Promoting Women, Part IV

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I received a survey from the ACLU recently. They wanted to know if I was concerned about my rights.

Wow, I thought. Wouldn’t it be great if the ACLU really wanted to understand how my rights are being eroded and then DID something about it?

I turned the page, ready to tell them how my rights are being compromised:

· By the NSA listening to my phone conversations;
· By federal efforts to force me to buy insurance and to take away my property rights;
· By the enforcement of bogus food safety rules that have shut down small farmers in my area;
· By securities laws preventing liquid markets for local communities;
· By aerial spraying that is harming my health and food supply; and
· By governments and banks dealing drugs into my community.

It turned out that the ACLU had no interest in any of these points. Their survey was focused on gay rights and women: they were only interested in sex.

Not me.  I care that gay and straight, rich and poor, men and women are dying as a result of the aluminum and barium being sprayed in the atmosphere.  I care that two consenting adults cannot have sex without the NSA listening, watching, or recording it.  I care that I’m able to spend my life savings on the lottery or buy drugs but that I can’t invest in local businesses run by (pick one: a short person, tall person, bisexual person, man, woman, Eastern European, or handicapped person) on the theory that government needs to protect me from losing money.

I live in a community which is very segregated.  Like every place that devours corporate media, we have endured an enormous amount of pain from the manipulations of black versus white and man versus woman.  I tell everyone that if we would simply collaborate on how government money works around us — and require the government to obey the law where it is profitable for us — we could hate each other rich instead of hating each other poor.

The idea of getting rich on a return of lawfulness has always held enormous charm –  certainly more than getting tricked into a place of hatred by the people who are stealing from me.

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