Special Solari Report: Can America Be Great Again? – Framing the Vision with Jon Rappoport

Originally published in December 2016

[CAF Note – The transcript is now available – this is public so I encourage you to circulate widely!]

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The Solari Report 2016-12-10


“Our circumstances are far too dire for the luxury of realism.” ~Caroline Casey

by Catherine Austin Fitts

Where are your risks and opportunities in the changes underway in the United States? Can America really be great again?

To ask these questions, we need to first consider the American oligarchy and the members of the establishment who set the policies that impact our finances and time. I divide them into three groups – Titanic Turners, Scaredy Cats, and Pigs:

  • Titanic Turners have the intention, energy, experience, resources and courage to try to turn the Titanic in time.
  • Scaredy Cats prefer to “cut and run” – they are the first to sail off in their well endowed lifeboats.
  • Pigs wake up each morning saying, “What about me?” They are eager to strip natural resources and other assets, and are encouraging invasive digital technology, more regulations,”piratizations,” constitutional conventions, and state secession to help them do so. They fund various noble groups to front for them and to create obstacles for the Titanic Turners.

If you look at the nominees proposed during the Trump Transition or, in fact, look at municipal, civi, and business officers in your local area, our leaders can be grouped and understood in this way. For that matter, so can all of us.
The role of independent media should be to help generate ideas and intelligence that:

  • Improve the power and performance of the Titanic Tuners,
  • Make it attractive for the Pigs and Scaredy Cats to follow or even become Titanic Turners, and
  • Make life exceptionally painful for the Pigs until they do.

We also need to support the general population to take responsibility to help turn the Titanic and reject the Pigs, each in our own lives and local areas.

Jon encouraged me to describe the basic concepts of how we can do this. How do we assess who are Titanic Turners and whether or not they are acting with integrity and competence as public servants? Jon wanted me to review the basic concepts and definitions to help me explain what it means when the cost of capital starts to rise as well as why I believe there is a significant economic opportunity to rebuild America if we can turn the ship.

Small business and entrepreneurs must play a role making this happen – otherwise change will not succeed. Given trends in technology and automation, small and middle-sized business has the capacity to create the most jobs and middle class income. Jon and I discuss the nuts and bolts of what we need to do to make change happen and give examples to make sure that these concepts are understandable without a financial background.

Join us for a deep discussion for how to understand and assess the risks and opportunities underway.


I refer to lots of supporting material in this interview. Here are some of the links. For all of the definitions, I draw on Wikipedia, so if you need to revisit the definitions just look for the word there.

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  1. Wow….couldn’t agree with Jon more. What an INCREDIBLE discussion. Utterly illuminating in all the right places. I’m going to listen to it again. YES!!!!! Thank god for some true intelligence to listen to.

  2. I think I’ve listened to everything you’ve ever done… starting with the presentation you gave at the Barter Convention (2005?).

    It’s never dull listening to you map out the topology of the systems of The Matrix… your nuance changes, and you always update the conversation as you go… but I heard a lot of things I haven’t heard before.

    Titanic Turners
    Scaredy Cats

    Great analogy…

    I also agree with your expressed sentiment, that this information needs to be presented in a way that it gets much further disseminated.

    I have some ideas about that… sure wish I had more time! Thanks again for burning off some more fog, Catherine!

    Stay safe and grateful!


  3. Catherine,

    I love hearing you recoup the lessons of Edgewood Technology Services. Every time I hear about the productive power of place based economics to provide a solid basis for fiscal transparency, accountability, and quantify the magnitude of the opportunity, I suffer a mixture of anger and apathy! FFW 20 years from the time that those tools were developed and subsequently stolen, there are now fantastic tools available for distributed, decentralized, and open source computing. Blockchain is a notable example, despite it’s dubious provenance, but what would happen if you published or duplicated the sources and methods created and used by your inhouse MIT quant in a very public open source fashion? Despite your stated misgivings on the topic, It would seem, that those kind of analytics available on an open source basis would be a powerful tool to reverse the slow burn and bring the socio/economic/political justice warriors to ‘Jesus’! Were those the key parts that went missing when the technology was returned to you? In your opinion, what are the risks and benefits for today’s talent armed with today’s computing power, ever proliferating databases, AI, machine learning, and off the shelf algorithms to duplicate and reintroduce place based open source whole cost accounting tools and analytics? The VC winner take all software model of Silicon Valley is spinning off a whole lot of disgruntled underpaid capacity that would be easily infected by an open source analytical data solution in the wild. You and John can talk and teach until you’re blue in the face, but until there’s something material (beyond media) introduced into the ecosystem the status quo will continue to out-soldier the solutions. Part of changing the narrative is having the right tool for the job.

