on about one of the documentaries you all discussed.

    “First of all, if you want to know anything about the mind, you have to get rid of the idea of categorizing and labeling mental states. Psychiatry is based on that model, which is really a business model. It creates patients.

    Georg Groddeck actually figured out the mind. He was a German contemporary of Freud. He laughed at Freuds’ assertion.

    The dosec, the “IT” is the Ego that CIM discusses. Georg Groddeck opened a new way of thinking of the Patient Mind. We can only open to a five percent change at a time. “something running them” is the dosec. ( have not found a description for this yet and I misspelled it) [I

    You two are a great duo!

  3. CAF: I thought your comment on Amy Goodman to be measured, and much too kind. Could this have to do with your estimation of the subscribers ? After all in a program touching on the Matrix it would seem that Amy’s role therein would merit just a tad more attention. It is said that she receives a fair amount of foundation funding, money well-spent – I scan the text of 1 or 2 interviews each week from her show. She is also aggressive in siphoning off money that might well have gone to progressive outlets. There used to be a website, Left Gatekeepers ( pre-911 ) that offered some pertinent analysis of Amy and others.

    Because you used to be mentioned as a GATA consultant I wondered if you were familiar with the work of Mike Bolser. Some years ago I had a subscription to his newsletter and was quite taken by his charting – regression analysis, not technical. Mike may have been a bit of a loose cannon, but no more so than Bill Murphey – even less, I would say. This question came to mind when you mentioned to Chris Powell that gold was a national security issue – very astute observation.

    • Mike:

      I will comment this week on the SR. Essentially, Goodman provides a great deal of coverage, some of which is good old fashioned reporting. So she does what she can do and not what she can not do. I appreciate the challenges involved in producing what she does do — it is a hard job. My subscribers generally understand that she operates within matrix boundaries and know not to expect her to cover many stories.


  4. I bought the Sir James Goldsmith documentary off of Amazon last summer, and listened to it for the first time last week. It is copyrighted 2006 by Charlie Rose. After listening to it twice, I can’t find any discussion of the control of seeds and food supply. I could have missed something, but I’m wondering if that part (and maybe more) has been edited out?

  5. Karen:

    I may have mislead you. In the documentary, Goldsmith talks about the consolidation of farmers — which for me is the same thing as control of the food supply.

    I don’t think he goes into GMO there. If you read The Trap and his other writings and what his brother and son have discussed, whatever he said publicly that was specific could have been there.

    The Charlie Rose version I saw was up on the blog from Youtube. I don’t think it is different than the one you watched but I can not swear to it.

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