Live Solari Report! Protecting Against EMF Radiation – What 5G Means to You with Jason Bawden-Smith

“Absolutely nothing that humanity can create will improve human health and longevity more than reconnecting with our mother planet and father sun.” ~Jason Bawden-Smith

By Catherine Austin Fitts

By popular demand, Jason Bawden-Smith returns this week for what promises to be a resource-rich Solari Report.

We will discuss:


Best of all, Jason will be joining me live from Sydney, Australia so our subscribers can ask questions of him directly.

We will begin at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 6pm MDT, 5pm PDT, 8am HKT, 6am BDT, 10am AEDT, 1am GMT.

Jason will be part of our trip to Uluru in the Australian Outback with Richard Dolan  and 20 subscribers next year, May 2018. There are still spots remaining in the second week if you would like to join.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, Jason and I will comment on James Russell’s documentary, Resonance – Beings of Frequency.

It’s the last week of the month, so no Money & Markets this week. If you post or e-mail your questions for Ask Catherine, I will answer on June 1st Money & Markets.

Talk to you Thursday!

Jason’s Website

EMF Warriors

Australian Outback 

Travel to Australian Outback – May 2018

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  1. during this brief break…

    I work two floors below a roof top that has set of cell tower devices.
    Maybe 6 of the long aluminum vertical devices are on the roof.
    I would guess the employee rate of cancers is about the norm.
    I don’t think anything can fully protect us two floors down?

    We love our Blueshield whole house plug in and I always leave home with our Tesla Gold portable.

    After I read this book, I stopped complaining to my federal representatives. I hope there is a legal solution though.
    Cell Towers-Wireless Convenience? Or Enviromental Hazard?Nov 1, 2001
    by B. Blake Levitt (was a Solari Report guest)

  2. I am a Blushield user and also leave home with the Tesla Gold portable. I have installed blushield in several family home where I spend alot of time and observing the effects. One observation one month out – observed deeper sleep patterns and overall less tension and better moods. N=2 of course with no control groups. No observable dietary changes which, according to the science would produce an even bigger effect. 🙂

  3. Great interview! Thank you. I have a blue shield cube in my home and I carry a mobile Blue Shield whenever I go out. I noticed no difference with my use of the mobile however, it took me 5 weeks to adjust to the cube. I communicated with Donna Fisher ( and she walked me through the detox. I feel great now. My devices have radiation blocking cases or platforms from I also use an MRS 2100 PEMF system. I am 71 years old and feel 50. I began to put this in place 6 months ago. I was feeling ‘run-of-the-mill symptoms of old age.’ Guess what? Every symptom supposedly associated with aging is gone! All of this cost in total $4000. It was money well spent.
    My only concern now is, when I talk with my adult children (each with 2 children) I get if not eye rolling, a kind of light ‘apparent acceptance’ as in “I’m glad you feel better, Mom.” Thanks for the links. I forward them to my kids and between my new gift-giving and their review of links, we’ll get there.

    • Fantastic! I am so glad these steps are helping. Since I have been in Sydney, Jason has me on a blue light diet and I must say I feel better. Early to bed, early to rise….

  4. I, for one, would like to delve a bit into the “darker” stuff that this report (and several others) have sort of slid by. I understand the concern that doing so might be construed as being sensationalist but I don’t see it that way.

    The analogy I came up with is the need for a chart to navigate by, much like river pilots. Knowing more solid particulars on how exactly the mind control is implemented (the information from Adam Trombley about waveforms riding along on our electricity delivery was excellent, for a start) as well as what to look for would be very valuable to me. I have found on my own from viewing some of the videos of things like the Chucky Cheese brawls and, more recently, the attack on the professor over “racism” in Washington state these events have a certain energetic “signature” to them, but more detailed and varied information would be so useful.

    I imagine being able to walk into a public place, for instance a restaurant, and knowing how to identify it as a place of heavy entrainment and then knowing how to either cope with it or leave, for example. Is such a thing possible? I sure hope so. I am already very aware of subliminals in films and on television and avoid those like the plague, but that’s not through information but through trial and error.

    Is what I’m asking for even possible? That such information could come from sources of integrity that I trust would be wonderful. Hopefully discussing this wouldn’t put anyone at risk of reprisal, either.

    Thanks again for y’all you do!

  5. Very interesting interview, thank you Catherine and Jason – haven’t heard of Blueshield, but will check it out. I’d love to get the book, AFTER DARK.

    A few other things I do, for folks to investigate for themselves:

    — I sleep on an Earthing sheet, and use an Earthing mat when using the computer (when I can’t get outside)
    — I downloaded a nice little app called Iris that blocks blue light from computers and other devices (Google Iris software for eye protection). There might be better out there, but it sure was simple to download.
    — I use BioGeometry pendants, and Home Balancing Kit.