    Thanks for your ongoing awesomeness

    • When I got everything out of court control, offered everything to the Internet Archives, the Open Source Software group and one other group – they all turned me down. By the time I had the money to do it myself, the software was too old – too legacy. I proposed doing a Wikipedia version at that time with a partner – we had so much sabotage that it became simply impossible to do unless I was willing to devote myself full time. I also discovered that as long as the debt growth model worked, no one was willing to shift their time and money with rare exception.

      So now that the debt growth model is over, question is will we be willing to shift our time and money and pick up the opportunity. At this point I am committed to doing independent media and investment advisory which is growing to primarily screening.

      The only way that I will pick up doing the place based data thing is if I have sufficient resources to it seriously. If the intelligence agencies want to dump out the necessary documents for me to bring successful civil litigation against the folks who used illegal methods to wipe out my equity and assets, I am happy to use those funds to make the place based opportunities happen.

      If they are not willing to do that, I love what I do and will continue to keep on doing it. What I will never again do is land on Normandy Beach with a water pistol.

      If the market really wants something, then the money is available.

  4. “What I will never again do is land on Normandy Beach with a water pistol.”

    You almost caused me to choke on my dinner, C. 🙂

    So grateful for your example of levity, when you talk about what happened with Hamilton and Community Wizard… during your “dark night”. It would have crushed most folks. Thank God for God!

    As exciting as the “pot stirring” may be… there’s plenty of bad actors still out there. Sure wish you could get the ear of a genuine listener over there in the transition office.

    Just as an aside… and only if you are comfortable mentioning it… where does the majority of that data about spending and location live these days, over in Gov-Land?

  5. Thanks for posting the videos on Braverman. I watched 3 of them and then started sending out to other groups. Am I nieve enough to think the more this comes to light the better chance we have to shut it all down?

    Happy New Year.


  6. Catherine,

    I finally got a chance to listen to this report – thanks for putting out this crucial information! The most effective form of communication today is visual via social media. What would happen if we produce a savvy video that explains the key concepts from this discussion and run a social media campaign with a defined call to action? Look what “Brexit: The Movie” was able to accomplish when coupled with community organization. We don’t need to produce a high budget feature length film, it would be more effective if we find a creative way to condense the information into 20 minutes or less, more like an extended TED talk. We could come up with an engaging name for the campaign along with a clearly stated end goal. With a ready made press kit Solari supporters will have the tools to infiltrate 3100 counties with a cohesive message. My expertise is film and television production, so if you are interested I’m happy to donate my time to work with you to produce the project. Solari could host a crowd fund to pay for the technical production costs (filming, animated graphics, editing, etc.)

    There’s no need to land on Normandy when you can launch a nuclear warhead from your living room 🙂


    • Erin:

      The week we made it I asked my video maker to do a 20 minute video for me. He scripted the audio and then got busy, I just reminded him that I need it right away. Let me get that and see what you think. I love the idea of making a “press kit” for Solari supports to infiltrate 3100 counties. Great idea!

      Be back…percolating,


      • Great minds think alike! I look forward to reviewing the video. Some initial development thoughts:

        Who (besides yourself) in your professional network can we tap to do engaging on screen interviews regarding this subject?

        Can we take a poll of Solari supporters to determine which counties are currently represented, and who would be interested in becoming an organizing leader for their county? I have a friend who worked for one of the Los Angeles County Supervisors, and I live in San Bernadino County. Two down, 3098 to go!

        Would your web designer be able to create a separate site that tracks our activism by county, provides social media links etc? Costs for this should be included in the crowdfunding campaign.

        There are websites that automate the process of sending letters to local, state and national reps, we can create a standardized version of your open letter for people to send.

        When you were on the “inside” you were able to make an immediate impact by sharing relevant data with just one person – is there a way we can get access to any of that data by county as private citizens? We would focus first on the counties for which we have committed organizing leaders to give them some numbers to ignite discussion.

        • Erin:

          Online systems are deeply compromised. Fine to educate – we will stay away from community organizing.

          All the data is available to private citizens. Some requires persistence.


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