Open Source Ecology with Marcin Jakubowski

“What is relevant is what solves the problem. If we had thought through real relevancies, we would be on Sirius by now.” ~Sir Peter Medawar

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Are you ready to be inspired?

This Thursday we will post my interview with Marcin Jakubowski. Marcin is a physicist and technologist who became a farmer. After learning the economics of small farming in rural Missouri, Marcin started Open Source Ecology (OSE) to apply open source techniques to small farm and enterprise hardware. His vision of 50 open source blueprints is called the Global Village Construction Set – radically lowering the cost of machines and tools that ensure the success of small farms and communities.

After our interview, Marcin asked me more about background and approach and to brief him on the project management system I used to create open source design books for and implement large, complex financial transactions for government agencies. We recorded that discussion and will post it as well. The next thing you know, I participated in one of Marcin’s online Design Sprints the following weekend and plan to participate in future sprints.

Our movie this week is Marcin’s presentation at TED in 2011, “Open-sourced blueprints for civilization.” You can get a quick feel for the rich, rewarding effort that Marcin and his team at OSE are leading. There are many opportunities for you to plug in and participate both virtually and on site.

For our live discussion Thursday night, I will start with Money & Markets and Ask Catherine. Please post your questions on the blog.

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