The Breakaway Civilization, Part Two with Dr. Joseph Farrell

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Are you concerned that the world is not making sense? Have no fear, things are about to snap into focus!

One of the most fascinating Solari Reports interviews in our library is Dr. Joseph Farrell’s interview on the Breakaway Civilization last fall. You most certainly want to access it if you have not already.

Inspired by the experience, I stopped to visit personally with Dr. Farrell on the drive back from California in June. The next day and many hours of intense discussion later, I left elated by the rich insights that had emerged. Dr. Farrell kindly consented to another Solari Report interview so you could enjoy the fruits of our collaboration.

In this two hour special, we cover:

  • The Breakaway Civilization – Nazis, National Security Act, CIA, NSA and the Evolution of the Black Budget
  • Globalization and the Shift to Empire
  • Centralization of the Global Financial System
  • Reinventing North America
  • Geopolitical Tensions: G-7, G-20 & the Vatican
  • Who is Really in Charge? And What Risks are Driving Them?
  • The Bond Market Turn – Are We Shifting to an Equity Model?
  • How Does Crowdfunding Fit In?
  • Recreating Culture: Our Powerbase
  • Implications for Successful Strategies


Our interview will be posted on the blog on Thursday evening.

In Money & Markets join me live on on Thursday evening for a review of the latest developments in the financial markets and related geopolitical developments. Please post your questions for Ask Catherine on the blog.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I will review two fascinating series that explore the relationship between financing and engineering significant infrastructure and weaponry and the growth and evolution of empires:


To understand the efforts unfolding in North America to build a new digital manufacturing and infrastructure, it helps to take the long view. History tells us that this process has happened many times before!

Talk to you Thursday!


  1. Catherine, In preparation for this broadcast, I was listening to the previous “Breakaway Civilization.” Mr. Farrell had said what sparked his interest in the Nazis was the vast plunder and plan to exit Europe with said plunder. As I’m sure you’re aware, the U.S. and Canadian governments both interned Japanese during World War II. My in-laws were both in internment camps as small children (one in each country). Their families lost everything; nothing was ever recovered. About 30 years ago, Canada paid each internee $20,000 in reparations; about 25 years ago, the U.S. did the same. Does anyone know what ever happened to all that the Japanese owned? Cui bono? In our family’s case, they went from being solidly middle-class to penniless for decades, unable to even get jobs or find housing except of the worst sort. Having close relatives who were part of the Nisei (442nd) regiment (the most accomplished regiment in WWII history, in spite of being largely not credited for it) did not seem to make any difference at all.

  2. Here’s a money and markets ASK Catherine question:

    My experience with the gold market is that the crazy stories come out at major turning points in the market.

    You remember the tungsten bar stories, the silver shortage stories, the JP Morgan is going to get short squeezed in silver stories, Venzeula wants its gold, Germany wants its gold back, etc.

    What do you make of the recent recent stories: Bank Of England leased 1300 tonnes of gold that wasn’t theirs, COMEX inventories are about to run out, Backwardation, negative GOFO, etc.? Is something significant really going on or are the gold nuts reaching for straws as their leveraged accounts go to zero?

    Thanks much,

    Douglas M Dillon, 240-383-6846

  3. Question for Dr Farrell,

    Many believe that Israel practically owns the US government however we have Joe Biden (who is thought to be a Vatican man). The Vatican is now led by a Jesuit Pope.

    Given that both groups are enormously influential politically and financially, please could you comment on any power play/relationship between the Jesuits and Israel? ie. has one inflitrated the other?

    Many Thanks….

  4. Hi Catherine,
    When you briefly spoke on Obama Care and the changes coming down the pike, it was as if you were reading my mind in regards to wondering what our choices are. My husband’s and my particular health insurance plan is being discontinued as of Dec 31, We just don’t know what to do next and rarely see doctors or get prescriptions inside the System. I’m asking if you might consider spending a little time on this topic on a Solari Report this fall. I would love to hear and expanded version of things you mentioned, ei, AAA and the options in private funds where participants pool their money for the purposes you mentioned regarding potential medical costs.
    Also, I’m wondering if we might be able to attend a Subscriber Luncheon while we’re in Boulder seeing you and a few other favorites speak at the Breakthrough Energy conference in October.
    Thank you for everything!
    Janet, New Mexico

  5. Hello Catherine,

    We are greatly looking forward to your broadcast this evening. We have a question not directly related to the topic. We would like to understand truly what is going with the Fukushima nuclear situation. Are Hawaii, the west coast of the US and/or other parts of the US being exposed to radiation? What about the oceans and the fish? We continue to read about sustained and even elevated levels of contamination being released in the sea and air. A couple of sites that have daily news are and www., both of which appear to be grounded and legitimate.

    Should we be concerned about our children and future grandchildren’s health if we remain living on the west coast of the US?

    Thank you so much!

  6. Dear Catherine –

    This program really helped to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. The Break Away Civilization, the secrets, the missing $40 + Trillion (that never gets reported upon), GMO’s, etc, etc, etc. Wow! Who ever thought that ‘Men In Black’ was a documentary and ‘The American President’ was pure Disney fantasy. But after the 3 listens to this program, that Bigger Picture has become more focused. Whew! Thanks – again – for you insights.

    The only real surprise for me was (from an earlier program in July) that you drove a Corvette … had you pegged for a Euro car. LOL

    Thanks again, Catherine!


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