    CATHERINE… the founder of BioGeometry Dr. Ibrahim Karim (Egyptian, now based in Montreal) might be a good interview. He is an architect by profession (yes designs energetically balanced houses and creates home balancing tools, and trains BioGeometry practitioners around the world – I’m not a practitioner by the way).

    He implemented the world’s first regional EMF solution in the Swiss village of Hemberg, measurably improving crops and human health in the area – there’s much more on the study (and others) online.

    No doubt you have a ton to investigate, so sharing for whatever it’s worth. We met at the Toronto lunch with Rob Kirby by the way, which I really enjoyed.

    Thanks again for the great content and doing what you do.


  6. Jan,

    Nothing is ever futile and it may be possible, with the help of clever electronic engineers, to mitigate a home in a 5G smart city. EMF warriors will be investigating this option over coming months as we know many people can’t move due to work and family commitments. However, once you step outside you will be walking around in an invisible nnEMF sewer. It will be extremely difficult, probably impossible, to maintain optimal health in a 5G smart metered neighbourhood. Most homes currently have 7 wireless connected devices and this will jump to 30+ devices with antennas and receivers buzzing harmful EMFs 24/7 in the next few years. Virtually every new electronic appliance in your house will have wireless connections. This you can control.

    Population density is a real problem and your zip code will be a marker epidemiologists use to measure health and longevity. More people = more devices = greater likelihood Telcos will install 5G due to market potential. Most plans for satellite, balloon, drone enabled Wi-Fi services will use 3G maybe 4G but not 5G as millimetre waves cannot travel long distances. Rural areas may also be less attractive for telco’s to install 5G infrastructure due to the low number of available customers.

    For optimal health quantum biologists recommend you live in a low population neighbourhood with a cow or tree as your closet neighbour. The property should also be located within 30 degrees latitude of the equator to get year round UVB sun to maximise your vitamin D levels.

    Be well


    5G question for Jason



    Jan Oswald


    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the second interview with Jason. I implemented his recommendations of the first interview and have noticed a positive difference. I live in Denver and it is one of the test cities for 5G.

    The other day I went for my morning walk and much to my dismay I discovered what I think is 5G on the utility poles a block from my house. Here’s a photo that looks like the ones in your links.

    I am 70 and do not need to live in Denver. My health is of utmost importance.

    My question: is it best to just leave the city or is that futile since they will be implementing 5G everywhere by 2020 and they are launching satellites that I fear will do the same only worse in the future.

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. Question from Michael/Response from Jason

    Should of just bought a blushield. Not even built and from limited info is less impressive.


    On 8 Jun 2017, at 9:57 pm, Catherine Austin Fitts wrote:

    > Here is the update on the purchase she just received.
    > Hi Sandy,
    > Here’s your weekly update on the WaveRider manufacturing…
    > We got a status update yesterday that production is still on schedule. Final assembly (Phase 2) begins the week of June 19th, and we expect the first shipments to go out about a week later, toward the last week in June or first week of July.
    > We also received some questions from a few people about how WaveRider actually works, which I’d like to address…
    > (More specifically around the frequencies it uses to help mitigate the effects of EMR in the home.)
    > WaveRider actually has two different sets of frequencies that it oscillates through at different times of the day. One is mainly pertaining to the brain and the other to the immune system.
    > For example, WaveRider emits a range of frequencies to mimic normal brain electrical activity (called “neural oscillations”) between 1Hz and 100Hz.
    > Normal brain oscillations are important for you to be able to sleep properly, rest and recover quickly, and to think clearly and pay attention when you need to.
    > Think of it like “shifting gears” in your brain. EMR interferes with that process, which can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep or focus at work.
    > At different times of the day, the frequencies/oscillations emitted by the WaveRider create what’s known as a “resonance effect,” which help align your brain rhythms with Earth’s natural rhythms (sometimes called the “noise field”) and may help you sleep better, more deeply and longer.
    > The second set of frequencies has to do with the immune system. Believe it or not, your body is electrical, and specific frequencies have been shown to target different systems of the body.
    > You may have heard of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who successfully used electrical frequencies back in the 1930s to treat cancer and target certain types of bacteria and viruses.
    > WaveRider’s frequencies resonate in a similar way to augment (or boost) the immune system.
    > If you have had cancer or have factors in your life that predispose you to cancer or cancer-causing agents, I think you’ll find a very nice side effect of the WaveRider is that it quietly supports your body’s ability to heal, defend, and repair itself.
    > Thanks for your patience. Your WaveRider will arrive soon. We’ll keep you updated with any news.
    > Thanks,
    > Ty Bollinger
    > Looking forward to hearing from you.
    > Michael

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