The Future of America: What’s the Plan? with Dr. Joseph Farrell

“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.”
~ Abraham Lincoln

By Catherine Austin Fitts

As I listen to recent discussions and questions coming from our readers and subscribers, I am continuously reminded that we lack a clear picture of what is happening in America. So, I invited Dr. Joseph Farrell to join me to look at the deeper issues of what is happening in this country and what we can do about them.

What can we do to make America great again? And what can we do to restore our covenant with each other?

This conversation (three hours long). It covering our American–

  • Cultural and Economic Models
  • Basic Legal and Economic Issues
  • Real Risks, and
  • Actions To Take Next

Dr. Farrell and I discuss the history and importance of the US Constitution, why a new constitutional convention is a dreadful, dangerous idea, and the benefits of simply abiding with the current US Constitution.

A theme throughout our discussion is the extraordinary cost that has emerged from (1) the new and growing privileged class that was enabled by the 1947 National Security Act (and its secrecy), and (2) financed throughout by the national security state. Our discussion highlights the need for local financial transparency regarding the Federal Government finances, credit, and contracts.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, we’ll take a look at the 1993 political thriller The Pelican Brief about the assassination of two Supreme Court justices by a professional assassin working for powerful financial interests.

Thank you for your recommendations for our Money & Markets segment and your questions for Ask Catherine. Keep ’em coming!

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  1. Very shocking …
    “Even more disturbing, 99.5 per cent of our participants showed no awareness that they were viewing biased search rankings – in other words, that they were being manipulated. […]

    We have also learned something very disturbing – that search engines are influencing far more than what people buy and whom they vote for. We now have evidence suggesting that on virtually all issues where people are initially undecided, search rankings are impacting almost every decision that people make. They are having an impact on the opinions, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours of internet users worldwide – entirely without people’s knowledge that this is occurring. This is happening with or without deliberate intervention by company officials; even so-called ‘organic’ search processes regularly generate search results that favour one point of view, and that in turn has the potential to tip the opinions of millions of people who are undecided on an issue. In one of our recent experiments, biased search results shifted people’s opinions about the value of fracking by 33.9 per cent.

    Perhaps even more disturbing is that the handful of people who do show awareness that they are viewing biased search rankings shift even further in the predicted direction; simply knowing that a list is biased doesn’t necessarily protect you from SEME’s power.

    Remember what the search algorithm is doing: in response to your query, it is selecting a handful of webpages from among the billions that are available, and it is ordering those webpages using secret criteria. Seconds later, the decision you make or the opinion you form – about the best toothpaste to use, whether fracking is safe, where you should go on your next vacation, who would make the best president, or whether global warming is real – is determined by that short list you are shown, even though you have no idea how the list was generated.”

    • Yes, it was way long. And deep. Back to the fundamentals. There is a reason I named my last company after Alexander Hamilton. 🙂

  2. I always look forward to what you and Mr. Ferrell come up with when you spend time together…
    I am reading ‘The Third Way’ and what he exposes in the Madrid Circular is jaw dropping when overlayed on the European Union’s history and what it is going thru presently. It seemed like a good idea at the time…
    Did you see the movie ‘Millions’? Its a very sweet movie from a kids perspective with the backrop of Britains’ joining the Union. Which is just how we are treated. Like kids who won’t understand what is good for us.
    On the transhumanism front though, I just came across an article that is another ‘ain’t it wonderful’ spin on human-to-machine interfaces:
    “Researchers from the Hughes Research Laboratories, based in California, have announced a way of speeding up leaning; similar to what was portrayed in the Matrix movie some 17 years ago.”
    Hey, kids, just bypass that silly cognitive act of learning… just be able to do a thing, don’t think about WHY you want to do that something. (what a waste of time, all that mental torture of the ethics of any choice).
    Kids again….don’t ask silly questions, you won’t get silly lies.

  3. Well, there IS NO PLACE for the, in theory, “sovereign” state… And there is someone greater than even Jefferson for us to follow… who died at age 34 and came in a female package… Her legacy is as unavoidable as miraculous. I PROMISE (AGAIN) to get you under her influence sooner than later.
    The primacy of “the human person” is obliterated by the primacy of “sacred life” … you must read Ivan Illich’s history of how that came about… It’s all in In the Mirror of the Past.
    Free municipalities organized biorregionally throughout the globe would be the death of the sovereign nation-state and the resurgence of “Covenant” as you say… . The model of citizenship we spouse is available at

  4. I had a thought while listening to this interview (and making great progress on my knitting :)).

    It has to do with the idea of going “back” to values, or going “back” to anything. Humans, in my experience, are forward looking, forward moving (after all that’s where our eyes are, on the front).

