Catherine with Jon Rappoport, “Let’s Go to The Movies – Part II”

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The Solari Report 2012-05-17


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Audio Chapters

1. Introduction & Theme – 0:00   – Theme: Kaboom on the Hour; last week was just Kaboom Every Day. …

2. Money & Markets – 01:11   – Fixed income markets; Axel Merk on euro holdings (see earlier Solari Report interview of Axel Merk); ECB stopped making loans to some Greek banks and downgrades of Greek sovereign debt; Will Greece leave the euro? Is part of the European crisis economic warfare? Systemic shorts; Overstock squabble on naked short selling; nugget on Goldman. …

3. Ask Catherine – 16:21   – Paul Krugman’s new book? What about the Free Lakota Bank? Not enough due diligence material; suggest staying away from it; Dr. Gwen Scott, how to neutralize the effects of chemtrails? …

4. Interview – 19:20   – Favorite Documentaries with Jon Rappoport. Separated into four categories: The Real Deal, The Real Deal on Telling the Real Deal, Food & Health, Inspiration. The movies:

  • The Real Deal
  •   1. Oklahoma City Bombing: What Really Happened & The Noble Lie
  •   2. Sir James Goldsmith’s 1994 Interview with Charlie Rose
  •   3. G. Edward Griffin interview of Norman Dodd on Tax-exempt Foundations
  •   4. Adam Curtis’s The Century of Self
  •   5. Hot Coffee
  • Runners-up: Clifford Carnicom’s Aerosol Crimes; Phoenix Rising
  • The Real Deal on Telling the Real Deal
  •   6. Thrive
  • Food & Health
  •   7. American Addict
  •   8. Bertram Verhaag’s Food Series
  •   9. We Became Silent: The Last Days of Health Freedom
  •   10. The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Rife
  • Runners-up: Supersize Me; Sugar, the Bitter Truth; Obesity: Killer at Large
  • Inspirational
  •   11. Children Full of Life
  •   12. The Endurance
  • Runners-up: What the Bleep Do We Know; Shaolin Wheel of Life; Bill Moyer’s Amazing Grace; Long Way Around

5. Up Next & Closing – 1:41:19   – May 24, How to Find a Great Local Bank – The Next Generation; Jun 7, Ecovillages with Macoco Tameric; Jun 14, Precious Metals Market Report with Franklin Sanders …

Comment on this blog post

“We think of film as a bullet that ignites consciousness We must serve as the stone that breaks silence, or the bullet that starts the battle.  ~ Raymundo Gleyzer

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In March, Jon and I did a Special called “Let’s Go to the Movies.” We each chose five movies that are powerful in explaining the world around us. It was hit!

So we are going to do it again but this time we will review our five (each) favorite documentaries.

If you enjoy documentaries, make sure to check out the special list I did on food documentaries – “Catherine’s List of Top Food Documentaries & Movies.” We have also covered lots of excellent documentaries in the Let’s Go to the Movies segment.  You can find a complete list of all the films reviewed through the end of 2011 in the appendix of the January 2012 Annual Wrap Up. Both lists are linked from your Subscriber Resource Page. Finally, we used to maintain a list of favorites on the blog which you can find here.

I will start with Money and Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

Talk to you Thursday!