    How about the idea that it would be wonderful to gather up all those principles and truths and bring them forward with us, having them show up in a way that’s perfect for our context. After all, if they are so fundamental and have such a profound relationship with moral and spiritual truths as we know they do, they will accommodate us as we accommodate them. It’s the dance between our humanity and needs and their consistent virtue that creates the space for the culture that we want in our deepest hearts, I believe.

  5. The delusional will continue to believe their favorite President/Legislator will change the system at this late stage. But as you said Catherine “it won’t collapse because it needs to collapse, it will collapse because of distrust and lack of integrity in the system”. Also you’ve sagely mentioned it is important to get good people in government positions because they may be able to mitigate some of the damage to ordinary citizens.

    It is perhaps pointless -but important anyway- to have ideas on how to fix the Federal government should we have an opportunity, because we can be sure, just like the Patriot Act emerged fully formed within days of the 9-11 disaster, our secret masters will have their solution ready for our desperate acceptance when collapse happens.

    You have linked to Martin Armstrong before. He is also a student of economic history. Last year he offered his macro solution to repair the federal government. My attempt at notes from his 2015 Solutions Conference:

    Eliminate Federal Income taxes
    Federal Debt to Equity Swap -implemented in tranches
    Prohibit Federal borrowing
    Eliminate forced retirement taxes that lack private investment of assets
    Eliminate political contributions
    1-term-and-out limits for politicians
    Cap government spending at 5-10% of GDP; cost added to the money supply

    I don’t know how the above could be put into effect, but as Naomi Klein amply demonstrated in the book ‘The Shock Doctrine’, there comes a time during crises when rules don’t apply anymore and change depends heavily on being first with the timely plan.

    • Excellent comment – yes, we are coming into a time when rules will not apply – just the need to move through reality. The first thing we need to do is find a way to end and outlaw the entrainment technology and subliminal programing on all telecommunications and media. I don’t know how to enforce it – but I know it can be done.

  6. Great interview, Catherine! You guys covered a lot of ground. With you being such a big movie fan, it was almost the exact same length as The Sound of Music.

    The hills are alive, with the sound of Catherine. 🙂

  7. E-mailed from a subscriber:

    Thank you.
    I’m so glad I found you, and wonderful Joseph Farrell. I’m not an educated person, but trying to catch up to speed. I’m well read in my field, that’s it. It is amazing to learn what I have learned from you.
    I just finished listening to your report….I was in tears the last segment…I was so happy I listened.
    I plan to listen once a month at least to this tape.
    God Bless you.

  8. Hello Catherine:
    Wonderful interview with Dr. Ferrell. I also heard your most recent interviews on USA Watchdog and Dark Journalist; all top quality.
    I agree an informed citizenry is essential to finding solutions to our problems. It is inspiring to hear you speak about the benefits and profits associated with win win options.

    I listen and re-listen to all your interviews especially Dr. Farrell, Jon Rappaport and Cynthia McKinney.

    I think we’re making progress.

  9. wow.. I’m still working on listening through to the end. This is fantastic Catherine, thank you so very much for the deep discussion.

    Re: President a Beaurocrate:
    Another issue about President Putin to keep in mind when analysing current affairs, is his almost life-time studies of martial arts. Not always but at his level ( a 5th degree black belt in judo and a 8th degree blackbelt in Kyokushin-Kan Karate.) At his level, it is not a sport or an exercise, it is the way he views all matters and the way he deals with all matters. It *is* who he is. For instance, the speed and agility of the current Russian Military which ‘seemingly’ came out of no-where. He will never boast, or warn, he will politely state these are our policies, you will do as you must, and we will do what we must. <– That may seem cryptic, but it is not, To him it would be a statement of fact, of almost inevitably, what is not inevitable is what his opponent will do, but the fight has been fought hundreds of thousands of times, both physically and mentally. Avenues and Outcomes explored and developed and progressed to the end of those branches, and the outcomes defined based upon action taken. Stop. Think. Act. never react is one of the first things I was taught.

    Like most teachings in this modern day, if people go into many of the commercial dojo's today they would be unimpressed with many martial arts. These should not be used as a gauge. Like studying anything for many years you have a greater understanding of the whole, but nothing I have found combines the raw elements of life the way true martial arts does as it trains your mind and your body but pushes both *further than one would believe possible the more its developed.

    Not farther into
    but further, a greater understanding, which then correlates with your conceptual v.macro v. micro v. implementation level comments in the discussions.

  10. Hi Catherine,

    I often come here late and seemingly off topic since I feel pressed for time, but I want to tell you what makes me trust you more than anyone else or any other site is this: I can, actually, communicate with you. For better or worse we can be human here.

    I test systems as a human and find that those systems that are crossing over between human and robots will never gain my trust since I end up NOT being able to contact them as a person.

    How glorious and lucky I am that I can make an ass of myself here!

    I can be free with all my humanity, which includes my “private” self.

    My soul is my memory and I have no apologies for that.


    I quoted Sylvia Plath today and I can’t remember why, but somehow my dentist and the girls understood it. Or was it Emily when she said: Tell the truth, but tell it slant. Probably Plath.

    I went to Jewel/Osco today to fill my dental antibiotic medication and she asked if I needed a shingles shot. I knee-jerked and said something to shut here down. I’m disappointed in myself since I should have asked her why she asked the question. There is more to the exchange but I think of the woman behind me that smiled big as I was making my exit as if to say: You go girl, thanks for standing.

    I’m not being a good writer here since I have not established a format nor do I care about grammar or any of it. I’m just trying to give an Individual experience.

    When I hired a new RIA he immediately had me go from a very expensive private health insurance to Blue Cross to lower my expense. Okay. I test systems. I did it. I was always afraid of doing that, but when I checked things out conflict of interest made me agree. The interesting thing is that when I was private no one said anything about my being a smoker.

    When I went with the new advice I found a very over-weight female Dr. whom didn’t care about my weight but wanted me to get off the tobacco. She did Not care about my stomach problems that I went to her for in the first place. What sins do we pay for? The interesting thing to me was she never had on her fill out forms about drug or alcohol abuse. My private insurer’s did.

    As a very independent individual I find this humorous since I think of myself as a possible one off. And if I’m a one-off maybe their are others which negates the bias. For example: I’m a smoker, but a rare drinker. I took tobacco as I was in a horrible fight after my husband was killed. (I DID NOT CHOOSE IT). The fight, that was.That is how I found out if the news calls you over and over and over again you can say things that are not printable and they leave you alone. They ARE sad swine. They are not news.


    Now we are in a new age and if you look I abstained from this site and the broader internet for a couple months. As soon as I came back on I receive phone calls that bring out that fighting spirit in me.

    We all have stories to tell…When I came back from Florida to Illinois a 4 or 5 man gang (yes it felt like a gang) went threw my house hooking me up to my NEW phone system that failed AT and little T along with my Little cell phone failed and at a certain time I got through to the man at the other end and he said to me: “You sound really scared.” I said to him: No I’m really Fucking mad. You have to understand I’d dealt with AT&T for my life long and he sounded different. He WAS Government on the wrong side.

    Leap again

    I’m sorry, Catherine for my foul language. I really am. I feel disappointed in myself. Just like my stupid ugly tobacco use. But one thing I know and God help me I know it. You can NOT deal with the devil with manners. I’m exhausted trying to write this or explain it on “the street” or at the dentist or wherever, but you can not deal with the devil with manners.

    You have your place with God and I have mine. I want you to edit my language if you spiritually need to. But, I promise you this: Spiritually, I’m in a space between humble and confident. I trust I am alone among friends.

    I pray for us and thank you for yours…

    Actually, can you do me a favor? Can you ask God can you ask Jesus to help me receive? I’m arrogant or something when it comes to receiving. I never experienced what you did. But I have a feeling it comes from my father whom never stopped giving and had no capacity for receiving. Receiving is so darn hard for me. I’m ashamed I can’t do it.



  11. As usual, great information and conversation
    I am at a loss how it would be brought about?
    It takes a rare intellect, and even more rare interest, to change to these concepts
    And those in control will resist them VERY effectively.
    The general public will have to be in chaos to be motivated to do anything and then they would want it instantaneously.
    Optimism is good but this level of complexity is beyond 80% of the people.
    How could we bring it about?

    • What was is happening with GMO’s …it is happening through the marketplace and through the field. It will have to be the same here. Billions of thoughts, actions and choices every day. Whatever the odds, I am “willing” for things to work out in the positive. It is what Caroline Casey once said, our situation is far too dire for the luxury of realism. Upon saying that she called for the magic that comes in dangerous times. Ultimately a complex system can not be governed by force alone. Will not work. We just need a critical mass of people who realize that death is not the worst thing that can happen.

      “It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours, that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself”.
      ~ Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland, April 6, 1320

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